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Old 2012-09-05, 07:43 PM   #21
inflatable dalek
Duke of Kidderminster
inflatable dalek's Avatar
Kidderminster UK

I wonder how much of our attachment to traditional books (and indeed LP's) is just down to cultural conditioning? To our great grandkids will reading a traditional paperback seem as anachronistic as a scroll does to us now?
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Old 2012-09-05, 07:50 PM   #22
Cellar Door
Cliffjumper's Avatar

I find comics work incredibly well as good quality scans. Being able to run through something like, say, Hitman in a couple of sittings without recourse to difficult to find and/or space-consuming TPBs is incredibly good fun, as is having a 'library' on the hard drive. And then you've got stuff that hasn't been collected - keeping a stack of Lions around so I can read a three-page-an-issue Spider story? And then there's avoiding haphazard packages like Titan's Transformers UK material; CBRs are easy to customise meaning I can arrange stories and issues how I like.

I only really keep absolute five-star favourites in physical form now, apart from stuff I'm planning to scan at some point.
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Old 2012-09-05, 07:53 PM   #23
Shooty Dog Thing
Denyer's Avatar

“Excellent paper. Nothing like the cellulose they use nowadays. Do you know the average lifespan of a book printed today? Tell him, Pablo.”

“Sixty years,” said the brother bitterly, as if it were Corso’s fault. “Sixty miserable years.”

Pedro was searching among the tools on the table. At last he found a special high-magnification lens and held it up to the book.

“A century from now,” he murmured as he lifted a page and examined it against the light, closing one eye, “almost all the contents of today’s libraries will have disappeared. But these books, printed two hundred or even five hundred years ago, will remain intact. We have the books, and the world, that we deserve.... Isn’t that so, Pablo?”

“Lousy books printed on lousy paper.”

Pedro Ceniza nodded in agreement. He was examining the book now through the lens. “That’s right. Cellulose paper turns yellow and brittle as a wafer, and cracks irreparably. It ages and dies.”

“Not the case here,” said Corso, pointing at the book.

The bookbinder held a page against the light.

“Rag-content paper, which is as it should be. Good paper handmade from rags, it’ll withstand both the passage of time and human stupidity.... No, I tell a lie. It’s linen. Authentic linen paper.”

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Old 2012-09-05, 10:01 PM   #24
Upstate, NY

As a gamer and an avid reader I love my iPad.

The gamer side of me likes to be able to sit down at a table with the equivalent of several backpacks worth of books, gaming and reference alike, as well as access the internet if I need to all without getting up or hauling a ton of stuff around with me.

The reader in me likes it for hauling around a small library with me. I can have 3-4 in progress books, not loose my page in them, and I always have something I'm in the mood to read right on hand.

Although I'm not going to lie, I love the look, smell, and feel of a real book in my hands. Digital is practical, but sometimes practicality be damned.
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