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Old 2012-09-30, 06:49 PM   #1
Rack 'n Ruin
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Debris, UK
Red face Man vs. Food (TV show)

How the bejeebus has the presenter of Man vs. Food (I'm watching it on Dave) not been killed by a huuuuuuuuuuuge heart attack yet??? That guy eats so much, and so unhealthily, I feel like I'm going to have a coronary just watching. Unbelievable!

Note: Yes, I am that bored that I am watching Dave. Sundays can be sloooooooow.

Wreck and Rule!
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Old 2012-09-30, 07:12 PM   #2
Upstate, NY

Probably has to do with genetics in part. Some people are more prone to having their bodies fail in certain ways if not properly taken care of. That and he's probably taking medication or supplements to help control cholesterol and the like.

Personally I eat like he does when I get the chance. I figure if food is going to kill me, might as well go out having enjoyed it at least. If something is on a health food "don't eat this" list somewhere I figure it has to be delicious.
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Old 2012-10-01, 01:45 AM   #3
Ms. Snarkypants
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In a hut by a river on top of a big ol hill.
Red face

Binge and purge?

Or: Wait, it's coming.

Or: He tastes, but doesn't eat the whole thing.

I can't even stomach thinking about the crap I've seen him eat right now. Blegh.

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Old 2012-10-07, 03:19 AM   #4


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Old 2012-10-30, 01:24 PM   #5
the_escaflowne_2k's Avatar
Under a cloud, no atlas though [Manchester].

From what I've read [wikipedia & his twitter mainly] he had a very low protein/vegetarian diet between challenges and is now back to that diet full time after [as noted] becoming coach.

"all i can say is that my life is pretty plain, you don't like my point of view you think that i'm insane"
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