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Old 2013-11-01, 10:02 AM   #1
Vienna, Austria
Talking Looking for some comic selling advice

First off, let me just say that I love the fact that even though I haven't even logged in here in something like seven years and haven't posted in even longer, my account is still there and I was able to log in as if I'd only said hello yesterday...

Anyway, here's my question: I'm moving house soon and got a bunch (50+ I think) of TF comics that I want to be rid of, a couple of old G1s but the vast majority of it is the Dreamwave stuff that came out around 2002. (In case you can't tell, I've been out of the TF fandom for a while.)

1) Are these even worth anything?

2) If yes, can anyone recommend a good way of flogging them in bulk? I mean, yes I know I could just post them on ebay one by one but to be honest that's more of a hassle than I'm willing to put up with at this point; I just don't want to throw them away. I would've tried a local comic book shop but I'm not aware of any in the immediate area. Any advice? I currently live in Reading (UK), contrary to what it says in my location field, and will be moving to Essex soon...

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Old 2013-11-01, 02:24 PM   #2
Shooty Dog Thing
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They're not worth anything that I've noticed. IDW picked up the rights and reprinted some of the Dreamwave stuff, so the main audience for singles is people that might still be trying to fill in a few collection gaps.

IDW singles aren't particularly worth anything either -- some of the nicer retailer incentive covers might fetch a bit, but the trades aren't difficult to get and readers these days seem more into digital editions or trades. I jettisoned most of my singles to charity shops after IDW switched writers, before they (to cut a long story short) had enough sense to employ James Roberts and (some of) the output got a whole lot better.

If there isn't anyone local that might enjoy them / swap something for them, comic shop store credit or eBay are the only things that spring to mind other than charity shops or freecycling. Local schools are often grateful for age-suitable comics donations too.
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Old 2013-11-01, 02:54 PM   #3
The man who painted heaven
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North star where bananna froze

I sold mine in garage sale this summer. The Costa's terrible ongoing #1 to #6 for $3 and a dude bought them.
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