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Old 2014-05-11, 06:14 PM   #101
One with the Matrix
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Having read this twice through, I'm amazed at how much I missed MTMTE proper during the Dark Cybertron ...thing (easily the most disappointing crossover ever. I really wish John Barber could just give up trying to reconcile some of the weaker story strands IDW came up with. Likewise, Rattrap and Scoop...just ...ugh.) and like the idea of having Megs as ship's captain, although I am puzzled that the crew seem to have quite happily accepted this. I'm sure this will be addressed in future issues, but I don't know how I'd feel having a former warlord as captain of my ship. I suppose it'd be like having one of those glorious African dictators as you're leader. Unless we're going with a Mandela vibe for Megs, I dunno...

I am actually very curious to find out where Rodimus is and what has happened to him...

Milne's art is lovely as always and Burcham's colours seemed much stronger and less wishy-washy which I also liked.
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