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Old 2014-07-04, 08:03 PM   #41
There ain't no Sanity Clause
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I think the one time I felt the red herring death worked was with Tailgate. Sure, it did serve as a bit of plot device, which you'd think would lose points with me, but it helped advance Cyclonus's storyline. It gave his 'season 1' arc a nice closing.

...Plus, he got his horn back as a result, and I made no secret 'round these parts how much Cyclonus's asymmetrical look irked me

Then again, in the #21 thread, I partly wished Roberts still went through with it. Could've taken Cyclonus's arc in an entirely different, and potentially interesting, direction. But, like Death's Head, I'm not much of a proponent for character deaths. It's a waste.

Conversely, I also agree with Warcry, that Roberts should... well, knock it off. It's a suspension killer.
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Old 2014-07-04, 09:44 PM   #42
inflatable dalek
Duke of Kidderminster
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Kidderminster UK

I do think the fake out death's have been a weakness, as I've waxed lyrical on before I've no problem with the characters being virtually immortal, but that means you can't have it both ways and then try to create cliffhanger drama out of seeming death, even if what happens is still pushing the plot forward in other ways.

It's also hurting the genuine death's, at this stage does anyone think Bumblebee has done more than go for a bit of a nap?

I do think, the couple of times he's done similar, Barber has handled it slightly better. No one has, to the best of my knowledge, being crying foul over Wheeljack or Metalhawk because their death's weren't Big Cliffhanger moments but more a part of the flow of the drama within the issue, so it doesn't seem so undermining when they turn up later (he also tends to not have them turn out to be fine almost straight away, which helps).

All that said though, I do think this feels different, if nothing else because technically the Rodimus who turned up dead in the coffin is still actually dead.
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Old 2014-07-05, 10:47 AM   #43
always late to the party
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Nagano, Japan

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
[*]Swerve's face gets shot off, only for him to be fixed next issue without even comment.
I don't think swerve was ever "dead", was he? He was shown alive but chinless in the same issue in which he was shot.

I like bears.
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Old 2014-07-05, 01:02 PM   #44
Death's Head
Death's Head's Avatar

James does sort of tease us about his death 'fake-outs' with Ambulon's death - no, he can't be fixed after all, but he makes a bloody good gun!

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Old 2014-07-05, 01:22 PM   #45
Terome's Avatar

While I'm not nearly as bothered by this as other readers - I quite like it when I am tricked by a writer - I'm going to agree with Warcry that there should be a downregulation of cliffhangers threatening imminent danger. For me, stuff like Atomiser's list and Ultra Magnus getting along with Megatron more than he gets along with Rodimus are far bigger sources of tension. I am on tenterhooks about who is behind the Lost Light Insider!

From his Twitter stream and interviews, Roberts does seem to be smarting from this particular criticism so I think we can expect to see it ease up when the script backlog catches up to the end of Remain In Light (in roughly six months' time, I believe).
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Old 2014-07-07, 05:58 PM   #46
Auntie Slag
Satisfaction guaranteed !
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Cambridge, UK

I reckon we make more out of these fake-outs than is necessary. They've never bothered me. In fact, the only one that did is, perhaps rather oddly, seeing Snap Trap alive and well in this issue after getting Drifts sword through the face in the Temptoria issue.

The thing is though, I'm sure Roberts has had Ratchet or Chromedome mention in the past that to kill a Transformer, you've got to wipe out the Rossum's trinity thing. That was mentioned in issue three I think. So that would help explain why Snap Trap is tickety boo (though you do see him on the ground this issue missing a leg and a pool of robot blood around him).

Of the fake-outs though:

- Rung was marked out from the beginning as special/unusual.
- Magnus was a good lesson in changing what I thought Magnus was and being alright with that (though it took months until recently for me to square with the fact there were many Magnuses before him)
- Red Alert, the only thing that bugs me about him was his end feels slightly sidelined being only in text... and that is a lame reason, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

And then there's the Necrobots iPad, so lots of interesting things to come yet.

And I totally agree with Terome, there are some good ideas being milled that negate any nasty aftertaste the fake-outs may be giving some people.
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