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Old 2002-05-06, 04:58 AM   #21
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Default Re: guh

Originally posted by Lucifer
The city of Los Angeles had a Republican mayor for most of the nineties. Riordan aka Mayor Howdy. That guy tried to relax so many pollution regulations it made me sick.
Riordan is a LEFT WING (Liberal) republican.

Republicans DO SO "give a damn" about the environment--they have to breathe the same air and drink the same water as everybody else. The reason they seem to be pro-business on the side of the environment is because if they make businesses go out of business that will throw a LOT of people into poverty. Whatever happened to "one paycheck away from homelessness"? Well they WOULD be if some of the ideas of the environmentalist whackos were implemented.

"This appears to be a copy of Final Fantasy, which is a step up from a copy of Pearl Jam"-Ed the Sock, on Fromage 2002, about one of Creed's videos--"Bullets".
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Old 2002-05-06, 05:05 AM   #22
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Default zzzzzz

oh wait...sorry, i missed the point of what you said, something about left wing republicans...

*tries not to laugh*

so does that mean he actually recycles and is only a millionaire, not a billionaire?

And what is so whacko about getting rid of oil and switch to the hydrogen based fuel cell. Detroit says they could have them out in the next year or so if the demand is there. Fuel cells can also be used to power other things, so fossil fuels become obsolete. Why do we insist on using outmoded methods of production and manufacturing that poison our lands? Cause we are lazy and ruled by the allmighty dollar...its cheaper to pollute first and worry about the effects later. Conservatives like to claim that by implementing smart environmental policy we are risking the jobs of Americans...RIGHT...and some people thought that new coke was a good idea too...companies looking at the bottom line on profit is the greater risk. Weather the storm, make the transition, lose some cash now...but gain the future damnit.

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