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Old 2014-09-18, 12:29 PM   #1
Not a real Brummie
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Solihull, England
Default IDW comics DRM free on Comixology

Apologies if it's been posted somewhere already, but I just spotted on another forum that all the IDW Transformers comics on Comixology have been made DRM free. You can download in .pdf and .cbz .

I've just checked my account and everything's there, dating back to LSOTW in my case, but seems to be the lot.

Just thought I'd give a heads up for anyone looking to back up their collection and/or anyone who's previously been put off by the whole DRM issue....
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Old 2014-09-18, 07:12 PM   #2
Shooty Dog Thing
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Cool. I don't think they're doing anything at the moment I'm not going the singles/trades route with, but that's reason to reinstall Comixology and have a browse when I get time.
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