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Old 2014-09-26, 07:06 PM   #61
Shooty Dog Thing
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Neat. Clear self-encapsulated storytelling even without the text.
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Old 2014-10-02, 02:59 PM   #62
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Late to the party! Like, a month late.

I’ve finally read this issue. It’s a… good issue, I guess? It doesn’t wow me like a great MTMTE issue does – but at the same time nothing in this issue particularly grates so it isn’t a bad one.

The general conflict of dual quantum Lost Light thing is explained sufficiently and succinctly, even though thanks to overdiscussion in the forums we kind of figured it out two months ago. It’s not a bad explanation… not too stupid or too handwavey, but at the same time not too technical that it ends up being a handwave. It’s a nice explanation. We get a bunch of references to older events which is nice (is that the Dead Universe Wraith thing Nautica is holding in Brainstorm’s lab?), we get a nice little red herring in the Shrink Ray Gun…

I just wasn’t all that excited about the resolution mostly because I know it’ll be resolved, and the big question is only if Rewind will make it to the final product. Not saying that I don’t like it, because I do… but it isn’t a Holy Hell This Is Awesome reaction that I have to most things MTMTE, it’s a “I like it because I definitely don’t hate it” apathetic kind of like.

The big ones – the Chromedome-Rewind thing ends up ending the ‘good’ way like many people IIRC theorized, though we did get a Roberts™ Brand Fake Out death, though this one isn’t quite as jarringly obvious as many others. We get a nice little explanation to bring Rewind back, and it’s definitely not something I endorse – Rewind’s death is hands down one of my favourite moments in MTMTE history, so backpedalling around it pisses me off… but at the same time, it’s a different Rewind with traumas and shit which opens up a whole different can of worms and drama fuel, so we’ll see where it goes. Especially since Alternate Chromedome’s death was godawfully brutal. Hopefully we get something going on with Rewind, is all.

Overall I thought the Rewind/Chromedome stuff was handled as well as it could be – I am still opposed against the idea, but I don’t actively hate on it anymore.

The big one is also Brainstorm being revealed to be a Decepticon… which took me off-guard. Most of the issue proceeded the way I thought it would, except for this one part. And I thought the only mystery we’ve got going on for Brainstorm is his Dead Universe-ness which has been resolved in Dark Cybertron somewhat! Extremely interesting, especially just what is in the briefcase that ‘Our’ Brainstorm opened and took out the entire bar (that was a cool, awesome panel with a great one-liner) and just why did it survive the Quantum Fixer-Upper? Absolutely intrigued about Brainstorm.

A bit torn about Brainstorm in general, honestly. On one hand it’s an awesome twist if handled properly, on the other hand it reeks of a bluff and that Brainstorm’s not an actual Decepticon (why would a double agent wear an incriminating insignia on his person?) but if it’s the latter it’s going to piss the hell out of me because this is certainly a good twist. On the other other hand, I like Brainstorm dammit he can’t be the bad guy!

I’m honestly confused, because the only real hint of Brainstorm being evil was the morality bullets which presumably will serve as a way to make him not be evil, but we’ll see. There could be *ahem* more than meets the eye to Brainstorm’s current state.

And the goddamn Briefcase! Just what the hell is that thing? Why did it survive quantum stuffs? Why did it go from timey-wimey fourth-wall-breaking powers to knocking everyone out in the room? Did Brainstorm have multiple briefacses? Is the contents of the briefcase changed by the point one percenter?

The scream in ‘Our’ Rewind’s message… I’m going to assume waving it off as ‘stuff caused by the Quantum Stuff’ is a red herring. There must be more to it… and is Rewind’s explanation about how he’s not the plant also red herrings? Dammit so many herrings in this arc.

Did we see Chromedome’s brutal corpse with needle fingers stuck up his head in last issue? That made me wince.

Skids’ speech to Megatron I really like, and Megatron’s speech about not wanting to help random strangers, I really like as well. Bit cheesy all around, but I like. Also love the thing where Megatron doesn’t want to volunteer for a suicide mission because everyone else wants to. Megatron overall is still a lot of fun to read after being a bit shoehorned at the beginning of season two. I do like how he gradually changes and adapts to his Autobothood and learns that, you know, it’s not just turning a new leaf and that’s it. Again like living Rewind I still don’t like the idea, but Roberts executes it well enough that I don’t hate it.

I actually laughed when Megatron and Nightbeat did that type joke. I did.

Page with Chromedome and Rewind just standing on the thing? Beautiful. Megatron telling Rewind that he and Chromedome are ‘inseparable’ before the fake out death? Pretty heartwarming.

Thought the secondary characters were a bit weak. Riptide’s still a dick, but not as much as before. Nautica’s a lot more of an exposition machine than before. Nightbeat is still fun although not as strong as previous issues. Getaway is just… there. Still not sure why the cast change other than to facilitate the 'members of the original Lost Light are gone' thing. I WANT MORE WHIRL DAMMIT

Ravage is still lovable. “Touch me again and I kill you.” And while I don’t think that Ravage would be fazed off the Decepticon cause just by seeing a mountainload of Autobot corpses, his appearance here still delights.

Alternate Rodimus’ death is kind of idiotic but it’s, well, funny.

Cyclonus getting his face blown off by… by whichever of the DJD turns into a gun, Vos or Kaon, I forgot which is which, that was brutal. And Pipes! Dammit Roberts!

TL;DR, a satisfactory conclusion to a rather unconventional arc, Rewind’s return and Megatron are handled as well as it could, Brainstorm is a good twist, highly interested in Brainstorm, highly interested in the briefcase, hopeful that Rewind will do something interesting, what the hell was I doing forgetting to read this for a month
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