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Old 2014-08-28, 09:40 PM   #1
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Default Where is Predaking's Army?

Now at the end of the series Transformers Prime, you are given the strong impression that Shockwave and Starscream are sneaking around Cybertron cloning Predacons, and I think it's safe to assume this fact after the events during Predacons Rising.

Well where is Predaking's army toy wise at least? Since I doubt the 4-10 toys that constitute the Predacons makes an army when given how many Autobots and Decepticons there are out there.
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Old 2014-08-29, 07:21 AM   #2
One with the Matrix
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Given that Hasbro just made half a dozen Predacons that all transform the same, I'm kind of glad we didn't get anymore. Cybertron's only historic beast forms are dragons, apparently so all you've got is a run of repetitive chicken/dragon stand up the beast to make the robot toys. Boring.

Plus! Why pay any attention to the Predacons when you can just spaff out a bunch of ugly spiky retools of toys everyone already has and don't even appear in the TV show?! Hooray!
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Old 2014-10-17, 06:43 PM   #3
One with the Matrix
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Probably the same place as Cyclonus' Armada.
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