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Old 2015-03-20, 01:07 PM   #1
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Halifax, NS
Default Estimated value of TF trades?

Could anyone on here give me an estimated current value of some of these trades. I'm having a clear out and I'd like an idea of what everyone thinks they are worth so I can price them right. Cheers.

DW TF More than meets the eye Official Guidebooks Volumes 1&2
TF Animated Allspark Almanac Volumes 1&2
You Can Draw Transformers Hardcover by Furman
DK Transformers hardcover by Furman
TF Premiere Collection signed by Furman, Su and Figueroa

All of these are in great condition and any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

EDIT: Also, DW's Generation One Vols 1&2 and War Within Vols 1&2. Cheers.

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Old 2015-03-20, 03:23 PM   #2
inflatable dalek
Duke of Kidderminster
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The Dreamwave MTMTE may be worth a fair bit as even the IDW reprint seems hard to get hold of now. The other Dreamwave stuff less so, but you still stand a good chance of at least getting the cover price back.

The others have either been superseeded by better editions (the Almanacs by the recent complete version, the Premium by the "Phase" hardcovers and paperbacks) or never generated that much excitement to start with.

You might get lucky and invoke a mad fan bidding war on Ebay though, especially for the signed book even with Furman basically having signed everything and people being off Don these days.
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Old 2015-03-20, 06:19 PM   #3
Ms. Snarkypants
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In a hut by a river on top of a big ol hill.

Usually do an approximation to something in similar shape to mine on eBay/just under the lowest price for same.

Oh, shit, trades. And I knew that, it's in the title. I'm a dumbass.

Bye now.

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