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Old 2015-06-05, 12:42 PM   #1
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Default Transformers VS GI Joe #7

I missed last month somehow. I caught up on both #6 and #7 the other night and had a series of crazy nightmares. That spread with Shockwave and Starscream playing tug-of-war with Optimus over Soundwave's corpse is quite frightening.

Really good stuff. #7 is quite shockingly violent with General Flagg opening fire on the Board of Shadowy Figures and the throat-slitting in Springfield/Scorponok. I love how an eldritch horror is summoned from the depths of the Earth to wreck havoc and everyone is too busy with all and sundry to notice it glomping about in the background.

Destro becoming fascinated by Galen and his implications is amazing. And whatever backstory is being hinted at with Zarak is an interesting take on him. Zarak seems to be the most malleable character in the Transformers franchise.

And hey, no hesitation in dropping the Primus bomb. We go from the Second Generation style sketch to entering the sacred chamber to an evil plot to control his dreams in the space of about a page. Mad.

Optimus can pretty much just jump from Earth to Cybertron at this point. That is what the characters usually do but never so literally...
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Old 2015-06-05, 02:19 PM   #2
inflatable dalek
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I'll probably stick to the trades with this.

Is it still an ongoing? The schedule seems to have gone a bit erratic.
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