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Old 2015-06-08, 05:10 PM   #1
Triple Changer
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Canada, Land of Ice and Snow
Default Ultra Magnus Combiner Wars

I am just wondering off hand how much people are paying for him and in what currency? Since I might be able to land my hands on one for $54 + tx CND.
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Old 2015-06-08, 09:48 PM   #2
Knightdramon's Avatar
York, UK

It appears that anywhere except America, it's cheaper to go for the takara version and just import it.

UK it's circa 54 pounds for the hasbro version and 54 for the takara bought locally---if you import it's less than that.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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Old 2015-06-09, 04:18 PM   #3
Time for plan bee-weeoop
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Not sure if it really helps you, being all up in Canadia and all, but HasbroToyShop has Uncle Magnus up for $45 right now. Seems they do ship to Canada, but no idea on the costs and potential issues involved.
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