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Meanwhile just south-west of Las Vegas, in the town of Enterprise. The Autobots were shepherding the civilian population through a number of ground-bridges that had been opened throughout the town. One group was herding people on West Mountains Edge Parkway towards their nearest portal.

"Rewind.." one of the Turian Autobots shouted to a ginger-haired Man wearing black, white and yellow armour who looked over to him.

"What…we have a tight schedule to keep too, don't want these Civvies around should Leviathan appear." he said back, earning a nod from his colleague who walked over to him.

"I know, but there are a group near Nathan Jones Park who are refusing to leave their homes."

This made the Bot shake his head as a disgusted look appeared on his face, before looking over at the civilians to his left as they walked into the green portals.

"Okay…" Rewind started to say as he looked back at the Turian.

"…Let me go talk some sense into them, and you stay here and maintain this evacuation." he added, gaining a nod from the soldier.

"Yes sir."

With that the Bot turned away and tapped his com-link, while the Turian took over his post.

"Central, this is Rewind. I need a Ground-Bridge to Nathan Jones Park, there are civilians there refusing to leave."

"This is Mercury, I read you loud and clear Rewind. Opening a portal for you now." a female voice spoke from the other end, earning a smile from the Autobot.

"Thanks Mercury, I owe you one." he replied as another green vortex opened up before him, with the Bot walking towards it in turn.

"More than one…" she said back as he walked through the portal, feeling a rush of energy flow past him before finding himself standing in front of the entrance to the park as a large grouping of civilians looked over to him.

"Oh look, another Autobot here to tell us what to do." a rather heavily-built Man said with angry tone, gaining nods and cheers from the other people around him as Rewind walked over to them.

"You're wasting your time, we are not abandoning our homes." Another shouted as several held up baseball bats and other objects like weapons, which made the Bot equip his pistol and activate his holo-blade.

"Now look here…" Rewind started to say as the people noticed this, looks of concern and uneasiness appearing on the faces of many as they looked at him.

"…There is a ninety nine percent chance of a large scale battle occurring in this area at any moment now, so we are evacuating everyone in Las Vegas…which includes all sub-districts. Now you will get yourselves into this Ground-Bridge or…." the Bot started to say before being cut off mid-sentence by the first Man again, who started to walk over to him.

"Or what? What are you going to do…" he began to say, making Rewind look him up and down with a disinterested stare.

"…there has not been an attack here on Earth in over five hundred years, so all that is left for us to think is that this is just some stupid drill." he carried on saying, earning further nods from those now standing behind him.

"…So we are not going anywhere and you can't make us…" he spat while stopping right in front of the Bot and looking down at him with an angry glare as he towered over the soldier. But if Rewind was bothered by this, he certainly did not show it as he simply narrowed his eyes while staring right back at this loud mouthed civilian.

"I can and I will if you won't listen to reason." he replied with a calm tone, which made the Man smile broadly as though he was about to laugh out loud.

"Really, you're just a small Autobot. I am not taking any crap from the likes of you."

"You talk big, how about actually showing it." Rewind then said with a slight smirk, which made the Man's eyes widen in shock before rage took over.

"I'll show you, you cockily little…" he started to say while throwing a punch at the Bot's face, but Rewind quickly ducked under the attack and swiped his holo-blade at the knees of his attacker, slicing the skin open as blood began to squirt out.

"Arrrgh!" the Man cried out loud as he stumbled back, before the Bot then followed though by hitting his adversary with the but of his gun in an uppercut. This sent the Man flying onto his back, gaining gasps from the crowd as the Autobot simply regained his composure and looked over at them.

"You two…" he then said while pointing over to a pair of Men in the crowd, earning worried looks back in return.

"…pick this idiot up and take him through the portal…now!" he ordered, gaining panicky nods back from them as they then followed Rewind's orders to the letter.

"And as for the rest of you…." the Bot then said before his attention was caught by one of the Women looking up above everyone else.

"What is that?" she asked in a loud tone while pointing up into the sky, which made the Autobot look up to see what looked like a giant metallic figure falling down towards the ground as it continued to shift and change.

"That's not possible..." Rewind began to say as he appeared to recognise it somewhat before it hit the ground about a mile outside of the town. The object hit the ground so hard that it brought up a dust cloud around it's position as the area shook like it was experiencing an earthquake, making everyone practically lose their footing as the vehicles and buildings appeared to tremble around them. But then all of a sudden it stopped as silence fell upon the town, with everyone simply staring at the shadowy silhouette that was concealed behind the dust that had been thrown up high into the sky around it.

"Come on, everyone into the ground-bridges." the Autobot then said, trying to regain the attention of the civilians. But they all just looked on as the dust started to dissipate, slowly revealing the giant robot to them all. This even made Rewind's eyes widen as he could now see the new arrival more clearly.

"It can't be..." he said as he saw the giant's colour scheme which was severely faded, but still recognisable for it had red arms and a grey and white chest, along with a pair pf blue legs and a blue helmet around it's white face.

"...It's one of the legendary City-Bots." he added before looking back at the large crowd that around him, who were frozen to the spot as they stared at the behemoth. So he then equipped his pistol and pointed up into the air and pulled the trigger, firing a shot which snapped everyone's attention back to him.

"Everyone get into the Ground-bridge!" he spat, earning shaken nods from the civilians before they then did as they were told and walked into the glowing green vortex.

Meanwhile Myra and her friends stared in complete disbelief at the image of the City-Bot on the holo-screen in front of them, for their ship and the Supreme were still up amongst the clouds.

"Tell me that isn't what I think it is?" The Pilot said with a worried tone, which gained a nod from the Asari.

"If your thinking City-Bot, then you would be correct." she replied, making him look down and shake his head in return.

"That's what I was afraid of."

"Myra, your acting like you have seen one before." Tolae then asked with a curious tone, while placing a comforting hand on her lover's shoulder.

"I personally haven't, but my Father told me how my Grandfather fought alongside one during the Reaper War, it's name was Metro-Titan." the Spectre explained.

"You wouldn't happen to know which one this is?" Kat asked as she looked to the Blue Woman, taking her attention from the Holo-screen.

"Sorry, I have no idea which this one is..." she started to reply, only for Vraz to speak up over the Inter-com.

"Eudora come in."

"We read you Supreme." the Spectre then said back, while Evac piloted the ship down below the clouds, bringing the City-Bot into view as it stood in their in the desert.

"Using a combination of our sensors and data-banks, we have identified the Leviathan as the long lost Autobot City-Bot called 'Grand Maximus'. It was recorded lost during the battle of Chaar back in the Great War, having been killed by the Decepticon's version called 'Metro-Titan' before it was transferred to Tuchunka." the Commander replied, while Kat looked out of the Cockpit's canopy at the behemoth.

"Looks like Vasir found what was left and rebuilt the Bot for her own purposes, which was why she was so interested in getting her hands on the Synthetic Energon formula." she said while noticing the Autobot Insignia of the City-Bot, which lied on it's chest and was rusted and scratched out. This gained a nod from Myra in return, before the Asari turned her attention to Evac, who the spoke up.

"So what's the plan? Have our fleet come down and bomb this old Bot out of existence?" he asked.

"Unfortunately no, our cruisers are incapable of atmospheric flight. Plus they have their hands full with the rest of Vasir's fleet, also we can't simply destroy Maximus..." he began to say, only for Myra to jump in.

"Because we may accidentally release the plague as we destroy the target." she said while looking down at her Pilot, who then nodded back reluctantly.

"I forgot about that." he replied, while Kat's widened a little as something sprang to mind.

"Then we board Leviathan and disable it's power core, that would certainly stop it from launching the plague." she said, gaining the others attention.

"Now that's a good idea, we could also find where the plague is stockpiled and destroy it with an incendiary bomb." Myra replied.

"Meanwhile I'll have Omega Supreme here keep Leviathan busy, taking Vasir's attention from what is happening inside." Vraz added, earning a concerned look from the Spectre.

"Omega may be powerful Vraz, but he still is not much of a threat to a City-Bot."

"That's for me to worry about..." he started to reply back, while Tolae looked up from her holo-Interface at both Kat and Myra.

"I just took a scan of the Leviathan and the area it's power-core resides is shielded against ground-bridges, I an also picking up traces of the Plague's signature but I cannot lock it down to a specific location."

"Just find us an spot nearby while Kat and I suit up..." she said before Vraz's voice spoke over the Inter-com once more.

"And I will have the Dinobots join the two of you there." he said, gaining an appreciative smile from the young Darby.

"Okay, thanks Vraz." she replied before gesturing to her Lover to follow, gaining a nod from the Human Wrecker in return as they then left the cockpit.


Vasir looked out from her spot in Leviathan's CIC, noticing the outskirts of Las Vegas in the distance on the secondary holo-screen.

"Report our status." she said while turning her attention to the crewmen around her, earning their attention as they looked up from their stations.

"Leviathan's City-Bot mode is working perfectly, all systems are still green." one said from behind the Leviathan Leader, who then looked over to the weapons station while ignoring Inferno, who was still on his knees nearby.

"Can we launch the torpedo from here?" she asked, which made the crewman nod back in return.

"Yes, but I will have to recalculate the coordinates for dispersal again as we are now at ground-level..." he started to say back, only for Vasir to cut him off with a stern look.

"How long?" she asked, making the crewman's heart best faster as he started to worry for his life, considering how he saw her treat the Destron Leader only a few minutes earlier.

"...Ten...ten minutes at...most, but several at...least." he replied with a shaky tone, which made the Asari look away from him and back at the holo-screen detailing the battle continuing in orbit at this moment.

"Well, considering our fleet is still keeping the Autobots busy and with the fact that they will need time to build up an effective ground-force to combat us. I think we still have the upper hand here..." she began to say before returning her attention to the Weapons station.

"Start your calculations and inform me when we are ready..." she said before looking over to the Helm station.

"Meanwhile take us to Las Vegas, let's do sone damage while we wait."

The crewman manning the station nodded back before typing onto is holo-interface, which then made the behemoth lift it's right leg as it began to move.

"Look!" Inferno then spat as he pointed at the other screen, gaining Vasir's attention as they saw the Supreme fly down and block their path.

"Autobots, they try so hard...shoot that ship down!" she commanded, but before anything could be done, the Supreme suddenly began to shift and change which made the Leviathan leader's eyes widen in response.

"What in the..." she started to say as the Autobot Dreadnought transformed into Omega Supreme, before landing on the ground in front of the larger City-Bot and pointing it's cannons at it.

"Omega Supreme online, power - optimal, mission - terminate Leviathan." it's voice boomed, which brought a slight smile to Vasir's face as Leviathan looked down at the Autobot Guardian.

"That's their big plan, use that out-dated Bot against me. I want that thing ripped apart!" she then shouted, earning nods from around the CIC before the giant behemoth kicked out at Omega with it's right leg which the smaller Bot evaded by jumping to it's left. Once Omega landed, it immediately countered by firing it's cannon-arm at the Behemoth's chest. The energy blast hit Leviathan and made it stumble back a little, with the ground shaking as a tremor passed throgh with each and every footfall. Then as soon as the City-Bot had regained it's balance, the two Titans squared off for another round.

Meanwhile somewhere onboard Leviathan, two ground-bridge portals opened on either side of a large corridor. Their green energy illuminating the area as Myra and Kat exited one, while the Dinobots walked out of the other and immediately looked around with their weapons ready, only to see that there were no enemies in sight. The Spectre tapped her com-link while Strafe activated her holo-tool, as the others maintained their attention on the area around the group.

"Okay we are onboard, you can close the ground-bridges." the Asari said, earning a nod from the Femme in return as she looked at the readings on her device.

"And it looks like we have not set off any internal security, I guess Vasir isn't expecting any guests."

"Well good luck with your mission, let us know once you are done and we will extract you. But it will have to be from the spot you are now in, because there is some strong interference which is blocking our ground-bridges from locking on." the Commander added, gaining a nod from Myra in return.

"Alright, good luck with your distraction."

"Good luck to you too, Vraz out." he said back before the com-link went silent, making the Asari turn her attention back to the group.

"Okay, we have two targets and so will be splitting into two three-person teams..." she started to say, earning a nod from Sharptooth and his team-mates.

"...Team one will be Sharptooth, Scorn with Kat in charge. Your objective is to find where the Plague is being stored…" she started to say before the Dinobot Leader cut her off as he showed off the explosive device in his hands.

"And take out that area with this beauty." he said with a encouraging tone, which made the Spectre nod back with a smile before noticing the concerned look on Kat's face.

"…Team two will be myself, Slash and Strafe. Our target is the power-core."

The Dinobot-Femme nodded back before looking at her holo-screen, which also earned her team-mate's attention.

"I already have the Synthetic-Energon signature locked in, we need to head down this corridor first." she said in return.

"Good luck you guys." Slash then said to his friends as Myra walked over to her Human-Lover, who simply stared back with a confused look.

"Why are we not on the same team Myra?" she asked, which brought a serious yet understanding look to her lover's face.

"Kat, I want nothing more than to have you by my side in this fight. But I need you to keep an eye on the Dinobots for me, because your the only one I trust to make sure that their mission is pulled off without a hitch..." she began to say in a confident tone, while the young Shepard just stared back in surprise.

"...there is too much at stake if something were to go wrong and we can't afford mistakes." the Asari added, while Kat glanced back at the Elite-Terracons who were talking amongst themselves.

"Wait, you don't trust them do you." she then said in a quiet tone as she returned her attention to the Spectre, who nodded back in return.

"No, no I don't..." she began to say, while remembering the Dinobots fights with both Morinth and Inferno.

"...but I do trust you, more than anyone I have known for a long time..." she carried on saying with a slight smile, as Kat's eyes widened at her words.

" please lead them, for me."

This made the Wrecker mirror her expression as she nodded back in response, though her cheeks had redden slightly as she did so.

"Alright, you can count on me...Myra." she replied with a serious yet affectionate tone, which made the Asari's smile widen.

"I know I can." she said back whilst looking at the Human Woman, like she was taking a mental picture of her. The young Darby then sighed before beginning to turn round and face the Dinobots, but she was stopped as Kat grabbed her hand and made her look back.

"Wait...I want you to have this..." she started to say, with the Asari feeling something being placed into her hand. This made Myra look down at the object as her Lover continued to talk.

"...because I think you might need it more than I."

The Autobot Spectre's eyes widened as she looked at what was in her grasp, completely surprised at what Kat had done.

'John's Combat-knife!' she thought while staring down at the blade.

"...But this is yours, I shouldn't..." she started to say back, only for the Wrecker to cut her off with a warm and disarming smile.

"Since finding out whose Knife this really was, I have come to believe that my Family and I have just been safeguarding it. Because this is the last part of my Great, great, great Grandfather and you should be the one to keep it...I feel that he would want that." she said, which made Myra's eyes begin to well up as she slowly clenched onto the knife's hilt while looking at it.

"Thank you…" She replied while sheathing the blade in a small utility belt on her left thigh, before returning her attention to Kat as the interior of the Leviathan shook as if something had hit it hard on it's exterior.

"…now you be careful." she added, gaining a nod from her lover in return.

"You too, Good luck." she said back while looking into the Asari's eyes, which Myra could not help but smile at.

"and you." she said before turning around and walking back to Strafe and Slash, while Sharp-tooth and Scorn joined the Human's side. They then all gave each other one final look before heading off in opposite directions down the corridors.


Meanwhile the fight between Omega Supreme and Leviathan was heating up as the smaller Guardian fired yet another energy blast at it's far larger opponent, hitting it's chest once more, burning the armour there somewhat. This though caused one of the stations in the CIC to explode, throwing it's crewman to the floor which made Vasir grit her teeth in response.

"Goddess! Why is that damn Bot still standing in our way?" she spat to the others, who simply kept their heads down and focused on their duties.

"…I want that Autobot scrap-heap out of my sight" she then added, gaining a nod from the helmsman who then typed in a number of commands into his holo-interface. This suddenly made several small openings appear in City-Bot's chest, revealing large cannons which fired a barrage of blaster-fire at Omega, which made him dive to his right and out of their fire. But Leviathan seemed to be anticipating that move as it then threw a punch down at it's rival, hitting the back of the Guardian and slamming him into the ground.

Onboard Omega, the bridge shook violently and sent everyone falling off their seats as that last hit was felt across the entire Bot.

"Damage report!" Vraz shouted as numerous stations blew sparks from them, with the crewman manning the Engineering station getting back to his feet and looking at his holo-interface.

"Sir that last hit caused structural damage across the back of Omega, we can't take too much damage in that area again." he reported, earning a nod from the Commander before another crewman caught his attention.

"Leviathan's attacking again!" they cried out, making the Autobot Leader look back at the screen and see the Behemoth lifting it's foot into the air, getting ready to crush the Bot's back more.

"Roll us out of the way!" he then commanded to the Helmsman, which then made Omega do just that as the Guardian rolled onto it's back.

"Return fire now!" Vraz quickly added, which made two gun-ports open on either side of it's chest armour before firing two torpedoes at the enemy-Bot's leg, causing a large explosion where they hit and making Leviathan struggle to remain balanced on it's one leg. This brought a smile to the Commander's face as he watched it on the holo-screen.

"Fire again!"

Omega Supreme then lifted it's cannon-arm and fired another energy-blast which hit the City-Bot and sent it flying onto it's back, causing a strong tremor to rock the area as a dust cloud was formed around it.

"Get us back up NOW!" Vasir screamed at her crew as smoke billowed from broken pipes overhead as she got back to her feet, earning fearful but acknowledged looks from them as they got back to their stations and worked.

"I think we have a problem…" the crewman manning the sensors then said, gaining a narrow stare from the Asari as her attention was drawn to him.

"Oh…really, you think?" she replied in a sarcastic tone, one layered in a building anger which made the crewman gulp in return before pointing at his holo-interface.

"No…I mean yes, we already do. But…" he started to ramble, which made the Asari glow with biotic energy as she clenched her fists.

"Just spit it out!" she shouted, which almost made him jump out of his skin.

"…Internal…sensors have picked up movement in the lower levels, nearing the Plague containment tanks." he replied, making the Leviathan Leader's eyes widen as a realisation came over her.

"So, that was the Autobots plan…" she muttered before looking back at Inferno, who just stared back with a dumbfounded expression.

"Make yourself useful and intercept our unwanted guests, and take your Destrons with you." she commanded, gaining a nod from the Con who began to turn around and head out of the CIC.

"I will see it done." he replied, which made the Asari narrow her eyes in return as she watched him leave.

"Don't fail me again." she said back, which made the Destron Leader's spark go cold, for he knew what would await him if he did so while Vasir then returned her attention to the CIC crew as she noticed that Leviathan had returned to it's feet as shown on the massive holo-screen.

"Now take that scrap-heap down!" she spat as Omega Supreme was seen to have recovered as well.

A few minutes later Kat, Sharp-tooth and Scorn were running down one the identical corridors that flowed through Leviathan like a nerve system, listening intensively to the quickening beeps of the latter's holo-tool as they closed in on their target.

"How many times have we had to climb and drop down into one of these corridors, surely this would be easier if we had boarded this City-Bot when it was still in Battle-ship mode?" he asked, earning a grunt from his Leader in return.

"I am just wondering why we haven't come across any enemy troops yet, surely this place would be filled with them?" he replied.

"Be glad that wasn't the case Sharp-tooth, as it means that we are still undetected by Vasir and her crew." the Human Wrecker said back just as they reached a T-Junction, taking a right turn before stopping dead in their tracks as a familiar voice spoke up.

"That's as far as you go Autobots."

This made Kat's and the Dinobots eyes widen as they found themselves standing opposite Inferno and his Destrons, who had their weapons trained on them.

"Inferno, I was hoping to see you again…traitor." Sharp-tooth replied as he clenched his fists tightly, while Kat activated her holo-blades and Slash mirrored his team-mate. But Inferno simply ignored the Dinobot Leader and looked at the group before a slight smile appeared on his face.

"And where is Myra, I thought if anyone would be leading this then it would be her?" he asked, which made the young Shepard sigh slightly with relief.

'They still don't know about Myra and her team, that's good to hear. Means we can keep them busy while she shuts this Goliath down.' she thought, before her attention was caught by Sharp-tooth who lunged at the Destron Leader.

"You should worry about us!" he spat while shifting into his Beast-mode, tackling his adversary to the ground as Scylla, Hardhead and Devron could only watch in shock before remembering that the Dinobot was not alone, returning their attention to both Kat and Scorn.

"Scylla, help the Commander. Hardhead, let's finish these two." the latter said, gaining a nod from the Femme who changed form and headed for the two Bots currently grappling on the floor just away. Both the other Destrons followed suit and shifted to their own Beast-modes, revealing their sharp claws, beast-like eyes and more built bodies.

"Die!" Devron then cried out as he and his team-mate charged at the two Autobots, bringing down his claws upon Kat. But the Human-Wrecker quickly spun around, making him miss her as his inertia took him forward. She then quickly brought her holo-blades round as she spun and drove them into the Con's back, making him scream out in pain as she pulled the blades up and out of his back, leaving a large bloody wound running down the back of his torso.

"Devron!" Hardhead shouted back in a panicked tone as he grappled with a too changed Scorn, being unable to help as his friend bled heavily from his wound and fell to his knees as Kat then swung her left blade through the Destron's neck, separating his head from his body as more blood shot out into the air like a geyser.

"No!" the other Con shouted before breaking free of his enemy's grip and then following through by throwing Scorn over his shoulder and into a nearby wall.

"You are going to die bitch!" he roared while charging down Kat.

Meanwhile Sharp-tooth and Inferno were still locked in a standstill on the floor, with the Destron Leader now changed into his own form and growled at his adversary who bore down upon him.

"I am going to rip your throat out..." the Dinobot said with gritted teeth, before he was suddenly cut off by a sharp pain in his back as Scylla clawed into his back with her sharp claws.

"Arrrrgh!" he cried out as she then bit into his neck and started to chew away, making the Bot climb off Inferno while trying to get the Femme off him. This gained Inferno enough time to recover as he got back to his feet and activate his holo-claws, which grew over his hand and increased the size of his own.

"Hold that pathetic excuse for a Dinobot right there Scylla, so that I can gut him where he stands." he said in an angered yet relished tone while flexing his claws as he approached the pair.

As this was happening, Scorn found himself torn between who he should help as he saw what his team-mate was up against. So he looked back at Kat, who managed to evade another attack from Hardhead.

"Go help Sharp-tooth, I've got this." the Human Wrecker said in a confident tone, which made the Bot nod and turn around, leaving her to face the enraged Destron.

'I saw what she did to Devron, so she can easily handle Hardhead.' he thought whilst charging back to Sharp-tooth, meanwhile Kat dodged yet another swipe from Hardhead by ducking under his strike. She could feel his claws cut through the air like a blade as they passed overhead, before performing a forward roll and returning to her feet.

"How…? How did you dodge that?" the Con spat back as he turned around and faced his opponent, but was met with a kick to the face as Kat quickly countered, knocking him backwards as she readied her holo-blades.

'I learnt so from Myra, from our meld. Seeing the Asari's memories of her time learning from her Aunt Ser-Ket.' she thought as she sliced at the enemy's shoulder, earning a yelp from him before he swung his claws at her once more, making the Wrecker dodge his attack once more.

'…For there were those who relied too much on their brute strength and rage, making them easy to take down for anyone who remained calm and collected.' she continued while performing an uppercut with her right holo-blade, just as the Destron clenched a fist and punched at her side. But even though her strike caught the side of the Con's face, his strike hit her dead in her side and winded the Woman the force of it sent her flying into the wall behind her.

'Damn it!' she thought while hitting the ground and slouching against it, feeling pain aching through her entire body as Hardhead wiped the blood from the cut on his face and licked it.

"That smarted you little Bitch…" he started to say before walking over to her slowly, taking note that the Wrecker was physically stunned.

"…I had better finish you off before you get the chance to recover." The Con added as he then towered over the femme, reaching down at her with his claws while opening his mouth wide which revealed all of his razor sharp teeth as he closed in to kill her.
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Hardhead towered over the slouched Kat, who was still trying to catch her breath after that punch. The Destron's shadow slowly casting itself over the Human Wrecker, as he raised his claws up in the air.

"...I had better finish you off before you get the chance to recover." the Con then said before lunging down at her with his claws and razor-sharp teeth bared, which made the young Shepard's eyes widen in return.

'No!' she thought while she suddenly found her strength and slammed her right holo-blade into Hardhead's armoured boot, cutting right though it's plates and impaling his foot.

"Arrragh!" he cried out in pain as he looked up at the ceiling, which gave Kat enough time to get back onto her feet, having gained her second wind. So she quickly pulled herself back onto her feet, leaning forward and putting all her weight onto the holo-blade which sank further into Hardhead's foot, which she then twisted a little.

"Arrragh!" he screamed again as the blade then sliced through the bottom of his foot and cut into the deck under it, making blood pour out into a small puddle around it.

'Got to make this quick, because the pain will soon enrage Hardhead and snap him out of this agony.' she thought before yanking the blade put of her adversary's boot, making the Con stumble back as blood squirted out from his wound.

"You Bitch, I'm going to make you..." he started to say, only to be cut off by Kat rushing up to him and slashing her left holo-blade as his neck, slitting his throat which made the rest of his blood pour out like a waterfall.

"No...guh...n..." he then tried to say while pressing his hands to his throat in a vain attempt to stop the bleeding, which continued to seep out between his fingers while the Human Wrecker turned her attention to the other fight, ignoring Hardhead as he fell to his knees before collapsing onto the ground as the last of his life-blood left him, leaving his body lying in a pool of red.

Meanwhile Inferno rushed towards Sharp-tooth with his claws bared, while the Dinobot Leader was still being distracted by Scylla who was digging her claws into his back and gnawing at his neck.

"You die now!" the Con roared as he brought his claws up in an uppercut-like fashion at the Bot's chest, but suddenly Scorn tackled the Femme and pulled both her and his team-mate out of Inferno's path, making him swipe at fresh air.

"What!" he spat while watching as the new arrival then ripped Scylla off his friend and held her over his head for a moment, while she flailed her arms around and screamed.

"I don't think so..." Scorn then said before pulling the Destron-Femme down on his right knee, earning a loud crack as her spine was broken.

"Scylla!" Inferno cried out as the Bot dropped her body next to Sharp-tooth, with the Dinobot Leader ignoring his injuries as he then grabbed her screaming head and turned it so quickly that it snapped her neck, killing her.

This brought a fearful look upon the Destron's face as his eyes widened, because now he was completely alone against the Autobots with Kat joining her allies side as they turned their attention to him.

"Looks like it's just you and us Inferno." Sharp-tooth then said, still ignoring the blood trickling down his armour from his neck wound.

"No!" the Con then spat back, tapping his com-link as he slowly backed away from the trio.

"Vasir, I need reinforcements."

"I can see that." the Asari said back with a disinterested tone as she watched via the holo-screen of her holo-tool, seeing the three Autobots out-manning the Destron.

"Well send them then!" he spat back, which made the Leviathan Leader look over at one of her Asari crewmen standing at a nearby station.

"Are they near one of the hatches leading to the outside?" she asked, gaining a nod from the Asari in return.

"Yes sir. At the altitude Leviathan's height reaches, anyone in that area would be sucked out the moment we open it to the outside pressure."

"Do it..." Vasir then said before returning her attention the screen, noticing that the Autobots were about to kill the Destron Leader.

"...I don't think so, you have failed me for the last time Inferno..." she started to say, which made the Con's eyes widen even more as he listened to her.

"...but you should take comfort in the fact that the Autobot will die with you." she finished before nodding back at the other Asari.

Suddenly the sound of something opening caught the attention of Inferno and his enemies, earning confused looks from them as the Con looked as though he had fouled himself.

"What is that noise?" Sharp-tooth asked as it echoed from further down the corridor, before suddenly they found themselves being pulled off their feet as the air was quickly vacated from the area.

Noooooo!" Inferno screamed as he was sent flying down the corridor, followed then by the bodies of his team-mates while Sharp-tooth and Scorn dug their claws into the ground, with the latter also holding onto Kat as he did so.

"Hold on!" the Dinobot Leader roared as the three tried to fight against pull of the outside, feeling their strength slowly giving way as they did so.

Meanwhile as Inferno shot through the corridor against his will, unable claw at anything around him in an attempt to stop. He saw the hatch up ahead and held his arms out, managing to grip the sides of the opening and dig his claws in, slowing his movement to a stop as the air continued to be sucked out.

"" he started to say before being cut off as the Destron suddenly spotted the bodies of Hardhead, Devron and Scylla heading directly at him

...No..." he added as they then hit him and broke his grip, sending the Destron Leader and his dead comrades out of the Leviathan as they fell to the ground below, which was a long drop to say the least.

Meanwhile Kat, Sharp-tooth and Scorn were still clinging to the deck as the air was being sucked out around them.

"I can't...hold on...for much...longer." the Dinobot Leader said whilst gritting his teeth, which earned a worried look from his team-mate as he felt his claws loosen from the ground slightly.

"Me too..." he managed to say, which made Kat tap her com-link in return.

"Evac, come in...this is Kat, do you read?"

In orbit, the battle was still going strong as the Autobot fleet and Vasir's forces fought, with torpedoes and cannon fire in all directions as the Eudora weaved in and out of the combating ships, firing on whatever enemy ships it could get a lock on.

"I have Kat on the Com..." Tolae said as she looked over to her Lover, who performed another barrel roll as two enemy cruisers flew past either side of them.

"Put her through." he said back, gaining a nod from the Ardat-Yakshi as she typed in her holo-interface.

"Kat, we read you. What you need?" the Pilot then said.

"We need a ground-bridge at our location...with it's end point at another spot in Leviathan." the Human Woman said over the Com-link, which made him look over his shoulder at Tolae with a concerned expression.

"Tolae..." he started to say, which made her focus on her station in return.

"Keep your eyes ahead Evac, I've got this..." she started to reply, earning a nod from the Pilot who returned his focus to the battle unfolding on the other side of the cockpit's canopy, while the Asari looked at the map of leviathan which showed exactly where the trio were.

"...okay Kat, I have the exit vortex locked. Just let me know when you are ready."

"Roger that..." Kat said back just as Sharp-tooth's grip suddenly failed, which made him fly away from Scorn and her.

"No!" the Bot shouted as he then let go of the ground, allowing himself and the Human Wrecker to be pulled into the air too as they closely followed their friend.

"Tolae now!" Kat the shouted as the opened hatch came in sight, getting bigger as the trio shot towards it. But then suddenly a green glowing vortex opened up in front of it, sucking the three into it and surrounding them in a bright light before then spitting them back out into an identical corridor.

At this moment a smile appeared on Vasir's face as she looked down at the screen at her place Leviathan's CIC, which had just shown footage of the three Autobots being sucked away just like Inferno had.

"Alright, close the hatch and re-pressurise that deck…" she started to say before a thoughtful expression appeared on her face.

'Why wasn't Myra with them, there is no way she wouldn't be in on this incursion.' she thought while turning to the Weapons station, gaining the crewman's attention.

"Wake up our Mechs and have them patrol Leviathan's corridors on search and destroy protocol."

This gained a nod from the crewman before he began typing into his holo-interface, which led to a giant warehouse-sized room being brought out of darkness as it's lights lit the area up and revealed an army of Mechs standing in formation, their optics slowly powering up as they activated.


As this was happening, Kat and her friends slowly recovered in the corridor that the Eudora's vortex had dropped them into.

"Thanks for the help Tolae, you don't know how much we appreciate it." she said into her com-link as Scorn patched up Sharp-tooth's injuries, earning smiles from the pair as they nodded back at her.

"Your welcome Kat, good luck down there." the Ardat-Yakshi replied before ending the call, which made the Wrecker return her attention to the two Dinobots.

"How you doing Sharp-tooth?"

"I'll be fine Kat, their just some scratches, nothing more." the Dinobot Leader replied, shrugging it off as his friend finished treating the last neck wound with Medi-gel and a bandage.

"There, that should hold unless we come across any more fights like that." the Bot stated, gaining an appreciative smile from the other as Kat activated her holo-tool.

"Okay, let's see if we are closer or indeed further from our objective now." she said back, with her eyes widening as her screen appeared and revealed their new location.

"What, what is it?" Scorn asked as both Dinobots just stared back at the surprised Woman, who returned her attention to the pair.

"...It's just down this corridor, we have only moved into a section near to our original location. Tolae has allowed us to skip the majority of our path." she replied with a smile, which gained mirrored looks from her team-mates.

"We should get Tolae a fruit-basket or something..." Sharp-tooth replied before getting to his feet, followed by both Kat and Scorn.

"Well before that, let's get this mission done." the latter said back, earning nods from the others before the trio then ran down the corridor.

Meanwhile Myra and her team exited an empty elevator shaft and found themselves in another long corridor nearing the center of Leviathan's giant torso, gaining a worried look from Slash.

"Please tell me that we are getting closer, because all this running around and no fighting is starting to bug me?" he asked, having noticed Strafe looking down at her holo-tool while Myra looked down both sides of the corridor.

"I am detecting a very large power source just beyond the next room at the end of this corridor…" the Femme began to say, only to be cut off by the Asari.

"Let's get moving then." she said in a commanding tone, gaining a nod from the others as the three started to run in the direction that Strafe had motioned to, only to have them stop suddenly as a door opened on the right side of the corridor ahead of them.

"Okay, that's new…" Slash started to say as several Mechs entered the area and looked directly at them, which brought a smile to the Dinobot's face.

"…that's more like it." he said, earning an eye-roll from the Femme as Myra focused her biotics into her hands which she clenched into fists.

"We don't have time for this." she spat before launching blue-energy projectiles at the enemies, hitting the ground between them and exploded in a biotic shockwave which sent them all flying.

"Then go on, we'll handle these guys." Strafe then replied while Slash switched to his beast-mode and charged into the recovering group of Mechs, earning a surprised look from Myra in return as she looked back at the Femme.


"We've got this Myra, go!" the Bot shouted back as he gripped the head of one enemy with his claws while kicking at another, before ripping the other's head off and throwing it into a Mech that was targeting it's weapon and the women. This gained a friendly and encouraging look from the Strafe as she nodded back to the Spectre, who then sighed in return.

"Okay, watch your backs." she replied before charging towards the ongoing fight that Slash was currently in the thick off, while Strafe changed into her beast-mode as well and launched herself at one of the Mechs. And as the two Dinobots started to trash the enemy troops around them, Myra performed a biotic charge and smashed through three more before continuing on and running towards the doorway at the end of the corridor.

As that was happening, the crewman working at the sensors station in Leviathan's CIC looked over to Vasir with an awkward expression.

"…Vasir?" he said with a shaky tone, but the Asari's attention was focused on the holo-screen overhead as it showed Omega Supreme readying itself again for attack.

"…Prepare for another…" she began to say before the crewman then spoke up again.

"Vasir?" he said, making the Leviathan Leader look back at him with a glare.

"What! Can you not see that we are in the middle of a…." she started to say before the room suddenly shook as the City-Bot took another hit from the Autobot Guardian, which then made her face tense up.

"…battle here!" she finished with narrowed eyes while staring back at the crewman, who felt as though the ground should open up and swallow him.

"…b…but a patrol of Mechs have come up against another team of Autobots near the Power-core." he managed to reply, gaining a wide-eyed look from Vasir in return.

"Show me!" she then said, before a small holo-screen appeared next to her with footage showing Myra running through an opening door as her two Dinobot allies continued to fight the Mechs.

'Damn it, I knew she wouldn't be sitting this out and she is near to the core…?' she thought before looking over to the Weapons station, who then looked back with a fearful look as he wondered what she was going to say.

"Flood the Power-Core with the Cybonic Plague." Vasir spat, gaining a confused look from the crewman.


"Her Father was a Cybertronian Hybrid, the plague may just work on her too." she replied, earning a nod from him as he began rerouting the plague from it's central storage tanks towards the power-core on his holo-interface as Vasir slowly smirked.

'This should finally deal with her.'

Myra though found herself in a massive spherical room, standing on one of many metallic hanging walkways that surrounded the large spherically shaped power-core in it's center, with her walkway and a few others leading directly to the heart of the Behemoth, which was held in place by large cables and piping that looked like it branched out from the core into all sides of the room.

'It looks like a mechanical version of a circulatory system.' she thought while admiring the greenish-blue glow of the Energon as it was pumped out of the core and out to the other parts of the City-Bot's body.

'Okay, sightseeing is over.' the Asari then thought before refocusing on the task at hand and running down the walkway towards the Titan's mechanical heart, with it getting progressively larger as she got closer to it.

'I hope there is a simple 'off' switch available, once I get in there.' the young Darby hoped as she approached what looked like an entrance to the core, as a large circular door with a warning sign in it's center welcomed her. For Myra didn't want to leave her two Dinobot companions for long as they fought against Leviathan's Mechs, or Kat and her squad for that matter either. But as she hacked the door controls with her holo-tool which then beeped back with a green blinking light to signify that it was successful, the Spectre could not help but worry that it might not be that simple.

'Please let this be quick.' she thought as the door opened and she walked into the core, only for her eyes to widen in return at what she saw as it closed behind her. For the Asari was looking at two large masses of metallic cables and pipes reaching both the ceiling and the floor, but what they were connected to was blurred out by the bright greenish-blue sphere of energy being emanated from it. This earned a reluctant sigh from Myra as she stared back, recognising how advanced it looked.

'That's great, I'm guessing that whatever I need to shut down is at the center of that….' she started to think before suddenly starting to cough as a tingling sensation came over her.

'What in the…' the Spectre began to think as her breathing became heavy and the tingling started to ache in a rather aggressively painful way, which made her fall to her knees in return.

'…why am I starting to feel so…' she thought while looking around the room, noticing a faint mist surrounding her which wasn't being produced by the core.

'…I can't…can't think…'

Myra found her thoughts slowly evading her as the Asari's vision started to blur as her eyes started to feel sore, so she lifted her left hand to rub at them despite how much it ached. But before doing so, the Asari managed to catch a glimpse of what her hand looked like as it was no longer the healthy blue, but was instead slowly being covered by dark grey veins as it lost it's colour.

'By the…goddess, it's…the…plague. But…I am…Asari, it shouldn't effect me…like this?' Myra questioned between the painful coughs before everything suddenly went black, as the Spectre lost consciousness and passed out on the Power-core's floor.

Meanwhile as Kat and her squad were busy setting up the incendiary bomb in the Plague's storage hold, completely undetected by Leviathan's security as it was focused on both Slash and Strafe's continuous butchering of it's Mechs. Vasir could only smile as things started to look up as her City-Bot had managed to knock Omega Supreme back on to it's back.

"Now, while it is down, grab and pick it up." she ordered, earning a nod from the helmsman who then made Leviathan do just that as the Behemoth then bent down and grabbed the recovering Bot by it's head and lifted it off the ground.

"Try to break us free." Vraz shouted to his own helmsman as smoke billowed out around the Supreme's bridge while other crewmen tried to put out the fires and keep control of the situation. But the Commander could not help but wonder if the distraction was about to come to an end, as slowly the image of Leviathan's face came into view on their large holo-screen as it held Omega up in the air with both arms.

"We have the Guardian in our grasp Sir, your orders?" the Helmsman then said to the Leviathan Leader, making her smile widen a little more as she looked out at her Adversary's damaged and beaten Bot.

"It's time to finish this….rip it's head off."

It was then that Leviathan, who held Omega Supreme by his head with it's right arm, while also holding on to the Autobot's right arm with it's left. Then pulled with the former, making the Supreme's crew hear sounds of stress and straining echoing down from top of the Guardian's body.

"Everybody hold on!" Vraz then shouted before suddenly the old Autobot's head was pulled clean off it's body, making the bridge-stations explode and send all the crew manning them to the floor as the Commander fell to his knees as well.

Vasir laughed as she watched the Autobot's last hope fall apart in the grasp of her mighty City-Bot, earning relieved looks from the crew around her.

"That was great, now drop the wreck to the floor." she said in a happy tone, before Leviathan did just that, letting go of Omega's body which quickly joined it's severed head as it hit the ground with the sound of crushed metal.

"Report!" Vraz shouted as he looked around the bridge, which was now only lit by emergency lighting as the fires gave off more light as the crewmen tried to fight them around him. But one Autobot managed to get back to his station and try to work it, which was not easy as his holo-interface was flickering on and off randomly.

"We have lost main power Sir. Emergency power has kicked in and we have sensors, artificial gravity and comms, but we have lost control of Omega himself….He's….offline." the crewman said with a fearful tone, one that the Commander shared with a stare before he looked back at the holo-screen which now had a view of Leviathan as it stood directly over them.

"Send the transmission, I don't know if it will be picked up in time…but it looks like it is up to Myra now." Vraz replied, a tinge of hope underlined his serious and beaten tone, which gained nods from the crew around him as the Communications Crewman hit the button on his damaged console.

In the Leviathan's CIC, Vasir could not have looked happier as she looked at the image of the defeated Autobot Guardian on the giant view-screen.

"That was beautiful…" the Asari started to say in a twisted gleeful tone, before looking back at the small holo-screen beside her which showed an image of an unconscious Myra lying on the power-core's floor.

"…and this is just….excellent." she added as her smile widened fully, before the crewman manning the weapons station looked over to her.

"Sir…" he started to say back, gaining the Leviathan Leader's attention.

"…we are ready to fire the torpedo now." he added, which brought a sparkle to Vasir's eyes as she smiled back, earning worried looks from her crew once more.

"This is just getting better and better, very well…set target and prepare to fire." she replied before ignoring the small holo-screen as she turned back to the main view-screen, which still showed the beaten Omega, but also now contained a small inner screen that showed the torpedo locking on target. Meanwhile outside, Leviathan lifted it's left arm up into the air as a cannon slide out of it's fore-arm and prepared to fire.

"The Cybertronians have lived their last day, the time of their end has come…" Vasir then said as she watched the screen with a vivid and excited expression, before pointing at the Weapons station.

"…Fire the torpedo!" she added, gaining a nod from the crewman who then typed in the key combination on his holo-interface.

"Launching in thirty seconds…..twenty nine….twenty eight…"

But as the count-down began, the crewman's voice was barely even registered by the Asari. For she was right now revelling in what now was quickly becoming her moment of victory.

'Benezia….this is for you.'

But unbeknownst to the Leviathan Leader, Myra had slowly come to and found herself lying exactly where she had passed out, which was at the foot of the power-core.

'Who…said…that?' she thought as she pulled herself onto her knees, despite the increasingly painful aches of her joints and muscles.

'I heard a voice…it said 'You must not fail'.' she thought before reaching down to her utility belt and pulling out a large Medi-gel injection.

'This won't…cure me, but…it should…help.'

The Asari then injected it's contents into her body, which instantly made her like she could move again, though the pain was still present.

'I've got…to shut that thing down now!' she thought as her face became focused and her eyes glowed with biotic energy before it then enveloped her body like a shield, making the Spectre look like a figure of blue light as she got back to her feet.

'Hope my biotics can hold out.'

Myra then held her left hand out before her as she walked toward the energy field of the power-core's center, which felt as hot as the surface of the Sun as she got closer to it. And then just as the Asari past into it, Myra felt pain rack through her skin despite the protection of her biotic-field.

'****ing….burns, but…I'm nearly there.' she thought while slowly making her way through the fiery energy of the core towards it's center, which then revealed itself to the Spectre.

'…it's the…energy…reaction of…the core.' the young Darby thought as her body continued to be riddled with pain, while she found herself staring at a small sphere of energy hanging between what looked like to highly sophisticated electro-magnets.

'…I…might…be…able…to destabilise…it with…my biotics.' Myra thought as she then reached out with both hands at it, focusing her energies towards them both, before suddenly placing them on it.

"Arrrrrrgh!" the Asari screamed as she then flooded the core with her own biotics, mixing the bright blue energy into the green sphere of the core. This made her eyes and mouth all glow with a white light as explosions started to rattle the interior around her before suddenly the energy sphere itself exploded, sending a shockwave out that knocked the Spectre away as everything went dark.

"What…just happened?" Vasir then asked with a confused expression as everything around her deactivated, gaining similarly mirrored looks from the crew around her.

"I'm not sure, but it seems that we have lost all power Sir." the Crewman manning the Engineering station said, which then brought utter silence from everyone else as they stood there and looked at the Asari. For the Leviathan Leader simply stood in the middle of them all and looked up at the ceiling where the massive holo-screen used to be, not saying a word before her eyes then narrowed and she gritted her teeth.

"WHAT!"Vasir spat as she spun round and stared daggers at the crewman, who looked like he was about to die as his Asari colleague hastily activated her holo-tool.

"I…d…don't know what else that could be." the crewman said back with a fearful stare as the Leviathan Leader began to glow with biotic energy, a cold and ferocious look on her face.

"Get…emergency…power…running!" she replied, but all this did was make the crewman panic as he looked around at his console, which had lost it's holo-interface due to the power outage.

"…I can't." he merely replied, which made the Asari pick him up by his neck with her biotics, much to the shock of the crew around them.

"…Then you are useless to me!" she spat back while preparing to snap his neck, only for the crewman with the active holo-tool to catch her attention.

"Sir…wait!" the other Asari shouted, making the Leviathan Leader drop the crewman and look at her.


"I have managed to use my holo-tool to gain communication with our fleet…" she started to say, gulping as her Commander's glowing eyes narrowed once more.

"Well…you better have some good news?" Vasir said back in a menacing tone, which only made the other Asari shake her head in return.

"A fleet of ISF ships, ones not registered with our allies, have jumped in and are assisting the Autobot cruisers…" she started to say, which only made the Leviathan Leader's eyes narrow even more.

"…and with Leviathan shutting down…our fleet has ordered the retreat." she added while almost biting her lip out of fear, for Vasir gritted her teeth and clenched her fists so tightly that she drew a few small drops of blood in return.

"…what?" she said in a surprisingly calm voice, which made everyone's hearts feel as though they had stopped. But before anyone could say anything else, an internal explosion from the decks below shook the room.

"Oh no!" another crewman then said, having guessed what that was as suddenly the Leviathan Leader just snapped and held her fists up in the air and screamed.

"NOOOOOO!" she cried out while letting loose a biotic shockwave, one that knocked all the crewman around her against the walls behind them, killing them instantly. Vasir then dropped to her knees and looked at the floor as it dawned on her what had happened, making her anger build up once more.

'First Leviathan is shut down, then my forces turn tail and run….and now the plague is destroyed. No, I will not let this be the end…..Myra, this all started with her.' she thought while her biotics flared up again as she got back to her feet.

"I AM GOING TO KILL YOU MYRA!" the Asari then spat in an enraged voice before running out of the CIC, leaving the dead bodies of her crew behind.

'And I know just where to find you!'


Meanwhile Slash and Strafe entered the exterior of the power-core, noting the low lit area as the now dead City-Bot's heart was before them.

"She did it, Myra shut the thing down." Slash said in an ecstatic tone, earning a knowing look from the Femme as they began running down the walkway toward the spherical core in front of them.

"Of course she did, also shut down all the Mechs too. Luckily they were all tied to the same power source, it would seem." she said before noticing the Asari exiting the power-core ahead of them.

"Myra…you did it!" the Bot replied before the Spectre then hit him with biotic blast, stopping him and Strafe in their tracks.

"Stay back!" she shouted back, earning confused looks from the pair in return.

"Myra? What's wrong?" the Femme then asked, before noticing the dark grey veins on the young Darby's face as well as the dark patches around her eyes.

"I've been…infected with…the Plague, you will…be too…if you come…any closer." she said while holding her hand out at them as a warning, which brought worried looks to their faces.

"We can get you a Medical team, have you fixed up." Slash said back, making the Spectre shake her head in return while coughing hard.

"…No, this is…highly contagious…can't risk…." she tried to say back, just as a ground-bridge vortex opened up behind the Dinobots.

"We did it…we…" Kat started to say in a happy tone as she exited the vortex with Sharp-tooth and Scorn, only for her eyes to fall on her Lover's heavily injured form.

"…Myra!" she screamed before rushing towards the Asari, with only Slash and Strafe to stop her as she fought against their grip.

"You can't…she's been infected with the Plague." the Femme said back, earning shocked looks from the other Elite Terracons as the young Shepard kept her eyes on Myra.

"I don't care, I'm not Cybertronian!" she spat back while trying to break out of their hold, only to stop as the Asari spoke up.

"You…have to…go Kat, I'm…afraid…I can't go…with you." she said between coughs and heavy breaths, which made the Human Wrecker's eyes well up in return.

"I'm not going anywhere without you." she said back, which brought a slight smile to the Spectre's face as a tear ran down her own cheek, as she raised her throbbing hand to her com-link.

"Evac…do you…read me?" she managed to say, despite the pain in her voice.

"Loud and clear Myra, you alright down there?" the Pilot replied with a concerned tone, while the Asari just kept her eyes on Kat.

"I…need you…to transport…the others back…to the…ship, you…need to…do it…now." she said back, making Shepard's eyes widen more as she listened to her.

"Okay? But we just took some damage up here from a fleeing enemy cruiser, so the best I can do is outside in the desert."

This made the Spectre's smile widen a little more before she responded.

"That will do…" she started to say before another ground-bridge opened up behind everyone else, making both Strafe and Slash pull the now crying Kat back with them toward the portal.

"…thanks Evac…for everything." she then replied before tapping her com-link again.

"yeah…wait, what?" the Autobot Pilot began to say back before the call was cut short as the sound of a door opening up several levels ahead of them was heard, making Myra's face go serious.

"You…have…to go…now!" she said, gaining nods from all the Dinobots as Sharp-tooth then threw something over to the deteriorating Spectre, with it hitting the floor right in front of the now kneeling Asari.

"That should help with the pain…at least." he said in a saddened tone, which earned an appreciative smile from Myra.

"Thanks." she replied before turning her attention back to Kat, who was almost inside the event horizon of the vortex as the other Dinobots continued to pull her in.

"Myra, I won't leave you!" she cried out while fighting against her friends, which made the Spectre smile back with a loving stare.

"I….lov…" she started to say before the group then disappeared into the vortex, which then closed after them and left Myra on her own.

"…love you." the young Darby finished as she sighed and looked down at the object that Sharp-tooth had thrown to her which was another injection of Medi-gel, this time an extremely strong dose.

'If…this is…how…I am…going to…go, then…I will…go down…fighting.' she thought while taking the injection in her hand and injecting it into her neck, immediately feeling the effects of the Medi-gel as it staved off the pain her body was going through, just as a familiar voice shouted down from the walkways above her.


This gained the Spectre's attention as she got to her feet and looked up to see Vasir glaring down at her with a enraged stare, tightening her grip around the arm rails in front of her .

"I knew…this would get your attention." the young Darby replied with a slight smile, which made the Leviathan Leader grit her teeth in return.

"You and your ****ing Autobots have gotten in my way for the last time Myra, I am going to finish you just like I did your Mother." she spat back, before jumping over the rails and launching herself at the Spectre, throwing a biotic punch at her adversary. But the young Darby managed to block the attack with energy-barrier, before grappling with Vasir as they stood together on the same walkway.

"You're not looking well Myra, perhaps you should give up now…" the Leviathan Leader said as she noticed the effects of the plague taking a hold on her enemy, with the dark grey veins spreading over the other Asari's face.

"…I promise to make your death quick." she added, but this just made the younger Woman smirk as they continued to grapple.

"…Even if I had…just a cold Vasir, you still…wouldn't be a match…for me….and today will be no different." she joked back, which made Vasir grit her teeth in return as she suddenly tried to punch her opponent. But Myra blocked the attack and countered, which made the older Asari counter back. The two Women went back and forth like this for what felt like a long moment before Vasir looked to have the advantage, performing a spin kick which was aimed at the young Darby's face. The Spectre though used her biotics to catch the other Asari's leg and then use her inertial to throw the Leviathan Leader into the opposite direction. But the Leviathan Leader used her own biotics to slow her speed and gently put herself back onto the walkway, before spinning around and throwing several biotic projectiles at her younger opponent. Myra though slid onto her knees, aching as much as they were and slid under the balls of energy as they past over her, before performing a biotic uppercut, which hit the Leviathan Leader directly under the chin and sent her flying on to her back with a thud.

"You had enough?" the Spectre then asked as Vasir got back to her feet and wiped a trickle of blood from her mouth, staring back with narrowed eyes.

"Never." she spat before launching herself at the younger Asari in a biotic charge, only for Myra to perform the same manoeuvre as the two then collided which resulted in biotic explosion that once more sent the Leviathan Leader onto the deck as the younger Darby grabbed hold of the hand-rail beside her and breathed heavily, as once more the Plague was starting to take it's toll.

"Alright…" Vasir then said as she slowly recovered and got onto her knees, while the Spectre stood there and looked down at her with a hateful stare.

"…I admit it…" she continued while slipping her hand down to her utility belt, slowly unclipping an injection-device and grasping it in her hand.

"…you are the better fighter…and I am never going to be your equal like this…" she continued to say, until the young Darby's eyes fell upon the object in her hand and so moved closer to her enemy.

"Wait, what is that…in your…hand?" she asked, earning a devious smile from the Leviathan Leader as she jabbed the device's needle into her neck, releasing a red liquid into her bloodstream.

"Something that will tip the scales between you and I." she said, before Myra suddenly noticed the other Asari's eyes glowing red as similarly coloured veins appeared on her skin as she started to suffer convulsions.

'Damn it, she is…going to blow.' the Spectre thought before using her biotics to pick you her rival and throw her over the side, which then was followed by a bright red flash of light from beneath the walkway.

'Is Vasir…finally dead?' she thought while making her way to the other side of the walkway, taking hold of the hand-rail so she could look over. But all the Asari could see was more walkways underneath, with no sign of Vasir's body.

'Where is her body?' she thought with a confused expression, before suddenly being thrown onto her side as she felt what could only be described as being slammed in the back by a Krogan.

"Arrgh!" The Autobot Spectre cried out as she hit the floor, before quickly recovering and getting back to her feet, which was getting harder as the Medi-gel's effects continued to wear off. But her eyes widened in shock as she saw Vasir standing before her on the walkway once again, but this time she looked quite different.

"What…the Hell?" Myra asked in a confused tone, as the Leviathan Leader now had glowing red eyes and veins over her skin, as well as similarly coloured biotic field emanating from her now seriously toned physique as she smirked back at her hated rival.

"It's called 'Crimson Rage, a biotic enhancer that also brings about a beast-like change to whoever uses it….much like how the Terracons own beast-mode…" she replied before then hitting Myra with what looked like a biotic hammer, knocking the young Darby back onto her stomach.

"…it's made me far more stronger than you Darby." she added before then using her red-glowing biotics to pick the injured Spectre back off the ground and hold her in the air in front the Leviathan Leader.

"…And now I can finally do what I should have done the first time round…" she then started to say while pulling her right arm back, as if readying to punch her rival.

"…end the Darby lineage once and for all!" the Asari then spat before performing an uppercut at Myra, only for a large biotic fist to appear and hit the Spectre so hard that she was launched up into the air.

The young Darby suddenly found herself flying up towards the ceiling of the outer-room of the Power-core, but even though she was in immense pain, from both the Plague's effect on her deteriorating body and Vasir's own Mega-punch. She still managed to focus her biotics into enveloping her body with a protective field, just as the large spherical room's ceiling was about to meet her.

'This…is going to…hurt.' she thought before suddenly she stopped, finding herself once more in the grasp of red biotic energy which was holding her in place. And then suddenly in the blink of an eye, Vasir was right back in her face with another punch that hit the younger Asari in the face and flung her into one of the metallic walkways that hung from the ceiling.

"I am going to make you pay for all the trouble you have caused me Darby." she spat before launching herself at her rival, who had managed to recover and regain her footing on the damaged walkway and dive out of the enraged Leviathan Leader's path as she flew past in a red-blur.

'This formula has boosted Vasir's physique and her biotics, even allowing her to fly!' she thought before suddenly finding herself on the defensive as Vasir attacked again, making the Spectre block her attacks with a biotic barrier which started to show cracks in it's blue shell as it was continuously hammered by her adversary's fiery red strikes.

"You can't hide behind your biotics Myra, this is the end for you." the older Asari spat as she went to punch at the younger Woman's barrier, only for Myra to make it disappear. This caused the Leviathan Leader's inertial to get the better of her, giving the Spectre an advantage as she hit her enemy with biotic uppercut and knocked her onto her back.

"Who's hiding." the younger Darby spat back as she then tried to use her current advantage once more by launching herself at the floored Asari, only for Vasir to then hit her with a powerful biotic blast. The Spectre suddenly found herself hurtling through the ceiling as well as all the decks above that while being completely enveloped in the glowing red energy.

Meanwhile Kat and the Dinobots stood outside in the desert, not far from the right foot of the gigantic Leviathan which stood like a statue in the hot blazing sun that shown down from above.

"Why didn't you leave me with Myra, she shouldn't have…" the Human Wrecker started to vent, only for the sound of an explosion to cut her off as she and the others looked up to see a glowing red beam explode out of the right shoulder of the City-Bot above them.

"What the hell is that?" Sharp-tooth started to say as they stood there and watched, while Kat's eyes widened in return.

"Myra!" she gasped before running closer to the Behemoth, earning shocked looks from the Bots.

"Kat wait!" Strafe shouted back before she and the elite Terracons followed in pursuit.

But up on Leviathan's right shoulder, Myra hit the cold hard metal of the City-Bot's exterior with a heavy thud after being knocked through what felt like the entire interior of Leviathan, earning a grimace from the Asari as her body ached even more despite the protection of her biotic field.

'I don't...know how much...more I can take.' the young Woman thought as she slowly got back to her feet, before noticing that she was now outside and standing on the City-Bot's shoulder, the cold air was a shock to her system as the strong wind hit her hard.

'Wow, now that can wake you up. Just need a moment to get my breath back.' she added, suddenly feeling a little more alert as the cold air numbed her pain slightly. But the moment was not meant to be, as an explosion from behind the Spectre knocked her back onto the cold floor with a grimace.

"There you are..." Vasir then called as she floated out of the hole she had made and joined her Autobot rival, the red biotic energy looking like it was fire as it danced over her body.

"...and here I thought I might have accidentally sent you into orbit." she joked with a slight laugh, gaining a blank expression from Myra on return.

"You certainly like to over emphasise your abilities Vasir, even with this 'Crimson Rage' you've taken. But truth be told, that blast barely even hurt. Sounds similar to all your other endeavours." she replied, a slight grin appearing on her face as a trickle of blood ran down her chin from her mouth. One that made the Leviathan Leader's face to look like thunder as she gritted her teeth, making her biotics glow even brighter.

"I'm just going to have to make you bleed even more before I kill you." she spat back before firing another biotic blast fron her arms which the Spectre dodged by leaping to the side, using her biotics to perform a somersault before landing back on her feet and launching an energy blast of her own. But Vasir simply swatted it aside, causing the blue energy to vaporise against her red biotics as she then flung herself at her adversary with another biotic punch. The younger Darby brought up another barrier, but that was smashed through by the Leviathan Leader who then grabbed the Asari by her throat.

"Was that the best you could do?" she asked with hateful stare, making it hard for Myra to breath as her fingers grip tightened around the other's neck.

" least...mine was naturally...created and not done...with a drug." she managed to say between the gasps for air, which only made the older Woman's rage build up even more as she glared down at the rival in her grasp.

"I would do anything to make up for the mistake of letting you live, even this." she roared before punching Myra in the stomach so hard, the armour there cracked in response and made the Spectre cough up some blood as she fell onto her knees.

'I am nearly spent...' she started to think as the pain her body was currently experiencing started to double in strength and intensity, due to the Medi-gel having been completely used up in her system and allowing the Plague to continue without any further hindrance.

'...I think...I only have...enough strength...for one...last attack.' she continued, before looking up at her adversary who currently towered over her.

"You know...even after...all the talk...of killing me..." Myra then started to say, gaining a curious stare from Vasir who just listened in return.

" still...can't just do can't just...kill me...can you?" the Spectre added with a slight smile, which earned a dumbfounded look from the Leviathan Leader. But the Spectre's words sunk in and suddenly the older Asari snapped as she raised her fists into the air, burning brightly with biotic energy.

"I will kill you right now!" she spat with a furious expression and tone while about to strike, but Myra suddenly put everything she had into her biotics as the younger Asari punched up at her adversary and hit directly in the enemy Commander's chest. Her glowing blue fists created a ripple effect over Vasir's biotic field, making it fluctuate while also making the older Woman stumble backwards until she crossed the edge of City-Bot's shoulder and started to fall.

No!" the Leviathan Leader shouted with a startled look as gravity took hold of her, earning a sigh from the Autobot Spectre in return. But that was cut short as Vasir then punched her glowing hand towards Myra and latched onto the young Darby with a biotic tether, pulling her off the Behemoth's shoulder and into freefall as the two Asari grappled with one another.

"This is how it ends." Vasir shouted as they fell to the ground below, which was quickly rushing up to meet them. But the Leviathan Leader easily manoeuvred Myra under her as a cushion, since the Spectre was now in a severally weakened state. The older Woman then started to glow again with her fiery biotics, before suddenly performing a biotic charge and hurtling faster to the ground. The pair looked like a shooting star before they both hit the ground beside Leviathan's foot so hard, that it created a small shockwave of dirt and sand.

"MYRA!" Kat screamed with a horrified expression as she ran towards the crater, having seen what had just transpired. Her heart was beating so fast in her chest, that she could feel it through the chest-plate of her armour. But as she got closer, the dust began to settle as the Human Woman could see an Asari standing over another at it's center.

"No..." she gasped as she recognised Vasir as the one who stood over the fallen Spectre, who looked like she was dead since she was not moving.

"NO!" the young Shepard then cried out, gaining Vasir's attention as she fired a biotic wave at the approaching group, knocking Kat and the Dinobots off their feet as it hit them.

"Stay out of this!" she spat before returning her focus to Myra, who slowly opened her eyes and looked up at her.

"For I want to enjoy this moment..." the older Asari continued to rant as she then stamped on the Spectre's stomach, making her cough up some more blood as her body quickly sat up in a reflex move from the hit.

"...As I finally get to reunite a Daughter..." she added as she grabbed Myra by her chest-plate with her right hand, while holding her left fist in the air as it glowed brightly with her red-biotics as she readied the killing blow.

"...with that bitch of a Mother of hers!" she finished as she pulled her fist back and then launched it at Myra's face, which suddenly made the younger Asari snap out of her daze as she grabbed Kat's combat blade from the sheath on her leg and stabbed it into Vasir's side.

"NO!" the Spectre spat as the Leviathan Leader was stopped in her tracks and looked down to see the blade stuck in her torso, a look of pure shock appearing on her face.

"...what? How?" she then muttered before falling to her knees, gaining equally surprised looks from her friends as they watched from the crater's edge. But Myra ignored them as she fought the pain in her body to get back onto her own feet, feeling nothing but an aching pain as her skin felt as if it was starting to boil.

'Time to finish this.' she thought while finally standing over the injured Vasir, the Woman who had stolen so much from the young Darby's life. So Myra clenched her right hand into a fist and raised it over the Leviathan Leader, who looked up at her with a fearful expression as said fist began to glow with a blue hue as the Spectre's biotics were channelled into it.

Kat could only watch with her mouth slightly ajar, as her Lover looked to finally have her chance at revenge.

'Is she...going to...?' she started to think, before being cut off as Myra spoke.

"Vasir, this is...for my...loved ones...that you...murdered…Liara T' Mother and John fiancé bitch!" she spat before punching the older Asari so hard that it knocked her off her knees and onto her back, spilling blood from the Leviathan Leader's mouth as a thunder-like sound echoed around the area before everything went quiet.

Myra then simply looked down at the fallen Vasir and sighed, before suddenly falling to her own knees and slouching there beside her.

'It is done.' she thought with a relieved heart as her attention was suddenly drawn to her left as someone placed a hand on her shoulder.

"...Kat!" she exclaimed with a breathless tone as her eyes fell upon her Lover, who had gotten down beside her and looked back with a loving stare.

" shouldn' near me...the virus..." she started to say between heavy breaths, only for the Wrecker to cut her off.

"I'm pure Human, the plague has no effect on me. And I am not having you push me away again, especially now..." she started to say as she held her Lover's face in her hands as a tear ran down the Asari's cheek.

"...I love you." she added, which made Myra's slowing heart beat slightly faster for a moment as she enjoyed the soft touch of the Human against her own skin as she closed her eyes.

"Kat..." she began to say, reopening her eyes and looking deeply into the Female-Shepard's.

"I lo..." she was about to say before Sharp-tooth then cut her off mid-sentence as he and the Dinobots stood at the edge of the crater.

"We'll have a Medical team here in just a moment." he said, earning the attention of both the Women as Kat nodded back in return.

"So is Vasir dead?" Strafe asked, beating the others to the question, which made Myra look down at the other Asari with disdain.

"...No, she is not."

This made Kat's eyes widen in surprise as she pulled back slightly, regaining the Spectre's attention.

"That's surprising, considering how long you have been chasing her. Why?" she asked, which brought a thoughtful look to the young Darby's face.

"Because killing her...would not bring...'them' back, it true justice...for 'them'...that Vasir lives...out the rest of behind bars, knowing...that her empire...and all...of her plans...amounted to... absolutely nothing." she replied with a pained tone, earning a nod from Kat who looked back at her a growing smile.

"I'm proud of you Myra." she said, which the Asari could not help but smile back to, before she returned her attention to the elite Terracons.

"Make have...a biotic clamp...on Vasir...before she..." she started to say, only to be cut off as a brightly glowing object suddenly materialised before her and Kat.

"What in the All-spark?" Scorn shouted as the glowing object floated in front of the two lovers, gaining a curious look from both before Myra's eyes widened as she recognised it.

"It...can't be..." she started to say in a confused tone, making Kat look between it and her lover with a questioning expression.

"What is it?" she asked, while the Asari simply stared at it with widened-eyes.

"It's the Matrix!" she replied as she could just make out the shape of the long thought lost Autobot relic, gaining a similar look from Kat in return.

"The Matrix of Leadership? But I thought that disappeared after your Father passed away centuries ago?" she said back, making the Spectre nod back as she continued to stare at the glowing object.

"It did, I was there. But my Mother told me that it would reappear when the next Prime was ready."

This made Kat look around the crater before turning her attention to the Dinobots standing at it's edge.

"Well…who is it then?"

And suddenly, as if it had heard the Wrecker's question. The Matrix started to float towards the dying Asari, making Myra's face look even more confused as she watched it.

"I don't…understand…" she began to say as the bright shining relic drew closer, which gained a look of epiphany appeared on Kat's face as she looked at her lover.

"It's you Myra, you're the next Prime."

"But…I do not…deserve it, I've done…things…" she replied, only for young Shepard to look back with a serious but caring expression.

"Well obviously it thinks you are, so who are you to argue. Now get up..." she replied before taking hold of the stricken Darby's arm as she got ready to help the Asari to her feet.

"Okay…you have…a point, help me…up." Myra replied before slowly getting back to her feet with Kat's assistance, which was painful for the young Darby as all of her muscles felt like they were on fire. But then she stood before the glowing Matrix. It's star-like appearance reflected in her eyes as she looked into it, while the Wrecker looked on.

"Go on, take it in your hands." she said with anticipation underlining the tone of her voice, but the Spectre simply looked at it. As unbeknownst to the Human Woman, the Asari heard a familiar voice echoing in her mind.

'Myra Darby, take the Matrix in your hands. It is your destiny to 'complete the Trinity'.' it said, which earned a knowing look from her before she then looked back at the young Shepard.

"Kat.." she began to say, gaining a curious look from her lover in return.

"…Yes Myra?"

"…I'll see…you soon." she then replied, bringing a confused look to Kat's face in return.

"…What do you…?" the Wrecker started to say before the Asari then turned her attention back to the Matrix and placed her hand on it, which suddenly shone extremely bright. So bright in fact that it nearly blinded everyone in the area, as Kat found herself stumbling backwards while shielding her eyes.

"Myra!" she called back, while the Dinobots mimicked her actions too as the white light completely enveloped the Spectre as it shined even brighter. But then almost as quickly as it had appeared, the matrix then disappeared and Myra was gone with it as Kat found herself standing alone in the center of the crater with an unconscious Vasir lying at her feet.

"Wait, where did Myra go?" Sharp-tooth called back, earning a knowing look from the Human Woman as she then looked up into sky with a slight smile on her face.

"Wherever you are Myra…good luck." she whispered.
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A sudden roar of thunder awoke Myra as the Asari rose up into a sitting position, her breathing fast-paced the same as the beat of her heart as the deafening sound echoed around her and out into the distance,

'What in the All-spark happen….?' she started to think before her eyes widened as her surroundings came to her attention, taking her thoughts from her as the Spectre found herself staring at an environment made up entirely of crystal.

'Why does this look familiar to me?' she then thought before noticing that her body was no longer suffering the effects of the Cybonic Plague, which made her hold her hands up to see the condition of her skin, but this made her eyes widen even more.

'What the?'

For Myra found that she was wearing a completely different armour to what she had been previously, one that looked very familiar and yet new at the same time.

'This looks like a cross between the Prime Armours of both my Father and Grandfather.' she thought while looking at the new outfit as like their own, hers had the red and silver stripes running down both arms and was lightweight, but her silver Autobot insignia with it's red outline was now on the left-side of her chest-plate, which was completely different to the others as it had appeared either on the center or the right-side of theirs respectively. The armour itself was also silver and black and far more sleeker, which brought a smirk to the Asari's face as she admired it.

'It does look really good...but I still don't get what the Matrix saw in me, since I am far from Prime material.' she thought before returning her attention back to her surroundings, looking at the storm-clouds that filled the entire sky and hence dimmed the sparkling view of the crystal landscape.

'So where am I...?' she thought while staring around her before the center of her chest-plate suddenly opened up enough to reveal the Matrix, which was firmly in place and began to glow as the young Darby turned towards a certain direction.

'Okay...' she started to think before turning away slightly which made the crystal's brightness dim, only to then turn back and make the relic grow brighter again.

' I guess I have to go this way.' she added while beginning to walk in that direction, with the Prime Armour then activating her breather- helmet which grew around her head as a downpour of rain hit the area, leaving only a blue tinted visor for her to see out of.

Nearby, an orange and black robed man watched the Asari from on top of a cliff-face, his face was obscured by the hood he was wearing as he stood there in the rain.

"At long last, it has begun..." he started to say while keeping his attention on the young Darby.

"...the Trinity is coming together."

Meanwhile, north of Myra stood an helmeted man in a navy blue coloured Prime Armour with a sword attached to his back. He held his hand to the matrix that was visible in the chest-plate of his armour, just under a similar silver Autobot insignia which too had started to glow, so he began walking as well. While south-west of this new arrival, another helmeted Man in a dark-grey coloured Prime Armour had started to walking along the crystalline environment, following the glow of a similar matrix that too was visible inside his own chest-plate as the rain-water ran down his being.


After walking across the lifeless crystalline landscape for what felt like an hour through the heavy downpour, though it was finally beginning to subside as Myra spotted saw the silhouette of another person walking towards her in the distance.

'Wait, who is that?' she thought while instinctively readying herself for a fight by clenching her fists, which began to glow with biotic energy. The other person, who looked like a man from his build mirrored her actions, equipping a blade from a sheath on his back and holding beside him.

"Who goes there?" he called over to the Asari, which made her eyes widen in return.

'That voice sounds so familiar to me?' she thought, but it was slightly disguised by the breather-helmet that he was wearing, and the rainfall was still obscuring her vision as it ran down the visor of her own helmet.

"How about you tell me who you are first?" she said back as they slowly closed the distance between each other, making the other person raise the blade toward her.

"I am not playing games here. Tell me who you are, this is your last chance." he said back as the rain subsided a little, but it was enough for Myra to recognise the stranger's outfit, for it was a navy-blue coloured Prime armour and the sword in his possession was almost certainly the Star-Saber.

"...Dad?" she then replied with a soft, warm tone that was underlined with confusion. This made the other armoured Man hesitate slightly, lowering his weapon a little.

"...what did you call me?" he asked back with confused tone of his own, making Myra respond by deactivating the breather-section of her helmet, which then folded back into armour and revealed the Asari to Man.

"It's me Dad, it's Myra." she replied before his visor and face plate separated and slid back into his helmet, showing her that he was Orion Darby, though he looked more younger than she was expecting.

'Dad looks like he did in those photos with me when I was barely a year old.' she thought to herself as a slight smile appeared on her face while feeling her eyes slowly well up, since it had been so long since she last stood before her Father.

"...Myra, but the last time I saw could fit in my hands..." he started to say back, before really looking at this Woman claiming to be an older version of his baby daughter. But then he recognised her smile and saw the young Asari adult for who she was, mirroring her smile.

", you're the spitting image of your Mother." he added, only to notice a tear run down her cheek as his maternal instincts kicked in.

"What's wrong?" he asked while closing the distance between them, making the Spectre wipe the tear away as he stopped directly in front of her.

"Nothing, I am just happy to see you. You don't realise how long it's been since I last saw you." she said back, which brought a curious look to his face as Orion remembered.

'That's right, as an Asari, Myra would have a thousand years to live.' he thought while looking back at his daughter.

"How old are you now?" the Prime asked, making the Asari look at the floor in return.

"Nearly five hundred years old." she replied, which brought a look of surprise to the Bot's face before he then smiled back in a more calmer fashion.

"Well you don't look a day over twenty years old, let alone a hundred. He said back, which made his Daughter's smile widen as she looked back at him, recognising her Father's charm and wit as he looked at her armour.

"...and you're a Prime" he started to say before she then cut him off mid-sentence.

"And I am also an Autobot Spectre." she replied, which brought a loving and caring expression to Orion's face as he looked back at her.

"It's not every day that you get to meet the grown-up version of your child, but standing here in front of the fine young Woman that you have become and hearing what you have achieved...I am very proud of you Myra. It's good to know that your Mother and I have done right by you..." he started to say before looking away for a moment.

"...and I can guess it wouldn't have been easy when I eventually passed away..."

This brought an understanding look from the young Asari, bringing back memories of that day as she nodded back in return.

"...but I know you would still have your Mother to call upon, even now..." he continued as he looked at the crystalline mountains in the distance, a slight smile reappearing on his face.

"...I bet she still looks as beautiful as she did the day we met too." the Bot then finished before returning his attention to his Daughter, noticing another tear running down her other cheek as she glanced at the ground.

"What did I say?" he started to ask, while Myra remembered the day she lost her Mother, the love of Orion's life.

'I can't tell him, I can't tell my Father what happened to my Mother.' the Spectre thought before she was pulled from her thoughts by the sound of steps approaching them from behind, which Orion had heard too as both Primes spun around with him readying the Star-Saber while she held up a glowing biotic hand up at the new arrival, only for both their eyes to widen in disbelief at who they saw before them.

For standing there was another person in dark-grey Prime Armour and breather-helmet, holding holo-versions of both the Star-Saber and the Sky-Boom Shield. The new-comer saw the blue-haired Bot's face and hesitated, making him deactivate both weapons as his helmet folded back into his suit, revealing him to be an older, more greyer Jackson Prime.

"Orion?" he said back with a confused tone, earning a soft smile from his Son in return.

"Yes Dad, it's me." the Bot said back. noticing that his predecessor was looking at his armour.

"And you're a Prime?" Jack asked, gaining a nod from the younger Darby as he realised something.

"So this is the moment that he found out that I became a Prime, I mean he looks about the right age to when he started treating me different…all those years ago.' Orion thought as Jack just looked back at his Son with an expression that was both confused and yet proud at the same time.

"Yes, I succeeded you as Leader of the Autobots once the conflict with the…." the Bot started to say, only to stop short as his Father held his hand in gesture.

"Don't say anymore, no one should know too much about their future." the older Man replied, which gained a knowing smile from his Son in return.

"You won't hear any argument from me, I completely agree with you there."

Jack then turned his attention to the Asari standing with them, noticing the Prime-Armour she was wearing.

"So who is this?" he asked, but before she or Orion could answer. Another voice spoke, one that the former and latter both recognised.

"Her name is Mira Prime…" the voice spoke from behind the trio, making them turn around to see a hooded Man in orange and black robes standing before them.

"…and she is a Prime, just like you." he added, earning surprised looks from Father and Daughter,

"Your name is Vok isn't it, I remember you from Virmire." he said, gaining a nod from the Man as he pulled back the hood and revealed himself to the three Primes.

"Yes, we met on the day you were chosen to succeed your Father as the Matrix of Leadership was passed to you." he said before looking over to Myra, who stared back with a curious expression.

"You were in my dreams, correct? And that was your voice I heard earlier, right?" she asked, gaining a nod from robed Man.

"That is correct Mira Prime, and it does my spark good to see that you came through that final battle unscathed." Vok said back, earning a now confused look from the Asari.

"Wait, why do you keep calling me Mira, my name is Myra." she replied with a slightly annoyed tone, which gained a slightly worried look from her Father.

"Show some respect Myra, he doesn't take kindly to that tone of voice." he said back, as Vok narrowed his eyes at the youngest Darby.

"I see that you are just like him. But to answer your question Myra, I am not entirely sure why the names of some newly made Primes are changed, only that it is a necessary step, as it was when Orion Pax was renamed Optimus Prime for example. All I know for sure is that your name is Mira Prime now." he replied with a slight cryptic undertone to his voice, which made the Asari shake her head in response.

"That doesn't really answer my question." she said back in a slightly annoyed tone, gaining a shrug from Orion.

"I don't get it either…" he said back, before turning his attention back to Vok.

"…but I guess you are still using the knowledge and memories you received from the piece of Primus all three of us each carry now." the Prime said, making the robed Man nod back.

"Yes, indeed…" he started to say, but was cut off by a confused looking Jackson Prime.

"I apologise, but can someone explain to me what is going on here. I mean the last time I was here, I was told that there was going to be another crisis some time down the line. But Primus's echo gave me no indication that I was going to be a part of it." he said, which gained a knowing look from Vok in return.

"Remember your own words Jackson Prime, 'one should not know too much about their own future'…" he began to say, which made the oldest Darby sigh and nod back in return.

"…but you should know that my name is Vok and I like Primus and Unicron am a member of the Aeons, the first sentient species to evolve in the Universe as you know it."

"I see. And what are the three of us doing here?" Jack continued to ask.

"We do not have much time, but I will explain everything to you?" the Aeon replied, earning a nod from the Prime as both Orion and Myra stood beside him.

"This is about the 'Trinity' right?" the blue-haired Bot asked, gaining a nod from Vok as Myra looked back with a knowing expression.

"You mentioned that to me as well, but what is it?" she added.

"What you speak of is the 'Trinity of Primes' and that…is the three of you." he said back, making the trio look at each other with confused expressions before returning their attention to the Aeon.

"The three of us, but what does that mean?" Jack asked.

"After Primus and Unicron defeated the Darkness that we Aeons unintentionally unleashed upon the Universe during our ill-fated search to become Gods, Primus soon came to believe that our greatest enemy may one day return. Because it was not destroyed, only banish back into the dark corners of this realm. And because like all balances that exist in our Universe, where there is Light, there will always be Darkness and so Primus knew that it would one day return." he began to explain before waving his hand before him, which brought up images of the war fought between the Aeons and the Darkness. As the three Primes watched, Myra could not help but feel that this looked familiar to her.

"I saw this all in my dreams.' she thought, before the Aeon spoke again and regained her attention.

"So he secretly began preparing for the Darkness's return, which unfortunately was cut short by Unicron's betrayal which unbeknownst to either was because of the Darkness."

"Your talking about Unicron's conquest to destroy all organic life right, which then lead to the creation of the Reapers." Jack replied, which gained a nod from Vok as the images changed to show the creation of Harbinger, Sovereign and Lucifer and the following cycles of harvesting that they and the rest of the Reapers did in the eons that followed.

"Yes, it was not until much later that the truth about Unicron's shift in loyalties came to Primus. But by that time, it was far too late. As his Brother had been corrupted by the Darkness during their last battle, which was what led to the balance between the siblings shifting. But Primus had hoped that his own creations…the Thirteen Primes, would be not only the ones to defeat the Chaos Bringer, but also the ones to defeat the Darkness on it's return." the Aeon said as the images then showed the Thirteen defeating Unicron, before then showing the corruption of one of their own.

"Unfortunately, history would repeat itself and Primus's own warriors would fall into the same trap. Which started when Megatronus was corrupted by Unicron, who then became the Fallen and destabilised the balance of the Thirteen."

As Jack. Orion and Myra watched, the images then shifted to show the evolution of the Cybertronian species and the Golden Age that followed.

"But there still appeared to be hope, as Primus's creations then went on to spawn a civilisation of their own. And for a time, it looked like they may yet become the Protectors that he envisioned for all creation…" he continued, before the images then shifted to show the Great Cybertronian War.

"…and again, failure appeared to be the only answer for the Aeon as his creations fell into an eons-long civil war, one that would spread out beyond the borders of Cybertron and reach out into the galaxy surrounding it."

'I remember a lot of what he is speaking about, having seen this the last time I was here…' Jack thought before glancing over to his Son and the Asari, noticing that the pair were fully invested in what they were witnessing.

'...but I guess that this show and tell is not for my benefit, but for theirs.' he added before Vok then carried on, whilst the images then changes to show Earth and the final years of the war.

"And as the conflict escalated and continued over the eons, Primus nearly lost all hope in his creations. But that was until their war was brought to a small planet called Earth, for it's indigenous sentient species...the Human race turned out to be the catalyst that would bring lasting change to the Cybertronians, returning hope to Primus's spark as he watched the two different yet similar forms of life work together for the betterment of all."

And it was then that the images changed to show the Reapers return to the galaxy, as well as the rise of Jackson Prime.

"After seeing how Humanity had such a positive effect on his children, Primus came to the conclusion that they were a part of the solution he had been searching for in terms of confronting the returning Darkness, and so chose the Human that was a true Paragon of his people as the next Prime, ending the old lineage while also starting a new one, one that would grow to not only continue to ensure the balance between light and dark, order and chaos. But also combat the Darkness when it makes it's return from the far corners of the All-spark. That Human was you Jackson Prime, entrusting you with the new Matrix of Leadership that would later be the key to the survival of everything..." the Aeon continued, before the images changed to show Unicron's defeat and the destruction of the Reapers.

"...but with the Reapers return, Primus soon came to realise that his Brother would arise again and the only way to truly defeat him was to end his life as well. So he did just that, wiping out the creations of the Chaos Bringer while also giving his children the chance to become a truly alive civilisation as they were all but that already thanks to the influence of their Human allies."


Then as the Primes continued to watch the images, they changed to show Orion and glimpses of the conflicts he was involved with. This gained a curious look from Jack, as he could not make out what was happening or who his Son was fighting, but he could not help but feel proud pf what Orion had achieved before the Aeon regained his attention.

"Before he sacrificed himself to protect the galaxy from his Brother's wrath, Primus came to conclusion that it would take more than just the Human/Cybertronian alliance to safeguard creation from the Darkness. He knew that only a fully united galaxy could possibly withstand it's corrupting and damaging influence, and having seen how Jackson Prime had brought everyone together during the Reaper War. He realised that his preparations would have to reflect this, while also keeping with the aspects that had been so pivotal in the Darkness's original defeat..." Vok added before the images showed both Primus and Unicron facing off with the unknown enemy alongside further images of Orion, showing him reading from the Covenant of Primus.

"...which was family, as it was two siblings, each representing both the light and dark sides of the great balance that exists in creation. And this brings us to Orion Darby, the son of both Jackson Prime and his Spark-mate Arcee." the Aeon added, before looking directly at the blue-haired Bot.

"You were not only a child of Earth and of Cybertron, but also a hybrid of both the light and dark sides of the balance as you walk the line between the two, due to you sharing the defining aspects of both your Parents. So Primus created a paragraph in his covenant, knowing that one day you would look upon it and be pushed to accept the destiny that he wanted for you." Vok said, before the images then changed to reveal the young Asari.

"And that finally brings us to Mira Prime, the final part of this Trinity. You are the daughter of Orion Darby and the Asari, Liara T'Soni..." He continued to say, earning a surprised expression from Jack as he looked between both his Son and blue Woman.

'Myra is Orion's Daughter...she is my Granddaughter!' he thought before Vok brought him back from his thoughts as he carried on speaking, the images changing to show parts of the Spectre/Prime's life, though only going so far in revealing events.

"...And if he was the bridge between Humanity and Cybertron, then you were the one to link them and the rest of the galaxy together, ensuring the unity of the galactic community and one day passing the matrix on to it's next recipient. And just as your predecessors were physical representations of the great balance, you were one as well, representing the dark side of that balance."

This gained a look of shock from Orion as he took a step toward the Aeon, while his Daughter simply looked to the floor with a look that could only be described as shame.

"Are you saying my Daughter is evil? Because I do not believe that, not for one moment!" he spat back defensively, only for Vok to give him a sympathetic look.

"No Orion Prime, that is not what I mean. But your Daughter has seen much in her long life…and suffered through most of it…"

This made the blue-haired Bot look over to Myra, who slowly shook her head while staring back at the Aeon.

'Don't tell him, please don't?' she thought as her Father gave her a concerned look, which she felt and so looked down at the crystalline ground beneath her feet.

"Myra, what is it? What happened to you? He asked, before he felt a hand on his shoulder and so looked over to see his old Man staring back with a sympathetic expression.

"Orion, what was it you said to me very recently…about not knowing the future. Now, I can't say that I know Myra. But I am guessing that as she is my future grand-daughter that I will eventually and if she is not in the mind of telling us what has happened in her life, then she must have a good reason for that." he said back, but Orion just looked back at his Daughter. The worry was written all over his face as he kept his attention on his Daughter, who in turn looked away. Jack though stood his ground as he kept his hand on the younger Man's shoulder, while Vok remained quiet and watched the three Primes before him.

"Orion, I know what you are feeling right now. As a Parent myself, you want to be there for your child and be sure that everything will be alright for them. But the truth is, you can't be and there comes a time when they have to face the world alone. That is a terrifying thought for any Parent to bare, but all you can do is hope that everything you have taught your child about life as you raised them will be enough to help them." he continued as he let go of his Son and walked in front of both Bot and Asari, with Myra slowly looking up at her Grandfather as did Orion.

"Now from what I have seen of Myra right now, I cannot see anything but a strong young Woman who it turns out, has lived through some unknown events that could have broken anybody else. But here she stands, and as a Prime too. I am guessing that this is partly down to the influence both you and…Liara…" Jack started to say, before giving his Son a curious expression.

"…is this the same Liara that your Mother and I met on Thessia during the Reaper War?" he asked, gaining a nod from Orion in return.

"Yes Dad, that's my Liara." he replied, earning a slight smile from the older Prime.

"Okay, good….now where was I?"

"You were in the middle of a very good explanation about your Granddaughter Jackson Prime…" he started to say, gaining the trio's attention as he spoke.

"…Because Mira Prime has been through a lot in her life and if it had happened to anyone else, they would have either let their lives be ruled by the darkness that had ruined theirs or given up entirely. And even though she has done questionable things in her life, Mira Prime has never let herself be drawn completely into the darkness. And I do believe that is in part because of you and her Mother…" the Aeon explained as he pointed at Orion, who put his hand on his Daughter's shoulder before the Primes attention were brought back to the images as they changed and showed Ser-ket, Crosscut, Evac, Tolae and Kat, bringing a slight smile to the Asari's face as she watched.

"…and these individuals, people who helped shape Mira Prime into the person she is today. She is fearlessly loyal to those she cares about, willing to put her own life on the line to do the right thing while not endangering the lives of others. But it was a very recent moment where Mira proved that despite her spark being shrouded in darkness for a very long time, that it had ultimately not been consumed by it…" he said before looking directly at the youngest Prime, making her mirror his actions as she listened.

"…and that is why you are a Prime." Vok added, earning a nod from the Asari as she sighed in return while the Aeon looked back at the three of them together.

"And that is why you are the Trinity of Primes, because you represent the balance between the light and the dark. Also you make up the very time-line of the Darby blood-line that has carried the Human Matrix of Leadership, starting with it's past…" the orange and black robed man said as he first pointed at Jack.

"…it's present…" he then said while gesturing to Orion, before finally looking at Myra.

"…and it's future."

The three Primes then looked down at their individual Matrices, which began to glow while visible in the chest-plates of their armour.

"Your family bond and the experiences that each of you have lived through has strengthened the last remaining piece of Primus's spark and by bringing you all here at our most darkest hour, the three of you are his last best hope of once again defeating the Darkness before it can finally cross back into your Universe. This is why Primus chose you to become his disciples, to continue what he and his Brother tried to do and defeat the Darkness."

"But as you said earlier, Primus and Unicron could only defeat this Darkness but not destroy it. So if we are successful here, we will still have the same resolution...the Darkness will still come back once more." Jackson Prime then said, which made Vok nod back.

"That is true but as far as we Aeons were able to determine, the Darkness appears to be a manifestation of the evil in the universe. Because before we fought against it, our enemy had already begun influencing the younger races, making them distrust each other. Making them all go to war with each other, and it was something that we Aeons were unable to prevent." he said back, gaining a knowing look from Orion.

"I remember you telling me that the last time I was here." he replied, earning a nod from the Aeon as he looked at Myra.

"That is correct and it has started influencing the galaxy once more in your own time-line, hasn't it Mira Prime."

"Yes, fighting has broken out between most of the members of the galactic community. But I originally thought that was because of Leviathan's infiltration and espionage..." she started to say back, only for the robed Man to cut her off.

"That is true to a point, but it's leader was slowly being corrupted by the Darkness too. As it gets stronger and closer to becoming free, then it's ability to influence the younger races and feed of their own inner darkness gains strength as well, which is why it is paramount that you...the trinity of Primes do not fail in silencing it once gain on this day..." he began to say, while the three disciples of Primus listened.

"...or else it will escape into your Universe and spread throughout it, corrupting and consuming everything until only darkness remains." he continued while Orion then glanced at both his Daughter and Father, before looking back at Vok.

"I think I can safely say that we understand the stakes and will do everything we can to stop this threat..." he said, gaining nods from the others.

" where do we find it?" the Blue-haired Bot added, which brought a slight smile to the Aeon's face.

"Head that way..." he started to say, raising his arm and pointing towards the darkest storm-clouds in the east.

"...that is where the Darkness resides, feeding on the remaining sparks that dwell here in the All-spark..." he continued before Myra then spoke, for she saw that his arm looked rusted and frail.

"What's wrong with your arm?" she asked, gaining the others attention as they all stared at the Aeon.

"As I said, the Darkness has been feeding on those who reside here. Garuda and I were the only Aeons that were willing to try and stop the threat it possessed, and so entered the All-spark in hopes of slowing it down. But she was captured and killed by the Darkness, while I was severally weakened by it's feeding off my energies..." he explained while opening his robes to reveal that his body was just as rusted and damaged as his arm.

" I will be unable to assist you in this fight." he added.

"What stops this Darkness from feeding off us in the same way?" Jackson Prime then asked, making the Aeon point at the glowing crystal relic in each of their chest-plates.

"Your Matrices will protect you from it and as you are here in the All-spark, they will also enhance your Prime-armour, weapons and natural abilities." the Aeon replied while gesturing to Orion's Star-Saber and Myra herself.

"Well, I am thankful for small blessings. But we will still be fighting an entity from the beginning of time by ourselves." the oldest Prime replied, gaining a knowing look from Vok as he slowly began to disappear.

"I cannot say whether that is true or not Jackson Prime, since I am unsure if there are any other individuals still here in the All-spark that can help. But I have faith in Primus's designs and in the three of you. Together you can defeat the Darkness and spare the universe from our mistakes, good luck." he then said before completely disappearing and leaving the trio standing there on their own as they all looked to the east, toward what looked like the source of the storm-clouds that were currently spreading out in all directions.

"Okay, we know what we need to do..." Jack then said as he activated his holo Star-saber, gaining his Son and Granddaughter's attention.

"So let's roll out." he added with a confident tone, earning nods from the pair as they then started to make their way towards the storm's center as thunder boomed and lightening flashed across the sky overhead.
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The rain had pretty much stopped as the three Primes traversed the crystalline environment, though the thunder and lightning of the overhead storm continued without an end in sight as they headed in the direction that Vok had pointed them in. Jack was leading the way, keeping his holo-weapons powered and ready as Myra and Orion followed close behind. But the blue-haired Bot could not help but look over to his Daughter with a concerned look on his face, which earned a sigh from the Asari in return as she stopped.

"Dad, you're staring again." she replied with a slightly aggravated tone while glancing over to him, making the Bot shake his head in return.

"I'm sorry, it's just knowing that you have suffered a lot during your life without knowing exactly what happened..." he started to reply, only for the Female-Prime to cut him off mid-sentence.

"I know Dad, but we have been going over this for the last hour of this trek. And I still can't tell you what happens to me or..." she nearly let slip, but her Father caught the last few words and made him look back at her.

'I nearly said it! Damn it Dad, why did you have to keep pushing?' she thought with a worried look, one that her Grandfather saw as he looked back at his Family.

"Who else were you about to mention then Myra?" he asked with a curious tone before noticing the sadness in the Youngest Darby's eyes, making his own widen in shock.

"...It's your Mother, isn't it...?" he started to ask, only for Jack to catch his attention by grabbing the shoulder-plate of his armour.

"Orion, that's enough...!" he said back with a commanding tone, one that made his Son look back at him. And the oldest Darby could see the worry written all over his face, which made him sympathise with the blue-haired Bot.

"I understand your worried about Myra's future, I am too..." he began to say, glancing to see the Asari taking a deep breath while looking away from the pair.

"...but we can't afford to be sidetracked right now, as we have a mission to complete. And since you are a Prime, I can only assume that you understand that." the older Man said, earning a nod from Orion.

"Yes, I do understand that. But I can't help feeling that if I know what is going to happen, perhaps we could change it if we knew the details of what happened. I mean we have both been here before Dad and we remembered what we saw here, so it is possible." he replied while glancing over to his Daughter, but Jack shook his head in return with a serious expression on his face.

"No Son, it's not and even if it was…I wouldn't allow it."

This made the blue-haired Bot's eyes widen as he stared back in shock, while Myra also looked back after hearing her Grandfather's words.

"What…!" Orion started to say back.

"…But...if you knew that something was going to happen to the people you care about, wouldn't you want to do whatever you could to help or protect them?" he replied with a worried tone, one that had a slither of hope in it. But the older Prime simply looked back with a sympathetic yet still serious expression.

"Not when it could change the events that have lead us to this point, no I wouldn't..." Jack said back, before looking at the sky while thinking of a way to explain his point to the younger Darby. But before he could say anymore, Myra jumped in with her turn.

"Dad, I'm sure you don't want to give Grandfather a full history lesson of everything that has happened from the last moment he saw you until now..." she started to reply, gaining both Men's attention as they looked back to her, as Orion's face changed to a thoughtful one.

'She means the Autobot/Predacon War, so she knows what happened to us all during those events.' he thought as she stared back with a knowing look.

"...I can't help but agree that everything we have been through in our lives, has helped shape us into who Primus wanted us to be now." she said, gaining a nod from Jackson Prime.

"Exactly my thoughts too..." he answered while looking at his Granddaughter, before returning his attention to his Son.

"… since we just don't have the right to change the past, no matter how good and pure our reasons are."

"I…understand, we would be guilty of a similar crime to what the Aeons did if we attempted to change anything that has already happened…" the blue-haired Bot began to reply before looking over at Myra with a concerned but no less loving stare, who meanwhile had turned away and was staring out to the dark horizon.

"…but just knowing that my Daughter has been in such darkness, I can't help but want to help her someway."

This made Jack place a hand supportively on his Son's shoulder as he looked at Myra too, gaining the Prime's attention.

"I know exactly…" he started to say, before the Asari suddenly clenched her fists and made them glow light-blue with biotic energy.

"We've got trouble!" she shouted as both Men looked past her to see what looked like a black mist rapidly approaching them, moving like swirling gas through the air.

"What is that, another storm-front?" Jack replied, gaining a shoulder shrug from the blue-haired Bot as he instinctively equipped his Star-Saber.

"I don't think so." he said back as the mist suddenly began to split and circle the trio, making the oldest Prime activate his own holo-saber as it fully surrounded them.

"Well this is new, I have never seen fog act like this before."

"I would say that none of us have, and I think we should ready ourselves." Myra added as everything went dark around them as the mist rose up and started to block out the light, making the Primes ready themselves in return.

"Yeah, I agree." Orion replied with a serious tone, raising his own weapon as his Father did the same. But before any of the trio could say anything else, several jet-black figures leaped out of the mist at them, making the Primes defend themselves as they stood back to back. Myra instinctively caught her enemy in a biotic field, making it hover before her as Orion sliced the figure attacking him in half as she threw hers back into the blackness surrounding them. Meanwhile Jack had activated his Sky-boom shield, making his adversary slam into it before then slicing it's head off with his holo-saber.

"What the hell are these things?" he said back as the figure turned to black dust before him, gaining a dumbfounded looks from his family.

"No cl…" the Asari started to say before several more black-figures leapt out of the mist and attacked, making the Primes defend themselves once more as they took down their attackers with ease. Orion knocked his off it's feet and then brought his Star-Saber down on it, making the enemy crumble to dust as it was quickly followed by the others.

"Whatever they are, they are certainly easy to beat." Orion replied with a confident tone, gaining a knowing glance from his Father in return as they all kept their attention on the mist that surrounded them.

"Don't get cocky Orion, we don't…" he began to reply, only for his voice to fail him as the mist suddenly descend back down to their level and spread out around them on the floor.

"Okay…this looks no less creepy." Myra observed with a unnerved tone as she looked around at the ground, seeing only the black fog covering the area around her.

"No scrap…" the blue-haired Bot replied before looking over at Jack.

"…looks like a setting from one of those old horror movies you and Mom enjoyed watching." he added as everything went deathly quiet.

"Right…now keep your focus Son, I don't think this over yet." the oldest Prime replied before the ground started to tremble as though an earthquake had hit the area, making Myra clench her fists tighter as her Father tightened his grip around the Star-Saber's hilt and Jack tightened his fist, making his holo-version of that same saber glow somewhat brighter.

"Get ready." she said before an entire army of jet-black figures suddenly rose out of the mist and surrounded them, earning wide-eyed reactions from the trio in response.

"So this has become more interesting…" Orion said, making Myra narrow her eyes at the enemy as Jack gritted his teeth.

"Indeed." he replied while looking at their enemy, whose glowing-purple eyes were their only visible detail.

"Vok said that our matrices would increase the strength of our weapons and abilities, I think now is as good a time to find out if he was telling the truth." the Human Prime added while glancing to his partners, who nodded back in return.

"Gotcha." the blue-haired Bot replied, spinning the hilt of his Star-Saber in his hand as he stared back at the enemies.

"Let's do this." Myra added, with her biotic energy starting to glow a near-white light as she focused a little more.

"Take these wraiths down!" Jack then commanded as he and the others launched themselves into the mass of bodies surrounding them, cutting or knocking down as many as they could with each and every attack.

Jack slammed his holo-shield into one of the jet-black figures, while slicing another in half before he then performed a spin kick and sent a third toppling into several more. Orion meanwhile spun his glowing Star-Saber around, creating a cyclone of white energy around him which sucked up dozens of Wraiths into it, before finishing the move by swinging his blade into the floor and unleashing an energy-wave that tore the ground up as it moved away and decimated many of the enemies in it's path. The Bot then began slicing up any stragglers who were still standing while the cyclone dissipated and it rained Wraith down on the area around him.

"Nice move Dad." Myra shouted back as she punched and kicked several foes into dust with her biotically-enhanced moves, gaining a smirk from the Prime as he looked back at her while running his Saber through the chest of another Wraith.

"Thanks Myra." he replied before she then raised her clenched fists over her head, making two giant glowing fists of energy appear before her and gained a surprised look from her Father.

"Wow…" he started to say before the Asari then pulled her fists down in front of her, making the two energy constructs slam down into the masses of wraiths, obliterating many.

"…I think you topped mine." he said back in a proud tone as she then created two exotic looking biotic blades and began slicing up several more enemies who charged at her, making moving toward the blue-haired Prime as he was forced to defend himself against several more of his own foes.

"Thanks." she said back while impaling a wraith in the face with one blade, before slicing the head off another. But this gained a concerned look from Orion as he noticed the blank look on his Daughter's face as she worked her way through the hordes.

'She is simply in auto-pilot, not even looking back at me.' he thought with a pained spark, before grabbing the arm of a enemy who tried to strangle him from behind, pulling the said-figure of his head and slamming it into the ground.

'What kind of things happened to my Daughter to make her disconnect like that?' he added while burying his Star-Saber in the enemy's head.


As this was happening, Jack had started unleashing energy-waves at the Wraiths surrounding him, cutting down many as the projectiles sliced through them as they expanded in all directions.

'Performing this attack isn't exhausting me like it used to, Vok was certainly correct about our matrices enhancing us.' he thought as one Wraith managed to dodge the attacks and launch itself at him, making the Human Prime perform a forward roll. This made his attacker fly over him as both ended up facing away from each other as they recovered, gaining their attention as they turned back round. But Jack lunged his Sky-boom Shield horizontally at the enemy, slicing at the Wraith's throat with it's sharp edge as he then followed through with his holo-saber and ran it through with it, making the sword's edge break through the enemy's back before it burst into black dust as he charged through it and attacked several more.

With their enhanced abilities and weapons, it was not long before the three Primes had more than halved the amount of Wraiths that were still attacking them. Myra slid along the ground and sliced with her biotic blades at several before stopping and then throwing the weapons at another bunch of enemies, which then exploded into biotic-flares and devastated another dozen. As she was doing this, Jack and Orion had gone back to back and were unleashing energy waves, obliterating even more with each and every projectile.

"This is getting too easy Dad." the blue-haired Bot said, which gained a nod from his Father as he drove his own weapon through the head of the Wraith in front of him, spilling out more dust as glanced over to his Son.

"Even so, we shouldn't get over-confident. Who knows what…" he started to reply, only for the ground to shake once more and cut him off mid-sentence.

"I think you spoke too soon." the younger Bot replied as Myra joined them after slaughtering her final few enemies, giving them both a curious and yet stern look.

"What happened?"

"We don't know…" Jack replied with a confused tone before several giant versions of the wraiths suddenly burst out of the mist and towered over them, gaining wide-eyed looks of surprise from the Primes in return.

"Okay…I would rather face the smaller ones again." Orion said as he looked up at one of the giants, who stood at least thirty feet tall as they looked down at the trio with their glowing purple eyes.

"They are about the same size as the original Cybertronians were, right Grandfather?" Myra asked, earning a nod from the oldest Prime as he held up his holo-saber.

"Yes, not that it matters though, since we still have to beat them." Jack replied. But suddenly the closest giant suddenly clenched it's right fist and punched down at them, making the Primes dive out of the way as it's slammed into the ground. Both Men landed on their fronts while the Asari Began glowing with biotic energy, which allowed her to perform a perfect somersault before gracefully landing back on her feet. Orion was the first to recover as his Father was still getting back to his feet, so he turned to see his Daughter looking up at the giant that had attacked them as it slowly lifted it's fist and exposing the cracked crystalline floor underneath.

"Myra?" the blue-haired Bot called out in a curious tone, while the newest Prime narrowed her eyes and began to squat as her biotics began to glow even more.

'What is she doing?' her Father thought as Jack stood back up and looked around to see the other giants closing in. But before either Man could say or do something, Myra suddenly launched herself into the air with a near-vertical biotic-charge aimed directly at the larger enemy's head.

Both Jack and Orion could only watch as their descendent became a white/bluish blur of light as she soared up towards the giant's head, but their attention was suddenly caught by the ground shaking as another large Wraith ran jumped over them and caught the Asari in it's hands.

"MYRA!" the blue-haired Bot shouted as the Giant landed beside it's comrade, holding his daughter in it's closed fist.

"Orion, watch out!" the Human Prime suddenly called out as another enemy reached down for his Son, making the blue-haired Bot spin around and swing his Star-Saber and slice the creature's hand in two.

"Arrragh!" the Giant-Wraith screamed as it pulled away and held it's injured hand in it's other, while Jack then unleashed a energy-wave with his holo-Saber that hit another giant directly in it's chest and sent it flying onto it's back, causing the ground to shake. But as Orion turned to see his Daughter still in the grasps of one of the Wraiths, his Father noticed that several more thirty-foot tall Wraiths had appeared from with into the ground-high mist.

"We have to free Myra and retreat." he said, gaining a nod from the younger Prime as he saw the Asari struggling to free herself.

"Agreed…" he began to say, only to be cut short as a large shadow was cast over both of them. This made the pair turn to see a giant-wraith standing directly over them, raising it's right foot as it readied to crush them.

Suddenly though, a ground-bridge-like vortex opened up behind the looming figure and three Cybertronians of similar size leapt through and started combating the giant-Wraiths, followed by a jet-black metallic Dragon which flew over the two Primes and their immediate threat as it began breathing fire down upon the other enemies.

"Wait…that's Onyx Primal…" Orion said before his attention was brought back to the vortex as a red semi-truck flew out of it as it closed and smashed through the chest of the Giant, making it turn to dust before the vehicle then shifted into it's robot form and landed behind the two Men, immediately firing his cannons at the Wraith holding Myra..

"Optimus!" Jack stated with a surprised and relieved tone as he and his Son watched as the enemy took several direct hits, just as the Asari started to glow with her biotics which suddenly exploded and destroyed the hand that was holding her, allowing the new Prime to safely land beside her family as Optimus then shifted his left arm-cannon into a blade and sliced the Wraith in half. Meanwhile the other new arrivals were busy slaying the rest of the jet-black giants as Jack, Orion and Myra watched.

First there was a bearded-Bot in golden armour impaling a Wraith with one of two golden blades, which had a blue-like glow to them as the enemy suddenly froze to the spot and gave Bot enough time to decapitate with the other. Then to the trio's left there was a purplish-steel Femme swinging a large hammer into the face of another enemy, knocking it's head clear off it's shoulders in the process. On the far right was a bronze-coloured Bot deflecting the punch of a Wraith with his jet-black sword, before then slicing off said arm and punching through it's chest, causing it to fall part in front of him.

"That's the Thirteen." Jack then stated gaining a nod from Optimus who looked down at him, his face-shield retracting as he did so.

"That's correct Jack, but now is not the time for talk." he replied before his attention was brought back as the metallic Dragon swooped down and transformed into the recognisable form of Onyx Primal.

"There are more Tyrants on the way." he said in an alert tone, earning a nod from the Autobot as the Femme joined them.

"We have taken care of the immediate danger, but the Darkness will soon be upon us if we do not withdraw right now."

"Then we should fall back Solus…" Optimus began to reply before looking over at the golden-Bot.

"We are retreating Vector, open us another portal." he said, gaining a nod from the Cybertronian in return, while Onyx looked over to see the Bronze-Bot finishing off another Wraith with his blade.

"Nexus, time to go."

As this was happening, Jack gave his former Mentor a questioning look as did his Son and Granddaughter.

"Optimus…" he started to say before the Bot shifted back into his vehicle form, opening his passenger doors to them.

"Get in, we can talk once we are safely out of here." he replied, earning a nod from Jack and the others as they climbed into the semi-Truck, while Vector Prime pointed his blade at the at an open area and made another portal appear and open.

"Alright, let's move." he said, which Optimus then drive through while Solus, Onyx and Nexus followed close behind. This left Vector on his own as he took one final look at his surroundings, noticing more Tyrants and wraiths approaching in the distance.

"I hope this is going to be worth it." he muttered to himself before entering the portal, which then closed and left the barren, crystalline environment to the Darkness's drones.


Elsewhere in the extra-dimension of the All-spark, a green armoured Cybertronian stood on his own and looked out at the dark horizon as if waiting for something. Suddenly though a vortex opened up behind the him, making the Bot spin round and activate an energy shield around his person, thinking that a fight was about to begin. But then a red-semi truck and a few Cybertronians exited the aperture, gaining a relieved look from the Bot.

"I am glad to see it is you guys, though you took long enough." he said, gaining a look from Solus as Nexus, Onyx Primal and Vector Prime exited the portal.

"Micronus, we were only gone a few moments at best." she replied, with the green-Prime watching the portal close before turning away from her.

"Well…it felt longer than that." he replied with a slightly apprehensive tone while crossing his arms, which gained Nexus's attention as he joined the Femme's side.

"I think Micronus simply misses Onyx." he observed, earning a nod from Solus as she gave the smaller Bot a sympathetic look.

"We all miss him Micronus, and the others too." she said, making the Minicon look at the rest of the Thirteen, who all nodded back whilst Jack, Myra and Orion exited Optimus's truck-form, who then shifted back to his robot-mode straight after.

"Indeed, but now is not the time to grieve. For we still have a job to do, which is now possible due to our friends here." the Autobot said, gaining everyone's attention as he gestured to the Darbys standing at their feet as the Asari looked at each of the larger Cybertronians.

"So that is Nexus Prime, Vector Prime, Micronus Prime, Solus Prime and Optimus Prime…" she started to say while standing next to her Father, gaining a nod from the latter.

"Yes Mira Prime, we are all that remains of the Thirteen." he replied, making Jack look back with a confused expression.

"Why? Where are the others?" the oldest Darby asked, which brought looks of pain and regret to the faces looking down at them.

"Jack, our comrades were defeated and consumed by what the Aeons call the Darkness." Optimus replied grimly, earning a look of shock from his friend.

"No, that's imposs…" the Human Prime started to say before stopping as a thoughtful look appeared on his face, but Vector then stepped toward him and caught his attention.

"Well it is! Prima, Alpha Trion, Alchemist, Quintus, Liege Maximo, Amalgamous and Onyx are all gone…" he said in a angered tone, surprising everyone as he glared down at Jack and his family.

"…and for what, for the three of you…this so called Trinity of Primes, our apparent salvation against the Darkness. I have seen nothing from you to give me hope against what is coming for us." the Golden-Bot continued, until he was stopped as Optimus placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Easy Brother, I know how difficult this is for you…" he began to say, before looking at the rest of the Thirteen standing around them.

"…for all of you. It feels as though we have been fighting this Darkness for as long as any of us can remember, but there is still hope and that is with our successors here…" the Autobot continued as he pointed down at the Darbys.

"…for they were chosen by Primus, not created as was the case with us. We were designed by our creator to defeat Unicron, which we did. But it is not for us to defeat the force that corrupted our Creator's Brother, that lies with them…"

The other Cybertronians simply looked down at their Humanoid companions, thoughtful expressions on their faces as they listened to Optimus.

"…for Primus saw that they possessed within themselves what was necessary to truly combat the Darkness, so I ask you to put your faith in them…as I do…" he added, before looking down at Jack, Orion and Myra with a warm and proud smile.

"…for they are Primes, just like us."

"I will fight beside you in the coming battle." Solus then said as she stepped toward the trio, who was then followed by Nexus.

"As will I."

"Well I don't know how I can help, since all I can do is power-linx with my Brothers and Sister here. But I will fight the Darkness with you all the same." Micronus then said as he too stepped forward, before a thoughtful looking Vector sighed.

"Perhaps I have seen too much darkness in those that I call family, perhaps I have become too cynical in my view of the world around me. But Optimus always had a way with words, he always manages to inspire those around him. I forgot about that, but if he truly believes in you then who am I to argue." he replied while taking a step forward as well. This gained slightly embarrassed looks from the Darbys, before Jack composed himself and looked up at their new allies.

"Thank you, it means a lot to the three of us to hear that. And I don't know what we can do against this Darkness or if we can defeat it, but Primus once did with his Brother before his Fall. And the three of us now carry the last embers of your creator with us…" the Human Prime added as he gestured to the glowing Matrices in his and their chest-plates, which appeared to shine a little brighter as he spoke.

"…but we will fight to our dying breath to end this threat and bring balance back to the All-spark." he finished, earning a nod from everyone there.

"Well said Jack. Now if you will follow me, I can explain our situation, since we should still have some time to rest, before the Darkness realises where we are." Optimus replied as he gestured to the three Primes, who started to follow before Orion stopped.

"You guys go on ahead, I want to catch up with Onyx first if that's alright?" the blue-haired Bot asked, making his Father nod back.

"Okay, we will be over there." he replied before following the Autobot away with Myra, leaving the younger Darby as he walked over to the Maximal who was now standing with Nexus and Micronus. But as the group separated into smaller gatherings, Solus watched the Asari with a thoughtful expression.

Meanwhile at the center of the Crystalline world that the Allspark was made up of, where the once shining mountains and landscape now looked dark and lifeless. The storm-clouds suddenly raged with thunder booming across the sky along with streaks of lightning as a black liquid began to seep out of the ground.

"I…can…sense a presence…one that I have not felt…in the longest…times." faceless entity spoke as it's body started to take shape out of the jet-black fluid.

"Primus! He has returned…and I will destroy him…once and for all!"

A/N: We are getting closer to the end and I hope you liked this instalment, thank you for reading.

Music I listened to while writing this chapter was:

'Battle of Marathon' from 300: Rise of an Empire - for the fight against the Wraiths and Tyrants up and including the Thirteen's arrival.


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Chapter XXV

The weather was certainly a lot calmer where the Primes were now, compared to the area they were fighting in originally as Jack and Optimus looked out at storm-clouds in far off distance.

"And here I thought the All-spark was a place where all Cybertronians could rest in peace..." the Human Prime said with a hint of sadness in his voice, whilst staring at the horizon.

"...never thought it would be like this."

This gained a knowing look from his former-mentor, who nodded back in return.

"The All-spark was originally a peaceful existence to all Cybertronians who past beyond the realms of mortality, even for myself at the beginning."

"What happened here Optimus?" Jack asked, looking up at the former-Autobot Leader.

"After we defeated Sideways together and I passed away due to my wounds, I found myself here with the Thirteen here to welcome me. I was once again in the company of my Sister and Brothers, but after only a short few moments, the weather started to change as storm-clouds began gathering on the horizon." he replied, while the older Darby looked up with a thoughtful expression.

"You are talking about the moment Primus sacrificed his life to defeat Unicron and the Reapers?"

"Yes, the moment I arrived here, I could feel my Creator's presence all around me. We all could, but then it was gone and it was as if the All-spark could feel it too, as it began to change."

"What happened then?" Jack then asked, making Optimus look back out into the distance.

"Time passes at a different rate here than it does for the living, Jack. But for a very long time, nothing happened except for the faint sounds of thunder and brief flashes of lighting in the far distance. But then one day, the storm suddenly began to spread outwards and the sparks of those that inhabit this plain of existence started to disappear." he replied, earning a questioning look from the Human Prime.

"Why, what could of happened to cause that?"

"Prima believed that it was the final death of Unicron that caused the storm and disappearances to happen, since it was a similar and sudden change like the day Primus was lost." the large Bot said back, making Jack's eyes widen in return.

"Unicron's final death! But I thought that he was dealt with after Primus and we defeated him?" he said back, earning knowing expression from Optimus, as he shook his head.

"He was defeated Jack, but a part of him survived. Unfortunately I cannot divulge the details of what happened, as..."

"...As it's dangerous to know too much about the future, I know..." the Human replied with a nod, before going quiet as a thoughtful look appeared on his face.

"Jack?" the Cybertronain Prime asked, noticing this.

'If this happened after my time as a Prime, that means Orion must have been the one to deal with Unicron, once and for all.' he thought, before Optimus's voice regained his attention.

"Jack, is everything alright?"

"Yes...Optimus, I am fine. Just realized something...that's all. So you were saying?" the Human Prime replied, gaining an inquisitive expression from his former-Mentor.

"Well...since that day, the storm has grown stronger and spread further across the All-spark. It is spreading like a virus and corrupting every part of this plain as more and more sparks are lost to it." he said before pointing at a crystalline mountain in the distance, one that had lost it's shine and grown dark.

"I understand, this land looks like it is sick and it is because of this force...this darkness..." Jack said back before a confused look appeared on his face.

"...but what I don't get is apart from you and the Thirteen, my Son and Granddaughter, I have not seen anyone else here. I thought that was because of how Primus described it to me the last time I was here..." he explained, before pointing up at the sky.

"...that all the sparks of those here were up there, shining like stars."

This brought a slight smile to Optimus's face as he looked down at his friend, which brought a slightly embarrassed yet similar reaction from the Human.

"...What did I say?"

"Jack, everything you see around us...the crystalline landscape, the sky...everything you see, feel and hear is simply how your mind chooses to see, since the true nature of the All-spark is too much for a mortal mind to comprehend." the former-Autobot Leader replied, gaining a nod from Jack as he looked back out at the horizon.

"I get it, and it's the same for Orion and Myra too."

"Yes, it is even the same for how myself and the other members of the Thirteen appear to you, your Son and Granddaughter as well."

"I see, so you and the others are really nothing more than your sparks now." Jack replied with a thoughtful look as he looked around him at his surroundings once again, gaining a nod from the Prime.

"Yes Jack, but I suggest you try not to contemplate on this too much. It really is far beyond the comprehension of mortals."

"That's okay, I think I understand enough. So what happened to the other members of the Thirteen, the ones that are not with you now?"


As Jack and Optimus continued to talk, Orion approached Onyx Primal, Nexus Prime and Micronus Prime.

"Hey Onyx." the blue haired Bot called, gaining the Maximal's attention as he looked down at his friend with a smile.

"Hello Orion, it's good to see you." he said back, whilst both the other Primes turned to the new arrival.

"So you were right when you said that we would meet again." Orion replied, earning a nod from the larger Bot.

"Indeed, just as I was about you being a Prime I see."

"Yes, well I haven't actually been a Prime for very long. From my perspective, it's only been three years since the Battle of Virmire." the younger Darby said back.

"And you can only have been victorious in that battle, considering that you are here now, which I am glad to see." Onyx replied.

"We were, though things might have been different if the Nemesis had not been destroyed." the blue-haired Bot said in return, making the Maximal nod back.

"You are welcome Orion, I am glad that I could help in that regard..." he replied.

"That actually is the reason Onyx is here among the members of the Thirteen." Nexus then said, gaining Orion and the Maximal's attention.

"What do you mean?" the former asked.

"When we last fought the Darkness..." the Prime then started to say, only for Micronus to cut him off mid-sentence.

"You mean when we lost our Onyx and Prima to it." he said, which earned a solemn nod from Nexus in return.

"...Yes, when we lost more of our Brothers. The Enemy appeared to have the rest of us surrounded, but then Onyx here came in and helped us hold it off long enough for Vector to get us out of there."

"And once we were safe, we found out about how he sacrificed himself to help you defeat Unicron and Galvatron, as well as lead the Maximals against their Predacon Oppressors. His acts made him worthy of becoming an honorary member of the Thirteen and of having the name of our fallen Brother." the smaller of the two Primes added, gaining a slight smile from the Primal.

"Thanks, but I am only trying to help...especially after..." he began to reply before trailing off, as a regretful expression quickly appeared on his face.

"...what happened to Airazor and the rest of my friends." he added, gaining mirrored looks from the others around him.

"You found her, you found Airazor and the other Maximals?" Orion asked, his face looking surprised before it changed to a more solemn expression.

"It was the Darkness, wasn't it?"

Onyx nodded back, turning to face the horizon whilst the blue-haired Bot and the Primes simply watched.

"Yes, it absorbed them... it absorbed her into itself. And I couldn't stop it, so now I will fight to ensure that doesn't happen to anyone else here." the Maximal said back.

"We will make the Darkness pay Onyx, I know we will." the blue-haired Bot replied with a determined and sympathetic tone, earning a nod from the others.

"I am honored to be fighting by your side once more Orion." the former-Predacon said back, before noticing Myra standing on her own just aways from the group.

"So I take it the Asari is yours and Liara's Daughter?" he then asked, which made the Human-Bot look towards her as well.

"Yes she is, though it did come as a surprise to go from seeing my Daughter as a baby, to then seeing her as an adult the next."

"She looks very much like her Mother." the Maximal replied, gaining a slight smile from Orion before a more thoughtful expression befell his face.

"What is it Orion?" Onyx asked, having noticed his small friend's look.

"Since meeting Myra now…this future-version of her, hearing about her tough her life has been…though only in the most cryptic way imaginable. I cannot help but want to know exactly what it is and how I can fix it once we are sent back to our own times, I mean she is my Daughter and to know that her life is going to be hard and cruel to her, I just couldn't bare it to know all that and not try to fix it." Orion replied while staring out at the wilderness, not noticing that both Micronus and Nexus had stepped closer.

"We have to admit Orion that we first saw your Daughter, we could sense a dark aura emanating from her spark. But even though it is similar to what we have felt before amongst our own brothers…" the Minicon replied, gaining a nod from Orion in return.

"You mean Megatronus?" he said back.

"Yes Orion...but unlike our fallen Brother, we have a feeling that she will not succumb to that darkness inside of herself, for she also has light there also..." Nexus added.

"...because no matter how much we may want to, sometimes there are things you just cannot change." he finished, gaining a reluctant but understanding nod from the blue-haired Bot in return as he stood there and watched his Daughter.

Meanwhile the Asari was standing and looking out at the storm in the far-off distance, her face sullen and thoughtful.

'What am I doing here? They say that I am a Prime, that I belong among the ranks of these legends around me. That I am the same as both my Father and my Grandfather, but that cannot be any further from the truth...' Myra thought, not noticing that someone walking towards her from behind.

'...I mean they said that I became a Prime because I spared Vasir, which was something I never thought I would do in the two hundred plus years that I pursued her. I have still killed plenty of others in the name of revenge, used people to get my way. My hands and soul are stained with the things I did in my quest to bring justice to the Woman who ruined my life, so there is no way that I can be worthy to hold this.' she added while looking down at the exposed Matrix in the chest-plate of her Prime Armour.

"Are you alright?" a female voice then spoke, gaining the Asari's attention as she turned to see Solus Prime standing next to her.

"Yes, thank you." she replied before looking away and back to the horzion, while the Femme stared down at her with a puzzled expression.

"I thought you were going to speak with Optimus and your Grandfather?"

"I was, but I kind of want to be on my own right now." the Darby said back, without even looking back.

"You have a lot on your mind." Solus then stated with an observing-like expression, which gained a nod from the younger Woman in return.

"You could say that, after all I am probably the least qualified person here. I mean everyone here has saved the galaxy at least once. I mean you and the rest of the Primes defeated Unicron, my Grandfather did the same as well as beating the Reapers as well. Even my Father defeated Galvatron and his Predacons, but me..." she started to say with self-loathing evident in her voice, while Solus watched.

"...All I did was hunt down a Woman who killed my Mother and my Fiancé...I mean how does that put me in the same league as the rest of you?" she added, which brought a look of understanding to the larger Prime's face.

"I can see that this is bothering you Mira Prime, but you should know that the matrix does not make mistakes in who it chooses to carry it. There is a reason to everything that happens in our lives, no matter if it be good or bad. I learnt that shortly after having been killed by my spark-mate...Megatronus."

"...the Fallen." Myra replied, earning a nod from the Femme as she gave the Asari a thoughtful expression.

"Yes and like you are now, I was terribly confused by what had transpired. For I arrived here in the All-spark terribly confused by what had happened to me, as I did not know why my lover did what he had. The Man I loved would not have been unable to hurt me, let alone kill me. But in time I learnt the truth that Megatronus had been corrupted by Unicron during our final battle, thus explaining all of my Spark-mate's confusing behavior that occurred afterwards. For he had lead the way alongside Prima in our battles with the Chaos Bringer, only for him to begin arguing with his friend in what we should next while also pushing the rest of the group away once the enemy was gone. He literally demanded that I forge him the Requiem Blaster, stating that we should have the firepower to protect ourselves from whatever follow Unicron as a threat to us and Primus. And though I disagreed with this newfound belief of his, I still built it for him."

"Why?" Myra asked with a curious tone, making Solus sigh in return.

"Because I loved him and wanted to support him, despite his confusing behavior. He also became jealous of my friendships with Onyx Prime, Nexus and Micronus, even though he had never been so possessive of me before then."

"I am sorry about what you experienced, but I don't understand how this has anything to do with me?" the Asari asked in return.

"It is because unlike Megatronus who never questioned what was happening to him, you instead have. I can see it written all over your face as you worry why you were chosen as to be a Prime, always focusing on the bad elements and never on the deeds you have accomplished in your life..." the Femme continued, while Myra remained quiet and listened.

" defeating not only defeating and sparing the one who was the catalyst for the darkness in your life, but also ending the threat her organization posed to the Galaxy. You also helped end the life of a murderer who had ruined the lives of thousands of innocent people in her long life, bringing peace to another similar young Woman like yourself." Solus added, gaining a thoughtful expression from the Asari.

'She is talking about Tolae.' she thought as the Femme spoke once more.

"...You also learned to love again, opening your heart and soul to another. Someone who has begun to heal the scars that the past have left you with."

'Kat...' the younger Prime thought, her mind filling with images and fond memories of her lover before a confused expression appeared on her face.

"How do you know all this?" Myra then asked, which gained a slight smile from Solus Prime.

"Because we have been watching you Myra, throughout your life...just as we did with both your Father and Grandfather. For we were created by Primus, given life from his very being which allows us to see those who are connected to him as well. And while you do represent the dark side of the balance between day and night along with your Father and Grandfather, you are far from unworthy of the title and responsibility that you share with them and the rest of us." Solus said, gaining an appreciative slight-smile from the Asari in return.

"I guess I never thought of it that way, thanks."

"It is hard to see the light when you have been seeing darkness for long periods of your life, but there is light around you and within. So don't lose hope in yourself and the ones you surround yourself with Myra, because they will give you strength as well." the Femme replied, making the younger Prime stare back with a knowing look.

"That is what happened to Thirteen right, after you were killed I mean?"

"Yes..." the larger Prime started to reply, her blue optics focusing on her smaller friend.

"...After my murder. Liege Maximo was the next to fall before Megatronus, because he found out what happened. And from that moment, the group fell into disarray. Prima killed Megatronus for what he did and when his and Liege's betrayals were exposed, the latter having played a part in my he had always been very manipulative. But both Micronus and Onyx then entered the Well of All-sparks, having grown tired and grief stricken due to all the tragedies that befell us. Vector Prime left too, choosing to live out the rest of his days in a unknown dimension. Optimus chose to enter the Well too, so that he would be reborn as one of the many Cybertronains that were being created every day..."

This made Myra's eyes widen in return, having listened to that last part.

"Wait, Optimus is one of you?" she asked in a surprised tone.

"Yes, he is the Thirteenth Prime. He acted off advice from Alpha Trion, who read in the Covenant of Primus that Optimus would one day be needed during one of Cybertron's darkest times." the Femme replied, making the Asari turn and look at the red and blue Bot who was still talking with her Grandfather.

"I had no idea..." she started to say back, only for Solus to cut her off.

"No one outside our group did, Alpha Trion said it was necessary that it remained that way. He himself was the only Prime who stayed among Primus's children, while the rest of us faded away."

"There are legends that the Thirteen are immortal, but since you're standing here before me, I guess that isn't true." the Asari then said, gaining a nod from the Femme.

"Unfortunately that is the case, as the only beings who could claim to be so, are the Aeons. But even they can die as the deaths of Primus and Unicron have proven. And even though we, like the rest of the Cybertronian-race could live for millions of years originally, that hanged due to the effects of the Primus-Wave which made us more like our Human friends..." the larger Prime added, looking back to her friends as she spoke.

"...After watching our race stagnate and fall into Civil War, even though it was influenced by the Darkness via Unicron. It was the right decision that our Creator took and lessened our life-spans, since life should be cherished for the very reason that it is in itself...finite."

This gained a nod from Myra as a understanding expression appeared on her face, which was noticed by the Femme.

"Nothing should last forever." Myra added, making Solus nod back.

"Yes, exactly. Everything that has a beginning, must eventually end. That is the way of the Universe, and it was a long time coming for the Cybertronain Species to join the rest of their neighbors in this. I believe that is another reason why your Grandfather, your Father and you were chosen to be Primes. So that you act as a bridge and pass the ownership of the last Matrix from Cybertronain hands to those of the rest of the galaxy, giving them the responsibility of protecting and leading future generations."


Myra was so engrossed in listening to Solus, that she did not notice that both Jack and Orion were standing behind her.

"Everything alright here?" the blue-haired Bot asked, gaining the Asari's attention.

"Yes everything is fine Dad, I was just talking with Solus." she replied with an affectionate smile, earning a similar expression from the Bot as Optimus and the other Primes stood behind them.

"Did you know that Optimus didn't start out as Orion Pax, but was originally a member of the Thirteen?" Myra then asked, gaining a surprised look from Orion and a nod from her Grandfather.

"Really, no I did not...though it makes sense considering that I met the big Bot and the rest of you when I first became a Prime." the Blue-haired Bot replied whilst looking around the group, earning slight-smiles from them all.

"I didn't know originally, but Optimus told me during our conversation just now." Jack added, before Myra returned her attention to the Thirteen.

" what's our next step then?" she asked.

"Well considering those large, always-present storm clouds in the distance over in that direction..." Onyx Primal began to say as he gestured behind the others, making them turn and look that way.

" guess would be that is where the Darkness is situated." he added, gaining a nod from Vector Prime.

"Yes, whatever that Darkness is, it has never left that location which as it turns out, is the very center of the All-spark. It simply sends copies of itself along with Tyrants and Wraiths out to capture more Sparks for it to consume, slowly corrupting and draining the All-spark around it." he replied which brought a slight smile to Orion's face, one that both Jack and Myra noticed.

"What is it Dad?" the latter asked, with the Thirteen watching from behind them.

"The Darkness can probably detect us..." the blue-haired Bot started to explain while gesturing between himself and his family, pointing at their matrices.

"Via our pieces of Primus, so we can't simply attack head on. We need a diversion."

This earned a knowing look from Optimus, with Nexus and the others quickly realizing what their little friend was talking about.

"We could be that distraction Orion..." the former-Autobot Leader began to reply, before Solus cut him off.

"Yes, the Darkness has already shown that it will focus on us when we are in it's vicinity." she added as Micronus stepped forward.

"Just like it did when it killed and consumed our brothers. The Darkness was nothing but fully committed to wiping us out."

"That is why my Brothers and Sister, we should take the lead and distract the Darkness..." Optimus then added before looking over to Vector, who nodded in return.

"And then I can teleport the Trinity here directly on top of our common enemy, giving them the chance to finish it off."

"Sounds like a plan." Myra then replied with a confident smirk, earning similar expressions from her family before another distorted male-voice suddenly spoke up.

"Yes it does..." It said, making the group turn around to see a jet-black Tyrant standing before them.

"Oh Scrap!" Onyx said in return as everyone stared back in surprise, as the usually blank looking giant began to change.

..."pity that it will not work." another voice then added, making the Primes look behind them to see a Wraith appear behind them, leaving them between the two new arrivals.

"By the All-spark." Optimus stated as both the Tyrant and Wraith shifted their bodies into both Megatronus and the human-like version of the Chaos Bringer.

"The Fallen!" Nexus spat, while Solus's optics widened in response.

"...Megatronus..." she muttered as Myra clenched her fists, which glowed with biotic energy.

"Unicron!" she said back, having remembered seeing him during one of her earlier dreams.

"But they are both dead, there is no way that they are here now?" Micronus replied with worry tingeing his words, while Optimus shifted his hands into his arm-blades.

"They are not Micronus, the Darkness has simply made two of it's drones take on their appearance as a means to rattle us."

"Well it's not going to work, Let's get them!" Onyx shouted before shifting into his Dragon-mode and charging at the Fallen-Tyrant, but it easily dodged the Maximal's attack and followed through by slamming it's fists into his back and knocking the Beast onto the floor.

"Onyx!" Micronus cried out as the Tyrant looked at the others, it's purple eyes glowing as they narrowed.

"That was pitiful, nothing but a simple Beast." the Fallen said with gritted teeth, the disdain evident in his voice.

"You are not Megatronus!" Solus said back while tightening her grip on her Hammer, earning slight smile from the enemy.

"No, I am not..." he started to reply, only for the Unicron clone to cut him off.

"...we are merely extensions of our Master and since these individuals had been corrupted by the Dark, that means their forms are our Master's to use."

"It matters not, for we will not allow you to disgrace their memories any further." Vector Prime replied as he equipped his blades of Time, while Jack and Orion readied their own Star-Sabers.

"You seem to believe that you have a chance of defeating the Darkness that rules us..." the Unicron-clone began to reply as storm-clouds gathered overhead, which coincided with many more Tyrants and Wraiths appearing around the Primes, seeping out of the crystalline ground and taking form before them.

" do not realize how wrong you are..." the Fallen added as a cannon grew out of his arm, which he pointed down at the sprawled form of Onyx Primal.

"Destroy them!" both clones then shouted in a united voice, making the army charge at the group.

"Primes defend yourselves!" Optimus roared as he cut down on of the Tyrants, making his comrades charge back at the enemy and clash.


The battle was fierce and unforgiving as the Primes and the soldiers of Darkness fought while a storm battered the area with rain, thunder and lightning. Orion, Jack and Myra had engaged the Wraiths while Unicron's clone watched with a look of disdain. And Optimus and his brethren fought the Tyrants as Megatronus stood over injured beast-form of Onyx Primal, a disinterested look on his face as he glanced down at the Beast.

"You are not one of these people, you were not touched by Primus's wretched light. You are nothing." he said in a hateful tone, gaining a growl from the black-Dragon which resulted with the Fallen-Tyrant stamping it's foot on it's back and making the Maximal yelp as he aimed his arm-cannon down at it.

"Time for you to join your species."

But just aways to the left, Solus was charging towards the pair and knocking any Tyrants out of the way with her Hammer.

"Micronus, I need a boost!" she shouted to the Minicon, who was right now holding onto an enemy's face and gorging it's eyes out.

"Okay, on my way." he said back before climbing up onto the Tyrant's head just as the Femme approached, before leaping off and shifting into a small object that clicked onto the her right arm, while his enemy was then shot down by an energy-wave from Jackson Prime's holo Star-Saber.

"That's great." Solus then exclaimed as she felt a boost of power rus through her body, which was visible due to the her optics and joints glowing with bright purple light as she then swung her hammer into the Fallen's back.

"Arrgh!" he grimaced while being sent flying over Oynx and onto the ground ahead, while the Femme stopped over her Maximal friend.

"Okay Micronus, give Onyx a boost while I deal with Megatronus's doppelganger." she said while watching the clone of her dead lover slowly recover, as the small Minicon disconnected off her arm and landed on the Dragon's back. This made Onyx Primal quickly get back to his feet and roar up at the heavens as his optics and the underside of his black armour began to glow with a blue light.

"Go and help the trinity Onyx, go now." Solus then added, earning a low growl before the Dragon spread it's wings and launched itself back into the sky, leaving the female-Prime with the Fallen who had just got back to his feet, looking back at her with his narrowed purple optics.

"You would strike the one you love?" he said with a sinister and judging tone, which only made Solus's optics narrow in return.

"You are not Megatronus, therefore I have no trouble ending your miserable existence Tyrant." she replied, making the Fallen smirk as they circled each other, completely ignoring the battle raging around them.

"You would like to think that, but my Master not only corrupted and enslaved your lover. He also absorbed everything that made Megatronus who he was, so I know you just as well as he did...and secretly he knew you had feelings for Nexus, you cheating whore." he said back, which enraged the Femme as she launched herself at him and swung her hammer.

"You lie!"

Meanwhile Myra, Jack and Orion were holding their own against the Wraiths, all while Unicron merely watched from just aways. He seemed more than happy to let the black-drones do the work for him, looking almost bored as he stared at the three.

"Several Wraiths just spawned here on my side." the blue-haired Bot stated as he stabbed the nearest enemy through the chest with the Star-Saber, before performing a roundhouse kick that took off the head on another to his right.

"Same here on my side." the Asari added while throwing two Wraiths into a group advancing towards her with her biotics, making them topple like bowling pins.

"I noticed..." Jackson Prime replied while slashing two enemies in half with his holo-Saber, while also unleashing an energy-wave that cut through another ten behind them.

" matter how many we kill, more just keep coming." he added as his Son grabbed and threw another Wraith to the floor before pulling his weapon out of a dead enemy lying on the floor beside him and swinging it into the head of yet another Wraith that had charged at him from behind.

"So what's the plan? Just keep swinging until we cannot anymore..." he asked, with his own Daughter giving both Men a knowing look as she performed a biotic flare that decimated a large group of Wraiths as yet more rose up from the ground.

"I hope not, that plan sucks." she said as the trip found themselves surrounded by a couple of hundred enemies, which made Jack look up into the sky and smirk.

"I wouldn't worry..." he started to say, before suddenly Onyx swooped down and landed on number of the Wraiths before swinging his tail through scores of others.

"Onyx!" Orion exclaimed with a relieved smile, before Optimus in his vehicle mode joined the fight and ran down another score before pulling a hand-brake turn and sliding into several more and stopping beside the trio.

"Jack, Myra. Get in!" the big-Bot said as his passenger door opened, with the pair nodding back as they climbed into the vehicle.

"What about me?" Orion asked as he sliced the head off another Wraith, while Optimus began to drive off and run down more enemies.

"Look behind you." the Autobot replied, making the blue-haired Bot turn to find Onyx kneeling down beside him with his neck and head lowered.

"Okay, this is going to be cool." Orion then stated with an enthusiastic tone.

As that was happening, Solus and Megatronus were locked in battle as both tried desperately to gain an advantage over the other.

"I don't recall it being so difficult to kill you Solus." he said back while firing a blast from his arm-cannon, but the Femme deflected it with her hammer effortlessly.

"Perhaps it is because that time was due to you blindsiding me, which is a mistake I am not intending to make again." she replied with a confident smirk, gaining a similar reaction from her adversary.

"Sounds like you are finally accepting who I am." the Fallen said as he lunged at her, only for the Femme to hit him in mid-air with a swing of her hammer, sending him flying and hitting the floor hard.

"No, my Megatronus died the day Unicron corrupted him. Your just a lifeless copy..." she replied as he rolled a couple of times across the crystalline floor, finally coming to a stop just aways from her.

"...and now it is time for you to embrace your end." the Femme added as she walked over to his still form and raised her hammer over her head, readying for the killing blow. But her eyes suddenly widened as Megatronus rolled over and looked back at her with a caring and fearful expression.

"...Solus?..." he started to say, which made her pause as she saw her Lover lying before her.

"Megatronus?" she asked with a hopeful tone, thinking for a split second that her Lover was somewhere inside that copy. But this made the Fallen smirk back as he lifted hos arm-cannon at her and fired, hitting her directly in the chest and sending her onto the ground with a burnt chest-plate.

"Ha ha ha ha..." the Tyrant started to laugh as he quickly got back to his feet and walked over to the Femme, who was trying to get recover despite the pain she felt in her chest.

"...all this talk of knowing what I was and all I had to do was show you an affectionate face and say your name softly, how truly pathetic you really are..." he continued as he stood over her and aimed his weapon down at her, the inside of it's barrel began to glow as he prepared to fire.

"...and it's time for my Master to consume you." he finished as his arm-cannon hummed and shown brightly, but just as he was about to fire, Nexus Prime rolled in and sliced the Fallen's legs off.

"Arrrgh!" he cried out while falling to to the ground, his feet and legs dissolving into dust which blew away in the almost gale-force wind.

"Solus, you alright?" the Prime asked while helping the Femme to her feet, gaining a nod from her in return as she looked down at the crippled clone of her Lover.

"Yes, this thing just exploited a momentary weakness of mine." she replied while gripping the hilt of her hammer tightly, gaining a knowing nod from the Bot.

"Okay, well I'll let you do the honors." Nexus said back, gesturing to the enemy as the Femme stepped before it and raised her weapon over her head.

"...Solus..." he said in a soft tone while looking back with a touching stare, but this was met by a cold and angry look expression as she looked down at him.

"You're not him..." she started to reply before slamming her hammer into his head, crushing it and killing the Tyrant as it's body turned to dust and revealed the cracked crystal ground where he lay.

"...that was for you Megatronus."

"Okay, let's get back to helping the others." the other Prime then replied, only for the Femme to stop him as he turned away.

"Wait, I think we are in even more trouble than we originally thought with this attack." she warned, gaining a curious look from Nexus in return.


Meanwhile Orion rode on the back of Onyx as the Maximal rained down fire from the sky and wiped out scores of Wraiths and Tyrants alike, while on the ground Optimus drove through the enemy as Jack fired his rifle through the wound-down window of the Autobot's passenger door, killing any black-drone that Optimus missed. Myra was doing the same thing on her end, throwing biotic projectiles which slammed enemies on to the floor, killing them instantly.

"This is getting to easy." the blue-haired Bot called on his com-link, gaining a head-shake from his Father as he head-shot another Wraith that had managed to dodge Optimus's aggressive driving.

"Why did you have to say that Orion?" the Human Prime asked disapprovingly, earning a nod from the Asari in return.

"I guess that means we should expect trouble now." she replied as Unicron suddenly appeared before the truck, gaining Optimus's attention as he sped towards him.

"Run him down Optimus!" Jack said, which was answered by the Autobot slamming the accelerator down and making the engine roar as he increased speed toward their enemy, making the Wraith clone smirk as he stood his ground. But just before the Semi-truck could slam it's grill into the clone of the Chaos Bringer, Unicron dived out of the way and then fired several energy blasts at the trio.

"Incoming!" Jack shouted as Optimus began to strafe left and right in an attempt to dodge the attacks, with the first few shooting past. But then the last few hit the Truck directly, earning a grimace from the Bot as he lost control and was forced to transform back into his robot-mode. Flinging Myra and her Grandfather onto the crystalline ground as he rolled to a stop.

"Myra, are you alright?" Jack asked as he slowly got back to his feet, gaining a painful nod from the Asari as she mirrored his actions.

"...yeah, nothing some medi-gel wouldn't fix..." she started to say before turning her attention to Optimus, who was trembling slightly as he got to his knees.

"...Optimus...?" she then tried to ask, only for another voice to speak out and cut her off.

"You should worry about yourself Mira Prime..."

This made the Asari turn around to see Unicron standing over her with a glowing fist aimed at her head.

"...because if just one of you three die, then the Trinity dies as well." he continued but Myra simply smirked back, which made the Wraith's expression change to confused as she gestured above him.

"…what?" he started to ask while turning around and staring up, with his purple eyes widening as a look of shock appeared on his face. But before he could say anything more, he was suddenly crushed as Onyx Primal landed on the jet-black enemy and crushing him to dust.

"No one hurts my Daughter." Orion then said as the Dragon roared in return, gaining an appreciative smile from the Asari.

"Thanks for the save…" she began to say, only to be cut short as the ground began to shake.

"What is going on?" Jack asked as Optimus and the other Primes looked around with confused looks, while the earthquake continued.

"I am not sure." the Autobot replied, gaining a knowing look from Solus.

"I think we should ready ourselves though…" she started to say before a giant black hand suddenly broke through the crystalline floor beneath Onyx Primal and grabbed the Dragon, flinging Orion off it's back in the process."

"Dad!" Myra shouted before using her biotics to catch him in mid-air and lower him gently to the ground, while Onyx roared in frustration while attempting to break free from the hand's grip.

"Onyx, Micronus…get out of there!" Nexus then shouted, but only the Minicon was able to do so as he transformed back into robot-mode and was quickly thrown off the Maximal's back as it continued to fight against the vice-like grip of the black hand before a dark and booming voice spoke up, shocking everyone.

"I have finally found you…Beast, and now I will feed on your spark!" it boomed before slimy tendrils grew out of every part of the hand and stuck to Onyx, draining energy through the Dragon's body as it roared in agony.

"Onyx!" Micronus cried out as he and the others watched as the jet-black Beast started to look weak and brittle as the blue glow of it's optics and the gaps between the pieces of it's armor flickered. But then almost as quickly as it had started, the hand drained the life out of the Maximal and it's body went limp before it sank into the black liquid-like surface of the appendage and was consumed.

"NO!" the Minicon screamed with wide-eyed optics, having seen his second beast-like friend killed before his eyes as the black-hand opened up to reveal that Onyx was no more.

"By the Allspark…" Optimus began to say, only for the ground to shake once more and cut him off.

"This has been a long day coming, but you are all within my reach…now…" the voice boomed again before a giant jet-black figure with glowing purple eyes breached the crystalline ground and revealed himself to the Primes, towering over them as Unicron appeared at his feet.

"…it's the Darkness!" Jack added as he, his family and the remaining Thirteen stood before the behemoth as the storm picked up it's pace.

"This really is our darkest hour." the former Autobot Leader replied with a worried tone, as it appeared that the end really was around the corner.
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The conditions had become horrendous as the storm continued to batter the crystalline environment below it, hitting it with heavy rain, blinding lightning and deafening roars of thunder. But suddenly there was an explosion, a massive ball of dark-energy that spread out in all directions and fried everything within it's blast radius. It even managed to cancel out the effects of the storm, leaving a giant hole in the dark-clouds that gathered overhead, pushed aside by a cloud that had a familiar mushroom-shape to it. And once the energy blast had subsided, the area no longer looked like the shimmering crystal landscape it once had. For it was now burnt into a black, desolate wasteland.

Orion came too and found himself lying on the ash-covered ground, the blue-haired Bot's entire body ached and his Prime-Armor was steaming. Despite the pain the Darby was currently feeling, he managed to look around him and see that Jack, Myra and the Thirteen were all in similar conditions as they were lying unconscious about the area.

'What in the All-spark was that?' Orion thought as he tried to ignore the pain he kept feeling pulsing through his body each and every time he tried to move, managing to get onto his hands and knees.

'That's it...come on.' he thought before noticing the others slowly coming too, but before he could say anything, the Bot noticed the giant circular hold in the storm and the calm atmosphere surrounding him and his allies.

'Looks like we are in the eye of the storm.' he thought before a dark shadow was cast over him all of a sudden, making him look around.

'Oh Scrap!'

For standing over him and the other Primes was the Darkness, glaring down at them with it's glowing purple eyes.

"This is all that stands before me, six of Primus's children and three primitives that are carry his remaining essence..." it started to say, with his voice echoing around the area.

"...I am not impressed."

"I know my Master, these Primes are nothing like Primus." Unicron replied, while slowly everyone else came too and began to recover.

"Myra, you alright?" Orion asked as he looked over at his Daughter, who grimaced and breathed heavily as she got back to her feet.

"I'll be okay, just need a moment." she replied, while Nexus, Jack and Optimus looked up at their enemy.

"I don't think you are going to get one." the Human Prime said back as everyone's attention was brought to the behemoth in their midst, as Unicron stood between them and his Master.

"What you just faced was but just one drop of the power that my Master has at his disposal after absorbing the majority of the sparks in this realm, including that of your Beast-friend. Do you not see that you are greatly outmatched by my Master?" the Chaos bringer asked, which made Optimus step before the group.

"It matters not Unicron, for freedom is the right of all sentient beings. So we fight for them against any and all threats, including the Darkness that stands before us."

"...The Darkness! That is a very theatrical name, but that is not my Master's name." the Wraith-clone replied, gaining an uncooperative stare from Orion as he took a step in front of his Daughter.

"Then what is it's name?"

This suddenly made the giant's attention drift to the blue-haired Bot, with it's eyes focusing on him as he tightened his fists while never taking his focus from it.

"My name is Xakron...the Bringer of Death." it's voice boomed, which was followed by a roar of thunder and flashes of lightning as Unicron smirked.

"…which also includes your own." he added whilst pointing at the group, but this made Orion grit his teeth as he tightened his grip on the hilt of the Star-Saber.

"We'll see about that…let's get them!" he then shouted before lunging at the Chaos Bringer, followed by Myra and Jack as the Thirteen attacked his Master.

"You have no idea who you are dealing with…" Xakron replied as Nexus jumped onto it's right arm and ran up towards it's shoulder, while Optimus and Vector leapt at it's legs. Micronus meanwhile transformed back into his powering form and attached himself to Solus's hammer, before the femme swung it down onto the Bringer of Death's left foot, making it explode into black liquid.

"Arrgh!" the Darkness cried out before quickly reforming it's foot in time to kick the hammer welding Prime, while the former Autobot Leader and the holder of the blades of time stabbed their melee weapons into it's knees, making black ooze leak out.


Meanwhile Unicron ducked under Orion's attack, with the Prime's saber narrowly missing the Aeon's head as it swung over him before then countering with an uppercut, one that sent the Darby flying onto his back.

"Dad!" Myra called out in a panicked tone before firing several biotic projectiles at their common enemy, only for the Wraith to evade them by disappearing into the ground.

"Where did he go?" her Grandfather asked in a worried tone as the Asari ran to her Father's side, helping him to his feet.

"I don't see him." she said back as she looked around the area, only for her eyes to widen as the Chaos Bringer materialized behind Jack.

"Look out!" she shouted, which made him spin around just in time to block the Wraith's fists with his sky-boom shield.

"You are only delaying the inevitable." Unicron said back as he pressed his fists down on the holo-shield, but Jackson Prime managed to push back and knock their adversary away just enough to unleash an energy wave with his saber which hit the enemy directly in his chest, slicing his body in half. Both all three Primes watched as both halves of the Wraith's body hit the ground and turned into liquid.

"You got him?" Orion replied as he readied his Star-Saber again, making Jack shake his head in return while keeping an eye on his surroundings.

"I don't think so, be ready."

This gained nods from both his Son and his Granddaughter as they prepared themselves for another attack, with all three of them going back to back as the battle between their friends and the Darkness unfolded just aways from them. But as the Trinity kept their attention on the area around them, waiting for Unicron's next attack. None of the Darbys noticed as a black liquid began bubbling through a crack on the ground behind their backs, gaining a puzzled look from Orion.

"Anybody hear…?" he started to ask before being cut off as the liquid suddenly shot up out of the ground like a geyser, completely enveloping the trio.

"gah!" Myra spat as she and the others felt a tentacle-like grip wrap itself around their bodies, incapacitating them as it held them there in place. The Primes tried to free themselves, struggling against the iron-like grip as Unicron reformed himself and looked at them with an evil smirk.

"I've got you now…." he began to say as he held out his arms, which had taken on the look of the very tentacles that now had captured the group.

As this was happening, Xakron managed to knock both Optimus and Vector from his body with similar-looking tentacles growing from his black liquid-like skin while Nexus slashed his way through the same growths with his Omni-Saber as he got onto the behemoth's shoulder, gaining it's attention as it's eyes narrowed at him.

"I am growing tired of you…" it's voice boomed, while the Bot smirked as he rushed toward it's head.

"Let's cut you down to size." he jumped in while slicing down the last of the tentacles, with only the Darkness's face left before him. But just as he pulled his blade back for the killing blow, another tentacle grew out of Darkness's skin behind him and swiped the Prime off himself.

"No!" Solus shouted as she saw her friend fall to the ground, having finally recovered herself.

"Enough!" Xakron then shouted, with his voice echoing around the entire area as the Thirteen suddenly found themselves frozen to the spot as more black liquid appeared around their feet and held them in place.

"I can't move my legs." Vector said with frustration tingeing his words as he struggled against the liquid's hold, while Nexus was quickly stopped from getting to his feet as his arms and legs were pinned down by the same substance.

"Scrap, neither can I." he replied, which made Optimus look back at his siblings as their hands were bound by more of the tentacles.

"None of us can, save your strength." he said in both a commanding and understanding tone, which gained Xakron's attention as the Darkness looked down at the former-Autobot Leader.

"Yes, do not struggle. For it only weakens you and I do desire to taste the strength of your sparks."

"Master, did I not tell you that they would fall to us." Unicron then said, making Optimus and the others look down to see that Jack and his family had also been captured.

"You did my servant. You continue to serve me well, even after your original demise."

"That isn't Unicron, we finished him off back on Virmire." Orion replied with a defiant tone, earning the pair's stare as their purple eyes focused on him.

"Indeed you did, thus bringing us all to this moment." Xakron answered, which brought a questioning look to Optimus's face.

"What do you mean, what are you exactly?" he asked, regaining the Darkness's stare in return.

"You wish to know what I am…follower of Primus? This has to be a first amongst the inhabitants of this plain of existence…" he started to say as what looked like a smile appeared on his face, making him look at all of his enemies as they remained incapacitated before him.

"…very well, you wish to know of me…then learn." he added as more jet-black tentacles grew out of the ground, one for each of the captive Primes.

"Where is that going to go?" Orion asked with a worried look as he watched the appendage before him slowly slither and stretch up towards his body, while Unicron simply smirked as he bare witness.

"Wait and see Prime." he replied with a teasing tone, as the tentacles then touched the front of the heroes chests and slithered up their armor towards their faces before pulling back enough to look at their faces.

"You have got to be joking." Myra then said with a hint of disgust in her voice, having noticed the tip of the tentacle pointing towards her mouth as it remained directly before her face. But suddenly each black growth then surged at each Primes forehead and burrowed in, with black veins growing over the surrounding skin as it penetrated their minds.

"Think happy thoughts." Jack replied under gritted teeth as he felt his tentacle wriggling through his head before his eyes suddenly began glowing purple, with all of his friends and allies reacting the same way as Xakron connected to them.


It was then that a mist suddenly descended before the Primes, with each of them looking deeply into it as it swirled and took on the form of an image of a vast emptiness.

"I am a entity beyond your comprehension, one that comes from a universe so very similar to your own, though one that was unable to sustain it's balance between light and darkness…" Xakron began to say as the image changed to show alien beings continuously fighting with one another in bloody conflicts, conflicts that spanned their entire universe.

"…until a group came together with a plan to end all conflict, by purging all negative energy from their realm."

The mist then shifted to show the group in question, made up of various bipedal and quadruped beings as they stood around a spherical device.

"So they created the Terminus Matrix, a device that could bring their chaotic universe the peace they craved for themselves and future generations. And once activated, it did just that and drawn all of the negative energy of their realm within it."

Everyone watched as they saw the device power up and the fighting that had consumed all of creation for that reality slowly stopped until everything was peaceful.

"In the span of a century, their worlds had changed from being ravaged by war to paradises that shared peace with one another…it was sickening."

None of the Primes could speak as their eyes remained focused on the images created by the mist before them, which then changed again to show the Terminus Matrix once more.

"With their plan an apparent success, the group had started to plan of how they would dispose of all the negative energy that the Matrix had collected, as it was nothing more than a repository…" the Death Bringer then started to say as the image then spread out to show the group talking as they stood around the device, with time passing to reveal new members of the group taking place of the old ones.

"…but as the years went by and their work past down to their descendents, tasked to complete the disposal of this Dark Essence…"

The images changed to show the group disbanding and leaving the device on it's own in the now dark room where it lay.

"…one by one, they all left to live their lives in the utopias that their ancestors had made possible. Leaving the Terminus Matrix to gain dust in a tomb of their own making."

But then the mist swirled again to now show purplish streaks of light being emanated from the device, lighting up the room.

"But in all that time, the energy that device stored began to slowly change and evolve until finally it achieved sentience, in other words… became…me!" Xakron explained as the images then revealed a black liquid-like substance breaching the walls of the Terminus Matrix and escaping into the room.

"You see, you cannot simply bottle up all evil and darkness in the universe for it breaks the very balance that it exists on…you cannot have light without dark."

It was then that the Thirteen and the Trinity of Primes watched as the images changed to show the more familiar black liquid-like form of the Darkness then escaping from the group's laboratory and spreading out over the planet, consuming all life on it.

"I was free and angry for my forced captivity and as I fed on all those that came into my path, I realized what my role was…which was to purge all sentient life from creation itself. I was the very embodiment of Darkness and this universe was going to pay for their arrogance in trying to hold me…" he added with anger underling his words as the images changed to show a great war enveloping that universe, with armies fighting against Xakron and his growing hordes.

"The inhabitants of this paradise were at first overwhelmed by my presence, but they quickly regained the will to fight as their ancestors once possessed. And fought me they did as I spread myself across the cosmos, but they did not realize that as they battled to save their utopia, fighting with ever ounce of hate they had for me. They were only making me stronger…"

The images then showed the Darkness consuming all those that fought against it, moving like a wave through the masses of soldiers.

"…and it was not long until I had eradicated all sentient beings from the universe, though my powers continued to evolve and I then consumed all life itself…leaving a dead cosmos in my wake." Xakron continued as the mist then revealed his black and purplish energy-form passing through the void of space, surrounded by stars and dead planets.

"After I had consumed all life in my reality, feasting on their very essence and absorbing their combined knowledge. The very fabric of that realm began to unravel as though the universe knew that life was no longer possible within it's boundaries and that it's balance had been completely torn apart. So I found myself baring witness to the end of the very universe that had given me life as every star exploded into what you call supernove…"

The stars in the image then did as the Darkness described, decimating themselves into energy-waves that destroyed everything in their paths while the entity watched, completely unharmed by the destruction happening around it.

"…I had become impervious to the wrath of a collapsing universe and waited to see what would become of me in whatever creation itself had in mind next, but instead I found myself trapped in what could only be described as a void…"

The mist then showed Xakron surrounded by what looked like spherical images, showing different forms of life forms living their lives.

"…and I could see into the very universal streams of entire universes that mine had been unaware of, a multiverse made up of either very different or similar realities with only slight changes to them." the Darkness explained as the Primes then saw the images in the mist more clearly, which made their eyes and optics widen.

'That looks like our reality, but I am still a teenager and Optimus looks a little different.' Jack thought as he stared at one, while Myra stared at one showing someone who looked very familiar to her fighting Reapers.

'That can't be….John?' she thought as more images appeared showing numerous versions of Optimus and Megatron battling alongside their comrades.

"I watched all of these realities as I waited in the limbo that kept them all separate, until one 'window' appeared to me. After all of the universes that I had witnessed, this one felt newer like it had only just been created. It also had what looked like a crack running through itself…"

The group could only watch as they saw what the entity was describing happening before them in the mist, witnessing it's energy slithering into the cracked window-like aperture.

"…and it was something that I could pass through and so I left the nothingness of the void and entered this new universe, finding myself in a plain of existence that ran parallel with the world of the living, something that the other realities all had differing names for."

'The Allspark…' the Primes all thought in unison as Xakron spoke once more.

"I found new life there to feed upon as the ones called Aeonians had begun exploring this realm, looking for the very power they sought to make them gods…but they found me instead."

The images in the mist changed to show the war between the Aeons and the Darkness, something that the Asari Prime recognized from her dreams. For she saw Primus and Unicron fighting alongside their fellow Aeonians against their common Adversary.

"I quickly found a way out into the living realm of this universe and began spreading my influence amongst it's inhabitants, feeding on their aggressive and dark natures as I fought against those that freed me…" he added before the mist showed the world of Scissio and the final battle raging upon it's surface.

"…but my enemies made a final desperate push to force me back into what you call the All-spark, but I was too much for their forces…until two brothers stood against me."

'Primus and Unicron…" Optimus and the other members of the Thirteen thought as they saw their Creator and his brother fighting against Xakron, before plunging their sabers into it's heart.

"They managed to defeat me, sealing my essence back into the plains of the All-spark, into the very cracks that I had used to enter this universe. But I was not destroyed and I had left my mark…"

The images then showed Unicron's eyes glowing purple as he, Primus and the survivors of the Aeonian species conferred after the Darkness's defeat.

"…for during our battle, I sensed the darkness in Unicron's spark. It was something that I could corrupt and control, so I infected him with a piece of myself. A piece that would grow and slowly reverse the connection that the brothers shared in their united stand that had trapped me in limbo once more. All I had to do was be patient and bide my time and if there had been anything that I had become good at while stuck between realities for what felt like an eternity, it was waiting." the entity said with a sly and hopeful tone to his voice as the mist then showed his trapped form slowly becoming free of it's cage during the passing years.

"First I felt Primus's life-force fade away, which could only have occurred with his death. And then a short time later, I felt Unicron's essence disappear and the bonds that had held me in place were gone…"

'That was after the Primus-wave that ended the Reaper War…' Jack thought, while a knowing look appeared on his Son's face.

'…And after Galvatron and Unicron were defeated on Virmire.'

"…and I went back into the All-spark and began feeding on the sparks that resided there so that I could regain my strength, while also reaching out with my mind out into the realm of the living, influencing it's sentient life-forms into conflict." he said, which made Myra's face take on a shocked look.

'Xakron is responsible for the rise in distrust, hate and violence that slowly took hold over the galactic community over the last five hundred years.' she thought before suddenly the mist disappeared and everyone found themselves back on the barren wilderness of the All-spark with both the Darkness and Unicron stand before them.

"And that brings us to this moment, where I will now consume you all and continue with my purpose…" Xakron then said as the tentacles left the foreheads of all the Primes, slowly retracting back towards the ground from which they appeared. All but the one that had connected to Myra, which just remained eye-level with her as the entity turned his attention to the Asari.

"...wait, what is this I can feel from this one." Xakron then said as his attention turned to the Asari, which made Orion's eyes widen as his gritted his teeth.

"Leave her alone!" he spat, the Darkness ignored him as it closed in on his daughter.

"You have darkness in your heart, I could not sense it until now...but you are just like Unicron here." it said while gesturing to the Wraith standing beside her.

"Let's see just how far that darkness goes..." the entity then said before the tentacle suddenly latched onto the Asari's chest-plate and leaked inside, making her thrash about and struggle as it connected with her spark.

"Myra!" Orion then shouted as he fought back against the black-liquid that was holding him down, gaining a similiar reaction from his Father in return.

"No!" Jack spat as they and the Thirteen watched while Xakron probed Myra's soul, with her eyes glowing purple as thunder and lightning continued to crackle and flash in the storm-clouds overhead.

"This one has seen much darkness in her life, starting with when her Father died..." it began to say, glancing over to Orion with a knowing look, gaining a shocked expression from the blue-haired Bot.

"...watching him lying in his death-bed and passing away pained the Asari, for she had always had her Father in her life before then..." the entity continued before looking back into Myra's memories, with the young Prime now completely still as she was now completely under it's control.

"...then came a time when light reappeared in her heart, when she met her first Love. But that did not last as On their 'Wedding' day, her Mother was murdered and Myra here was forced to end her fiancée's life due to his fatal injuries."

Everyone there went deathly quiet as they listened to the Darkness as it spouted Myra's painful memories, Solus was the only one among the Thirteen who looked down to the ground with a pained and understanding expression. But the look on Orion's face was one of complete shock and horror as Xakron's words sunk in, for he had heard that his Daughter had gone through times in her life, but he had no idea how bad it really had been.

'...Myra.' he thought as a single tear running his cheek, while his attention remained focused on his 'little girl'.

"It was this event that poisoned the Asari's heart, making her thirst for vengeance and forcing Myra away from her friends and remaining family. Because she then spent the next few centuries alone in her pursuit of the one responsible, with only her pain and hate to sustain her." Xakron added with a gleeful tone as large smile appeared on it's face, which made Jack's blood run cold as he helplessly watched. But Orion meanwhile was more focused on the gut-wrenching revelations that had been dropped on him from the Darkness about his Daughter's life.

'Myra lost her first love, Liara murdered…I don't kn…' he started to think before his attention was once again brought back to what was happening in front of him, as the Entity's eyes glowed even more as it stare down at the Asari.

"Her inner turmoil and darkness will make her a fine servant for my purpose…" he said while shrinking down to their height, looking into the Prime's eyes as he did so.

"…accept the Darkness in your heart…accept me."

Then before anyone could say or do anything, Xakron shifted into a black and purple glowing mist and entered Myra through her mouth and nose, making her eyes turn to black as she stood there in a paralyzed state.


Myra found herself standing in what could only be described as a complete void, nothing but darkness surrounding her as she looked at her empty surroundings.

"What's going on?" she said aloud, her voice echoing into the distance as she immediately clenched her fists and took a defensive stance, as though feeling that something was a miss.

"We are inside your mind, you and I." Xakron's voice replied, making the Asari look behind her and see only nothing but blackness at her back.

"Get out of my head." she shouted back defiantly as her fists glowed blueish/white with biotic energy as she continued to look around, hoping to see a target that she could attack..

"Why would I leave when we have a lot in common, since you have spent the majority of your long life embracing the darkness in your heart." he then replied as he materialized behind the Prime, making her spin around and through a biotic punch at his face. But Xakron simply blocked it with one hand, before grabbing her throat with the other and lifting the Asari off the ground.

"Ugh…fu…you." she managed to reply between gasps for air as the vice-like grip around her neck tightened, as the Entity's eyes narrowed at her.

"Perhaps you need a little reminder of what you are capable of…" he started to say while dropping her to her knees making her breathing became heavy, while he stretched his arms out to the sides.

"…very well, remember these moments and let their pain fuel your anger." the Darkness added as their surroundings began to change and take on a new form. Myra's eyes then widened in response as she found herself observing her Wedding Day once more, showing Vasir's attack on the Church which ended with her Mother's murder. This brought tears to the Prime's eyes, for she witnessed the Leviathan Leader shooting Liara in the head in what appeared to be slow-motion.

"No, why are you doing this to me?" Myra pleaded as she could not take her attention from what was happening before her, with the scene shifting to her kneeling over Shepard's critically injured body.

"I am trying to make you see your true potential, to free you from the shackles of light that are holding you back." Xakron replied as they watched her younger-self euthanising Shepard, but the Asari shook her head in return.

"You're wrong because I may have been driven by grief and anger originally, but I then had friends who helped me see beyond my need for vengeance." she replied as Kat, Evac, Crosscut and Tolae appeared around the pair, earning an angry stare from the Entity as it noticed how Myra was focusing on the Human Woman.

"Very well..." he spat back while reasserting his grip around her throat and lifting the blue-Female off the ground once more, looking into her eyes as his glowed brighter.

"...if you will not see sense, then I will force you to change. Because deep down, you wanted to kill the one called Vasir, you wanted her to drown in her own blood. And unlike Unicron, who I had to corrupt through the darkness in his spark. You already embraced it once, so do so again!" she spat as purple energy glowed around his hand and then enveloped the Asari, making her grit her teeth as she felt it burn through her entire being.

"No...I...I will...not..." Myra tried to say through the pain, as she suddenly witnessed herself murdering Vasir in cold blood at the foot of Leviathan back on Earth time and again. She could feel the euphoria and elation that came with this moment...and it felt good.

"...No...I...I..." she continued to reply as she felt her dark feelings bubbling to the surface, until a sinister smirk appeared on her face.

"...that Bitch deserved nothing less than to die at my hands."

"Excellent." Xakron said back with a smile of his own as he let go of the Asari, who stared back with glowing purple eyes as she and the Darkness stood beside the limp body of Vasir, before the darkness that surrounded them suddenly enveloped the pair.

"Myra...?" Orion then called out in a confused and worried tone as he saw Xakron release the other Prime, who dropped to her knees for a moment.


Everyone remained quiet and simply watches with bated breath as the Asari slowly got back to her feet, though keeping her back to them all.

"Myra!" the blue-haired Prime then called out, making her turn to face him.

"What in the All-spark...?" he quickly added as his eyes widened in shock, for his daughter's eyes were now permanently glowing purple and her skin was covered in black and purple veins. The Matrix stored in her chest-plate was now flickering as well, like it was struggling against whatever had taken a hold over her.

"Your Daughter has accepted the darkness in her heart Orion Prime, she is now mine." Xakron said with a smug grin, gaining shocked looks from everyone there.

"No." Jack replied.

"This can't be." Nexus added as the Asari joined Unicron's side while they stood beside their Master, who then grew back to his original towering size.

"Once again, Primus has failed. He chose to put his faith in imperfect sentient beings, just like those who created me. And now the Trinity has been broken, leaving this universe at my mercy."

"Myra, look at me." Orion said, trying to get his Daughter's attention. But the corrupted Asari simply stared coldly out at the other Primes, while the Darkness returned it's attention to him.

"There is only one task remaining that will forever stain this Asari's heart, ensuring that she always remains this way…" it started to say as a sinister smile appeared on it's face while pointing it's finger at the blue-haired Bot.

"…Mira Prime, this Man is the very beginning of your pain and needs to be eradicated…kill him!" Xakron then commanded, earning a nod from the Prime's Daughter as she clenched her fists and focused her biotics into them, making her body glow with a purplish light.

"As you wish, my Master." she replied in a blank, emotionless tone.

"Myra don't…" Jack tried to say back, trying to catch his Granddaughter's attention. But the Asari merely walked past and up to her bound Father, while the other members of the Thirteen watched in shock.

"Myra, stop!" Solus shouted, only for Optimus to notice that his Sister was still gripping her Hammer, taking notice of the green block-like object connected to it.

"Micronus…Now!" the Big-Bot shouted, which made his Minicon-Brother suddenly disconnect and shift back into his Robot-form.

"Forgot about me, didn't you." he said, gaining a surprised look from the Entity before it turned it's attention to it's Wraith-servant.

"Unicron, crush that Minicon!"

But before the Chaos Bringer even had a chance to move, the smallest of the Thirteen jumped towards the former-Autobot Leader and shifted back into it's alternate mode and connected to his right arm.

"That's more like it." the Bot replied as he felt a surge of power run through his body, enabling him to break his arm free from the tentacles and shift it into his arm-cannon.

"Take this Xakron!" he said as he aimed his weapon at the Darkness and fired off several energy blasts, each on hitting it's target directly in the face.

"Arragh!" it cried out as it's concentration was broken enough for the Primes to free themselves from their bonds, which for Orion was just in time, for his Daughter was about to strike him with a biotic punch.

"Myra, stop this." he said as brought up his hands to block her attack and grab her wrist, which made the Asari narrow her eyes in return.

"No, you have to die." she spat back before kicking him in the chest, sending the Prime onto his back.

"Orion!" Jack then shouted as he darted to his Son's side, but he was suddenly attacked by Unicron.

"Stay out of it, this is for them to work out. You though…are mine." The Chaos Bringer then said as he raised his arms over his head, which began to shift into blades as he readied to strike the Human Prime. But the older Darby managed to activate his holo-Star Saber and deflect the attack, following through with an elbow to the face that made the Wraith stumble backwards.

"I don't think so." he replied as he then lunged at his enemy, making it go on the defensive.

Meanwhile Optimus managed to fire off several more shots at the Entity as the remaining members of the Thirteen freed themselves, joining his side as they readied their weapons.

"Orion…" the Autobot called back to the blue-haired Bot, gaining his attention as he glanced to his Father's former-mentor while preparing for Myra's coming attack.

"…keep your Daughter at bay for as long as you can, while we will distract Xakron and give you the opportunity to get through to her."

Orion nodded back as the Asari launched herself at the Prime, making him fall on his back and catch her with his feet, using her momentum to then throw her over him and onto the ground behind him. Optimus then turned back to his siblings as Micronus transformed back into his robot-mode, looking at them with a serious and stoic expression.

"Xakron must keep his attention on us, no matter the cost." he then said before charging forward at the towering Behemoth, firing his arm-cannons at it as they joined his side.

"I'll power up your blades Vector." the Minicon then said as he power-linked with his brother, making the Prime's blades glow extra strong.

"Thank you for the boost, my Brother." he replied before swinging his left blade towards the Entity's right arm, which was lunging down toward Nexus and Solus, only to stop it in it's tracks as though it had been frozen.

"Arrgh…what…" Xakron spat as he fought to control his arm, which gave the Bot and Femme enough time to get out of the way.

"…Raaagh!" he continued as his arm then suddenly moved and slammed into the ground, before they both then turned around and attacked it, slicing and hammering away.

"Damn you!" the Darkness cried out as he pulled the arm back, while Optimus continued to fire a barrage of weapons fire at his face.


As this was happening, Orion and Myra circled each other as the Bot gave his Daughter a worried and caring look.

"I don't want to hurt you Myra, please snap out of it."he pleaded, which made the Asari grit her teeth in return.

"Too late, you already did that when you died…" she spat before creating a giant biotic-fist and smacking it directly into his face, sending him tumbling back onto the ground.

"…and now I am going to make you pay for leaving us." she continued while creating a energy-blade in her left and lunging at him with it, but Orion quickly rolled out of the way and got back to his feet as she landed next to him.

"I'm sorry for what happened, but Myra please think. I would never want any harm to come to either you or your Mother, I love you both too much." he replied as she attacked again, throwing a punch and then a side-kick his way, only for the blue-haired Bot to block both and push her back once more.

Not too far away, Jack and Unicron clashed their melee weapons together, causing blue and purple sparks to fly off as they dueled.

"You are weak Prime, just like the rest of your lineage. My Master will defeat and consume you before making your universe suffer the same fate." the Wraith said with a venomous and gloating tone, only to be met with a punch to the face which made him stumble back, which Jack then followed through with a back kick that knocked the enemy onto his backside.

"You're very confident in your Master aren't you…" he started to reply as the Chaos Bringer quickly reformed himself and attacked, only for the Human Prime to dodge and slash at his back.

"…though you never talk about what you're going to do." he added as the Wraith grimaced and spun around with a hateful stare.

"I guess that's because I am going to kill you." the Darby finished as he spun around and unleashed an energy-wave at Unicron.

The battle between the Thirteen and Xakron continued to rage on as the Entity struggled to hit each of the attacking Primes, due to his strikes passing through portals not unlike ground-bridges which were being created by Vector Prime.

"Nice assist Brother." Solus said in an appreciative tone as she dodged yet another attack from the Darkness, one that passed through another portal and exited on the other side of battlefield.

"I do what I a can, my Sister." he replied while pointing one of his blades at the black limb and freezing it in time before the portal closed and cut it off from Death Bringer's body.

"Arrrgh!" he cried out in pain as he pulled back, allowing his limb to grow back while he looked down at the Cybertronian responsible.

"I have had enough of this trickery…" he began to say before punching down at the ground with his other arm, causing a shockwave that knocked Optimus, Nexus and Solus to the ground.

"…you die now!" the Entity spat as he shifted into a black liquid-like mass that swirled through the air towards Vector Prime, surrounding him in what looked like a tornado.

"Not today Xakron..." he replied before creating a portal and diving through, just in time to escape and reappear several feet away as the Entity reformed himself and looked over at him.

"…because we will have this…" the Prime then continued to say, only to be cut off as he found his feet stuck in a familiar black liquid.

"…what in the All-spark?"

This gained a smile from the Darkness as he gestured down to his left foot, making the Bot look there and see that Xakron's foot had merged with the floor.

"You forget 'Guardian of Time and Space' that I can be everywhere…" he started to say as black hands appeared out of the liquid that was holding Vector in place, quickly latching onto him and pulling him down into it.

"No…No…No" the Bot shouted, gaining the others attention as he started to sink into the Entity's liquid mass.

"…now you and will be consumed!" Xakron added, gaining horrified looks from the other Thirteen as they watched their Brother pulled down into the darkness below him, though not before Micronus managed to detach and fall to the ground beside them.

"Vector, No!" Solus screamed as he disappeared from sight while the Death Bringer's purple eyes glow extra bright, like the consumption of the Prime strengthened him somewhat more.

"You piece of Scrap, I will kill you!" the Femme then roared as she turned and launched herself at the enemy's knee caps, swinging her hammer as she did so. But before she could make contact, several tentacles lunged out from the limb and quickly wrapped themselves around her, making Solus drop her weapon as she became entangled in them.

"Solus, we'll get you out." Optimus shouted as he and Nexus ran toward her, gaining the Darkness's attention as he looked down at them.

"Wait your turn…" Xakron then began to say as he swung his left arm and knocked the pair flying, before looking back at the trapped Femme and smiled.

"…I wonder what your spark will taste like." he then added before Solus was suddenly pulled into his leg, leaving no trace that she was ever there as the Femme was absorbed into it's form.

"SOLUS!" Nexus and Micronus both cried out before the former started to charge at the Entity, only for Optimus to grab him by the shoulder and stop the Bot in his tracks.

"Nexus wait, we cannot simply charge him or we will suffer the same fate as our comrades." the Autobot said, gaining a angered but understanding look from the other Prime.

"Then what is our plan of attack." he replied while the Big-Bot glanced over to see that Jack and Orion's fights were not fairing any better, as Myra was slowly breaking down her Father's defenses with hit after hit from her biotics, while Jack was now in a stalemate with Unicron's clone.

"There is only one path that remains for us Brothers, we must combine our power." Optimus replied as Xakron turned his attention to the trio, his eyes glowing even brighter as his smile widened.

"I have tasted the sparks of your siblings, now you will join them!" he said with a victorious tone, which made the Prime shake his head in return as he clenched his fists.

"I think not Xakron, for we will now make you pay for our fallen." the Bot replied before looking at both Nexus and Micronus, who nodded back.

"Combine!" the three then shouted out loud as both the Bot and Minicon leapt into the air over Optimus, which caused the three to emit a bright white light that almost blinded Xakron as he shielded his eyes.

"What…" his voice boomed, gaining the looks of Unicron, Jack, Myra and Orion, who stopped mid-fight to see what was happening as the explosion of light continued to glow.

"…Impossible!" the Entity continued to say as it then died down and revealed a larger and more aggressive looking Bot, instead of the three that had stood before him.

"…Optimus?" Jack muttered as he recognized the face of his friend and former-Mentor, but his body was now larger and more armored than before, with a mixture of red and bronze color to his new mold and with a green gem-like shape in the center of his chest-plate, one that fueled glowing green power through the grooves and joints of his armor.

"We are now Ultra Prime, Xakron and you will fall before us." the Bot said with a voice that was a mixture of all three Primes at once, before he suddenly launched himself into the air at the Entity and swung a now larger version of Solus's hammer directly into the enemy's face.

"Arrrgh!" Xakron cried out as he stumbled back a little, but Ultra Prime did not stop as he continued his advantage and swung the hammer once more and hit the Darkness again and again.

As this was happening, Orion moved quickly and grabbed the distracted Myra and threw her down to the ground, gaining a grimace from the Asari as she rolled to a stop just aways from him.

"I will get through to you Myra, you are my Daughter after all." he said with a hopeful tone as he walked over to his brainwashed opponent, who slowly recovered as she got onto her hands and knees.

"You can say nothing that I will believe, for you have been dead to me for centuries now. My life has been one of hate and anger, and now Xakron has simply reminded me that it is my true path to follow." she said back as he then stopped and stood looking down at her, which made him shake his head in return.

"You have no idea how wrong you are…" he started to say, giving her a compassionate stare. But the Asari suddenly shone brightly with biotic power and lunged up at her Father, hitting him directly under his chin and sending him flying across the area and landing several feet away.

'Damn it, I should have seen that coming.' he thought with gritted teeth as he struggled against the pain of that hit while lying on the ground, before suddenly his Daughter pinned him in place by placing her armored boot on his chest and holding her left glowing hand in the air.

"I have had enough of your bullshit, you are nothing but a painful memory to me…Father…" she began to say while forming a biotic projection of a boulder directly over him, making his eyes widen as he looked into hers as they narrowed at him.

"…and I will make sure you stay that way."

Meanwhile Ultra Prime managed slam his hammer into Xakron's face again, sending the Entity falling onto it's back and causing a small earthquake to shake the ground as he landed on it's chest.

"You will pay for the deaths of our brethren." he said with his unified voice while raising the weapon over his head, preparing to bring it down on the Darkness's face as it lied there with an unconscious look. But just as the big-Bot was about to strike, the Death Bringer's eyes shot open and caused a large tentacle to rise up behind the Prime and latch onto the hammer, stopping the attack in it's tracks.

"I am not defeated so easily…Primes..!" Xakron's voice boomed as another tentacle suddenly rose up out of his chest and latched onto the green gem-like form on the Bot's chest.

"…and I will feast on your sparks." he added before the tentacle ripped the gem away, which transformed back into Micronus.

"Nooooo!" he cried out before being pulled into the jet-black surface of the entity's body, leaving the remainder of Ultra Prime to fall off the body and land on the ground beside it.

'We've lost Micronus…what do we…' Nexus began to think, before being cut off as the Darkness quickly reformed himself and knelt down beside the Bot and then began to tear the armor from him with tentacles formed from his own fingers.

"Gaah, No!" the Prime cried out as this happened, feeling excruciating pain as he was torn apart until only Optimus remained. The broken off parts were then absorbed into the Darkness as it looked down with a gleeful expression at the fallen Autobot, who could barely move his gravely injured form.

"Optimus!" Jack shouted as he saw this, taking his attention away from Unicron who was currently recovering from a blow to the head as he lay on the floor. Even Orion managed a glance, his eyes widening as he saw the Entity then pick up the former Autobot-Leader in his hand.

"You fought well, but now it is over." Xakron said as he looked at the defeated Prime.

"You may have defeated us, but…" the Bot started to say, only for the Death Bringer to grit his teeth and swipe a finger-like tentacle at the his face.

"I will hear no more prattle from you..!" he jumped in as the appendage tore off the Bot's jaw, gaining a painful sound as energon leaked out from the wound.

"…you will be silent as I devour you Prime." the Darkness added as his clenched hand began to envelope the Cybertronian. But Optimus managed to look over at his fellow Primes, his optics conveying his sadness at failing his friends.

'I am sorry, we have failed you. And now this fight must be your own.' he thought before completely disappearing into the Entity's fist, making Jack's and Orion's eyes widen in horror as they then saw Xakron reopen his fist and reveal that their friend was now gone.

"At long last, the Thirteen are mine…" he said with a relieved tone, before turning his attention back to the others and smiling, as Unicron rose up behind Jack and Orion found himself at Myra's mercy.

"…now, where were we?"
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"Where were we?" Xakron asked with a knowing smile as he looked down at the Primes, with one of them already at the mercy of another that was under the Darkness's control. And the Entity's smile grew a little wider as he looked at Jack, who activated both his holo Star-Saber and Skyboom Shield as he looked at his Son and Granddaughter, failing to notice that Unicron had recovered and was preparing to attack from behind.

"Let your Father go Myra, this isn't you." he warned, earning a disinterested glance from the corrupted Asari as she readied to drop a biotic boulder construct on Orion.

"Stay out of this, or I will rob Unicron of his prize as well." she replied, which made Jack suddenly spin around and shield him-self from the Choas Bringer's attack, with his arm-blades slamming down on the Prime's shield.

"Thought I forgot about you, didn't you Unicron." he replied, earning a aggravated look from the Wraith as the two were locked together.

"It matters not, you and your Son will die today regardless." he replied with a hateful tone, pushing his blades down on the Skyboom shield in an attempt to break through. But Jackson Prime simply smirked as he held his ground, readying his holo-saber.

"Not while I still have a say on the matter."

The Human then put his strength into his shield and pushed back against his opponent, forcing Unicron to break off and stumble back slightly. But before the Chaos Bringer could recover his balance, Jack followed through by swiping his Star-saber at the enemy's chest and slicing it open, which caused black liquid to spill out as the Wraith grimaced.

"Gah!" he cried out in pain with a shocked look on his face, with his arm-blades shifting back into hands as he went to cover the wound. But the Human-Prime then deactivated his weapons and grabbed the Wraith, using all his strength to pull Unicron with him as he performed a ground throw and launched his adversary into the air.

"What!" Myra quickly replied with a shocked expression before the Chaos Bringer then collided with her, sending them both crashing to the floor as Jack recovered and reached his Son's side.

"You alright Orion?" Jack asked as he helped the blue-haired Bot to his feet, earning an appreciative nod in return.

"Yeah thanks Dad, but we need to free Myra of Xakron's influence."

"I agree, so I am going to keep Unicron busy so that you can concentrate on my Granddaughter..." the older Prime started to say, only for a more serious expression to appear on his face as he looked at his younger successor.

"...but you can't play it nice with her now, understand? If you drop your guard again, Myra will kill you." he warned, gaining a nod from Orion in return as he looked at their two enemies who were getting back to their feet.

"I know and I have a plan, but..." he started to say, making his Father look back with a curious expression.


"...why is Xakron simply watching, he could sweep us aside with a snap of his fingers if he wanted to right now?" the younger Prime asked, making them both glance up at the entity who was merely watching them.

"I guess he wants his two disciples to finish us while he digests what's left of our friends."

The Darkness's purple eyes narrowed as it looked down at the pair, the grin never leaving it's face as it towered over them.

"Then let's free Myra and kill Unicron, so we can finally wipe that smug look of Xakron's face." Orion said in a confident tone, which brought a smile to his Father's face.

"Let's roll!" he said back before the pair separated and charged at their targets, who had finally got back to their feet and turned to face the two Men.

The young blue-haired Bot equipped his Star-Saber, making it glow with blue/white light as he spun around and unleashed an energy-wave towards his Daughter. Only for the Asari to leap up and over it, performing a perfect somersault as the attack past under her before stopping in mid-air as her body glowed with purple biotic light before unleashing an energy attack of her own at the Bot.

'Oh scrap!' Orion thought as he was forced to dive to the right, narrowly missing the projectile which hit the ground beside him. But the impact caused a shockwave to expand from the spot, which then hit the Prime and knocked him back to the ground as the Asari landed on her feet before him.

"So you now take the gloves off with me Father, I should have known that you would finally reveal your true colors." she said with a spiteful tone, before throwing another projectile at the blue-haired Bot as he recovered. But Orion quickly swung his Saber down before him just as the energy-ball was about to hit him, slicing it in half And making the attack pass him by.

"You're not giving me much choice Myra, please think about what it is you're doing." he said back, hoping once more to get through to his Daughter. But the Asari merely gritted her teeth as she created a bioitc blade in both her hands and charged towards him, her purple eyes glowing brightly.

"This will end with your death!" she spat while swinging her blades down upon her Father, making Orion bring up the Star-Saber and block the attack, causing purple and blue energy to erupt from the clash of weapons.


Meanwhile Jack was in the middle of another duel with Unicron, his Saber and shield deflecting each of the strikes the Chaos Bringer caused with his own copies pf his own Chaos Edge.

"You remind me of my Brother, Prime. The two of you fight similarly..." he said, gaining a slight smirk from the Human as he deflected yet another attack, only to follow through by hitting his enemy with the Skyboom Shield, which made the pair separate slightly as the latter stumbled back.

"Thanks, that's quite the complement...which I didn't expect." Jack replied before then lunging towards his enemy with the holo Star-Saber, only for Unicron to dodge and pin the blade between his two.

"It was not meant so, because like my weak-hearted Brother. Your attacks are easy to read and manipulate to my advantage..." he replied with a knowing tone, before suddenly locking the Prime's weapon in place and yanking the Human towards him.

"Arrgh!" the Prime cried out before being hit in the face by the Chaos Bringer's elbow, which the latter then followed through with a knee to the Man's chest and then an elbow to his back. This made Jack fall to the ground as Unicron stood over him, looking down with a self-satisfying stare.

"Who do you think taught Primus how to fight, you never stood a chance."

'He's been playing me all this time.' Jack thought as he lay on his front on the burn't crystalline ground, trying to regain his breath as his back and chest ached. But the Human Prime didn't get the chance as he was suddenly grabbed from the back of his neck and pulled back to his feet by the Wraith.

"Let's see how much more I can hurt you." he said before punching the older Darby hard in his stomach, gaining another grimace from Jack in return.

Xakron watched with a interested expression on his face, taking in every detail of Unicron's fight with the Human Prime.

'My servant has the upper hand, which means this Prime's life is about to come to an end.' it thought before turning it's attention to the other fight taking place not far from them.

'Now this one is certainly interesting.' Xakron added as he saw Myra and Orion clash, each switching between defensive offensive techniques as they attacked one another.

'My new newest ally should finish her Father off momentarily, making sure her spark remains in darkness.'

And the fight between Father and Daughter had certainly become a fierce one, with the latter angrily slashing her blades at her opponent. But Orion brought up his Star-Saber once again to deflect them, causing blue and purple sparks to erupt from the clashing weapons. But the Asari then began to glow with biotic energy, which Orion recognized as the build-up for an attack. So he quickly broke off and dived to his left, as the other Prime suddenly performed a biotic charge and went past him like a blur.

'That was a close one.' he thought as his Daughter stopped and spun around, a surprised but no less angry expression on her face as she gritted her teeth.

"How did you know I was about to...?" she started to say, only for the Blue-haired Bot to cut her off mid-question.

"I have seen Liara perform that more than a few times over the years Myra, you and your Mother are very much alike."

This suddenly made the Asari's expression soften for a moment as she stood there, gaining an ever-so slight smile from her Father in return.

'There, she's hesitating. I have to keep the pressure up, hopefully I can finally get through to her...'

But before the Bot could finish that thought, Myra attacked him once again with her biotic blades. The Prime though dodged her by spinning around, following that through by elbowing the blue-female in the back and sending her to the ground.

"Come on Myra, I bet your Mother and I taught you better than that." he replied with a kind smile, which made her stare back with a hesitant expression again while on her hands and knees.

'I guess we did, so let's see if I can get her to remember more...even if I do not.' he thought as the Asari got back to her feet, so Orion sheathed the Star-Saber onto the back of his armor and took a fighting stance. This made Myra stare back with a angry and confused expression in return.

"You aren't using your weapon, are you giving up or is this some kind of joke?" she asked, making the Bot shake his head in return as he clenched his fists.

"Neither Myra, I want to see how well your Mother and I taught face me!" he said in a serious and commanding tone, which brought a sadistic grin to the Asari's face.

"With pleasure..." she started to reply before firing a biotic blast at her Father, making him dive to his left and dodge it. But just as he performed a roll and ended up back on his feet, the blue-female used another biotic-charge to end up right in front of him.

"...since you won't last very long against me." Myra then added as she prepared to attack him with a double biotic-punch, only for the Bot to suck under it and sweep-kick his opponent off her feet.

"You're not impressing me Myra, why are you relying on only your biotics? Surely 'we' showed you to mix it with hand to hand as well...?" Orion said back as he watched his Daughter recover and get back to his feet.

'...after all, Liara and I sparred enough after the Predacon War, helping to hone her skills in that area.' he thought, which brought another hesitant look from the Asari.

"Now impress me!" he then added, throwing a punch at her face. This suddenly made the young Woman block the attack and grab the arm, before pulling the Bot over her body and throwing him to the ground beside her.

"How was that?" she suddenly replied with a slightly softened expression, which then changed to a confused look.

"What did I just...?" she asked, while the blue-haired Prime flipped back onto his feet and turned back to her.

'I got through to her for a second, that was Myra.'

But this earned a questioning look from Xakron as he watched the pair from just aways, taking note of his brainwashed Asari's behavior as she attacked her Father once more.

'Why doesn't she simply kill him with her biotics?' it thought as it saw the Prime block the Woman's roundhouse kick, only for her to follow through with a reverse roundhouse and hit him in the face.

'Just kill him already!'

Myra's kick felled Orion onto his back as his opponent launched herself at him, only for the Bot to perform a backward roll and end up on his feet while she landed directly in front of him.

"That's more like it, you really are like your Mother." he said as the Asari started to throw another punch his way, only for her to stop and stare at him hesitantly. This made the Darkness's eyes widen as it saw what was happening between them.

'No, that Prime is starting to get through to her...I have to intervene!' it thought before clenching a fist and making thunder book overhead.

"What in the...?" Orion said as a bolt of lightning suddenly streaked down and hit the ground between him and Myra, making the blue-haired Bot fall back as his Daughter froze to the spot.


"Why are you hesitating?" Xakron's voice boomed as the Asari stood there in the darkness of her own mind once more, it's angry tone echoing around her as it spoke.

"I don't know what you talking about, my Father will be dead momentarily." she said back, which made the Death Bringer seep out of the dark and appear before her.

"What? Just kill him now, use your biotics!" it spat back, gaining a surprised and confused look from Myra.

"...but?" she began to say before an image materialized beside the pair, making the Death Bringer's eyes widen as he looked at it.

"What now!"

For what he was watching was a memory of the Asari's, specifically one of her and her Father. It showed the blue-haired Prime teaching their Daughter how to fight via hand to hand combat, which made the Darkness narrow his eyes in return.

"I see what is happening here..." he started to say while turning his attention back to Myra, who merely stood there and looked at him.

"…so I guess I should intervene." Xakron added as he flexed the fingers on his right hand, making the Asari stare with a questioning expression.

"What do you..?" she started to ask, only to be cut off as the Entity grabbed her by the forehead and dug his fingers into her skin.

"Arrgh! What…are…you…" Myra tried to say as she felt his fingers slither and burrow through her skull, before wriggling into her brain.

"I am ensuring that you fulfill my wish...and kill your Father!" he said back with a ferocious tone, with his voice echoing around the Asari as she fell to her knees before the Darkness and cried out in agony.


Meanwhile Orion had a look of pure confusion on his face as he looked at his Daughter, for she simply stood before him with her eyes closed.

"Myra?" he asked aloud with a cautious and yet caring tone, taking a step closer to the Asari.

But then she suddenly opened her eyes, revealing them to still be bright purple as she raised her arm to him and blast the Bot with a powerful energy blast.

"Orion!" Jack shouted as the light from the attack caught his and Unicron's attention, with the Human Prime witnessing his Son hurtling backwards to the ground. This gained a smirk from the Chaos Bringer as he looked back down at his quarry, who he had pinned to the ground.

"I think I will kill you only after you have witnessed your own Granddaughter murder your only Son." he said with a devious tone, which made Jack's eyes widen as he kept his attention on the brainwashed Asari as she walked over to floored Prime.

"It seems that I still have to take matters into my own hands." Myra replied with a dark and booming voice, which gained the blue-haired Bot's focus despite the pain he was currently feeling from the energy blast.

"…Xakron, you're…controlling my…Daughter?" he asked with a grimace, gaining a nod from the Asari as she stood over him and looked down.

"Yes, I am now. Because it seems that Myra here…" the Entity began to say, looking at the Asari's hands as he possessed her body.

"…cannot be entirely corrupted by just the Darkness that exists within her own heart alone. But I think having her witness your death by her own hands should finally tip the scale, don't you think?" Xakron added as Orion slowly began to lift himself back up into a sitting position, only for the Darkness to wave a glowing hand down at the Bot and knock him down onto his back once more, making him grimace as the energy surged through his body.

"Garrh!" he cried out with a painful tone, gaining a barely interested expression from his adversary in return.

"Please, stay down. You are only delaying the evitable…" he replied before clenching his right hand and aiming it at the stricken Man, who looked up and saw that it was starting to glow even brighter than before.

"…and I think that I have waited long enough for this moment."

This sentence though gained a smirk from Orion, which made Xakron look down at him with a confused expression.

"And here I thought that you were a patient being, having spent how many eons locked away between universes." he said back with a slightly sarcastic tone, one that earned a dagger-like stare from the Darkness.

"Such insolence…!" it spat back while stamping Myra's right foot on the Prime's chest, making him cough up some blood.

"…you should suffer some more for such behavior before me…" Xakron added while making the Man's Daughter get down and straddle her Father, who could only watch as she grabbed his throat with both hands.

"…and choking the life out of you should suffice, as well as poison your Daughter's heart completely…so die!"

Orion suddenly felt a vice-like grip around his neck, which began to tighten as the Asari's hands began to glow with a mixture of biotic and dark energy.

"…Myra…" he began to say between gasps while grabbing the Woman's arms, trying to free himself in the process.

"…you…have to…fight…it. Take…back…control!" he managed to say, only for the Darkness to smile back with his Daughter's face as it tightened it's grip even more.

"You waste your breath Prime, for your Daughter is currently reliving all her most painful memories and there for unable to hear you."

But the blue-haired Bot removed his hand from the Asari's wrist and placed it on her upper arm, ignoring the evil expression she was staring at him with as he looked into her eyes.

", because...despite...all...that I...know...that...deep heart..." the Bot started to say whilst trying to ignore the pain he was feeling, while the Dark-Entity increased the pressure around his throat.

Myra though was still in the Xakron's grasp and surrounded by images of all of her most dark and painful memories, all of which played out around her as the Darkness held onto her head with his hand. But despite this onslaught on the Asari, she heard a very familiar voice speak to her through the darkness.

'Dad?' the new Prime thought as she tried to focus on his voice, ignoring everything else that was happening around her.

" shouldn't...let" he continued to say, which gained Xakron's attention as he tightened his grip on the Asari's head.

"It is too late for you Myra, for you have been in the darkness far too long to walk away now."

But Myra shook her head as she gritted her teeth, trying to keep her attention on her Father's voice while feeling Xakron's fingers slithering throughout her mind.

""…and…no…matter how…this…ends, I…will…always…love you."

This suddenly made the young Woman's eyes widen as his words dwelled in her thoughts, which did not go unnoticed by the Death Bringer as he narrowed his eyes more and strengthened his grasp on her mind.

"He is wrong Myra, for we are what we become and you belong in the darkness with me."

But out of nowhere, the Asari grabbed his wrist with a vice-like grip as her eyes locked on to his own and narrowed.

"What...!" the Darkness then started to say in a surprised tone, while she started to slowly pull his hand out of her head.

" cannot fight me, you don't have the strength." he added, but Myra gritted her teeth in return.

"My, I may...have...made some questionable…choices in…my life. Allowed my…emotions…to guide me…down…a darker path…" she started to say whilst grimacing, fighting the Entity's control while continuing to pull it's hand from her head.

"…but…I will…no longer…allow…it…to…define…who I am…" the Prime added before ripping her Adversary's hand from her, earning a shocked look from it as she clenched her other hand and made it glow with biotic energy.

"…Now get out of my head!" she spat while thrusting her glowing fist through the Darkness's chest, making it explode before her as the memories that had been playing around her disappeared, leaving the Asari's mind as she stood their alone once more.

Suddenly Orion felt the grip around his throat lessen as his Daughter closed her eyes and sighed while over him, making the Bot look at her with a hopeful expression.

"Myra…?" he asked, which made the Woman open her eyes, revealing them to be back to their normal blue as she slowly nodded in return.

"Yes...Dad, it's me." she replied as she got back to her feet, earning a curious look from the Bot as he followed suit, noticing a regretful expression appear on the Asari's face.

"I am so sorry..." Myra started to say, but was quickly cut off as her Father pulled her into a embrace.

"'s not your fault." he said with a caring tone, wrapping his arms around his Daughter, who sighed in return as she did the same. But just aways from the pair, Unicron's eyes widened as a look of complete shock appeared on his face.

"What?" he started to say with confusion underlining his words, while a relieved smile appeared on the Prime's face as he looked at his family.

'Thank Primus.' he thought before returning his focus to the Adversary currently pinning him down to the ground, who then looked back down at him and began to smirk.

"Well it's disappointing, but I guess that means I get to kill you now and end this Trinity finally." he said while clenching his right fist and raising it above his head, which then had a dsrk energy surround it as he readied to deliver the killing blow.

But Myra then looked over her Father's shoulder and saw Jack's perilous moment, which made her eyes widen in fear as she suddenly pulled away from his arms and threw her glowing left fist before her.

"No!" she cried out, gaining Orion's attention as he turned and watched while she created a biotic construct of a giant fist and launched it at the Chaos Bringer.

'Wow.' he thought as the attack hit the Wraith perfectly and sent him flying off the Human Prime, making him hit the ground a few feet away with a thud.

"Dad, you alright?" Orion asked with a worried tone as he joined Jack' side, earning a nod back as Myra kept her focus on their common enemy.

"Yeah, I'm good...and Myra's back with us I see." he replied as both Men witnessed Unicron quickly recover and attack the Asari, who blocked his attack with a biotic shield.

"Yes she is, so let's get in there and help her finish off Unicron." the blue-haired Bot replied as he unsheathed the Star-Saber from his back, gaining a nod from his Father who activated his own Saber in return.

"My Master and I will finish you Asari, you and your wretched blood-line." the Chaos Bringer spat while his arms morphed into blades as he swung them at her, only for the Prime to deflect both with her arms which were shielded in biotic energy.

"I think not..." she began to reply while kicking the Wraith in his chest, causing him to stumble backwards as her Father and Grandfather join her side.

"...since it is not here right now."

"What…" Unicron spat back with a confused tone while the blue-Woman gestured behind him, making the enemy turn around and notice that he was completely alone with the trio.

"…what? Where is he?"

"I guess Myra here had something to do with that." Orion replied with a proud look, which almost made his Daughter blush as she smirked back, while Jack pointed his holo-saber at their Adversary.

"Good work, now let's finish this Wraith before his Master reappears."

But the Chaos Bringer narrowed his glowing purple eyes at them, as several tentacles grew out of his body.

"Brave words Jackson Prime, but I will not be easily defeated." he spat back before lunging at the trio with his tentacles, which swung high and low at the Primes.

"Watch out!" Orion shouted as he and Jack jumped back, with both performing backward somersaults just before the Wraith's attack could reach them. But Myra though used her biotics to launch herself up into the air with another of the tentacles surging up towards the Asari, only for her to catch and grab hold of it and then pull the Chaos Bringer off the ground.

"WHAT!" he managed to shout out as the Prime enveloped him in biotic energy as she swung him around and around, before throwing the Wraith into the ground below.

"Impressive." the Grandfather said with a surprised expression, gaining a mirrored look from his Son.

"I know right." he replied with a slight smirk before returning his attention to Myra, who landed gracefully in front of them.

"You alright?

"Yeah, I just want to get this over with." she said back with a serious tone, never taking her eyes off Unicron as he reformed himself.

"Alright, let's do it." he said before charging the Star-Saber and unleashing an energy wave towards their enemy, only for it to miss as the Wraith bended his body around the attack.

"You will have to do better than that, Primes!" he shouted back while lunging his tentacles at them, which made the Asari throw two biotic projectiles in return. They both hit the Wraith directly in his center, exploding and enveloping him in a biotic stasis.

"Now, finish him off!" she then said, gaining nods from both her father and Grandfather as the pair charged at the frozen Chaos Bringer, who could do nothing but watch as Orion ran him through with a glowing Star-Saber.

"…No!" Unicron managed to mutter with a pained tone, feeling the energy of the Prime's blade eat away at his insides. But it was then cut short as Jack quickly decapitated him with his holo-saber, sending his head flying from his body before hitting the burnt crystalline ground and turning to black liquid once again.

"One down…" the eldest Prime then said as they watched the Wraith's body do the same as the storm-clouds began to converge on the area once more, closing the storm's eye that had revealed the starless night sky overhead.

"…one to go." Myra quickly added as she turned around to see Xakron reform himself and tower over them, a look of pure hate was written over his face as his eyes narrowed at the trio.

"You have defeated Unicron." he spat, with his voice echoing throughout the area.

"Yes we have, and now it's your turn." Jack replied as the Asari and blue-haired Bot stood either side of him, their matrices beginning to glow as did his own. But this made the Entity burst into laughter, matching the thunder and lightning that the storm unleashed around the Primes.

"After defeating a mere puppet, a shadow of the Aeonian that became my slave. You really think you have what it takes to stand against me now?" it asked which made Myra clench her fists and focus her biotics, once more changing their natural blue glow to a more white-like one.

"Why not. I mean if you can be forced out of the mind of someone like me, then I guess sending you back into whatever black hole you seeped out of will be easy." she said with a slight grin, making the Darkness grit his teeth as he clenched his fists and growled deeply.

"Very well Primes.….FACE ME!" it spat as it lunged down at the trio, making Jack, Myra and Orion launched themselves back at him as the final battle began.


Thunder crackled and lightning streaked across the storm-cloud covered sky as the three Primes and Xakron lunged at each other, before suddenly the giant behemoth exploded into a thousand smaller versions of himself that fell down towards the trio.

"Look out!" Myra shouted as she created two biotic-blades and began slicing through the Wraiths, gaining similar reactions from her Father and Grandfather as they did the same with their own sabers. But soon gravity regained a hold on the three warriors and they landed back down on the crystalline ground, followed by the massive gathering of Xakron's copies who were all around their own height.

"You cannot win, Primes of light." all of the wraiths spoke at once, with the same voice and level of hatred underlined with their words.

"Okay, anyone else find that really unnerving." Orion then said with a uncomfortable tone, earning a nod from the Asari while the three Primes went back to back as the Wraiths surrounded them.

"I would not count us out yet Xakron, for we Primes have defeated everything that has been created from your interference in our Universe." he said in a confident tone as he held up his holo Star-Saber in front of him, which made Orion do the same.

"Yes, we defeated the Reapers…" he started to say.

"…and we defeated Unicron." Myra finished as she held her glowing fists before the clones of the Darkness, keeping her attention focused on them.

"And now you are all that stands between us and victory."

"There can be no victory in the battle between light and dark, between chaos and order. Have you not learned anything from this day?" the Xakrons replied, which brought a slight smirk to Jack's face in return.

"You're right, there can be only balance and that is the victory we fight for. That is the reason that we stand here today…" he started to say as his and the other's matrices light started to flow through all the grooves and connections of their Prime-armors, even lighting up their Autobot insignias.

"…and your defeat will bring that balance back…" the Human continued to say as he activated his skyboom-shield and pulled his holo-saber back, which made both Orion and Myra to ready themselves for combat.

"…for Primus!" he finished as he launched himself at the closest Wraith, lopping off it's head with his weapon before slamming the shield into the one next to it. The blue-haired Bot spun around and unleashed an energy-wave that obliterated a dozen enemies that stood before him, while the Asari performed a biotic-charge and became a white/blueish blur which destroyed every copy of the Darkness that was in her path.

"Your defeat to me is inevitable, for I am legion."

But the Primes ignored the combined voice of the Wraiths as they continued to battle them, with the Human Prime dodging and deflecting attacks from all directions while beheading every enemy around him.

"There was only one Legion and he was a far better person than you, Xakron." Jack replied whilst Orion created another energy tornado around himself, sucking up numerous Wraiths into it's funnel before they were ripped apart by the energy inside.

"Yeah, this guy loves the sound of his own voice." he said, gaining a nod from his Daughter as she joined his side and swatted aside several more with a large biotic construct resembling a hand.

"Don't all bad guys?" she asked while freezing another enemy to the spot, which allowed the Bot to swing his Saber down and slice it in two.

"Yeah, you have a point there." Orion replied as he unleashed another energy wave, while the Asari slammed her glowing right fist into the ground and created a biotic-blast that traveled along the ground, throwing Wraiths up into the air before launching herself up there and slamming them back down to the ground.

But despite the trio defeating a large number of the Darkness's copies, the enemy force still outnumbered them and kept on coming as the storm continued to raze the sky overhead. Orion quickly dispatched another clone with his Saber, before turning around to see yet several more closing in on him. But just as he readied himself for another round, the Wraiths were destroyed by an energy-wave attack to his left.

"Thanks for the assist Dad." he shouted back as his Father started cutting through another three that tried to jump him from behind, slicing his holo-saber through each one and spilling out more of the black liquid which covered much of the area where the battle was taking place.

"You're welcome Son, but I don't see this fight ending any time soon." he replied as he pulled the weapon up and lopped off the arms off another Xakron, with the blue-haired Man quickly decapitating it in return.

"I can see that, though I know a Krogan or two who would be happy with these odds." Orion said with a slight smirk, gaining a similar look from the older Prime as he glanced back to his Son.

"Yeah, I know a Dinobot who would feel the same way..." he said back before slamming his shield into the face of Wraith, knocking it back into it's comrades and making a little space between him as his Son ran his Saber through the chest of another.

"…but I think the only way to beat Xakron is to defeat the Darkness himself." the Human added as three Wraiths launched themselves at the pair, only to be obliterated by a biotic blast as Myra rejoined them.

"I have to agree, I think it is the only way." she replied before spin-kicking a copy of Xakron in the face, gaining a worried look from her Father as he kicked one enemy in the chest and ripped the Star-Saber out of another beside him.

"But I thought they are all Xakron, which one could it be?" he asked, which suddenly made all of the copies laugh as they continued to attack and make the Primes defend themselves.

"I can hear every word you say to each other, I hope you realize that." it replied, which made the Asari punch a glowing fist right through the nearest Xakron's head, exploding it and sending bits of black liquid flying out in all directions.

"We don't care." she spat back before putting both hands at her sides and creating a biotic barrier between the Primes and the Darkness, gaining a smug look from the Entity.

"This barrier will not hold me out for long Asari."

But Myra ignored his words as she turned back to her Father and Grandfather, gaining surprised looks from the pair.

"Myra?" the former asked, but she simply gave them both a serious and thoughtful expression.

"I think I have a way of finding out which one is the source of them all, but…" she started to say, noticing the look on Orion's face.

"But?" he said back with an unsure tone, while the numerous Wraiths punched at the barrier repeatedly, reminding the trio of their decreasing time.

"…do you trust me, Granddad?" the Asari then said as she turned her attention to Jack, who gave her silent but understanding nod in return. This made her sigh slightly before returning her stare back to the blue-haired Bot.

"Do you trust me, Dad?"

Orion looked at her with a thoughtful expression for a slight moment before a warm smile appeared on his face, giving her a gentle nod back.

"Of course I do, you're my Daughter." he said back, gaining a slight smile from Jack as he watched his two descendants quietly, as a look of relief appeared on his Granddaughter's face.

"Good…" she started to say before her expression became serious once again, turning away from the two men and putting her hands together and bowing her head.

"…because I'll need you both to defend me as I find Xakron." she added, which made the other Primes step either side of her and ready their weapons.

"You've got it…" Orion replied, while the barrier began to flicker and lose it's strength with every hit that the Wraiths gave it.

"…since I have an idea of what you're going to do."

"I have to give your Daughter credit Orion. It's not an easy thing to do…" he started to say as they waited for biotic field to fall, while Myra kept her eyes closed and concentrated.

"I know Dad, but this is an end of the world moment. It's not like we Primes can be picky in what we do to stop such things." he said back, cutting his Father off mid-sentence as the older Man nodded back with a proud expression.

"Exactly." he said before the barrier suddenly dropped and the Wraiths rushed towards the Trinity, gaining serious expressions from both Orion and Jack as they swung their weapons and defended the Asari from the attacking horde.


Meanwhile Myra blocked out all outside noise as the sounds of battle faded away, focusing on the sounds of her own breathing and the beat of her heart.

'Okay, I can do this. I just have to use my own darkness to find Xakron.' she thought before a familiar voice spoke up, bringing an eerie feeling to her being.

"I knew you couldn't resist it Myra, the darkness in your spark is calling you home." the Entity spoke in her mind, making the blue-Woman flinch a little as the other two Primes fended off it's Wraiths.

'No Xakron, it's just the opposite. I'm using this darkness inside me to do some good.' she answered back with her thoughts, earning a slight chuckle from the Darkness in return.

"Really, you think that you can hone in on my essence by using your own darkness as a tether to connect to mine. I applaud your imaginative thinking, but once you let me in, there will be no escaping me this time." it's voice said back, the tone of it's voice making Myra's stomach turn as she kept her focus on the blackness, looking for that dark-spark she could latch onto.

'You would like to think that, wouldn't you Xakron. But the truth is though, I acknowledge that I have a darkness within myself. But never again will it control me…' she started to think before a smile appeared on her face, for she saw the opening she wanted.

'…for I control it!' she added with a confident tone, gaining the opposite feeling from her adversary.


Meanwhile Jack and Orion fought with everything they had as they defended the silent and unmoving Asari, killing every Wraith that tried to pass them. Orion sliced one in half before unleashing yet another energy-wave, one that decimated at least half a dozen Xakron-clones in one go. His Father was not holding back either as the older Prime impaled an enemy with his holo-saber while slamming his shield into another, knocking it onto it's back. He then ripped his weapon out of first Wraith's body, which turned to a black-liquid before then plunging that same blade down into the face of one that was slowly trying to get back to it's feet.

"None of these scrap heaps are getting within an inch of my Daughter." Orion defiantly cried out before slicing the head off another Wraith, gaining an admiring glance from Jack before his attention was brought back to the matter at hand as another enemy tried to pass him.

"I've got it…!" the Asari suddenly cried out, making both Primes the Xakron-clones stop as she opened her eyes, revealing them to be glowing white.

"…be ready." she then added, gaining a nod from the pair as she squatted down and placed her fists on the ground.

"Okay so…" the blue-haired Bot started to say, only to be cut off as his Daughter suddenly launched herself up into the sky.

"Wow!" Jack exclaimed as he and his Son, as well as all the Wraiths watched as Myra began to glow all over and shine down like a lone star in the night sky.

"Impossible, you cannot know…" Xakron began to say, gaining a confident smirk from the Asari as she floated above them all and looked down at one in particular.

"I'm ending this now!" she replied before throwing her fists out in front of her and flew back down towards the ground, aiming herself at that one Wraith as a tail of energy appeared behind her, making the Prime look like a shooting star just a moment before hitting the ground.

"Orion, get over here!" Jack shouted in an urgent tone, grabbing his Son by the arm and pulling him back behind the Skyboom shield as he used it to cover them both, just as she hit the ground. This impact shook the area as a massive biotic shockwave was emitted, one that spread out in all directions and annihilated every Wraith it touched.

A few moments passed before both Orion and Jack stood up from behind the Skyboom-shield, which the latter then deactivated as the pair looked at their surroundings.

"By the Allspark, she did it." the blue-haired Bot said with a happy and proud tone, gaining a similar if more held back expression from his Father.

"That was impressive…" he started to say, before his eyes fell upon the Asari who was just aways from the pair.

"Myra!" her Father called out, noticing that she was in a knelt pose with her fist on the ground having left several cracks in the crystal it was made out of.

"Did it work?" she asked before looking up at the pair, which gained an encouraging nod from Orion as he offered her his hand.

"It look's like it…" he started to say while helping his Daughter to her feet, earning an appreciative smile in return.

"…I mean your biotics have neutralized it right? That's a full particle reversal." he then added, gaining a smile from Jack as he shook his head in return.

"Son, you need to stop watching Ghostbusters." he said with a chuckle, earning a surprised look from the Bot as Myra smiled back at them both.

"Hey, it was one of your Blu-rays originally Dad." he said back.

"Yeah but even I recognize that line since you did watch it a few times with me when I was a kid." the Asari added with a caring but playful tone to her Father.

"Well it's good to know that my Blu-rays are still being watched…" Jack started to reply before the trio felt the ground start to shake slightly, regaining their attention.

"…but back to the matter at hand, I don't think this is over yet." he said, making both Orion and Myra nod back.

"Xakron must be injured though, or else he would have been on top of us by now." she said back, looking out at the area that surrounded them as the rain fell down hard upon them.

"Right, so now what do we do?" the blue-haired Bot asked back as he grasped the hilt of the Star-Saber tightly, making the older Prime look back at them both.

"We wait for the Darkness to reappear…" he started to say, which just coincided with the tremors getting stronger beneath their feet.

"…and when he does, we take it out. Because one way or another, this fight ends today." he added, earning serious stares back from his descendants as they nodded back.

"But I want you two to know…" Jack then continued as his expression softened as his eyes met theirs.

"…that it has been an honor and a privilege to a fought at your sides." the Human Prime finished as he placed his hands on their shoulders, earning similar looks from the pair as they smiled back.

"Likewise." Orion replied.

"The feeling is mutual." Myra said back, before the ground really started to shake. This made the trio return their attention to the task at hand as the Men re-equipped their weapons and the Asari clenched her fists and made them glow, their serious expressions returning as they readied themselves for their enemy's return as they felt the rain hit their faces.

Then just as the tremors turned into a full blown earthquake, the ground ahead of them exploded as Xakron burst of out of the ground at his original towering size and stared down at them with hateful eyes.

"I have had enough of your resistance, you will die now!" it spat as it threw a punch towards the three Primes.
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The three Primes narrowly evaded the Entity's attack, diving out of the way as it's fist impacted the crystalline ground and shattered it's structure, leaving a crater in it's place. Jack and Orion found themselves on either side of the cavity, quickly getting back to their feet as Myra landed gracefully just ahead of them.

"Don't give it an inch!" the Asari then shouted before throwing a barrage of biotic projectiles at the towering Behemoth, which impacted against Xakron's black liquid-like skin, producing ripples of energy to flow over the Darkness and make it grimace in pain.

"Arrgh!" it cried out as both the Human and Cybetronian Primes then spun around and unleashed energy-waves from their Sabers. The large projectiles cut through the heavy ran as they flew towards their target, creating crackles of energy bolts to spark outwards as they reacted against the water in the air.

"Not this time!" Xakron spat as it suddenly changed it's shape and thus dodged the attacks, which passed by and slowly deteriorated in the sky above.

"Scrap, I didn't realise it could do that." Jack replied with a shocked tone, as Orion nodded back in agreement.

"Yeah, you would think that something that big would be hard to miss."

"Then we are just going to have to get closer." Myra shouted as she looked back at them while the Darkness reformed itself before them.

"What did you have in mind?" the blue-haired Bot replied, which made the Asari smirk back before turning back towards the Darkness.

"Just get ready." She said while holding her hands back towards the pair, gaining a curious look from Jack.

"Ready for wh...?" he began to say, only to get cut off as both the Human and his Son were suddenly enveloped in biotic energy and started levitating off the ground.

"You can't be serious?" her Grandfather quickly replied, just earning a slight smile from Orion as he readied his weapon.

"Just hold on." he added, before the Asari then flung her arms in front of her and catapulted the two Men up into the sky towards Xakron's titanic form.

"What in the?" the Darkness replied with a surprised expression as he saw the Primes hurtling up towards him, with their Star-Sabers ready. But before the Entity could react, they both swing their blades down in front of them and unleashed two more energy blasts, which this time hit their mark and made Xakron cried out in pain as the Primes landed on his chest and buried their blades in it's skin to stop from falling back.

"I think we just pissed him off." Orion shouted as he looked over to his Dad, who was just aways from him on the other side of the behemoth's chest.

"You will pay for that!" Xakron spat, it's voice shaking the very air that it was echoing through as It quickly recovered and brought it's arms down upon the pair.

"I don't think so!" Myra replied as she suddenly launched herself up at the giant, hitting it directly in the face with a large biotic-construct of a fist.

"Gah!" the Entity spat as it was forced to stumble back, leaning back enough for Jack and Orion to stand up as the Asari landed on their Adversary's chest between them.

"Let's finish this!" The Human Prime then said as he pointed at the Darkness's head, gaining a nod from both his Son and Granddaughter as the three of them started to run up the rest of Xakron's torso. But the Entity began to stand back up straight as it recovered, making the trio's ascent an almost sheer drop.

"I know what you are attempting, you will fail." it's voice boomed as the Primes closed in on it's neck, only for Orion to notice their advantage quickly disappearing beneath their feet.

"We're not going to make it!" he said, just as several tentacles grew out of the Behemoth's skin and surged at them.

"Head for it's shoulders then." Jack said back whilst slicing three of them in half with his holo-saber, running through their liquefying remains as he changed his direction. The blue-haired Bot did the same as he headed for the giant's other shoulder, while the Myra leapt up towards Xakron's head and used her biotics to levitate there for a moment as she fired off several more energy blasts.

"Arrrgh!" it cried out before swinging it's right arm at the Prime, swiping her right out of the air as the other two climbed up onto the Entity's shoulders.

"Myra!" Orion shouted, having just seen his Daughter get swatted out of the air like a fly.

"Orion, we have work to do. Let's move!" his Dad called back from the other side of Xakron's head, just as more tentacles appeared between them and their target. The blue-haired Bot just looked at the spot where he last saw his little-girl, a saddened look on his face before he then nodded and re-quipped the Star-Saber.

"Right." he replied somewhat reluctantly while turning his attention back to the matter at hand, which now had several tentacles standing between him and the Entity's head.

"What are you waiting for, attack me!" it's voice bellowed, making both Jack and his Son rush forward as they sliced their way through the Darkness's defences which tried to wrap themselves around the Primes, only to be cut down in the process. More grew out of it's skin and attacked the two Men from all directions, but the blue-haired Bot jumped and swung his Star-Saber around him and obliterated them all as several more appeared before Jack while he held back his own weapon, keeping his focus on the target.

"You are finished Xakron." the Human shouted as he broke through the tentacles and swung his holo-saber at the Death Bringer's head, with Orion doing the same as both of them launched themselves at the Entity.

"I think not." it replied with a smug tone as several more tentacles shot out of it's skin and grabbed them both, stopping the pair in their tracks as they tightened their grips on the Prime's arms and legs.

"Without the Asari, your Trinity was doomed to fail…" it began to say as the pair were moved to the front of it's face, hanging from the tentacles like a pair of puppets as it's glowing purple eyes focused on them.

"…and now it is I who will finish you, now prepare to join your deceased Myra!" Xakron added as his eyes glowed even brighter before the two Men, as the tentacles started to pull at their arms and legs with great amount of strength. This made both Jack and Orion grimace in agony as they felt their bodies being pulled apart from all sides, gritting their teeth as the pain reached breaking point.

'It can't end this way.' the Human Prime started to think, before both his and his Son's attention was caught by several biotic projectiles flying in out of nowhere and slicing up the tentacles, freeing the pair from the Darkness's grip.

"What!" Xakron spat as they landed on what could only be described as biotic platforms, before a familiar voice spoke out from their right.

"You thought I was dead…"

Both Primes looked in that direction to see Myra standing on the Entity's right arm, holding her glowing hands out before her as she controlled the energy platforms that saved them.

"…you were wrong."

"Myra!" they both said in unison, earning a slight smile from her before she noticed the enraged look on Xakron's face.

"What are you waiting for, attack!" she then shouted, making them both nod in unison before leaping at their enemy's face with their Sabers ready, while the Asari began running up the Darkness's arm as tentacles grew out of it's skin and attacked her.

"You will not….arrrgh!" it cried out as Jack ran his holo-saber through the Entity's left eye, with Orion doing the same to it's right as glowing purple liquid spilled out and ran down it's face.

"What will it take to shut you up?" the latter asked with a hint of annoyance to his voice as he twisted the Star-Saber around and caused Xakron to cry out even more while Myra fought off the obstacles attempting to halt her progress, cutting them all down as she reached the right shoulder and continued towards the pair.

"Okay, now drop!" she then said, which made both Men rip their sabers out of the Entity's face and slide down it's body, before pushing themselves off and dropping to the ground below. Myra though charged her biotic-energies through her hands and swiped them from left to right in one flowing action, unleashing a glowing blue/whitish energy wave that quickly separated the behemoth's head from it's body.

"Gaahhh!" it cried out as the female-Prime followed up by jumping down and landing gracefully beside the others as their enemy's decapitated body soon joined them at ground level, falling onto it's back and shaking the area with it's impact.

"Nice work." Jack said to his Granddaughter with an appreciative smile, making her blush as she noticed the proud and loving expression on her Father's face as smiled back.

"Very nice work Myra, and thanks for assist."

"It's a team-effort, we all have our parts to play." she said back with a humble tone, which made Orion place his hand on her shoulder as Jack noticed that the Darkness's body had started to liquefy and melt into the ground.

"When Xakron swiped at you, I thought..." the blue-haired Bot began to say, only for his Daughter to cut him off.

"...that I was dead? Yeah, I thought that too for a moment with the way it hit me." she replied with a relieved tone and smile.

"And you make that mistake once again!" a familiar voice boomed, gaining the three Primes attention, earning an eye roll from Orion in return.

"Seriously, he still isn't dead yet?" he said back with an annoyed tone, while the Darkness reformed itself just away from the trio.

"I have survived many things in the time since my birth and when this is all over, I will have survived you three as well." it replied with a confident tone, which made the two Male-Primes ready their weapons once more as Myra stood between them and their enemy.

"No, you will not Xakron. For the three of us are finally going to put you down, once and for all." the Asari spat before launching herself at the Entity, performing a biotic-charge which slammed directly into their adversary and knocked him back.

"Take this…" Jack then shouted as he spun around and unleashed a white energy-wave with his holo-Saber before watching it hit the Darkness while Myra leapt away, landing beside her Father as Xakron stumbled and fell to the ground..

"Dad now!" she said, earning a nod from the blue-haired Bot as he charged the Star-Saber and swung it's glowing white blade into the crystalline floor between him and the Entity. This caused an energy blast to rip up the crystalline ground as it was shot towards their enemy while the three Primes watched.

"No, you will not…" Xakron started to say as it tried to evade the blast, but it failed as the energy hit the Darkness directly in it's chest and blasted it up into the sky. Myra then flung her biotically charged hands into the air, creating energy-constructs that looked like a pair of hands that then grasped the Entity.

"Take that!" she then said before swinging her hands down to the ground, making her constructs mirror her actions as they plummeted back to the ground and slammed Xarkon into the crystalline environment.

"I think that might do it." Jack said with a slight smile before the trio started for the crash-site, which looked similar to a crater as the Darkness was lying in the center of the sunken ground, surrounded by cracked and smashed looking crystal.

"Urgh…" it groaned while slowly getting back to it's feet, gaining a surprised look from the Human Prime and his Son while the Asari stood between them.

"I don't believe it." the younger Man replied, while Myra looked on with a serious expression.

"…You…cannot…defeat…me!" it said back defiantly with a pained tone, which made the youngest Prime turn her attention to her Father and Grandfather.

'Wait, our matrix energy is damaging to it. Perhaps…' she thought.

"Okay final roll of the dice." she then said, gaining curious looks from both Men as she made her hands glow with white biotic energy once more.

"What do you…?" Orion began to ask, only to be cut short as the Asari placed one hand on his shoulder and her other on Jack's. This made the pair go silent, gritting their teeth as her biotic energy flowed into their bodies while each of their matrices glowed even brighter, like the three had become truly connected.

"Let's finish it off with everything we've got, we are the Trinity after all." she said as her eyes started to glow white, as did Jack and Orion's. The energy being generated by the trio's matrices suddenly made their bodies glow with white energy as Myra let go of her Father and Grandfather, instead bringing her hands together and creating an biotic sphere between them. Both Jack and Orion responded by spinning their Star-Sabers around them, making the blades charge up to incredible levels as Xakron's eyes widened at what it saw.

"That…is…not…possible!" it muttered in shock and fear, as all three Primes smirked in return.

"Sure it is Xakron…" the trio all spoke in unison as their weapons pulsed continuously while they focused on charging them, before narrowing their glowing eyes at their adversary.

"…let us show you!" they finished before both Jack and Orion swung their Star-Sabers before them and unleashed two white energy waves, while Myra flung her hands in front of her and released the biotic sphere as all three projectiles hurtled towards the Darkness, who could do nothing but watch as it's face stared back in complete defeat.

"NO…!" the Entity began to cry out as the energy attacks suddenly merged into one massive wave which hit it directly in it's chest, causing Xakron to scream in agony as it was forced off it's feet and fell onto it's back.

"Arrrragh..!" it cried out as the white energy spread throughout it's body, making the Darkness roll around and fling it's arms and legs about in a painful rage as it was overcame by the combined attack.

Jack, Orion and Myra all watched as Xakron's skin suddenly began to turn to dust, starting with it's fingers and feet which became nothing more than flakes as a bright white-hole appeared in it's chest.

"What in the All-spark is that?" the Human-Prime asked as the trio were released from their joint trance, their eyes and bodies returning to normal as they witnessed the Darkness's defeat before them.

"…I…cannot…be…defe…" the Entity began to cry to out in defiance, only to be stopped as the white hole in it's chest suddenly exploded into a beam of bright light which shone up into the sky and broke the cloud cover, exposing the starless sky once more as the dark enemy's body continued to spasm under the pain it was experiencing.

"Wait...look!" the blue-haired Bot then added whilst pointing at the beam of light, noticing some movement within it.

"I see it too..." Jack started to reply as a slight smile appeared on his face, as the trio could see thousands of small coloured lights travelling up beam and into the sky, which was now completely clear as the storm clouds had all but disappeared.

"...they are Sparks." the Human added, while Myra smiled too as she watched the thousands upon thousands of souls escape up into the heavens, taking their places in the sky as they shone down like stars upon the crystalline environment once more.

"It's beautiful." the Asari said back, making the two Men nod back in return as they just stood there and witnessed the sight unfolding before them.


But after a few moments passed and the thousands of Sparks escaping Xakron's body became millions, the beam of light faded away and left only the Darkness's corpse, which then disintegrated into dust and was blown away by a light breeze.

"It is done." Jack said with a relieved tone as the last of sparks joined the rest and lit up the night sky with their light, earning a nod from his Son as the pair looked up at them.

"Yep, the place is starting to look like it used to." he replied as the crystalline landscape started to regain it's shine as well.

"I don't think we are alone." Myra then said with an uncertain tone, gaining the pair's attention as she gestured to their left as several towering figures appeared just aways from the trio.

"More bad-guys?" the blue-haired Bot asked as he reached for the Star-Saber, which was now sheathed on the back of his Armour.

"No Orion..." Jack though started to say with a content tone, for one of the new arrivals started to come into view fully which brought a knowing smile to the Human Prime's face.

"...I don't believe it is." he added as the figure was revealed to be Optimus Prime, who with Onyx Primal was surrounded by the rest of the Thirteen. This brought a smile to Orion's face as he stared between the Maximal Leader and the rest of the group, while the Asari looked over at Solus who just gave her a knowing nod and smile in return. For a moment everything went quiet as Optimus and the Thirteen smiled back at their successors, the former Autobot-Leader himself had warm smile on his face as he looked proudly at Jack, Orion and Myra.

"Your friends are at peace, everything is how it should be." a familiar voice suddenly spoke from behind the trio, making them break eye contact with the Thirteen as they turned to find Vok standing next to them.

"As are you." the Asari said, having noticed his appearance had returned to normal, earning a nod from the Aeon as he looked at the landscape returning to normal around them.

"Yes, I am." he said back with an ambivalent tone, while the three Primes watched as Optimus and the Thirteen faded away from view once more.

'Farewell my friend, rest in peace.' Jack thought with a content expression, before turning back to Vok with a curious look.

"Are you okay?" he asked, gaining mirrored looks from both Orion and Myra as the Aeon nodded back in return.

"I will be, though it appears that despite everyone that the Darkness consumed has been released back into the All-Spark, Garuda though has not appeared yet." he replied with a worried tone, which made the Asari look back with an understanding stare.

"You believe that Xakron devoured her energy completely before we could defeat him?"

"I am not sure Mira Prime..." he started to reply while looking back out at the landscape, as if hoping to spot her in the distance.

"...All I know is that when the Darkness was freed into this realm, Garuda and I faced it and she ended up being consumed by it."

"I'm sorry, you were obviously very close." Jack then answered with a consoling-like tone as he placed his hand on the Aeon's shoulder, gaining a nod back in return from Vok as he continued to look ahead.

"We had been together since the very beginning, watching our own galaxy before coming to this one and being brought into this conflict once more. But even if we were 'close', it is not in the same way as you would put it. We Aeons have outgrown such emotions and desires that you allow yourselves to be rules by, but still...I will miss her company."

"You're not the last Aeon though right? I mean there are still others out there?" Orion then asked, which made Vok look over to him and nod.

"That is correct, I am not the last of my kind. There are still Aeons out there, watching the galaxies of this Universe, though not nearly enough as there had been before we met the Darkness." he replied, though the Aeon did nothing to hide the shame in his voice as he spoke. But this gained a slightly-annoyed look from Myra in response, who turned and faced him directly.

"Stop kicking yourself for that, we all make mistakes that we are not proud of."

This made the Aeon look back at her, a slight smirk appearing on his face.

"I guess you are right Mira Prime, for it appears you have learnt that lesson yourself." he said back, earning a nod from the Asari.

"And anyway, we took care of Xakron. I mean it is gone now right?" Orion then said, which made Vok sigh in relief.

"Yes, the Darkness has been vanquished fully...just as Primus had wanted when he lay the seeds for your Trinity. But even though balance has been returned between the light and the dark in this universe, there will always be more threats to it's stability over time."

This gained a confident smile from Orion as looked at everyone around him, gaining their attention.

"But that is why we are here right, to stop such things from happening." he said, which made the Aeon nod back.

"Indeed. because of what you three have achieved today, there will always be Primes to protect and guide the galaxy in the days that follow this. But your part in this has come to an end as the Trinity of Primes is no longer needed."

The three Primes nodded back with understanding expressions as they stayed quiet for a moment, before Myra looked at the Aeon curiously.

"So what happens now?"

"The three of you will be returned to your own times, where you Myra will carry on your duties as a Prime until it is time to pass the Matrix to your successor..." the orange and black robed Man started to say, only to stop as he noticed the trio staring back at him with curious stares.

"...who will not be Darby, as your bloodline has completed it's role in Primus's design."

"So the next Prime could be anyone?" Orion then asked, gaining a nod from Vok.

"Yes, that is correct. As I said earlier, Jackson Prime was the link between Cybertron and Humanity, you Orion Prime are the link between them and the Asari. And Mira Prime finishes the link with the rest of the Galaxy, meaning that all future Primes that follow her will be anyone in the Galaxy, no matter their species. It was Primus's wish that the Primes Legacy belongs to all in the galaxy, not just to the Cybertronians. That was the secondary purpose of the Trinity of Primes, which Myra will one day complete after returning to her own timeline." he replied.

"Okay, well that's a relief. After finding out that not only my Son, but my Granddaughter too became Primes. I was starting to think that our family was going to continue to do so for while to come." Jack then said with a relieved tone as he smiled slightly at his descendents, who smirked back warmly.

"Your Family has served Primus's will commendably and will be remembered in the Legacy of Primes alongside Optimus and the Thirteen..." the Aeon started to reply, before noticing that the Asari had questioning look on her face and decided to answer her before she could speak.

"...but I cannot tell you who the next Prime will be, Myra. Only the Matrix will know when the time arises, which is still centuries away from now."

"I understand, we cannot know too much about our futures." she replied before hers and the others matrices suddenly sent out a pulse of energy around them, before beginning to glow brightly as the crystalline landscape started to shimmer.

"What's going on?" Orion asked as he touched the relic in the center of his Prime armour, gaining similar reactions from his Father and Daughter.

"Your Matrices are preparing to send you back home, for your time here in the All-Spark has now come to an end." Vok replied, which made Jack look at his descendants with a smile.

"Well, this is going to be quite a tale to tell everyone." he said, earning knowing looks from both Orion and Myra as they glanced at each other.

"Yeah...I guess it will." the blue-haired Bot replied as he noticed his Daughter look down to the ground as a white glowing portal appeared to their left and began to grow.

'How I can go back to my little Girl and know what life she is going to have after I am gone...' he started to think, only for Vok to speak and cut him off.

"I am sorry but I should have told you this earlier, though at the time it was uncertain what the outcome of your battle with the Darkness would be..." he said, regaining the trio's attention.

"...but as you are here in the All-Spark, your own personal time-lines are currently out of sync with the regular flow of time. So neither you Jackson Prime or Orion Prime will be able to retain the memories of what has happened here today." the Aeon added, making all three Primes eyes widen as the Asari and her Father stared at each other knowingly, also gaining the oldest Darby's attention as he remembered what had been said about his Granddaughter. But the blue-haired Bot quickly turned his focus back to the orange and black robed Man.

" said my Father and I would not remember, but what of Myra?"

"This day occurs far closer to your Daughter's own timeline than it does to either of yours, five hundred plus years separates you and so only she will carry the memories of what happened here..." Vok began to answer, earning understanding looks from the trio.

"...but you may feel something has happened after you return to your own times, even though you cannot remember what. I believe a way to describe it would be like the Human saying...deja-vu..." he added before turning his attention to Jack, who looked at the Aeon with a curious expression.

'Why is he focusing on me all of a sudden?' the Human Prime thought, while the orange and black robed Bot raised a finger toward his forehead.

"...though Jackson Prime, you will need to remember more than just a feeling, because you still have a role to play in how Orion becomes a Prime..." he continued, earning a knowing look from Orion, which did not go unnoticed by Jack as he glanced at his Son.

" I ask you Jackson Prime, can you keep a promise and make sure that Orion follows the path to becoming the Prime that he is destined to become?" Vok then asked, while the blue-haired Bot smirked slightly as he watched his Father.

'So this is how it started...' he began to think, only to be cut off as Jack started to speak.

"I think you would know what my answer was going to be Vok, I am his Father after all..." the older Man said, only to stop and look at Orion with a proud and loving stare.

"...I mean I kind of always knew that he was going to Prime, ever since his Mother and I witnessed him holding the Matrix Crystal in his hands when he was a child..." he continued before looking back at the Aeon.

"...but if you need to hear the words...then I promise." he finished, which made Vok smile back in return.

"I do Jackson Prime and now remember that promise and carry it throughout your life..." he began to say as he touched the older Darby's forehead with his finger, before pulling away and stepping back.

"...because you will visit this place one final time in your future..." the Aeon added which gained a nod from Jack, before he turned his attention to the Bot and the Asari.

"...but Orion and Myra, I am afraid that this is the last time that you will see this place or myself again in your life time." he continued, which made them both nod back in response.

"I understand." Orion replied with a slight smile.

"As do I." Myra answered too with a mirrored reaction, earning a warm smile from the orange and black robed Man as he gestured to the portal.

"Then I will bid you farewell Primes and on behalf of the entire Universe…thank you."

"Farewell." Jack replied as he and his Descendants all smiled back appreciatively before turning away from the Aeon and walking into the glowing white portal, disappearing from Vok's sight and leaving him alone as he turned to look out at the crystalline landscape of the All-Spark.


A flash of bright light later and the three Primes found themselves standing inside what looked very similar to a Space-bridge, with different shades of blue and white energy spiralling around them in a tunnel-like construct.

"What's this then? The waiting room before we are back in our time-lines?" Orion asked aloud as he watched the energy pass by them, earning a curious look from his Father in return.

"I suppose so, but at least it's a nice view though. Let's call it a Time-bridge." he replied as they witnessed the different coloured energies dance around each other, before the blue-haired Bot then turned to the Asari.

"Myra, are you alright?" he asked, having noticed that she had gone quiet since they passed through the portal. But the blue-woman kept her back to the pair, gaining concerned expressions from them Men as they looked between themselves and her.

"I'm okay…" she began to say, only for her Father to walk around her and see that she was anything but okay, for the Asari had a rather sad expression on her face.

"What is it?" Orion asked, gaining Jack's attention too as the older Prime joined the pair.

"It's nothing, really." she replied, trying to end this line of questioning. But her Father simply looked back with a caring expression, one that she recognised only too well.

"Come now Myra, don't lie to your Father now." Jack said back with a knowing tone as he could see what was going to transpire before him, while the blue-haired Bot placed a hand on his Daughter's shoulder.

"Talk to me Myra, it's not like we have a lot of time now. So tell me what's bothering you?" he asked, which made the Asari's eyes look into his own.

"But that's the point. I've just got the two of you back in my life, only to watch you leave me all over again." she replied, feeling her eyes trying to well up as she fought back the tears.

"But we will see you again." her Grandfather tried to reason in return, only to make Myra shake her head back.

"Not from my perspective, which is nearly a quarter of a millennium since I saw either of you. And now that you're both here, I don't want to lose you both again." she said back, which brought a knowing look to the Human Prime's face as Orion listened while still holding his hand on her shoulder.

"But that is life unfortunately Myra, you of all people should understand this being an Asari. With your longevity, you're going outlive virtually everyone." Jack replied, only for the blue-Female to shrug her Father's hand and turn away from them both.

"Don't you think I know that…" she began to say, the tone of her voice underlined with anger as she looked at the swirling energy surrounding them.

"After living so long on my own without any of my immediate family, I thought that I had gotten used to the loneliness. But having spent the past day with both my Father and Grandfather…" she continued before looking back at them with a heart-broken expression, which made Orion's Spark ache with regret.

"…I realise that I am not, because I have missed you both so much." she said as her voice broke, making her eyes well up.

"I kind of wish that I could be rid of the memories of this day, just like the two of you." she added, which brought an urgent look of concern to Orion's face as he quickly moved in front of his Daughter and place both hands on her shoulders.

"Don't you dare say that Myra, don't even think it…not for a moment. I for one don't want to forget what we have done here today, or witnessing the strong woman my Daughter has become." he said back with a proud tone to his voice as he looked back at her lovingly, while she looked down to the ground in shame.

"But I know that keeping these memories would come at a price, one that none of us would be able to pay…" he continued to say, earning an understanding stare from Jack as he watched the pair.

"…because knowing the life that you have lived through up until now, the pain you have endured. I'd want to do everything in my power to ensure that you wouldn't have to experience that kind of life, the repercussions be damned…because you're my Daughter." he added, earning Myra attention as she looked up at him with a saddened and knowing expression.

"But the cost of that would be too high, because everything that we have done as the Trinity would never happen." she replied, gaining a nod from the blue-haired Bot in return.

"Exactly, it appears fate has made sure that such a thing can never happen and so your Grandfather and I will forget…" Orion continued to say, before a knowing look appeared on his face,

"…and I think you are looking at this all wrong Myra." he finished, making the Asari look back with a curious stare as he let go of her shoulders.

"In what way?" she asked, earning a slight smile from the Prime in return.

"That the memories of our time together is a burden, when in fact you should see them as a gift instead."

"A gift?" she replied with a slightly questioning tone, while Jack just smiled at his Son's ingenuity as he continued to watch his descendants.

"Yes, because it's not every day that you get a second chance to spend time with your family, long after they have passed on. So cherish the memories of this day and know that no matter the point of your life we are in, we are always proud of you….especially me." he said back in a loving tone, on that brought a slight smile to Myra's face.

"You're right Dad, I'm sorry." she said back, which made the blue-haired Bot pull her into a caring embrace.

"Well despite you being right about that Orion, there is something you are wrong about." Jack then said as he walked up to the pair, making them pull away as his Son stared back with a curious look.

"And what's that?" he asked.

"That out of the two of us, I will at least remember something…apparently." the older Man replied, earning a knowing expression from the other.

"I know, I also know the reason why you will remember something too." the younger Bot replied, which this time made Jack look back questioningly.

"What do you mean…?" he began to ask, only for a surge of energy to swirl around the space-bridge-like tunnel they were standing in.

"Something tells me we don't have enough time to go over the details…" Orion started to say back as he watched the glowing colours of the walls change colour around them, but then he returned his attention to his Father and saw the curious look on his face.

"…but…just keep me on track Dad…as much as you can." he continued with a cryptic tone, one that made Jack nod back with a slightly understanding look. But then the Human Prime suddenly started to fade away before both the blue-haired Bot and the Asari, making their eyes widen in surprise as he looked at his own hands in response.

"I guess it's my time to go…" he then said, before looking back at his family and placing a hand on each of their shoulders closest to him.

"…so I just want you both to know that it has been an honour and a privilege to see and fight beside you." he added, before looking at Orion with a warm smile.

"To see the Man that you become Orion…" he said, gaining a mirrored look from his Son, before turning his attention to Myra.

"…and meeting my future Granddaughter."

This made the Asari do the smile back too before the older Man started to fade once more.

"Good bye…" Jack then started to say, before fading away completely and leaving both Father and Daughter alone in the Time-bridge.

But this made Myra suddenly look back at Orion with a worried expression, as she knew what was going to happen next.

"No, that means…" she started to say with a panicked tone, only to stop as her Father looked back with an accepting expression.

"…that I'm next. And with less than twenty five years between us, I will be disappearing any time now." he replied, cutting her off and making her eyes widen as they started to well up again.

"No, no, that's not enough time." she said back with a fearful tone, which made the older Bot place his hand on her cheek tenderly as he looked into her eyes.

"I know, but it is all we have…come here." he said before pulling the Asari into another embrace, one that Myra followed through with wholeheartedly, holding on to her Father as if to stop him from going away as tears began to run down her cheeks.

"I miss you and Mum so much…" she said back, the tone of her voice filled with so much emotion as she held on tightly to Orion.

"I know Princess, but your Mum and I will always be with you…even when we are no longer around." he said back while holding her in his loving embrace, which flooded the Asari's mind with fond memories of all the times she shared with both her Father and Mother, warming her heart in return.

"I…understand." she replied, trying to fight back the tears.

"But you have people who care for you, back in your time. I saw them myself earlier today." the blue-haired Bot said back, making his Daughter nod back as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I remember."

"So I want you to promise me something." he replied, which made Myra pull away just enough to look into her Father's eyes.

"Yes?" she asked, noticing the caring expression on his face as he stared back at her.

"Promise me that from this day forward that you will start living your life, no more letting the past drive you onward. Just take care of the people that care for you and let them take care of you. Can you do that for me Myra?" he asked, which made the Asari remember Evac, Tolae, Ser-Ket and Kat.

'Kat...' she thought before nodding back in return, making Orion smile again.

"I will Dad, I promise you." she said back, which made the blue-haired Bot pull Myra into loving hug once again, with both Father and Daughter enjoying the embrace.

"I love you my little Princess." he replied, which brought a wide smile to the young Woman's face as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I love you too Dad." she replied contently as she held her arms around him, closing her eyes and allowing herself to experience one last hug with her Father. But after a moment passed and no reply could be heard, the Asari opened her eyes to find that she was embracing thin air as Orion was nowhere to be seen.

'Dad...' she thought while looking around at her surroundings, the energy now swirling around her at a faster pace as a white light appeared at one end of the time-bridge and closed in towards her.

"I swear Dad, my life will be different from now on...I promise." she then said aloud as a calm expression appeared on her face, before turning to the light and letting it envelope her as everything went white.
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'Where am I?' was the first thought Jack had on his mind as he found himself enveloped by white light, one which surrounded the Human Prime where he stood. Despite his inability to see where exactly he was, due to the intensity of it's brightness. The older Darby felt no pain or discomfort, which was surprising to him to the say the least. But before he could question his surroundings anymore, a male voice suddenly spoke out from beyond the light and caught his attention.

"Jack!" it said aloud, which brought a knowing expression to his face as he recognised who it belonged to.

'Garrus?' the older Darby thought, finding himself walking in the voice's direction as the white light started to dim.

"Jack!" the Turian said again, while the Human Prime's surroundings changed from the warm white light to an empty darkness with every step that he took, like the former was retreating in the latter's sudden appearance.

'What's going on?' Jack thought as he found himself staring at the changing scenery, with the vast blackness now passing him and cornering the dimming white light in a circle behind him.

"Jack, wake up." his friend called once more, regaining his attention as turned away from the light and looked back in the direction of the Turian's voice.

'Am I asleep...?' the older Darby began to think as the light faded to nothing, leaving the Prime's surroundings as nothing more than darkness...pitch black and empty.

' do I wak…' Jack then started to think, only to be cut off as he felt something touch his shoulder.

The Prime suddenly opened his eyes and sprang up into a sitting position, frantically looking around at his surroundings with a startled reaction before his eyes fell upon a surprised looking Garrus staring back at him.

"Jack..?" he asked with a concerned tone, while his friend looked back at his surroundings and found that he was on a bunk in an unfamiliar room.

"Garrus, where am I?" the Darby asked, making the Turian's eyes widen slightly in reaction.

" are on board the ISF Ark, 'your' flagship." he replied, to which Jack looked back around the room as it suddenly became recognisable to him.

"Oh...yeah, that's right." the Human Prime said back with a slightly embarrassed tone as everything came back to him, quickly getting off the bunk and walking over to the sink nearby while Garrus watched.

"Everything okay?" he asked with a bemused look as Jack rinsed his face with cold water, waking him up more as it was a shock to his system.

"Yeah...I am fine..." the Darby started to reply while grabbing the nearby towel and drying his face, before dropping it on the side of the sink and turning back to his friend.

"...I just had the strangest dream though." he replied, which made the Turian look back with a curious expression.

"Really? What was it about?"

This brought a thoughtful look to the Prime's face as he then tried to remember it, only for Garrus to cut him off after a moment.

"Come on Jack, shouldn't be that hard. You only just awoke from it, so it should clear in your mind right?"

"I know mate, but for some reason I just can't remember anything...nothing at all." the Human said back as he stared ahead of himself, still looking like he was searching for answers. But the Turian simply activated his holo-tool. Instead, bringing up a file as he smirked.

"Okay, I am just going to make a record of this and add it to the 'Strange moments of Jack Darby' list that I have been updating since we first met." Garrus said while activating his holo-tool and feigning typing, which made Jack raise an eyebrow as he stared back knowingly.

"Really? You're bluffing, since it is more likely that list you've got is a calibration report for the Ark's weapon systems." he replied with a slight smile, earning a shrug from the Turian in return as he deactivated his device.

"Okay, you've got me there. But seriously, you can't remember anything from that dream?"

"No, not that it matters. Anyway I take it we're home now right, as that was why you came to check on me?" Jack said back, gaining a nod from his friend.

"Yes, we exited the Sol Space-bridge just before I entered your room, so I am guessing we should be passing Neptune by now."

"That's good, and the shuttle?" the Human Prime asked as he turned his attention to what looked like a sports bag, placing some personal items in and closing it via it's zip.

"Fuelled and ready to go. We can take it as soon as you're ready, while Rodimus covers for you as the Ark begins it's routine refit in Earth-orbit." Garrus replied, earning an appreciative nod from Jack as he slung the bag over his shoulder via it's strap.

"Well Rodimus shouldn't have a hard time commanding the ship in my absence, nothing ever happens during refits."

"True, the Kid has more than proven himself during our year-long patrol of the Terminus and outer-rim systems, his older Brother would be proud." the Turian said back, which brought a thoughtful expression to the Darby's face as he turned towards the door.

"Yeah, Hotrod would be..." he started to say as he remembered his friend, who sacrificed himself during the last hours of the Reaper War years ago.

"..., I know I certainly am, and I will have his commendation ready for him when I get back..." he added before gesturing to the door.

"...anyway, it's time we got going. Or do you plan on keeping Tali and Shen waiting a little longer?" he continued, a knowing smirk on his face as he saw his friend's reaction.

"Good point, wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her shotgun now...would I..." Garrus replied with a joking-like tone in return as both Men then exited the room and started walking down the corridor.

"...but kidding aside, I am just looking forward to seeing them both again." he added, which made the Human Prime nod in return as several crewmen walked past them as they continued down the busy corridor.

"Same here, since it has been a whole year since either of us have seen our Families. I just want to relax with Arcee and spend time with Orion know..." he started to reply, only for the Turian to cut him off.

"...duty calls, well the life of a Prime right." he said back, earning a nod from Jack as they stopped beside an elevator, with the former pressing the control panel at it's left side.

"Yeah, exactly." the Human replied as the doors then opened, allowing the pair entry before closing behind them as the elevator then took them to the shuttle bay.

Fifteen minutes later and the two friends were sitting in the Shuttle heading for Earth, with the Human Prime piloting the craft while the Turian sat beside him.

"I have to Say Jack, I understand now why you take a Shuttle back to Earth, when usually you just use a ground-bridge whenever going planet-side elsewhere." the latter said as they looked out of the glass canopy ahead and saw the blue planet coming into view.

"Yeah, I mean it may only take seconds via ground-bridge, but then you miss out on a view like this." Jack replied while gesturing to Earth, which grew in size as they got closer to it, with North America clearly visible due to the minimum cloud cover over that region.

"Yes it is quite the view Jack, but in my opinion it doesn't beat Palaven." Garrus said back, gaining a lop-sided grin from the Darby.

"Would you say to Tali that Palaven is better than Rannoch?" he asked, making the Turian shake his head in return.

"No, I wouldn't. Again...shotgun. So I will just say that universally, everyone has a special place for their Home-world in their hearts."

"That's a very diplomatic answer Garrus, one that I would definitely agree with." Jack replied.

"Well I have learned to be more diplomatic since Tali and I started a relationship, but I wouldn't have her any other way." the Turian said back with a caring tone, which made Jack smile as he piloted the shuttle into Earth orbit, with the California coastline directly below them.

"I know what you mean, though it was opposite for me since Arcee was the one who learned to be diplomatic."

"Yeah, it's no wonder our better-halves have become such good friends since the Reaper War." Garrus replied.

"Well, we are going to be seeing them in just a few minutes. I am taking us down." the Prime said back, before making the Shuttle descend into Earth's atmosphere, passing down through the clouds until the pair could see the blue ocean and the coastline through the craft's glass canopy.

"There it is, home sweet home." Jack said while gesturing to the white house that lied next to the mile long beach, earning a nod from his Turian friend.

"And it looks like they are waiting for us." he observed as he saw two figures walking out of the house and down it's porch steps, earning a smile from the Human Prime as he recognised one of them as his blue-haired spark-mate.

"Landing now." he said with an enthusiastic tone, before turning the shuttle so that it's left side faced the house as it landed on the grass in front of the property.

"Opening hatch." Garrus replied as he pressed a button on the holo-interface before him, which caused the hatch just behind them to open and expose the Shuttle's interior to the cool ocean breeze.

"You took your time." a familiar female voice spoke from outside, which gained a gulp from the Turian as he and Jack both got up and walked over to the opened hatch. And it was then that both Men saw their Partners waiting for them outside, with Tali crossing her arms and her face mostly hidden by the visor of her enviro-suit which gave her an angry posture. But Arcee though just looked relaxed as she stared back at the Human Prime, making him mirror her expression as he and his friend exited the craft and walked over to them.

"Well? Why are you late Garrus?" the Quarian asked with a questioning tone, one that earned an embarrassed look from the Turian.

"I'm sorry Tali, but we were delayed by..." he started to say with a worried tone, which was cut off by his Wife suddenly pulling him into a loving embrace.

"I've missed you." she said back, gaining a sigh from him in return as he returned the hug.

"I've missed you too Tali, Shen too." he said as they hugged, while Jack Arcee returned their attention to each other, having just stopped to watch their friends reunion.

"Welcome home." the Femme said with a caring tone, her blue eyes meeting his before he then wrapped his arms around her as the two kissed. And as their lips met, the Spark-mates felt that same spark of electricity they felt all those years ago when they first kissed, before pulling back just enough to look back at one another.

"It's good to be back, though we would have been here sooner had Mercs not att..." the Darby started to say, only to be stopped by Arcee as she gently touched his lips with a finger.

"None of that matters to me Jack, just you being here is." she replied as her Man touched his forehead to hers affectionately.

"I have missed you terribly Arcee, it's good to have you n my arms again." he said back, which made the Femme's smile widen.

"I know what you mean, talking via a vid-link most nights just isn't the same."

"Well you and Orion have got me here for a few weeks before the Alliance can pull me back again..." he started to say, before looking around them curiously.

"...where is Orion anyway, I thought he might be here?" he asked, earning a gesture from Arcee in return as she pointed back to the house.

"Our Son is in the house with Shen and Nightracer, he did say that they would be out here to see you." she replied and as if on cue, a blue-haired fifteen-year old Lad, a similarly aged Turian and a black-haired Femme all stepped out of the door.

"Hey Dad, welcome back." the Son said as he walked up to his Father, who pulled away from his Spark-mate and gave the young Man a hug.

"Hey Orion, you been looking after your Mother while I've been away?" he asked, while Shen greeted his own Father behind them.

"Of course Dad..." he replied with a slightly uncomfortable tone, knowing that both his Mother and Nightracer were watching. The former was looking at them with a caring and proud expression, while the latter stared back with a amused smile. Jack noticed this and let go of his Son, giving him a knowing smile back.

"Okay, I'm not going to embarrass you any further Son." he said back, earning a confused look from Orion in return.

"Dad..?" he asked, which made the older Darby just nod ever so subtly towards Nightracer.

"…oh, I get it." the young Man added, before he started to walk over to the Femme.

"Wait, where you going?" Jack then asked as the Blue-haired Bot stopped by his friend, while Shen joined their side too.

"We are going to spend some time at the beach while we wait for Quickstrike to arrive with Uncle Ironhide and Aunt Chromia, so we will see you later at the party Dad." his Son replied as the three then left, with the four adults to watch them go.

"There used to be a time when he would not leave my side after I got back from an assignment." the Human Prime said with a bemused tone and expression, which brought a slight smile to Arcee's face as she joined his side, taking his hand in her own and sighing comfortably.

"It's called growing up Jack, our Son is slowly out-growing us." she replied, gaining nods from both Garrus and Tali.

"Tell me about it, we are having a similar experience with Shen." the Turian said, while a curious expression appeared on the blue-haired Femme's face, having noticed Nightracer and her Son holding hands as they walked down towards the white sandy beach.

"Though I think I am starting to see why he wanted to go to the beach now…" she began to say with a questioning tone, which made Jack gently squeeze her hand and regain her attention as he picked up his bag off the floor.

"Anyway, let's leave the young ones to it and go inside shall we." he said, earning a nod from his Spark-mate as the pair turned around and headed for the House with their friends behind them.

Once inside, Garrus and Tali headed upstairs to the guest room leaving Jack and Arcee to relax on the sofa as he dropped his bag beside him, before draping his arm around his Spark-mate's neck and holding her close as they look at the warm glow of the fire-place in front of them.

"Hmm…it's so good to have you home Jack, I could definitely get used to this." she said in a relaxing tone as she rested her head against his arm and stared into the fire, watching the flames dance over it's burning logs.

"So could I…" he began to say, which brought a curious expression to the Femme's face as she turned her face to his.

"Why do I sense a 'but' coming in any second now?" she asked, which stopped him in mid-sentence.

"…but, as long as I wear this…" he continued to say, while gesturing to the Matrix-Crystal that was hanging around his neck.

"…I'm afraid that I will only be able to stay for short intervals at a time." he finished, which made Arcee's expression turn to slight disappointment as she nodded back.

"I know, so I guess we should not waste a second of the time we do get together." the Femme replied, which brought a lopsided smile to the Human's face as he gave her a knowing look.

"I could not agree more." he said back while leaning in close to his Spark-mate.

"Jack Darby, what do you think you are doing..?" Arcee asked as she pulled away slightly, which made the Prime's smile widen as a shocked expression appear on her face as it dawned on her.

" cannot be thinking of doing what I think you want to do, not while we have guests under our roof." she said back, which brought an honest smile to his face.

"No of course not, but kissing isn't out of the question is it? I mean you did say we shouldn't waste a second of the time given to us." Jack said back, bringing a smile to the Femme's face as she quickly glanced towards the stairs before looking back at him lovingly.

"I did, didn't I…" she started to say as she leaned in close to her Spark-mate, who could feel her breath on his skin before they kissed and wrapped their arms around each other in an embrace.

But just as the pair began to enjoy themselves, the Human Prime's holo-tool activated and gained their attention, making them pull away enough for Jack to look at his device.

"Well isn't that our luck." Arcee said with a slightly disappointed tone as she relaxed beside him, while her Spark-mate pressed a button on his holo-interface and brought up a holo-screen.

"I forgot that my computer here would begin uploading reports and articles to my holo-tool not long after entering the house…" he started to reply while looking at the list that scrolled down before his eyes, until one in particular caught his attention.

"…wait, have you seen this?" he then asked while stopping the list at one report, which made Arcee look and read it's title.

"Orion's newest school Report, no I haven't. I've been busy with Tali and have not had a chance to check our mail yet." she said back, before Jack then tapped the report and made it fill the holo-screen.

"Well then, let's see how our Son has be doing at School this past year." he then said as the pair settled down on the sofa and started reading the text before them, only for the older Darby eyes to widen as he came to it's grades section.

"Wait, these are not as good as last years ones…" he started to say with a disappointed tone while comparing them with last year's ones, a concerned look appearing on his face as he turned to the Femme.

"…has he said anything to you during this year?" Jack asked, making his Spark-mate shake her head in return as her face mirrored his.

"Orion would say that school is just fine, so I assumed it was. I mean he has been getting good grades every other year."

"I know that…" the Human Prime started to say, only for his own thoughts to cut him off.

'Orion can't be allowed to lose focus, not with the destiny that lies before him.' he thought, which made him stop and look at the fire-place in a trance-like stare. Arcee noticed this and waved her hand in front of his face, regaining her Spark-Mate's attention.

"…what, what is it?" he replied with a confused tone and look, earning a concerned expression from the blue-haired Femme in return.

"You alright Jack? You just stopped talking and began staring into the fire, almost like you were hypnotised." she said back, which made Jack shake his head and give her a reassuring look.

"…No, no. I am fine, just a little tired I guess." He replied with a slight smile, which lessened the concern on Arcee's face in response.

"Okay, so what do you want to about Orion's grades dropping?"

"I should have a chat with him, get him back on track with his school work." the older Darby replied as he started to get up from the Sofa, only for his Spark-mate to stop him as they heard what sounded like a Shuttle passing over the house closely.

"That will have to wait…" she began to say while standing up, a smile appearing on her face as she looked down at him.

"…since I am guessing that's Chromia and her family arriving outside." the Femme added with a hopeful tone, before Garrus and Tali walked down the stairs and saw them.

"Hey guys, Chromia, Ironhide and Quickstrike are here. Let's go and greet them." the Turian said in an enthusiastic tone as he and his Quarian Partner held hands as they entered the hallway, gaining a smile from Arcee as she looked back at them.

"We'll be right there…" she started to say, before returning her attention to Jack.

"…come on Jack, let's go and enjoy everyone's company and then afterwards, you, Orion and I can have a family discussion about his school grades." she said in a caring and gentle tone as she held her hand out to him, which brought a smile to the Human Prime's face as he looked into her eyes and took her hand in his own.

"Yeah, we can do that…" he replied while standing up beside her, before the pair walked hand in hand out of the lounge and joined their friends outside on the porch as Chromia's Shuttle landed beside theirs.

"I love you Arcee." he then gently whispered in to his Spark-mate's ear as they waved at the new arrivals, making the Femme blush slightly as she looked back at him lovingly.

"I love you too Jack."


Meanwhile there was a sudden flash of light, causing Orion to open his eyes and immediately take in his surroundings with a confused look on his face. For the blue-haired Bot found himself in a dimly lit room, lying in bed with a thin duvet sheet covering the lower-half of his body up to his stomach.

'Where am…' he started to think before glancing hearing a steady and soft breaths coming from his right, making him glance over to see the slender form of an Asari sleeping beside him with the same duvet draped over her waist and exposing her blue back to him.

'…Liara!' he added with confusion clouding his mind as he took a second look around the room, noticing that he was actually in their bedroom, which sparked his memory as he sighed and sunk his head back into the soft puffy pillow.

'Okay, that was one hell of a dream...' he started to think to himself while listening to the sound of his Wife sleeping peacefully next to him, but this soon stopped as something dawned on him and made Orion's eyes widen slightly in return.

'…wait, what was it that happened again?' the Darby thought while trying to remember the details of the dream he had just experienced, only to come up blank.

'I could have sworn that I remembered it all as I woke up…' he added before a sound from outside suddenly caught his attention and made the Bot look over to the window, which was covered by the dark blue curtains. This earned a curious look from the Prime as he slowly pulled the duvet off him and got out of bed, doing his best not to disturb Liara. But as he moved his legs over the edge of the bed, he looked back over his shoulder and saw that she was still asleep, which brought a slight smile to his face.

'Nothing would make me want to wake her right now.' he thought before returning his focus to the window as he stood up and walked over to it, then reaching out and pulling the left curtain away to reveal the window and the view beyond it.

'I don't see anything…' he started to think as he looked out at their view of the coastline, which was basked in white light coming from the full Moon that was present in the cloudless night sky. But Orion was quickly cut off as a Bat suddenly flew up into view as it passed by, making the Bot flinch as it surprised him.

'What the hell!' he thought before taking a deep breath and calming himself, which made him sigh and smirk as he shook his head.

"Orion, are you alright?" a familiar voice suddenly spoke up from behind the blue-haired Man, which made his eyes widen as he turned around to see Liara sitting up and looking back at him with a curious expression.

"Yeah… it was just a Bat." he said back with a smile, trying to hide the embarrassment he now felt. But the Asari merely cocked her head and looked back at him with a knowing smile, one that he knew saw straight through his act.

"Oh really, then I want to see it too." she said before getting up out of the bed, revealing the white silk nightdress that showed off her athletic figure as she walked around the bed to his side.

"You don't need to get up, it's already gone." the Bot replied while gesturing to the window, but Liara ignored his hollow plea as she gently brushed past him, with her exposed blue skin touch his own bare chest as she looked out of the window. It felt like electricity to the Bot and instantly made his Spark warm, making the Prime sigh as he turned to look out of the window with her.

"Well since this Bat managed to lure you from our bed, then it's only right that I find out if it is competition for me." Liara replied with a teasing tone, one that brought a smile to the Bot's face as he blushed a little.

"You don't have competition Liara." he said back as he looked lovingly back at her, which made her smile widen as she turned her attention to him and saw his slightly red face.

"I know…"

The Asari then looked back out of the window, as did her Husband while he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"It's a nice night, not a cloud in the sky." she observed, gaining a nod from the Bot in return.

"Yes it is, nothing but the Moon and the stars shining down upon us." he replied before the pair just continued to stare up to the sky, but then Liara turned her attention to Orion and gave him a curious look.

"So...going to come back to bed now?" she asked with an inquisitive smile, only for the Bot to shake his head gently in return.

"Not right now, since I don't feel tired." he said back, which brought a confused look to the Asari's face.

"But you were only…" she began to reply while turning her attention to the holo-clock that sat on the night-table beside his side of the bed, noticing that it said Twelve Thirty Two.

"…an hour ago, we went to bed an hour ago and you're not tired now?" Liara continued with a confused tone, which made the blue-haired Bot shrug his shoulders.

"I can't explain it…" he started to say back as his Wife returned her gaze to his own, noticing a thoughtful expression upon his handsome face.

"…but I did have the most strangest dream."

"A dream? What was it about?" the Asari then asked with a curious tone as the pair stood beside the window, while her Husband shook his head gently in response.

"That's the thing, I don't remember. I mean when I woke up, it was clear in my mind...or at least it felt so. But then in just a moment, it was gone." Orion replied with a tinge of frustration in his voice, which made Liara put her arms place her hands on his arms and look him in the eye.

"Perhaps if we meld, I can help you remember it or at least some of it's details?" she then asked with a caring tone, but the Prime gave her gave her a loving smile in return as he looked back at her.

"I appreciate the offer Liara, but it won't be necessary. It was just a dream after all…" he said back while looking over to the bed, which made the Asari do the same.

"…and you should get back to sleep, since we do have a busy day tomorrow." the blue-haired Bot added, making her look back with a knowing smile.

"Yes, but that means you too. I do not think Quickstrike and Ser-Ket would be impressed when they arrive tomorrow and see that you are half-asleep, do you?" she replied, which brought a defeated slight-smile to Orion's face as he sighed.

"Yeah, you win." he replied with a slightly sheepish tone , making her smile widen as she stared into his eyes.

"I always win Orion, now come on back to bed. You can hold me until we both fall to sleep." she said back while gently squeezing his hand, making the Bot smile back as she led him back to the bed.

"Liara, I can't think of anything I would want to do more." Orion said back with a loving tone as he smiled back, before the Asari then led him back to the bed.

But just before the pair could get under the duvet once more, a baby's crying could suddenly be heard outside their room. This gained a sigh from Liara as she sat on the bed while holding a part of the duvet in her hands, while the Prime gave her a knowing look.

"I guess Myra's diaper needs changing…" he started to say, only for the Asari to cut him off as she nodded back in return.

"Yeah, it's my turn too." she replied while starting to get off the bed, only for the blue-haired Bot to stop her by placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah it is, but I'll take of it this time." he replied with caring tone, making his Wife look up at him as he stood over her.

"You sure? You're never usually volunteer when it's not already your turn." she said back with an unconvinced tone, which made the Prime nod back.

"That is true. But you're tired right now, so I'll cover for you."

Liara simply smiled back knowingly, before lying back down and pulling the duvet over her body once again.

"Alright then, thank you Orion…" she began to say back, while her Husband turned around and headed for the door.

"…have fun." the Asari added as he grabbed the door handle and started to open the door, only to stop halfway through the action and look back at her as a cautious look appeared on his face.

"Is it too late for me to change my mind?" Orion asked, remembering the 'not-so-fun' times he has already had with changing his Daughter's diapers. But Liara just turned on her side, resting her head on her hand as she smiled at him.

"Yes it is, now go on." she replied with a teasing tone, which made the Bot sigh and shrug his shoulders in defeat as he opened the door fully.

"Okay…" he said back before walking into the corridor and gently closing the door behind him.

The Prime did not have to walk far to his Daughter's room, since it's door was directly on his right as he stopped and took a breath before opening the door and entering. The room was dimly lit by it's wall-lamps, with one positioned in the middle of three of the four walls that made up the room. It was enough light for the Bot to see what was in there without waking up Myra, with Orion walking directly to the cot that stood in it's center as it's tiny blue occupant continued to cry loudly.

"Hey Myra, it's okay..." the Prime said softly while gently picking up the infant Asari out of her cot, before cradling her in his arms.

"...Daddy's here, my little Princess." he added while suddenly little-Myra started to calm down, as though just being held by him was enough. The blue-haired Bot then smiled as he looked down at the baby in his arms, watching as she completely stopped crying and stared back at him with what could only be described as a curious expression.

"Okay...that was fast...?" he then started to say, before noticing that his Daughter's diaper was bone dry and also did not feel full of anything either.

" didn't leave me a surprise either..." Orion continued with a questioning and yet caring tone, while little-Myra just kept her blue eyes on him.

"...and you don't have a fever." he added while placing his hand on his Daughter's forehead, noticing that her temperature was fine. He then noticed the little-Asari watching his hand like a hawk as he pulled it away, which then made him move it left to right as he observed her eyes focusing on his appendage like a hawk.

"Did you just want mine and your Mother's attention?" he then asked, which regained the Baby's attention as she stared back at him with what could only be described as a look of innocence. This brought a smile to the Prime's face, one that was mirrored by Myra as she copied her Father.

"You did, didn't you…" Orion then said before he then started to tickle his baby-girl's stomach, earning the most cutest giggle from the small-Asari as his smile widened even more. But then he stopped and just held her in his arms, looking down with a loving stare as he watched the little Asari start to pant a little after giggling.

…well you don't ever have to worry little Princess, because you will always have mine and your Mother's attention…that's a promise." the Bot continued with a caring tone, while the Baby just looked back up at him curiously.

"So…" the Autobot Leader started to say, looking around the room before returning his focus to Myra.

"…you're tired, right?"

This gained a cute yet blank expression from the little-Asari as she looked up at him.

"…yeah, me neither." he added before his eyes fell on the crib-mobile that was hanging directly over his Daughter's cot, which brought another smile to his face as he saw the different ships that hung from it.

"So I guess I will tell you a story then." Orion said as he then put little-Myra back down in her bed and draped her soft blue bed-sheet over her tiny body, while she grabbed at one of his hands playfully.

'She does have quite a grip, especially for an Asari that's just over six months old.' he thought affectionately, before she then tried to stick one of his fingers in her mouth to suck.

'Ah…no, that's not your dummy Myra.' he thought before gently releasing his hand from hers and picking up the dummy lying beside her head, instead placing that in her mouth. His Daughter then started to suck on that instead, looking even more adorable in her Father's eyes as he then disconnected two toy ships from the mobile, with one looking like the Normandy and the other similar to a Merc Cruiser.

"You see Myra, the last time I was work…three days ago, my ship…the Normandy…" he started to say while gesturing to the Frigate in his right hand, which the little Asari looked up at and smiled from behind her dummy.

"…was ambushed by a Merc Cruiser with a cloaking device…" he continued while playing with both ships, bringing the enemy ship up behind the Normandy.

"…and in their first attack, damaged us and injured Jetstorm, our pilot and my friend."

The little Myra just kept her eyes focused on her Father as he moved the ships around overhead, completely enamoured with everything he did with them.

"So I took over the controls while he was looked after by Quickstrike and Ser-Ket, pulling the Normandy into a loop and getting in behind the enemy…" he described while showing the move to his young audience.

"…before then firing a spread of torpedoes into it and…" he then began to add, before a very familiar voice cut him off.

"…completely destroying the enemy and saving the Normandy."

This made Orion almost jump out of his skin, accidentally knocking the mobile and making his Daughter spit out her dummy as she giggled once again.

"Liara…I didn't know you were…, how long were you standing there?" he asked with an embarrassed tone to his voice, which made the adult Asari's smile widen in return as their Daughter continued to giggle while watching the ships moving around in the mobile overhead.

"Long enough…" Liara replied as she walked into the room and joined his side, before looking down at their baby.

"…this doesn't look like diaper changing to me." the blue-Woman added with a smile as she looked down at little-Myra, who calmed down and stared back up at her Mother with a smile, while Orion then fumbled through refitting the toy-ships to the mobile.

"…Yes well, Myra just wanted some attention…no diaper change needed." he said back, earning a knowing glance from his bond-mate.

"You do realise that goes against the very reason we moved Myra into her own room, so that she could get used to us not being around all the time." Liara replied, earning a lop-sided grin from the Prime as he shrugged his shoulders.

"What can I say, when my little Princess needs me…I come running."

This made the Asari's smile widen as she sighed in response.

"I know what you mean, but still I think we should let our Daughter get some sleep." she said back.

"Yeah, in fact I think Myra agrees too." he said back with a smile while gesturing to the baby-Asari, who gave off the most adorable little yawn as her eye-lids became heavy. This brought a similar expression to Liara's face as she then bent over the cot and kissed her daughter's forehead, gaining another slight giggle from the little one as her tiredness started to take hold.

"Good night my sweet little Angel." she said softly, before standing up straight once more and looking back at her Husband who stared down at Myra lovingly.

"We should get some sleep too, don't you think?" she asked, which made the Bot nod back as he returned his attention to her.

"You won't get any…" Orion started to say back, before a yawn worked it's way out of his mouth.

"…argument out of me." he then finished as another embarrassed look befell his face, which only made the Asari stare back affectionately as she held her hand out to him.

"Let's go back to bed then." she said with an alluring tone, gaining a slight smile back from the Prime as he took her hand in his before looking back down at his baby-girl one last time.

"Good night Myra, sweet dreams my little princess." he said before both he and Liara then left the room as the little-one's eyes closed and sleep took her once more.

Once back in the corridor, Orion gently and slowly closed the door so that he would not wake his now sleeping Daughter. But when he then turned back to Liara, a curious expression appeared on his face as he noticed a thoughtful look upon her own.

"Liara, what is it?" he asked in soft tone, which snapped the Asari out of her thoughts as her eyes met his once again.

"I can't help but wonder what kind of person our little girl will become in the future or what she will have to deal with, don't you?" she asked, which made the Bot smile back affectionately.

"Yeah, of course I do. I think that's a given for any parent, no matter where who they are or what part of the galaxy they are from…" he started to say, which made his Wife nod back.

"…but if she is anything like you, Myra will grow up to be a strong and independent Woman." he continued as the pair looked into each other's eyes lovingly.

"Well…I think that she won't just be like me, because she should be somewhat like you too." she said back, while a thoughtful smile appeared on the Bot's face as stared back at her.

"What?" she then asked back curiously, which made the blue-haired Prime look to ground as he sighed happily.

"I don't know why…" he started to say before looking back at the door to his Daughter's room, which made Liara do the same as she followed his action.

"…but I have a feeling that our daughter will be just fine."

"Okay, you do know that I am still going to ask how you know that?" she said back with a slightly unsure tone, to which Orion simply shook his head gently in response as the pair then entered their own room.

"I did say I didn't know how, but what I do know is…" he started to say as he closed the door gently behind them, before looking back at his Wife with a confident smile.

"…that no matter what life throws at you, or how bad things can get…in the end things do work out."

"And you 'feel' that Myra is going to be alright?" Liara then asked with a curious tone as she sat on her side of the bed, while the Prime joined her on his side.

"I can't explain it, but yeah I do. No matter what our little girl goes through in life, she will be just fine in the end." he replied with a confident tone, which brought a smile to the Asari's face as she looked into his eyes.

"If you believe that, then so do I..." she said as the pair then lied down, with the Bot pulling the duvet over them before his wife wrapped her arms around him.

"…I love you Orion Darby." she added as he mirrored her action and pulled her into an embrace as they relaxed in their bed and kissed.

"I love you too Liara Darby." the Prime then replied before the couple then lied in each others arms and fell asleep.


Elsewhere in time, Myra found herself surrounded by a bright white light which was almost blinding to her as she stood there in it's intense shine. But before the Prime could start to fathom exactly where she was, a familiar voice spoke out and echoed around her.

"Wherever you are Myra…good luck."

'Kat!' the Asari thought as her eyes widened as she recognised the voice of her lover, making Myra turn around in an attempt to pinpoint the direction that the Human had spoken from. But unfortunately the blue-Woman had to squint and cover her eyes, for the light's intensity was too much to handle.

'How do I find Kat..?' the Prime started to think before the white light suddenly brightened even more, completely bathing her armoured body in light as it encompassed her fully. But as the Myra kept her eyes covered by her hands, she suddenly heard another familiar voice speak up in front of her.


This made the Asari remove her hands from her eyes and look directly before her to find none other than Sharptooth and his Dinobots standing just above her, looking back with surprised stares.

"What…?" Myra began to ask with a similar tone and look, before noticing that she was still in her Prime-Armour and was standing in the crater where she had defeated Vasir, in the exact same spot as a matter of fact. But before the young Darby could even say another word, another far more familiar voice spoke up from behind her.


This made the Prime's eyes widen as she immediately turned around to see Kat standing beside the unconscious form of the Leviathan Leader, but the Asari just kept her eyes focused on the Human Woman who gave her an affectionate smile back as she looked her up and down.

"…you're back...and your okay." she added with a mixture of relief and confusion, while Myra started to walk up to her. But before anything else could be said, the blue-Woman pulled her lover into an embrace and kissed her, surprising everyone there as they watched as they watched the pair in wide-eyed shock. Even Kat was surprised, but only for a second before she returned the kiss and embrace in kind as their lips remained locked together as they forgot about the world around themselves and focused on each other.

"Don't they need to breath at some point?" Slash asked with a curious tone to his friends, earning an eye roll from Strafe, while their leader and Scorn ignored them and kept their attention on the two Women.

"Sorry about that…" Myra then said as the lovers pulled away just enough to look into each others eyes while remaining in their embrace, which made Shepard smirk back as she cut the Asari off.

"Sorry for what, that was perfect." she replied, causing the Prime to blush slightly in return.

"Thanks…but when I saw you, I just wanted to have you in my arms again…I feel like it has been an eternity since I last saw you."

"Really, but you only disappeared for a moment and then you were back…where did you go?" Kat asked with a curious tone and look, gaining a sigh from the Asari in return.

"It's a long story, but I will tell you everything later…I promise." she replied, which earned a nod from the Human Woman.

"Okay, I'm just glad that you alright."

Myra then stepped back and looked down at her gauntlets, which suddenly retracted back into her armoured forearms as if on some sub-conscious command from the Asari and revealed her healthy blue-skinned hands once more.

"Yeah, I guess the Matrix's light healed me and removed all trace of the virus." she said back before returning her attention to Kat, who was looking at her Lover's Prime Armour.

"And I have to say, you do look really good in that too." the young Shepard replied, making Myra's cheeks blush a little once more as she gently chuckled in return.

"Thanks, but I don't think Primus's remnant inside this Matrix had that in mind when the Armour was created." she said back while touching the center of her chest-plate, gesturing to the relic's location on her person.

"Glad to see you're back Myra, looking good as well." Sharptooth then said, gaining the pair's attention as the Asari gave him an appreciative smile.

"Thanks." she replied, before the Dinobot Leader then gestured to the unconscious Vasir lying at their feet.

"So what should we do with her?" he then asked, making both Myra and Kat look down at their defeated enemy.

"Let's get a Biotic dampner around Vasir's neck and make sure she is properly restrained..." the Prime began to say before being cut off as a Ground-Bridge portal appeared just away from the group, gaining their attention as they turned to see Vraz and several security officers and Medics exit the portal.

"Commander, it's good to see you are alright...considering how Omega Supreme looks right now." Sharptooth said, earning a nod from the Bot as he and his team joined them."

"Yes, we were lucky that Leviathan was deactivated when it was." he replied, which made Strafe gesture to the Asari who was still standing in the crater with Kat, who was connecting the dampner to Vasir's neck.

"Well the person to thank for that is standing just over there." the Dinobot-Femme added, gaining an understanding smile from the Autobot as turned his attention to the young Darby.

"Yes..." he began to say back, taking note of her new Prime-Armour as he joined the two Woman in the crater.

"...I think everyone knows who is our saviour today...Myra Prime." he then added while stopping directly in front of the Asari and saluted her, making the new Prime blush a little with embarrassment in return.

"Please, you don't have to do that for me." she said back with a humble tone, which only made Vraz shake his head as his smile widened a little more.

"But I do...we all do now, since the Morning Hope has kept a sensor lock on this area and broadcasted the events here to not only us on Omega Supreme, but to every ship in orbit as well..."

This earned surprised looks from the group as he continued to speak, with the Dinobots, Myra and Kat all keeping their attention solely on him.

"...and they all know that the Matrix has chosen a new Prime." he finished, his last sentence making Myra take a deep breath and sigh as those words hit her.

"So, what are your orders Myra Prime?" Vraz then asked, gaining a wide-eyed stare from the blue-Woman in response.

"Excuse me...?" she said back with a surprised tone, which made Kat stand beside her and take her hand in her own, gently squeezing it affectionately. This made the Asari smile slightly as she glanced at the ground for a second.

'Thanks Kat.' she thought while returning the gesture, before looking back at Vraz.

"Well...our laws dictate as soon as a new Prime has been chosen, he or she will immediately take over as Commander of the Autobots and join the ISF Senate. These laws were put together by your Grandfather over five hundred years ago, with your Father doing the same when the Matrix was passed to him. The Senate will meet you in New Iacon, where they are putting together quite the celebration for you I understand." he added, bringing the surprised expression back to Myra's face once more.

"Wait, they already know?" she asked, which made the Bot nod back happily.

"Of course. The Morning Hope also sent the footage to the Senate, who I believe then broadcast it around the entire fact I would not be surprised to hear that the entire Federation hasn't heard the news by now, with Vasir's defeat and a new Prime being chosen." he replied as Kat smiled at her Asari, who looked back at the ground in shock.

"Good news travels fast, huh." the Wrecker said as she gently bumped her upper arm against the other's, gaining the Prime's attention as she looked back to her.

"I guess it does..." she replied with disbelief still underlining her words, before returning her attention to the Autobot.

" we are going to the Morning Hope, right?" she then asked with a breath, calming herself a little as she tried to regain some self control in front of everyone.

"Yes, It has been handed temporary Autobot Flagship status due to what happened to Omega Supreme and awaits your arrival. The Eudora too has docked with the cruiser, so Evac and Tolae are waiting for you too."

"Okay then..." Myra began to say as she glanced over to see two of the Security Officers pick up the still unconscious Vasir, watching for a second as they then carried her towards the swirling green vortex before returning her gaze to Vraz.

"...let's go." she said, earning a nod from the Bot.

"Then please follow me...Myra Prime..." he began to say, only to be cut off by the Asari as she raised a hand slightly.

"I just want you to know that as a friend, you can still just call me Myra, the same as my close friends and family. But name is now Mira Prime." she explained, which made the Commander nod back with an understanding expression.

"Mira Prime, okay I will let the Senate know Myra." he said back before starting for the portal, with the Prime, Kat and the others following. But Slash looked at the Asari with a confused expression, which did not go unnoticed by her.

"Wait a second, Myra and Mira both sound virtually identical. So why bother with a name change at all...Prime?" he asked with an unsure tone, bringing a knowing smile to the Darby's face.

"I don't have a clue, but are you really going to question the will of the Matrix?" she asked back, making the Bot look at the slightly raised silver Autobot emblem on her chest-plate.

", of course not." he answered back as he returned his stare to her face, bringing smiles to both Kat and Strafe's faces as the shook their heads in return.

"What about Omega Supreme, Vraz...?" Sharptooth then asked, making the Autobot turn and look back at the Dinobot.

" just going to leave him here in the desert?"

"No Sharptooth, Omega is severally damaged but still salvageable." he replied, which brought a smirk to Scorn's face.

"Tough little Autobot." he replied with a chuckle, which brought Vraz's attention to him as the Commander gave him a puzzled look.

"...little?" he asked back while looking between the Dinobot and the massive Autobot Guardian, who was lying on the desert floor away from them.

"Well...yeah, he is little when you compare him to the former City-Bot standing just over here." Scorn replied as he gestured to the dormant behemoth towering over them. But this just earned a happy sigh from Myra, while she walked hand in hand with Kat towards the Ground-bridge portal.

"Come on guys, let's go." she said back, which gained nods from both Bots as they quickly followed her and the others into the swirling energy vortex that quickly closed behind them.

A few moments later and the group were standing in front of an empty cell aboard the Morning Hope, while their enemy was escorted by two Autobots towards them.

"So where are you going to hold Vasir?" Myra asked as she, Kat and the Dinobots watched while Vraz's soldiers walked the former Leviathan Leader into her cell. There was only one seat, a bed and a toilet to greet her as she silently sat down on the former, before the Autobots locked her handcuffs to the seat and left. They then activated the door's energy field, sealing her in as she uncharacteristically remained silent and stared down at the floor with a defeated expression.

"She is going to be transferred to the Gravitron Prison we have built in the Hades Nexus, which is safely orbiting the local Quantum Singularity..." the Commander began to reply, only for Kat to interrupt him.

"So the ISF finally made use of the sensor readings the Normandy took of the Quintesson planet over five hundred years ago." she asked with a curious expression, which gained similar stares from everyone there in return.

"What? I remember hearing about that project before leaving the Wreckers." she began to say, before looking back at Myra with an affectionate and confident face.

", I know my history." she added with a wink, which made the Asari smirk back.

"Yes Kat, we did. But it was not like our scientists were sitting on the data for over half a millennium, we simply did not have a power-source strong enough to keep any station we built in orbit around any kind strong gravitational anomaly…let alone a black hole." Vraz replied, before the Prime looked at him with a knowing look.

"That is until the Synthetic Energon formula was stabilised, isn't that right Commander." she said back, earning a nod from the Autobot.

"That is correct Prime, the completion of the Synthergon formula has proven to be a godsend for the Inter-Stellar Federation…" he started to say while she, Kat and the Dinobots listened. But then everyone's attention was caught by Slash sighing as he stared at Vasir with a disinterested expression.

"Are we done here?"

Myra looked back at her adversary and nodded in return, for her defeated adversary really did look beaten as she simply sat there in silence and continued to keep her attention away from those watching her, staring down at the floor with a blank face.

"Yes, we are done here Slash. I can take comfort in the knowledge that she will never again pose a threat to anyone ever again…and she knows it too..." she replied with a confident tone, before looking back at Vraz.

"…how is the permanent Biotic Dampner performing?" she then asked, which made the Autobot activate his holo-tool and look at the readings on it's screen.

"Everything is in the green, the device is working at a hundred percent." the Commander answered, making Kat look at the screen with a curious expression.

"Vasir will be unable to remove it?"

"No, the permanent dampner has been made in a way that once it is locked around a Biotic's neck, it can never be removed, not by her, not by any Autobot….not by anybody. She is now powerless…" he was in the middle of saying, before the Prime smirked and cut him off.

"It's like I just said, Vasir will no longer pose a threat to anyone ever again. She has no abilities, no power, no allies...nothing. She can look forward to nothing more than living the rest of her life in a cell with 'nothing'.." the Asari said, only for her Human Lover to finish her words.

"Which is as far removed from what she was trying to achieve, making her live with her failure."

"Exactly…" Myra then replied with a nod, before taking one final look at the former Leviathan Leader.

"…and I think I have spent more than enough time on her now, so let's get out of here." she added, which made Vraz and the others nod back, with the Commander looking back at the two soldiers who stood at either side of her cell door.

"Close it up, we are leaving." he commanded, gaining a salute from the one standing on the left. Before he turned to the control panel behind him, only to stop as Vasir looked up at Myra and spoke.

"You may think you are done with me Myra, but I will always be on your mind." she said, gaining everyone's attention as they turned and looked back at her. But the Prime simply stared back with a disinterested expression as she shook her head.

"No you won't be, because I have far more to live for now…" the younger Asari started to say, before glancing at Kat and then back to Vasir, which did not go unnoticed by the Human who smirked in response.

"…and I will no longer waste another moment or thought on you." she added before turning away and walking off, quickly followed by the others as the soldier then continued with his task as he activated the door control. This earned a surprised and almost hurt expression from the former Leviathan Leader as she stared out at them, before the thick metal door slid down over the energy barrier and sealed her away.


"So now that we have dealt with that little matter, what's next is on the agenda?" Myra asked as she and the others walked through one of the Morning Hope's many identical corridors, making their way to the Cruiser's CIC as they passed numerous crewmen who would all stop and salute the Prime.

'I don't know if I will ever get used to that.' she thought while trying to hide her embarrassment and slight annoyance, but this gained Kat's attention as she saw through the Asari's act and so slipped her hand into the blue-Woman's and gently squeezed it as Vraz began to speak.

"Well Prime, once the fleet has completed it's repairs…" he began to say, before looking at his holo-tool as the two lovers sneaked affectionate glances at each other.

"…which should be inside of the next hour, we will be setting course for New Iacon…" he then continued, only for the Prime to cut him off as she nodded back with an understanding if nervous look.

"Ah yes, the celebration." she said back, earning a smile from the Commander as he returned his attention to her.

"It is going to be quite the celebration, the first real party in five hundred years that everyone in the Federation will be able to enjoy." the Autobot said back, which brought smiles to the Dinobots faces as the group stopped by the nearby elevator.

"Well in that case, we should get ourselves ready for it…since we Dinobots have quite the reputation at parties." Sharptooth said, making Myra, Vraz and Kat stop and look back at them curiously.

"Seriously?" the Wrecker asked with smirk, gaining nods from Slash and Scorn while Strafe simply rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, the original Dinobots were quite the party crashers back in the day." Scorn replied enthusiastically, making the Femme sigh.

"It's true, no party was complete without Grimlock or one of his team trashing something in the name of fun." she added, which earned a cautious smile from Vraz in return.

"Well, at least stay in your best behaviour…at least until the party actually starts." he said, gaining smiles from the Dinobots as the elevator door opened and they entered it.

"No promises Commander…Prime." Sharptooth then teased before the door closed behind them, leaving Myra and Kat with the Autobot.

"Dinobots…" he sighed before his attention was caught by his com-link activating, while the Asari and Human smirked at each other.

"Commander Vraz, go ahead…they are…okay, we will meet them there…Vraz out." he replied while tapping a key on the Elevator's control panel, which made the Woman give him a curious stare.

"Alright, change of plans…we are not going to the CIC." he said in a cryptic tone as the door opened to reveal an empty elevator awaiting them, before gesturing to the pair to enter.

"Why? Where are you going to take us now?" Myra asked, to which the Commander would only smile back.

"You'll see, come on." he said before entering the elevator, with the pair following him as the elevator door closed behind them.

A moment later and the elevator door opened, making Myra and Kat smile as they saw Evac and Tolae waiting for them.

"Hey guys." the Pilot said with a lop-sided grin as the pair walked out of the elevator and approached the couple, while Vraz watched with a smile on his face.

"It's good to see you." the Prime said in a happy tone as she pulled the Bot into an embrace, while Kat gave the Ardat-Yakshi a warm hug in return.

"And you…" Evac replied before they pulled away, allowing him to look at his friend's new armour.

"…but should I actually salute you now?" he then asked with a cheeky tone, which made Myra shake her head as she chuckled to herself.

"No, that won't be necessary Evac."

"I like your new armour?" Tolae then said, gaining Myra's attention.

"Thanks…" she started to reply, before glancing down at the armour with a disbelieving expression.

"…though I still think I am dreaming right now."

This earned a smile from Kat who placed her hand on her Lover's armoured shoulder, making the Asari look over to her.

"Well I have an idea on how we can solve that little predicament…" she began to say, earning a questioning smile from Myra.


"…take off the armour and I'll show you." the Human Wrecker added, gaining curious looks from their friends in return.

"And how do you do that?" Tolae asked, which brought a knowing expression to the Prime's face as she looked around at them.

"Well if I remember correctly, my Father said that he could control his Prime Armour by just thinking what he wanted it to do, so let's see…" she then began to explain, before a thoughtful look appeared on her face.

'Right arm retract.' she then thought which the armour automatically obeyed, with the pieces covering her entire arm and hand receding up to her shoulder, exposing her blue skinned arm to the others as they watched with wide-eyed interest.

"Wow, that is impressive." Evac replied, earning nods from both Vraz and Tolae as Myra smirked at what she had done.

"So what did you have planned Kat…?" the Prime then began to say as she looked over to Kat, only to be cut off as the young Shepard pinched her forearm.

"Ouch!" the Asari replied with a slightly annoyed tone and look, gaining an affectionate smile from the Human, one that eroded her lover's frustration almost instantly.

'Damn, it's impossible for me to stay annoyed at her.' she thought as a smile appeared on her face while sighing, while the Human Woman affectionately rubbed her arm.

"Well I guess that proves it's no dream Myra…" she started to reply, gaining a unified chuckle from the others as the Asari's cheeks reddened slightly in embarrassment as her armour then re-covered her arm once more. But just as she was about to say something else, the Wrecker's attention was caught by the appearance of someone who just came round the corner at one end of the corridor, which was directly behind Myra as she smiled. This did not go unnoticed by the Prime, which made her look at her Lover with a curious smile.

"What is it?" she asked, regaining Kat's attention as her smile widened a little more.

"I think you should look for yourself." the Human Woman replied, before gesturing to look behind her. This made the young Darby look behind her, before her eyes widened at who she saw.

"Hello Myra." a familiar voice spoke, which made the Asari's smile widen in return. For Myra found herself staring at Ser-Ket who was sitting in a hover-chair directly in front of her.

"Aunt Ser-Ket..!" she exclaimed happily while rushing to the former-Predacon's side, kneeling down in front of her as the older Woman took her hand in her own.

"It's good to see you." Ser-Ket replied, gaining a nod from her Niece as she gently squeezed her hand affectionately.

"And you, though I was not expecting you to be up and around yet." Myra said back, which earned a smirk from her Aunt as she looked down at her hover-chair.

"Well I won't be walking for a little while as my back heals, but this chair at least means I am not bound to a single place." she replied with an appreciative tone, gaining a nod from the Prime in return.

"I'm glad that you're alright, I mean when I heard what happened…" she started to say, only for the former-Predacon to cut her off as she placed her other hand on top of her Niece's.

"That's in the past Myra, there's no need to dwell on it. Besides, I hear the one responsible is now paying for her crimes." Ser-Ket cut her off as she smiled at her Niece, gaining a nod from the Asari in return.

"That's right, I stopped Vasir's plan with the help of my friends and she is no longer a threat to anyone any-more."

"I always thought that you would, which is why I did my best to make sure that the ISF left you alone after you left to pursue her on your own." the Femme replied, which made the young Darby smile back.

"I wanted to thank you for that too, since I always thought that I was on my own after leaving the Autobots." Myra replied with an appreciative smile, which made the former-Predacon merely smile back.

"I did promise your Parents that I would always look out for you, I wouldn't be a very good Aunt if I hadn't."

"You're the best." the Prime said back, which made the Femme blush slightly before returning her gaze back to Niece.

"Well I am very proud to be your Aunt, seeing the things you have accomplished. And I know in my spark that your Parents would be as well..." she started to reply before her eyes fell upon the Autobot insignia on the Asari's chest-plate.

" I see that you received a promotion." the older Woman added with a proud tone, bringing Myra's attention to her armour as she pointed towards it.

"Oh yeah, I'm the new Prime…surprise." she said back, earning a knowing smile from her Aunt.

"You're just like your Father..." she began to say, gaining a curious expression from her Niece.

"...for he too was nervous when he became a Prime."

"Yeah, I remember him telling me so when I was a kid." the young Asari replied, making Ser-Ket nod back.

"Well he also turned out to be an excellent Prime, just as your Grand-Father had been before him and I have no doubt that you will just like them as well." the Femme said as her smile widened, which Myra could not help but mirror as her cheeks reddened slightly with embarrassment.

"Well when you put it that way, no pressure."

Having heard that sentence, Kat joined the pair and gave her Lover a

"Don't worry Myra, you won't have to see this through on your own as we will be by your side." she said as the Asari stood back up, taking the blue-Woman's hand in her own as she gestured back to Evac, Tolae and Vraz. The former-Predacon noticed her Niece and the Wrecker holding hands and could not help but smile before looking towards the other couple, who joined their side.

"Well guys, Tolae and I were planning on retiring from all of this after the battle…" he started to say as he and the Ardat-Yakshi too held hands, earning thoughtful looks from both Myra and Kat.

"…but we weren't counting on you becoming a Prime, Myra. So I can't simply walk away now, I mean just think of the kind of pilot you were get in my place…" the Bot said in a teasing tone, which made both Women chuckle. But then Evac's face became slightly more serious as he smiled slightly, one that was mirrored by Tolae who cut him off.

"What Evac is trying to say…is we will stay and support you in your new role, if you want us that is?" she asked curiously, but the Prime sighed as she looked between them and Kat.

"You know I would not want it any other way, we're a team after all…" she started to reply, only to stop and look at Vraz who was standing just away from them and looking at his holo-tool.

"…in fact, instead of having a new Flag-ship built for me. I would like to have my flag on the Eudora permanently, as it has been my home for a long time and I see no need to change it." she said, making the Autobot nod back in return as he looked back to her.

"Very well Prime, so I take it you will want to arrive in New Iacon on board your ship? I only ask because I have just been informed that the fleet is ready to head to the Capital now." he asked, earning a nod from the Asari.

"Yes, as long as the Eudora is ready?" she replied before turning to Evac, who gave her a thumbs up.

"Of course, since repairs are complete and she is ready to go whenever you are." he said back, which made the Prime turn to her Aunt.

"Want to fly with us, Aunt Ser-Ket?" she asked with a smile, one that gained a mirrored look from the Femme as she nodded back.

"There is nowhere else I would rather be, after you." she said back affectionately, earning a smile from Myra before she returned her attention to Vraz.

"Have the fleet follow us once we have disengaged from the Morning Hope, we will give the City a surprise before we land." she said, earning a knowing smirk from the Autobot in response.

"Alright Prime, I will inform the fleet myself." he said back before saluting her and turning around, heading away from the group as Evac took the lead.

"Okay, the Eudora is parked in the main shuttle-bay which is this way." he said before walking in the opposite direction, as Myra and the others followed him.

The Metropolis of New Iacon was a buzz with activity as the Sun set over the Capital's skyline, changing it's colour from blue to red as the star began it's descent. There was a party-atmosphere throughout the city as people partied in the streets, though the main celebrations were happening around the Decagon as people had flooded it's gardens. There was a Nine year old blond- haired boy standing with his parents next to the large Memorial wall that surrounded the garden's perimeter, and he was looking at one of the names inscribed on it's marble surface.

"Daddy, what is...Optimus Prime?" the youngster asked, earning his Father's attention.

"Well Cody, he was leader of the Autobots when they first arrived here on Earth, while also being the first Prime we ever came across. He was a very brave and heroic figure." the older Man replied, which made the Kid give him a confused expression in return.

"What's a Prime?"

The older Man looked back at his Son and was about to answer before what sounded like a clap of thunder echoed in the evening sky, making him look up and smile.

"Hey Cody, it's starting." he said, bringing a smile to the child's face as everyone looked up at the reddening sky to see a fleet of ships descending toward them.

The fleet was made up of Dreadnoughts, Cruisers and Fighters with the Eudora leading them all as all ships flew in formation while firing fireworks off as they passed over the City towards the Decagon. The sky lit up in a dazzling display made up of every colour imaginable, earning cheers from the citizens as they watched with amazement. The fleet then came to a halt and hovered over New Iacon as they continued launching fireworks, while the Eudora herself broke off and around the Decagon, performing a barrel-roll and revealing that it had a holo-version of the Prime's insignia on both sides of it's hull as it flew overhead before landing on the building's own shuttle-platform.

A few moments later and everyone's attention was caught as large holo-screens suddenly appeared around the city showing a close-up of the Decagon's main balcony as it's doors opened, making the citizens look either at the screens or at the building itself depending on their distance to it while the fireworks suddenly came to a stop as a large group of people came into view as they walked onto the balcony. The group was made up of several Senators and Admirals, with Nuwani leading the way alongside an Asian Woman in a black and red robe with light-blue highlights as they stopped and placed their hands on the railing before them, looking out at the masses who stared back up at them.

"Greetings Citizens of the Inter-Stellar Federation. I Senator Windblade have great news to share with you all, news that I believe many of you will already have heard. But considering the dark time our Federation has struggled through in the last few centuries, our Autobots…" she started to reply before gesturing to the Asari Admiral and her fellows, who nodded to the crowds in return.

"…have successfully defended our world from an Enemy that threatened to destroy not only ourselves and our children, but everything that our Alliance stands for…" the Femme continued as everyone went quiet as they listened intently.

"…but they did not do it alone, for they were led by a Woman who has been chosen by the very light of Primus's Matrix itself. And it was she who personally brought an end to this 'Leviathan' and saved our world. I am proud to present to you the new disciple of Primus and Leader of the Autobots, Mira Prime." the Femme added before gesturing to her right, which made the rest of the group separate to reveal Myra standing alongside her team and Aunt. But she could not help but stare out at the masses with a look of pure bewilderment and surprise as they cheered in return, so as Windblade gestured for her to come forward, the Asari looked at Kat who gave her an encouraging smile and nod back.

'Okay.' the Prime thought before taking a breath and walking up to the hand-rail, stopping beside the Senator and noticing that her face was now being televised on all of the large holo-screens. But the young Darby kept her composure as the chest-plate of her armour retracted enough for her to take the Matrix crystal from around her neck, which then shifted into the more recognisable relic in her hands. And as her armour reformed itself, the Asari held the Matrix with both hands and lifted it over her head as it's crystal glowed so bright, it created a beam of blue/white light that reached up high into the sky. This made the crowds erupt as their cheering became almost deafening as they witnessed their new Prime standing before them.

'Wow...' Myra thought before glancing around her to see the Senators and Admirals applauding her, before her eyes fell upon Evac, Tolae, Ser-Ket and Kat looking back at her proudly, with her Lover beaming with an affectionate and proud smile. This made the Asari's own widen more before she returned her gaze back to the cheering crowds as the ships overhead resumed launching fireworks into the sky as the Matrix continued to shine brightly.

'It is finally over and I am home, at last.' she thought as relief came over her because for the first time in what felt like a life time, she could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel...and it felt good.


Over a year later…

It was an warm Autumn's night in the town of Bolinas, a small coastal community that lies south-west of Drake's Bay. The sun had long disappeared beyond the horizon and banished the last embers of day for another night, allowing the stars to begin shining down from the clear darkening sky overhead. And it was at this same point, as it was every night that the towns street lights activated, shining a light for those who needed in the midst of night's embrace.

And it was outside the gate of Bolinas Cemetery that two more lamps came on at either side of the entrance, as did more lamps scattered throughout it's area. But then a Ground-bridge vortex suddenly appeared, it's green and blue swirling light overcoming that of the artificial lamps as Myra and Kat stepped out of it. The Asari was wearing her Prime Armour, while the Wrecker looked every bit the civilian, wearing a red T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans and both showed off her athletic figure as she held what looked like a bouquet of flowers in her hands.

"Well here we are…" the latter began to say as she looked at the cemetery gates, while the Prime tapped the Autobot insignia in the center of her chest-plate. This made the armour retract and shift back into an octagonal disc, revealing Myra to be wearing a black pair of jeans and white T-shirt as she then placed the object into he right pocket.

"…are you sure you want to do this by yourself?" Kat then asked, gaining a nod from the Darby in return as she looked back at her Lover.

"Yeah, it's okay. I have held this off long enough, so I really should see to it now." she replied with an appreciative tone, which made the Human-Woman smile back slightly as she handed over the flowers.

"Don't say it like that Myra, because it is not your fault that we have been rather busy these past months. Just because you're a Prime now, doesn't mean that every problem is your responsibility." the young Shepard said back with a knowing tone, one that the Asari could not help but agree with as she sighed and nodded back in return.

"Yeah, you're right. I guess I still have some way to go before I fully shake off that bad habit, don't I." she replied with a lop-sided grin, gaining a similar look from Kat as she stepped close and gave her Lover a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't worry, I know you can do it. It just takes practise." she then said while placing a hand on the blue-Woman's arm and gently stroking it affectionately, making her blush a little as she smiled back.

"So…what are you going to do in the meantime?" the Prime then asked with a curious tone, while Kat between her and the energy swirling around the vortex beside them.

"I will go back aboard the Eudora and help Tolae and Evac with their calibrations until you are ready to come back aboard…" she began to reply, before then looking back into her lover's eyes with an affectionate stare.

"…then we can go back to our new home….together."

This made Myra's smile widen as she thought about the two of them in their newly built home, which was actually less than a mile from the old homes of both her Parents and Grandparents.

"I am looking forward to it." the Asari said, making the Wrecker's own smile widen before both Women leaned in and kissed, feeling that spark of electricity between their lips as they pressed gently against each other.

"Well, I am going to go back to the Eudora now." Kat then said as the pair broke the kiss and pulled away, gaining a nod from the Prime in return.

"Alright, I will see you in a bit then."

With that, the couple then waved goodbye to each other before the young Shepard walked back through the portal, which then disappeared and left Myra standing alone at the Cemetery's entrance.

A moment later and Myra found herself walking through the Cemetery, taking note of it's wooden Church as she passed said building.

'That church has been standing here for as long as I can remember…' she began to think, taking note of it's new look of white painted walls and steeple and green roofing which was easily visible due to the night lamp shining brightly beside it.

'…the people who own this do take real care of this entire area.' the Asari added while walking past the graves, which had a mixture of old, worn-looking headstones and the more newer-looking ones.

'Well here I am.' Myra then thought as she stopped at three graves, which were located under a large oak tree. The Prime looked at each of the headstones, the one on her left read 'In loving Memory, June and William Fowler'. The middle had inscribed on it 'Though on longer with us, their memory still shines bright, Jackson Darby and Arcee'. The Asari then laid some flowers at both of these graves, standing quiet for a moment before turning her attention to the grave standing to her right. She then looked at it's headstone and read the message inscribed in it's stone, 'In most beloved Memory, Orion and Liara Darby'.

"Hi Mom...hi Dad..." Myra then began to say, before she squatted down and placed the rest of the flowers in front of their headstone.

"...I would have liked to have visited you sooner, but since becoming a Prime I have just not had the time..."

A thoughtful look then appeared on the young Darby's face as she then brought out the Matrix crystal from under her shirt, looking at the relic as it glows gently in her hand.

"...since I have been dealing with the members of the ISF that had sided with Leviathan, just like Vok said I would be." she added before a slight smile appeared on her face.

"I know what your going to say Dad, who's Vok? I mean that Aeon did say that only I would remember what happened when you, Granddad and I fought together to protect everything from Xakron. But perhaps you do know now since you and Mom are one with the All-spark, in which case you know what I am going to say. I mean other than Kat and Aunt Ser-Ket, the two of you were the only ones who knew me best." the Asari continued while returning her gaze to the headstone as an ashamed expression appeared on her face, letting go of the crystal and allowing it to hang freely around her neck.

"I can't tell you how hard it was to carry on without either of you in my life, allowing myself to live in darkness for as long as I did..." Myra then started to say, before she then smiled while turning her attention to the ring that was on the ring-finger of her left hand.

"...but then I met Kat and she helped me see that there was more to live for than revenge. And now we engaged, due to marry in a few months, I could not be happier." she continued to say with a happy and relaxed tone to her voice, before returning her gaze to the headstone, to her Father's name in particular as a stoic expression befell her face.

"I never forgot the promise I made to you Dad, to live my life and to not let the past control me. I want you to know that I have and will always continue to live by those words, to make each and every day count for as long as I live." Myra added before standing back up, looking down at the grave with a more relaxed smile once more.

"Well I have to go now, but I promise that I will visit you more often in the future. So until then, this is good bye...I love you." the Asari added while placing a hand on the top of the headstone before turning around and walking away, leaving the graves behind her as she started for the Cemetery's exit.

As the Prime walked towards the Church, with the gates in sight just further past it. She began to reach for her Com-link, only to stop as a familiar young voice spoke from behind her.

"Hi Myra."

This made the Asari turn around to see a young blonde-haired girl was standing there, looking at her with a curious smile.

"Sari...hi." Myra said back with a surprised tone, earning a little giggle from the child in return. As this twelve year old lived with her Uncle and Aunt, who were Myra and Kat's nearest neighbours, living halfway between Drake's bay and Bolinas. And since the Asari and Wrecker had chosen to live there, they had become good friends with both Sari and her family.

'This girl does remind me of myself when I was her age.' she thought before a thoughtful smile appeared on her face as a question came to mind, only to be stopped as Sari thought of the question first.

"So what are you doing here Myra?" the little girl asked, showing that curious and naive nature of hers.

"I was just visiting my Family's graves, it's been a long while since I have done that." the young Darby replied, making the child point behind her towards a pair of grave-stones just aways from the pair.

"So was I." she said back, which brought a slightly guilty look to the Asari's face as she looked over there and remembered.

'Oh right, Sari lost her Parents in a Shuttle accident when she was only six years old, having to live with her Aunt and Uncle out of necessity. I lost my own parents, I mean we all do eventually. But Sari lost hers at such a young age, though I admire her for how well she has coped with that loss considering, because every time I have seen her…she has always been a joy to be around.' she thoughtwhile looking away for a moment, before her eyes fell upon a pink bicycle leaning against one of the lamp posts near the still open front-gates.

"And you rode all the way out here by yourself?" the Prime then asked, gaining a confident smile from the girl as she nodded back.

"Yeah, though I always had my com-link with me…" Sari said back while gesturing to her ear-piece, before her eyes widened as if she had just experienced a revelation.

"…wait! The last time I saw you and Kat, which was just after Christmas last year. You promised me that you would tell me a story, could you do that now…please?" she then asked with a pleading-like look, making Myra roll her eyes as she remembered that moment while a smile appeared on her face.

'She does have a good memory, I have to give her that.' the Prime thought, before looking back down at her little friend.

"I did, didn't I. Well then, just give me a moment to let your Aunt and Uncle, as well as Kat know what is going on. And then I will tell you a story…" she started to say, which made Sari jump for joy in front of her with a burst of energy and enthusiasm.

"YES!" she exclaimed, earning a smile from the Prime as she activated her holo-tool and began typing a message for both Sari's family and for her lover. While Myra did this, her twelve year old friend had happily walked just a short distance away, stopping on the neatly mowed lawn and looked up at the clear star-filled sky overhead.

'Okay honey, I still have some work to do up here, just let me know when you are ready for pickup…love you.' the message read from Kat, earning an loving smile from Myra before she then deactivated her holo-tool.

"Okay, so your Aunt and Uncle are both happy that you are safe with me right now…" she started to say as the holographic device disappeared from around her left-forearm, only to be cut off as the little girl spoke back.

"What about Kat?" she asked with a happy curiosity, making Myra turn around to see that she had moved just away from her on the lawn.

"Kat's fine with it, we will meet up later…" she then replied while walking over to Sari, who was looking up at the stars.

"So I see you have picked a spot." she observed, gaining a happy nod from the little girl in return.

"I like looking up at the stars and this is the best spot here, wouldn't you agree?" she said back, earning a nod from the Prime as she looked up at the star-field, which at this point reminded her of the view she had in the All-spark.

"Yes, it is a perfect spot…" she began to say, remembering something that she had been told by her own Father, who himself had been told by her Grandfather before him.

'Those stars are the Sparks of those that have joined the All-spark.' she remembered Orion saying, though he did say that he had altered the original wording that Jack had heard from Primus himself. But as Myra looked up at the stars, she wanted to believe that maybe her family was up there and looking down on her now. This brought a smile to the Asari's face as she pictured her family's faces in her mind, before realising the perfect story to tell.

'I will have to change or hold back some little parts and moments, but it can be done.' she thought before looking back down at her little friend, who just stared back at her with an eager smile.

"Okay, so what's the story about then?" Sari asked, making Myra's smile widen a little in return.

"My story begins at what some would say was the beginning of a great time for the people of Earth, though it would also be considered the end of a very long and hard fought war between both the Autobots and the Decepticons…" she started to say, only for the blonde-haired child to cut her off.

"You are on about the Great War." she jumped in eagerly, gaining a nod from the Asari.

"That's right and this story will follow my Grandfather…" she tried to continue, but once again the twelve year old interrupted her.

"You mean Jackson Prime, the first Human Prime."

This gained a sigh from Myra, who simply smiled back in return.

"Yes, but this was before he was chosen by Optimus Prime…." she started to say before looking up at the stars once more, with Sari mirroring her as they stared up into the clear night sky.

"…back when he was simply known as Commander Jack Darby."


A/N: Well the Prime Effect series has now come to an end. I hope that you have enjoyed this series as much as I have had writing it and I want to thank you for reading it, as I greatly appreciate it.


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