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Weekly World Transformers
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Default More Than Meets The Eye "Too Good for Diamond's Top 500" say fans

IDW's smash hit "Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye" is too good to be included on Diamond's list of top-selling comics and graphic novels, according to fans.

Diamond today released their Top 500s of 2015, with the Best Comic In The World Ever failing to get anywhere near either list. Some have put this down to a clerical error, saying that it clearly deserves its own category and there'll be a Top 500 Comics About Gay Robots in Space along shortly, with others claiming that it's clearly meant to be at the top of the list and CBR have just ****ed up the copy and paste.

But even if it's genuinely not there, unlikely as it may be, that's okay, says one rabid fan, because it kicks arse on the vague and undefined Comixology chart every once in a while and it just won IJustMadeThisSiteUp.Tumblr's "Best Comic By James Roberts" award in the end of year polls.

You can read the list of books that were actually popular with North American retailers here:
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