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Old 2016-05-20, 03:45 AM   #1
Triple Changer
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Default Beast wars and beast machines remake shows

Should Hasbro redo the beast wars and the beast machines shows? I hope the humans would look more humans than apes. This was surprising beast wars episodes got aired on Fox Kids since they are Murdoch owned media.

A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest of decepticons.
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Old 2016-05-20, 05:53 AM   #2
Ms. Snarkypants
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In a hut by a river on top of a big ol hill.

Dunno about should but I'd watch a new Beast Wars, as long as it wasn't shit.

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Old 2016-05-21, 03:10 PM   #3
One with the Matrix
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"This was surprising beast wars got aired on Fox Kids since they are murdoch owned media"

...not sure what the point of that is. As far as I know, Murdoch isn't a creationist.

Beast Wars was set in some unspecified primordial time, so why wouldn't there be monkies?

I digress, I'm not interested in seeing a new version of whatever concept we've already had. Can't we just have something new and imaginative and fresh done instead? Wouldn't that be better? I think so.
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