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Old 2017-02-13, 09:54 PM   #1
Human After All
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Default Deathsaurus

Name: Deathsaurus
Titan Master: Esmeral
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Decorated Veteran
Alternate Mode(s): Dragon-bird Kaiju
Weapons: Broadsword, Shield, Slug Rifle with Mace Bayonet,
Breastforce drones
Motto: "Liberty above all else"

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 4
Endurance: 9
Rank: 9
Courage: 8
Firepower: 7
Skill: 8
Teamwork: 9
Cooperation: 9



Deathsaurus is old. Very old. He's a veteran of the Unification Wars, where Cybertron was first united under the rule of a single Prime. Deathsaurus then fought on behalf of the newly united Cybertron in the many interplanetary wars that plagued the fledgling new society. Deathsaurus became an accomplished commander, winning many hard-fought campaigns on behalf of his homeworld, and one of the most respected members of it's upper society. At the height of his popularity, having helped Cybertron put itself on the galactic map, many even thought he could become the next Prime. Deathsaurus, however, hated the Primes. He hated the Autocracy they represented. Deathsaurus loved his world. Loved his fellow Cybertronians. Strategically, he even understood the utility of having a single figurehead to rally the newly unified world around. But once the wars were over, he thought, Cybertron should take steps towards a more representative form of government. He used his rank and prestige to voice these ideas, but rather than rally the citizens to push to reform, it instead caused some within the government to push him out. In the many years after, Deathsaurus mostly kept to his castle on the outskirts of Tarn. He used his wealth to throw the occasional lavish party, but he mostly used it to fund exploratory missions to deep space. Deathsaurus thought it was vital that Cybertronians learn all that they could about the galaxy around them, that they might better understand their place in it. In the process, he himself developed a fascination with, and respect for, the art and cultures of organic races. That they could build such rich societies, and live as full a life as he does, with what was to him an unfathomably small lifespan seemed impossible.

Deathsaurus joined the Decepticons in the early days of the movement, when it was spreading like wildfire, powered by Megatron's sheer force of will. Deathsaurus had long grown tired of the Primes, and Sentinel's attempts to crackdown on the Decepticons motivated him to at last take up his arms once more. Deathsaurus's led Decepticon forces to many of their early victories, having barely lost a step in his many millennia away from the battlefield. Not too long in the war, however, Deathsaurus realized that Megatron was not the revolutionary that Deathsaurus has wanted him to be, but just another power-hungry tyrant. Growing disillusioned with Megatron, and Cybertron as a whole, Deathsaurus took a contingent of Decepticons and a fleet of ships and set out to conquer worlds on far reaches of the galaxy, ostensibly to establish Decepticon colonies and a supply chain, but Deathsaurus secretly hoped that the planets he brought to heel would be remote enough to serve as a home to those who would wish to govern themselves.

Decepticon high command has recently called Deathsaurus back to local space, officially to refit him as a Titan, but in truth because they hoped he could help them exert more control over the newly competent Doomshot-Megatron. Deathsaurus, however, has found much he likes about Doomshot, certainly in contrast to Megatron and the duplicitous schemers that comprise the Decepticons' senior officials.


Titan Master

Deathsaurus's conjunx endura, Esmeral, has been with him nearly his entire life. She shares her husbands appetite for exploration and discovery, although she has a much sharper mind than he for the scientific side of such things. Esmeral's companionship and unwavering support is the only thing that kept Deathsaurus going through his years of polite exile. When Deathsaurus was informed of his Titan retrofit, they both knew there was only one choice for his Titan Master. After all, when you already have a relationship longer than most geologic ages, who would be batter to share mind and body with?



Deathsaurus is a beastformer from Cybertron's feudal age. He's powerful, and extremely durable. He has a keen mind for military strategy. significant skill with a blade. He can also combine with his Breastforce; two Titan weapons that can switch from breastplates, to plasma blasters, to creatures, an eagle and a lion, that Esmeral can combine with for independent operations. Esmeral, and their bonded form possess significant scientific knowledge.


Deathsaurus's powerful form comes at a cost, and that cost is speed. Even in beast form he's fairly plodding, and in robot mode he's practically glacial. His concern for the troops in his command can hamper his command effectiveness when more ruthless tactics are called for. Similiarly, his and Esmeral's subconcious instinct to protect each other can hamper their own ability in a fight.
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Old 2017-02-22, 09:24 AM   #2
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Thumbs up

I didn't know how I missed this, but dang, that's a pretty awesome backstory! Deathsaurus has such a different background to him compared to literally any Decepticon I've seen, official or in our RPG.
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Old 2017-02-23, 07:17 AM   #3
Human After All
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Tennessee, US

Thanks! Yeah, Deathsaurus has always had a bit of a softness compared to other Decepticon leaders (he loves children, has a wife) so I decided to play that up and downplay the more "AHAHAHA NOW I WILL DESTROY EARTH WITH MY LASER FORTRESS" elements. Anyway, yeah. He's not a typical Decepticon, but he can still be plenty ruthless.
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