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Default Fangry

Name: Fangry
Allegiance: Decepticon
Exo-armor: Brisko
Function: Tracker
"I'll eat your spark chamber!"

Strength: 2
Intelligence: 5
Firepower: 8
Speed: 7

Profile: There are Decepticons you want to have on your team. Good team players, ones who will go that extra mile to try to win. Ones who will take orders gladly, support their leaders, and love their cause. Fangry is not one of them. In fact, Fangry's more likely to kill his teammates and team leader than fight the enemy. He hates the other Decepticons almost as much as he hates the Autobots, which is one of the main reasons he hasn't gotten a Titan to command. Instead he's been given an exo-armor suit named Brisko. And oddly, he's okay with this. He had Brisko redesigned so he looks like his old wolf/gargoyle mode. Brisko, unsurprisingly, is less than thrilled with being Fangry's partner, and even less thrilled that he was built to act as a safety valve of sorts. If Fangry, at least in his preferred beast mode, gets too crazy, angry, or just plain belligerent, Fangry's control is cut off, allowing Brisko to take over.

Abilities: Fangry's creature mode senses allow him to track anything, and his wings let him fly. His tail has a compressed air cannon built into it. Brisko's alt mode allows him to turn into a dragon, and while he loses the ability to keep Fangry in check, if he's in this mode, Fangry's having far too much fun making him dive-bomb anybody bigger than they are. Brisko's dragon mode is able to breathe plasma fire, but the range is very short.

Weaknesses: Fangry is about as popular as a rust infection, and as likely to get backup as he is to act like a warm and caring individual. Not that he actually cares. He can still be his preferred, exceedingly odious wolf/gargoyle self, despite Brisko's built in limiters. Brisko's only worry is that when the limiters eventually burn out, he'll be badly damaged.
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