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The old and very old guard who drown on about the good old days when carley invaded daily and Claypool became a mod-no really!-Sept 2000-Dec 2000 24 42.11%
Younger but far fom newbies. G1 forum (formally the most popular one) starts to lose the battle of popularity with general but lots of major Tf talk-Jan2001-August 2001 15 26.32%
No longer newbies except in the eyes of those from option 1.Sept 2001-Dec-2001 7 12.28%
Newbies 4 Sure.Virtually no TF talk but much inane posting.-Joined 2002 11 19.30%
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Old 2002-05-21, 06:30 PM   #21
Hound's Personal Underling
RCOSD's Avatar
In Rufus T Firefly's, having a pint

I'm TAB 4 Life and no-body mentions me.
Dammit, i'm going to have to leave this place

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Old 2002-05-21, 06:49 PM   #22
Wildfire Herald
Fears the Post-Thieves
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Fear & Loathing

When did I join? I want to say September 2000, but I'm too lazy to look. Oh well, my info on this post will prove me wrong no doubt. My earliest memory of here was the endless and hilarious Megafish rant.

R.I.P. Hunter S. Thompson

"That's Claypool for ya; he's against a harmless drug, but for date-rape..."
"Just say "NO!" to Gonadial Irradiation." - Snake

"I would ride that pony in the most illegal and obscene way possible. " - Spengs

My want list
I need ROTS Clone Troopers
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Old 2002-05-21, 06:59 PM   #23
Registered User

my favorite memory of all time was the great saysadies marble joke. it spread to like three boards. oh i had fun with that

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Old 2002-05-21, 07:12 PM   #24
Magical Truthsaying Turtle
Halfshell's Avatar
Don't complain to me. I don't care.

Originally posted by Wildfire Herald
My earliest memory of here was the endless and hilarious Megafish rant.
Ack. My first topic in general discussions.

Hoh boy, I'd forgotten that...
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Old 2002-05-21, 07:17 PM   #25
Hound's Personal Underling
RCOSD's Avatar
In Rufus T Firefly's, having a pint

I'm remember reading that one, when i was one of the great unmembered (aka a lurker)

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Old 2002-05-21, 07:19 PM   #26

Nobody wants to strangle me... just to have me banned, and beaten and drawn and quartered and alot of other things but not strangled.
Old 2002-05-21, 07:25 PM   #27
Time for plan bee-weeoop
Unicron's Avatar

Let's see... I showed up about 2 weeks to a month before this place went UBB, so that would be in August of 2000. I didn't post much at that time. Mainly stopped by once a day to see what sense I could make of the pre-UBB board (which was none at the time).

When I first came here, I was Raven45907. Shortly after, I made the change to Cyclonus. Then in December I got my hands on the Unicron name, which led to Skywarp developing the name Uniclonus. A month or two later Cyclonus made a come back and a little while after that I started using this name again. Been using it ever since.
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Old 2002-05-21, 07:49 PM   #28
Reverend Shrapnel
Misfit-loving, Afro-sporting, Linsey-worshipping Bug o' the cloth
Reverend Shrapnel's Avatar
Going down to the drug store, to have me some fun!

Originally posted by Kickback

And that's the thanks I get for annoying you about your screenname all the time?! I didn't even got mentioned in your post! Darn you!
Sorry, you are...?

I've only just realised my sig's been horribly misspelled for about a year or two. Aren't you happy you read that? While you're here, erm, impeach Nixon!
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Old 2002-05-21, 07:56 PM   #29
Hound's Personal Underling
RCOSD's Avatar
In Rufus T Firefly's, having a pint

And what about me??

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Old 2002-05-21, 08:54 PM   #30
Registered User
Northern Ireland (Home Of The DeLorean!)

I joined late summer of 2001.

I think I'd stumbled across the site whilst searching for Transformers episodes like most people who found here I guess, it was months before i actually found the message board part of the site. I remember the first thing I ever posted was a thread about Transformers Zone, simply because I was keen to learn more about Japanese Transformers.

Things i remember from them days...Claypools infamous party thread. It was well funny, unfotunately I miissed most of it - I remember posting in its defence as well - I still don;t see why party threads are banned - they are light hearted fun....

I can;t remember much other stuff from off the top of my head of those days when i joined, as I joined, then lost touch for a few months over the holidays.


(offical tea-boy and unofficial Alt ID of Snake)
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Old 2002-05-21, 08:56 PM   #31
Sir Auros
Hardcore Gamer
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Virginia, USA
Default Re: Oh!

Originally posted by Brendocon
And I remember when Auros got "accidentally" banned for about six months because his IP was the same as a troll!

That was fun, Sky! Can we do it again? Can we?! Puh-leeeeeze??
I knew it! Miserable brit punks...

I've been here the longest though, but if G1 MEGATRON were still around he'd beat me out. I've been lurking/posting around these parts since feb. or march. 2000 and registered the very day the board went UBB. I recall complaining about it and Skywarp defending it...he then became the head of the board...coincidence? Hmm, maybe that was why my home IP was banned...I knew too much...Cloud Vader, hehe, forgot all about him...
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Old 2002-05-21, 09:19 PM   #32
Magical Truthsaying Turtle
Halfshell's Avatar
Don't complain to me. I don't care.

Originally posted by dai-atlas2000
I still don;t see why party threads are banned - they are light hearted fun....
They're a pointless annoying repetitive waste of bandwidth where the only purpose of them is to boost your postcount.
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Old 2002-05-21, 09:59 PM   #33
StoneCold Skywarp
Best Served Chilled
Exclamation *ponders*

Wow, now this is flooding back to me like it was almost 2 years ago....almost is.

Came here completely by accident, July of 2000 it was. I had just "found" all my old Transformers toys in particular Overlord, who'd always held a certain mysticism for me in my younger years. Not knowing much about him and becoming steadily more confident on the internet I searched - using Altavista I believe - for "Transformers." TFArchive was the only site I could get to load (36k modem :rolleyes: ) The message board was simple enough so I decided to post - as *shock horror* Overlord.

Asking about my seeming namesake received no answers, I decided to lurk around, occasionally posting my returning memories of Transformers and theorising about the Constructicons etc... It was later I became a slightly more serious member under the name "Cliffjumper" becoming more of a prominent poster I was determined to create a transformers website of my own. I advertised for web designers (to work along side myself) and a guy by the name of "FortMax" or FortMax2010 replied, we had short conversations via AIM, but after a month or so I realised I was doing all the work, so Crystal City was out of the window - I still have some graphics for it somewhere - and The TF Mausoleum was born. Around the same time TFArchive went UBB and I was one of the first registrants, I can still re-call justifying the change to Auros By this time I had taken the moniker "Skywarp" and soon began to become more and more of a member of the board, often coming into conflict with a lot of members - became the first mod/admin here - didn't I feel that bastards...

I forgotten the amount of people I've seen come and go, but we'll come back to that. The TF Mausoleum was gathering pace, by this point I was reaching 300 hits a week which, for a geocrappies site, was pretty good. big t (no capitals please ) came on board and produced the Episode Guides and Book of the Dead (both of which can still be read on this site) then after 1/2 finishing the BotD his interest in TFs fell by the wayside and he vanished from the community

Then there came all sorts of TFArchive shenanigans, The Gestalt Wars, numerous Transfans invasions and retaliations, my becoming Highbrow and ripping into MEGATRON (round one) etc etc. The Triumverate's rise to, well - heightened alcoholism. The confusion over alt-IDs and several Troll attacks. G1 Megatron Vs Skywarp (round 2) uhm, being the first to reach 1500 posts and being the first to "officially" become "One with the Matrix."

hmmm.....then came some severe personal hardships, that a few of you know about, which pretty much led to the demise (in the long-run) of The TF Mausoleum after I lost the will to do anything except get drunk. Most of 2001's a blur, not a time in life that I'd care to remember, except the good fun and talks I had with people here and outside the board via AIM/ICQ - and of course, Transforce

Now, getting us bang up to date, November last year I e-mailed Brendan about The TF Mausoleum dying and made an offer to re-create it, under the guise of The Transformers Archive, bringing with it new content (on the way honest, ISN'T IT BREND!) a new look, maintaining old favourites. I worked on it for 5 months on and off, the first step being the new vBulletin board, shortly followed by The *NEW* TFArchive and my name-change to "StoneCold" Skywarp (despite using the name fer a while)

Wow, reading this thread brings back memories, oddly enough as I'm about to click "Submit Reply" Changes by David Bowie is playing....odd.
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Old 2002-05-21, 10:06 PM   #34

Heh. Joined up sometime mid January 2002. So technically, I'm a n00bz0r. Dont remember why exactly I decided to register, mustve been on something... I dont really remember old topics explicitly, only remember the old sigs people once had.
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Old 2002-05-21, 10:36 PM   #35
Redstreak's Avatar

Wow, to think all the stuff I missed...I first found this site in September 2000 when I was setting up my RPG on Yahoo. I grabbed pics here and there and looked at the 'Discussion Board' selection, eventually opting not to check it out, or maybe I thought "Eh, I'll look later" or something. Point is, I didn't drop in when I should have. So I ran my RPG, with a very well-known Archiver showing up right about the time she appeared here; January 2001. Sadie says the whole reason she's still around anymore is on account of me and my RPG. And the Archive RPG exists as it is on account of my game's rules. Which means you guys knew about me before I knew you...kinda interesting.

But it was eventually Blaster who brought me here after Sadie's name somehow came up...she was still a mod round here then. Earliest memories are of the snafu with Shockwaeve's account, Sades giving up her modship, Brend becoming not just a mod but an admin...*shudder*...the birth of the AWF and Casper's resultant ascension to staff, Denyer becoming staff, the uncovering of Rock's forum and his banning, TC and Blaster at their worst, Cliffy getting his 5000th post and the title "Wrecker," cursing the inability to curse...

Lessee...wondering what the hell a Hotdog Divebomb was, teaming with RCOSD and becoming, in the short time we were together, the 2001 Archiver Alliance of the year, yet somehow Windcharger became the Archiver rookie of the year...

I remember trying to prod the admins into freeing up the names of Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, and even Rodimus Prime, whose identity I had gone by for so long...I remember the only real bad episode I had outside of the days of my sickness back in March; that of my arguments with Skywarp when I sought his opinion about my becoming a mod...this after several people had said I'd be a good one(I agree with them in one respect only: being an RPG mod. That's my claim to fame, my legacy, etc., so of course I think I'd be a good one if we didn't already have four or five. )

I also remember the only reason I really ever came here: To advertise my game so I could get more players and bring it back to the kind of activity it was at the start of 2001. Who knew I'd give up my prized game for this place, eh?

What a strange trip it has been so far...and I know it will just get weirder.
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Old 2002-05-21, 10:51 PM   #36
Hardcore Movie Lover
Jim's Avatar
Philadelphia, Pa
Thumbs up

This seems like a good topic for Stickification.

I've been around this board prior to its switch to UBB. I found the Archive back in the mid-summer of 1998 (I believe) through ICQ. I was looking up interests and came across the head cheese, TFArchive. I doubt he would remember me from back then, but I recall getting an episode or two from him while sending him some remix'd Stan Bush versions of The Touch and Dare. I floated around the MB for awhile, but never stayed to long other than getting information. Around Jan 2000, I started posting under the name of anime charcters such as Isamu, Shinji and Tylor. I vanished for awhile until August 2000, where I made a few posts under some name, then vanished again. I came back again around September 16, 17 and noticed it was a UBB, and decided to register.

Also, does anyone remember "Kylie" from pre-UBB days? He had a 24/7 FTP with all the episodes, but I lost the link once the board switched. DOH! I wonder if its still up somewhere.
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Old 2002-05-21, 10:58 PM   #37
StoneCold Skywarp
Best Served Chilled

Originally posted by Redstreak
What a strange trip it has been so far...and I know it will just get weirder.
You don't know the half of it.....

Raven45907, TheGame91, Starfox64 .... Unicron, Galvatron91 and strafefox64 (or have you changed your name again fox?)

Seems "StoneCold" is quite fitting eh

Twitter - @stncldskywarp PS4 - StoneColdSkywarp
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Old 2002-05-21, 11:15 PM   #38
Married to Sadie
Hound's Avatar

Originally posted by Brendocon

They're a pointless annoying repetitive waste of bandwidth where the only purpose of them is to boost your postcount.
Actually, I remember the first one as being quite entertaining. I think I even posted in it once or twice....

1921\4\6-2010\1\21 Goodbye Grandma, I love you
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Old 2002-05-21, 11:29 PM   #39
Registered User
Too ghosty for my, um, pants?
Talking I'm almost old skool!

Yay! Um, I found this place through the Axalon, which in turn I came across by searching for Sixshot box art (?). Anyway, I thought the Axalon had a really cool message board, I didn't even know many people actually still liked Transformers so it was nice to find they did. I went there everyday religiously for about a month, but not much got posted (no offence Compy, I'm sure it's very lively now ) and TF Archive kept getting mentioned. I went to search for it and here I am... I've been lighting up your lives for almost a year now. And dammit, why does Blaster_86 have, like, 5 times the amount of posts I do? Damn newbie.

Things I remember from when I was first around are Brend's BW Megs sig for some reason (I think he helped me out with a few newbie questions so I thought he was a nice guy...funny how your opinions change so much over time ), Topic Closed, Claypool getting told off for posting too many Devastator topics and then posting a topic like "So why do you think the Constructicons were green?". I think he got banned for a bit after that. I remember the first time I spoke to Sky on ICQ about Black & White, and I was scared of him cos he was the boss man. And of course... Unicron G3. My all time favourite person ever. His fanfics made me cry, and I'll always remember the first comment made about them was "How colorful..." by SGhost, which would have gone in my sig if I wasn't so ashamed of my generic Seibertron pic.
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Old 2002-05-21, 11:32 PM   #40
Registered User
Out there...

The first time I registered was under the name X back in September 25th, 2000, or close to that (yep, I still remember). Anywho, long story to go through. I remember most of what happened on the first two boards. The first one, I was a lurker, not social. Then I registered when TFA became a UBB and suggested a General Discussions forum when all we did was chit chat. I'm just wondering when the foock did we switch to a vbulletin?

It is easy for me to dislike you, but it is easier for me to hate you.

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