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Old 2002-06-17, 11:09 PM   #1
The Plant
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BOONEdocks of oblivion
Default It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

What's your handle, stranger?

You stay the H*** away from my handle!

Come here often?

I try to.

Where have you been all my life?

Hiding from people like you.

What brings you here?

I'm a BW fan. Plus the majority of the people here are nice and pretty funny.

How you doin' [/joey]?

I'm doin pretty good, and if you ask me how I am like that again you're gonna need a doctor.

Date o' birth?

September 9th, 1985

How tall are ya?

About 5' 10"

Hair colour?


Eye colour?


You on a PC or a Mac?

PC thank Jeebus (thinks of Mac and shudders).

Elvis or the Beatles?


Last album you bought?

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket! (gotta love the maddness)

Was it any good?

Salright, Blink 182's done better albums

All time fave album?

Blink 182 - The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show


2 dogs. Both are golden retrievers. One is slightly homosexual and stupid looking. My sister couldn't take care of the bunny my parents got for her (I adviced them not to) and since she and my parents don't take care of it my parents have given me full custody of the rabbit.

Fave colour?


Fave food?

Anything that'll go down and stay down
What? You want me to pick one?
I don't know......Pumpkin Pie

Favourite drink?

Mountain Dew
Tis be Dew Time now.
Screw Miller Time.

What song are you listening to right now? (or failing that, what's the tune buzzing round yer head?)

Joe 90 - When I Die
Tis an awesome song, it's off the movie Final Destination. It's a very good alternative rock song.

Fave sport/hobby?

I am a gamer.

Read any good books lately?

I hate books, I've never read one I'd say was worth reading. The computer screen is the only thing I'll read for fun.

All time fave book?

Oh I don't know, so many crappy ones to chose from.........
Brother's War

Favourite film?

Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Look! A shrubbery!

Favourite TV show?

Tie off the top of my head. Beast Wars and Family Guy


Out with the old, in with the new. DVD.

Cassette or CD?

Refer to above. CD.


Nope, I get enough second hand from my dad.

Bite your nails?

Nope, nasty habit.

Am I boring you?

If you were would I be sitting here filling out your form?

It's TFA's round. What are you having?

Huh? Dew I guess.

Fountain pen or ballpoint?

Ballpoint, it's efficient and fun to say.

Been to many foreign countries?


Want to go to any?

Wouldn't mind visiting England, Japan, or Germany or something.

Breakfast television or early morning radio?

Early morning radio.


To the extent of my crappy Spanish 1 class.
ˇYo no hablo espanol!

"Pink, I need you to be cool. Are you cool?"

No, but I try. Does that count?

Touch-type or hit-and-hope?

I can type.

What's on your computer desk?

Glass of Dew, stopwatch for no rush battles on Starcraft: Brood War, phone, and crappy custom mousepad. Oh, and computer.

McDonalds or Burger King?

I can down some Big Macs. Although Ronald does scare the **** outta me.

Got your own webspace?

No, if I were to have one, It'd be a decent one. Decent servers cost money. Money is a commodity of mine in short supply.

Creation or evolution?

No people did not come from monkeys (stuborn, ignorant morons).

What are you doing tonight, wanna go catch a movie?

I'm playing a vid game or on the Message board. Sure, I'll watch a movie.

Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?

Yes, and it smells like a sun baked mullet.

Do you feel in anyway violated by the questions asked?

If I did would I be sitting here answering them?

Transformers Stuff...

Fave Characters?

Dinobot. The ever honorable warrior. My idol.

Fave continuity/canonical arc (cartoon, comic, G2, BW, BM, RiD, etc)?

BW, by far.

Fave Gen 1 episode?

Dunno, it's been about ten years since it's been on regular TV.

Least fave Gen 1 episode?

Look to above.

Fave BW episode?

Code of Honor.

Least fave BW episode?

Go with the flow. (Sh*te)

Fave BM episode?

Been so long........
I don't remember.

Least fave BM episode?

Same as above.

Fave RiD episode?

The less said about that the better.

Least fave RiD episode?

Didn't you hear what I just said?

Like the Movie?

Haven't seen it.

Favourite comic arc?

Haven't read the comics.


What the? I don't know and I don't care.

Brawn - he's dead, right?

One can dream, can't one?
The truth is out there.

Optimus or Rodimus?


Prime or Primal?

Primal. (stick that in your pipe and smoke it!)

Which cartoon origin of the Constructicons do you buy?

I hardly remember what they even are. hmm......

Can the Autobots fly?
I don't know, can tractor trailor trucks fly?

Last toy you bought?


Most wanted toy?

TM2 Megatron

Most favoured faction?


Cel animation or CGI?


Seen any Japanese shows? Like 'em?

I dislike RiD, Prime is a 18 wheeler D*****! An 18 wheeler!

Bought any of the DW comics? What d'ya think of them?

Looking forward to Armada?

Depends, is it like RiD?

What is your favorite genre of video game?

RPG, Strategy being a close second.

What are your 5 favorite games of all time?

Final Fantasy 7
Starcraft: Brood War
Super Smash Bros.
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Now, a little about myself.

I live near Monroe, NC. I have some cool friends. At school I am little more than a smart doormat/doorstop. I am invisible to all girls. I even heard large amounts of laughing one time when I overheard a conversation from across the room that included the words "What about Tyler?"
I'm one of those quiet children that does not smile and keeps to himself. I'm not nearly as perverted as most boys my age, I might seem it on here, but this place is my escape from the world. Here and my precious video games. I'm not very funny, when I try to be I usually get a dirty look or get mocked. I'm a little more outgoing here than at school because here there is not the threat of being punched in the face. I wish to be forgotten by all that have met me and do not wish to change the world in any way. I want to make it seem as though I never even existed when I die. Just as well.

Thanks for reading this. Have a nice day.

Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly, the ill deeds along with the good...and let me be judged accordingly. The silence.

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