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Old 2002-06-19, 03:56 PM   #1
Lightbulb The Ghost? You want The Ghost? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE GHOST!!!

General nosey intrusive stuff...

What's your handle, stranger? Everybody calls me The Ghost. Or God. Your choice.

Come here often? Much too.

Where have you been all my life? I was following you for a spell, but you're much too boring for anyone to dedicate more than a few minutes of stalking out of the day.

What brings you here? Originally, an opportunity to ask age-old questions about TF's. Now, I come solely for self-promotion.

How you doin' [/joey]? Soooooo good.

Date o' birth? Oct 27, 1981.

How tall are ya? 6 ft.

Hair colour? curly brown/blonde streaks...think "boy band"

Eye colour? brown

You on a PC or a Mac? PC at work, Mac at home

Elvis or the Beatles? Elvis, baby

Last album you bought? Jermaine Dupri, "Instructions"

Was it any good? Not as good as it shoulda been.

All time fave album? Donell Jones, "Where I Wanna Be"

Pets? my overweight black droopy-eared rabbit, Jive

Fave colour? silver

Fave food? spare ribs, filet mignon, or a good cheesesteak sub

Favourite drink? Absolut Vaccaro (Absolut Mandrin, orange juice, cranberry juice, slice of orange)

What song are you listening to right now? (or failing that, what's the tune buzzing round yer head?) Donell Jones, "When You Gonna Hold Me Down"

Fave sport/hobby? soccer/football

Read any good books lately? Nah. I've sacrificed reading for writing.

All time fave book? Orwell, 1984.

Favourite film? Zero Effect (1998).

Favourite TV show? Seinfeld


Cassette or CD? CD

Smoke? Everything...

Bite your nails? Noooo...

Am I boring you? Oh fo sho.

It's TFA's round. What are you having? Absolut Vaccaro.

Fountain pen or ballpoint? Ballpoint.

Been to many foreign countries? Only England and Canada.

Want to go to any? Australia, Germany, Switzerland, maybe Austria

Breakfast television or early morning radio? Radio, in the car on the way to work, usually.

Multilingual? English & Spanish

"Pink, I need you to be cool. Are you cool?" Can't you tell?

Touch-type or hit-and-hope? touch-type

What's on your computer desk? Lessee....stray Swordfish soundtrack, Subway napkins, CD book, Taz mouse pad, half-eaten pack of beef jerky, lots of business papers, etc.

McDonalds or Burger King? McD's, much as I hate to admit it.

Got your own webspace?, fool.

Creation or evolution? Creation. Has to be.

What are you doing tonight, wanna go catch a movie? Why don't we just cut to the chase and get nekkid...

Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? I do...smells like my Aunt's casserole...terrible...

Do you feel in anyway violated by the questions asked? Only my ass does.

Transformers Stuff...

Fave Characters? Thunderwing, Starscream, Waspinator, BW Megatron, Rattrap, Jazz, G1 Optimus Prime, Side Burn

Fave continuity/canonical arc (cartoon, comic, G2, BW, BM, RiD, etc)? G1 cartoon

Fave Gen 1 episode? "Divide & Conquer"

Least fave Gen 1 episode? "Girl Who Loved Powerglide"

Fave BW episode? So far, "Power Surge"

Least fave BW episode? Ummm..."Beast Wars pt 2"

Fave BM episode? Ugh.

Least fave BM episode? All of it.

Fave RiD episode? "The Decepticons"

Least fave RiD episode? "The Fish Test"

Like the Movie? Of course!

Favourite comic arc? Matrix Quest, methinks


Brawn - he's dead, right? Dead to the max.

Optimus or Rodimus? Optimus

Prime or Primal? Prime

Which cartoon origin of the Constructicons do you buy? Heavy Metal War. FFOD is a mess, and Omega Supreme is a lying fascist.

Can the Autobots fly? Not unless they're in space...

Last toy you bought? The new RiD Con three pack (Mirage GT, Scavenger, and what's-his-name)

Most wanted toy? Probably Prowl

Most favoured faction? Decepticon

Cel animation or CGI? Cel, baby, old school!

Seen any Japanese shows? Like 'em? Nope. Headmasters was the worst thing that's ever happened. Ever.

Bought any of the DW comics? What d'ya think of them? Got 'em all...slow, but good.

Looking forward to Armada? Who isn't?!?

And our tie-breaker...

In five hundred lines or less, tell us anything else you'd like to add about yourself...

Maybe an inch or eyes would have been nice...
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