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Old 2002-08-02, 06:33 AM   #21
dEcEpTiCoN MEGAtron
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Originally posted by Ravage_mk2
I say this because in over 12 years that I can recall seeing anime one tv there has been ONE unedited anime series, ever.

The Guyver

It was aired on Sunday at 4 PM and ran for 3 months. It was awesome compared to the non anime that was on tv at the time it aired, about 7 years ago. Sadly with only 12 episodes it was too damn short.
They did?! Man that show was f'n gruesome and gratitutous! I can't believe that they'd show that undedited, especially during the day! Cool! And this was in Canada?! The same Canada that wouldn't allow the name of Beast Wars?! The same Canada that changed it to the dumb name of Beasties even though the characters said refered to the beast wars during the episodes?! OMG!
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