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Old 2002-08-24, 11:24 PM   #21
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I hope this happens, I would love to have a Transformers video game. It would be better for PS2, like an action/adventure platform or fighter.
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Old 2002-08-26, 06:53 PM   #22
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Yeah that is cool
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Old 2002-08-26, 09:43 PM   #23
epsilon supreme

Dragon Ball Z fans have made some awesome fighting games for PC based on this program, MUGEN. I'm surprised no transfan has ever tried something off of that- the only games I've seen have been made with Klik-and-Play and Flash.... I'd love to try making a game myself, but MUGEN only works in Linux right now, and I don't have any other program for making a game.
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Old 2002-08-26, 09:48 PM   #24
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The Netherlands in Europe

Originally posted by deji
Have any of you seen the x-box game where you are a robot (mech thing) that can transform into a plane - its a 3rd person perspective shooter. Thats how a tranfromermers game should look.
But this gba thing looks really cool as since i have agba it would rock. a fighter would be no better than the hacker mario roms and such all you would get is novelty and some nice looking graphics (cell shading anyone?).
Mech that becomes a plane?

Robotech, no doubt about it.
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Old 2002-08-26, 10:31 PM   #25
StoneCold Skywarp
Best Served Chilled

I think you'll find the game in question was called 'Gun Metal'

having played this abomination of a game for oh, say 15 minutes I decided it was the biggest steaming pile of **** I'd ever played...though it did often get remarks of "it looks like that old cartoon" when it was on demo in the shop...

stupid people....customers....hate 'em
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Old 2002-09-05, 07:37 PM   #26
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the point i was trying to make was that it had a use for the transformation which is what a tf game needs.....
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