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Just some Transformers fans who can't
get enough of talking giant robots.

But don't take our word for it—
"Tom's Okay." -The highest praise a letterer can
hope to receive.
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Podcast Maximus Episode 18 (James Roberts interview)


Podcast Maximus interview James Roberts, writer of IDW's More Than Meets The Eye series (and soon Transformers: Lost Light) at the inaugural TFNation convention in 2016.

Spoiler warnings for MTMTE season 2!

James's TFNation presents:

- Toaster
- "An Analysis of the Co-evolution of the Interaction and Event Networks in MTMTE"

James Roberts on Twitter @jroberts332

Podcast Maximus:

Twitter @PodcastMaximus

Your hosts:

Marian Hilditch @mmortah
Tom McNally @teromemcnally
Stuart Webb @inflatabledalek

 Podcast Maximus with James Roberts



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