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What did you prefer?

Post by Computron » Sun Dec 09, 2001 2:53 pm

Just wondering what you guys prefered. The situation in the first season when the energon fields used to force the battles to be short or post season 1 episodes where the energon fields were gone and they could fight in robot mode almost as much as they wanted (i.e till one side retreated).

I personally prefered the energon fields as it gave reasons for the supposibly superior Predacons to lose other than being outclassed by a bunch of explorers

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Post by Tarantulus » Sun Dec 09, 2001 4:41 pm

Supposedly superior Predacons? Yeahahahahyahayhahahahaaaaaaa

Season 1 lasted too long. Got better when there was an actual plot connecting all the episodes together.

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Post by Sades » Sun Dec 09, 2001 5:32 pm

Yup. [/no real opinion]

... I need to put that in my sig... "Supposedly Superior Predacons".... I'll have a pic, too... it'll be a screen cap of the Preds hanging from the tree in "The Low Road"... [/OT meandering]

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Post by Pun-3X » Sun Dec 09, 2001 6:49 pm

I liked season One as a setup for the show. It DID give reason for them to have beast modes, whereas the next group of writers would have written it up to "Hey, Cybertron got tired of vehicles and wanted to go pro-environment!"

(And, in fact, the next group of writers did, but nevermind that)

My preferance is Season 2. All sorts of good eps occured here, the CGI look changed (light cascading into the Axalon from viewports--good effects) and I love the TM designs (call Cheetor annoying, his mode was my favorite)

And the writing changed to something less introductive. They dug into the characters a lot more. A LOT more. You really wish there were a season 4 of BW, not only for the extra eps, but because you knew Season 3 would have ended up a lot better, and on par with S2.

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Post by nmathew » Mon Dec 10, 2001 10:28 am

I prefered the season 1 situation. The episodes were better in the later seasons (encompassing story) but the energon field gave a reason for the beast modes to exist.

Why did any creature coming from the statis pod need an animal form after season 1?


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Post by dEcEpTiCoN MEGAtron » Tue Dec 11, 2001 8:10 pm

Why did any creature coming from the statis pod need an animal form after season 1?
Becasuse they have to be Transformers. They gotta Transform into something or else nobody will like them. They sure as hell weren't going to scan any type of machinery there since it was around 4 million years in the past.


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Post by The HeartBrend Kid » Tue Dec 11, 2001 8:20 pm

Because the stasis pod technology is programmed to scan for a suitable lifeform upon activation, and (as said), the only lifeforms around were the animals.

It was an exploration ship, remember. Image

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Post by sprites touch » Wed Dec 12, 2001 3:31 am

First season was abit like G1 regarding the plots, When their not chasing stasis pods, Megatron was planing one scheme or another, and the energon fields although a good idea, are serving mostly as plot devide. Season 2 introduces the disc, the TM forms give more versatility to battles, and the plot is more involved, also both the viewers and the charecters get explenations for certin things, like the aliens from the worm holl( oops, difrent show), I mean the vok, and earth.
I guess it's season 2 for me.


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