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Prepare to face Podcast Maximus!

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 1983 3:29 pm
by Denyer

Prepare to face Podcast Maximus!

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 8:11 pm
by inflatable dalek
2020 update:

We've moved the episodes to a new host, podbean as in the new link in the opening post.

Links posted before 29/12/20 should redirect to the main page for the show, but won't lead to the specific episode.


This is an idea started by a PM from Auntie Slag, who pointed out that with the Underbase having cut back on their output it might be a nice idea to have a new Transformers comic/s podcast to pick up the slack. Amidst conversations with the other mods the idea has grown, so this thread is mainly about seeing if:

A: There's any interest.


B: What people might want.

A majority of the mods are interested in giving it a go (except Warcry, who is scared of fire and doesn't trust that wheel thing), with Clay looking to be the technical guy on making editing and Skype work, Slag has offered to help out as well.

So what we have so far:

a name: Arkast. I came up with that (and without much in the way of recording equipment it may remain my most substantial contribution for a while).

An expanded remit from Slag's original comic idea as those who don't read IDW's output are keen to do stuff on the toys/other aspects of the franchise.

So what would you peeps be interested in? A super long (probably monthly considering the difficulty of getting people together) podcast covering everything, or more regular ones where each episode looks at a specific thing, be it a comic review, toy talk or my 83 hour long dissertation on how KAAR is Peter Cullen's best role?

What range of subjects would you like to see covered? Traditional reviews or more esoteric discussions on ideas and themes? Retro or just the modern media and toys?

And is there anyone who'd like to join in? I think we're aiming to try and make this a community project, so if anyone is desperate to throw their hat in the ring because of their burning passion to talk about subject B at great length, let us know.

My main thinking on format is mainly to avoid my biggest bugbear on podcasts, where it feels as if the hosts have accidentally hit record about an hour before they actually start on the topic of the show and you wind up hearing lots of inane details about their entire lives. Creating a presenter persona is fine, but it's always better to do that whilst actually keeping on subject. Especially in a long podcast.

All thoughts, ideas and suggestions welcome.

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 8:27 pm
by Brendocon 2.0
inflatable dalek wrote:B: What people might want.
A five minute runtime and the name "Arkast" to be pronounced exclusively in a Lancashire accent so it sounds like "our cast".

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:05 pm
by Red Dave Prime
Interesting stuff. Listened to a lot of the underbase stuff and I think there could be a gap. Could we get mcfeely? He was the highlight for me

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:46 pm
by Selkadoom
I'd be intrrested myself but only to hear you ramble inanely. I won't have my podcasts sullied by such things as promptness or god forbid getting straight to the point. No I want an hour and a half rambling on over a miscolored panel in an eastern european exclusive pack in comic. But in all seriousness I'd like ro see what you whip up.

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 2:26 pm
by Dead Man Wade
Personally, I'd be more interested in more esoteric subject matter. There are no shortage of reviews all over the internet, so I think if you have something different and unusual to say about the fandom in general, or the media in particular, that's where the sweet spot is going to lie. That's not to say that reviews couldn't have a place, depending on length of the podcast; I just don't think they should be the focus.

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 7:01 pm
by inflatable dalek
Thanks for the (useful) feedback so far folks. Something a bit out of left field is looking to be the popular choice then.

Hound and Sades read love poetry to each other?

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 7:06 pm
by Skyquake87
What Wade said.

I would also like it to be fairly concise - anything over an hour and I just loose interest (sorry. Makes me a terrible person, but y'know, life and stuffs - a couple of friends from my comic book circles started a podcast, and it is great, but its two and half hours plus on a good day, and I stopped listening because I just haven't the time).

It should probably involve beer.

And definitely Hound and Sades doing love poetry.

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 9:46 pm
by Dead Man Wade
Now that they have a kid, it's more likely to be passive-aggressive sniping about the kid.

So, you know, comedy gold.

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:11 pm
by Sades
Why? Why. Just why. You people.

I'm writing the poetry myself, then. It will all be Sylvanian Families/Gokaiger themed, with the occasional Pokemon reference.

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:55 pm
by Unicron
If someone doesn't make at least one reference to people being replaced by alien duplicates I'm going to be disappointed

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 3:58 am
by Selkadoom
Unicron wrote:If someone doesn't make at least one reference to people being replaced by alien duplicates I'm going to be disappointed
Implying Cliffy hasn't Murdered and replaced us all with LMD's

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 11:00 am
by Unicron
Selkadoom wrote:Implying Cliffy hasn't Murdered and replaced us all with LMD's
Gotta deflect suspicion somehow

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 12:21 pm
by Brendocon 2.0
The podcast should definitely include exclusive and exciting news stories brought to you by the Weekly World Transformers team.

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 1:49 pm
by Terome
I like the sound of my own voice so I'd be keen to talk comics, just like I do round here. Touching base with whatever show is on might be nice too.

Under an hour is good. I'd push for 45 minutes at the most. Who wants the punishing task of editing it?

I'd be in favour of keeping things trim and - I may be dead wrong here - not having interviews with anyone currently involved in the media so as to keep a distance from what we're yakking about. That might just mean that no one will listen to it.

ADDITIONAL: I think it would be neat to emphasise the qualities of this place rather than the fandom at large. A quick update on what's happening in the RPG and The Lost Seasons, for instance, would be something that nobody else could do.

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 4:18 pm
by inflatable dalek
We could always just not edit it, pure Derek and Clive stuff.

Welcome aboard Terome!

Whilst I think being to the point is a good idea, let's face it, there's no way a typical conversation around here on MTMTE will last for less than an hour.

If it's a sporadically produced podcast (at least initially) it could well wind up being a lengthy one, there's always the option of breaking it up into parts or even people just listening to it in chunks of the length that works for them.

The RPG and Lost Season updates stuff is an interesting idea, is that something people who play those things would be interested in?

It might also be worth noting that (as I think--with the end of Underbase--the last podcast I listen to regularly that doesn't have a Patron/Kickstarter/sponsorship is James Bond Radio) we'll be doing this with our own time and resources unaided, so there will be rough edges.

But that means we're not sell out like those lovely lyrical professional podcasts! Am I right?


Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 6:54 pm
by Auntie Slag
I think if it starts off sporadic people will lose interest very quickly, it doesn't look professional either. It would have to be published to time, like once a month or something like a regular podcast, otherwise Roger C. Carmel wouldn't touch us with a bargepole!

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 7:21 pm
by Selkadoom
I would love to hear about updates with the RPG on ot as it may help drag some more new blood into it. Also I agree with Slag that needing some professional feel would be good. A nice little intro tune and such goes a long way.

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2015 11:30 am
by Terome
A quick interview with you or Warcry would suffice. I would do it - I shamefully have no idea how the RPG works or what goes on in there so any questions I ask would be on par with any that listeners would have.

If we want to keep it regular and manageable then I reckon we should have discrete 'bits' that different people are responsible for. Providing five minutes of content a month is far less daunting than turning in an hour.

So far, inferring from the above, we're thinking:
Comic talk
Newest Acquisitions
Weekly World Transformers
RPG update
Lost Seasons update
Some sort of 'esoterica' bit - unearthing some strange artifact from the fandom or franchise perhaps?

That should cover a decent running time easily.

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:20 pm
by Denyer
Could also do longer form "specials" on particular topics?