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Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:41 pm
by Weekly World Transformers
The hotly anticipated milestone 50th issue of IDW's smash hit Comixology Top 50 series TRANSFORMERS: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE landed today, with readers eager to find out the fate of whoever it is that hasn't been killed yet.

But fans were distraught when they opened the comic just to find a comprehensive list of every Transformers comic IDW have released, including variant covers, along with the cover price and a ledger column allowing the reader to calculate exactly how much money they've ploughed into Chris Ryall's retirement fund since Infiltration #0. message board member CircuitBr8ker4lyfe said "I'm really disappointed that they've pushed back the reveal that Tarn is really Megatron until the opener of season 3, but it is nice to have a checklist, and to be honest considering how much information is in the issue, it's actually really good value for money. It's a bit like the Black Dossier, really. Disappointment, confusion, pages of text and then the realisation that saying it's not amazing will get you lynched. So yeah, it's like an Alan Moore book, which is the highest praise you can give, to be honest."

Twitter user OMGCyclonusFan chimed in with "to be honest I'd forgotten I'd bought Hearts of Steel, so that was a nice reminder" before going on a seventeen tweet meltdown about buying every variant of The Ascending.

IDW's editors were unavailable for comment, though their answering machine message was just uncontrolled laughter with the sound of a cash register in the background, so draw your own conclusions.

Reports indicate that the 50th issue of the comic formerly known as Robots in Disguise is actually quite good, though.

And you can discuss how much money IDW have wringed out of you here.