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Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 8:44 pm
by Skyquake87
Buzz Saw or Buzzsaw - the wasp dudes could sting them both and they might be allergic and die of anaphylactic shock or just get stung to death like in Macauley Culkin in My Girl.

Especially if they also had a peanut allergy and they'd brought some peanuts with them. Or a Snickers ("may contain nuts").

Or a takeaway owner with no sense of responsibility for his customers

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 8:46 pm
by Auntie Slag
Hey man, make love not war. G1 Buzzsaw is a Condor machine.

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 8:46 pm
by Brendocon 2.0
Are Transformers allergic to peanuts? It would explain why you never see them eating any.

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 8:51 pm
by Skyquake87
I bet Omega Supreme isn't. He's too tough and manly for food allergies.

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 8:52 pm
by Red Dave Prime
Brendocon 2.0 wrote:So we've got a ranking of:

1) Buzzsaw (G1 cassette/condor)
2) Buzz Saw (BW reworking of Waspinator)
3) Buzzclaw (BW Fuzor)
4) Buzzsaw (Beast Machines, possibly same character as 2)

So which one of those would win in a triple threat match against Beachcomber and Windcharger?
Bonesaw McGraw is reeeaaadddy!

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 8:53 pm
by Brendocon 2.0
Though if his throat was all swollen it would definitely explain the speech impediment.

I bet he's one of those people who's allergic to peanuts but eats them anyway.

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 8:54 pm
by Skyquake87
Might be why he wears that special helmet too, to help with his breathing and keep his airways open.

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 8:57 pm
by Red Dave Prime
Brendocon 2.0 wrote:Oh I think you mean Buzz Saw. Easy mistake to make, but there's a clear distinction that you can see by correctly using the English language.
TF Wiki wrote: Sometimes his name is parsed as Buzzsaw.
Back in your box Brendo!

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 8:59 pm
by Brendocon 2.0
Until recently the TFWiki would have had you believe that Bryan Hitch denied ever working on Transformers. Unreliable witness!

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 9:03 pm
by Red Dave Prime
Quintesson Judge wrote: OVERRULED!
Take That!

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 9:05 pm
by Brendocon 2.0
And Party?

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 9:05 pm
by Auntie Slag
Climie Fisher!

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 11:16 pm
by dura
Shockwave is the most powerful Decepticon. Masterpiece made a G1 cartoon accurate toy of him. He could probably beat Galvatron.

Yet he was scared of Megatron in the cartoon.

Posted: Tue May 10, 2016 3:44 am
by slartibartfast
Any logical person would be terrified of Megatron. You never know if he's going to shake your hand or chew your face.

Galvatron is more predictably insane.

Posted: Tue May 10, 2016 3:53 am
by dura
Megatron could have incinerated Starscream.

Galvatron took out Starscream because he was a different robot.

Galvatron's laser, electric-powered cannon does not pack the punch of Megatron's fusion power cannon which is nuclear.

Posted: Tue May 10, 2016 4:24 am
by slartibartfast
I like the idea that Unicron nerfed him down during the redesign. Hmm... a black-hole generator ? Let's get rid of thaaaat... got stuck in one of those in the last galaxy, damn black holes.

Although they both have such terrible aim in robot mode that it probably depends more on what they're standing next to.

Posted: Tue May 10, 2016 5:29 am
by dura
Megatron fires nuclear-charged fusion cannon. Can link up interdimensionally to a black hole and draw antimatter from it for use as a weapon.

Megatron could have killed Unicron with these weapons.

Shockwave tried to access the power of a black hole in Dark Cybertron.

Posted: Tue May 10, 2016 5:24 pm
by Skyquake87
Megatron was dying. He wasn't in much shape for much of anything, except being a dick.

..and the less said about the ill-advised Dark Cybertron, the better.

Shockwave being 'scared' of Megatron? The cartoon had him as a craven lickspittle yes man, and the Marvel comic had him seize control of the Decepticons and he routinely made moves to replace Megs as leader. He was, however, scared of Galvatron who was poised to replace him as leader and sought to use many agents to delay or destroy him.

In Dreamwave's continuity, Shockwave ran Cybertron and controlled the population. Megatron was just...there, and quietly dumped into space, for displaying all the usefulness of his cartoon persona.

Shockwave in IDW is a different kettle of fish, more interested in SCIENCE! than what everyone else is doing.

so tra la la la la laa to that

Posted: Tue May 10, 2016 5:36 pm
by dura
Megatron and Galvatron have fought in IDW?

Did Megatron beat his ass?

Megatron beat all the Dinobots and Predacons and Predaking in the Marvel comics.

Galvatron got defeated by Fortress Maximus.

Posted: Tue May 10, 2016 5:44 pm
by inflatable dalek
In the Marvel comics (the only place it was ever used) the black hole power was basically a suicide bomber vest, it'd take out a lot of other people sure, but it'd kill Megatron as well and was clearly intended to be a "If I'm going I'm taking you with me!" weapon. Except Marvel Megs tried to use it whenever he was feeling a bit nutty.