[RID,UT] Last episode on morpheus (spoilers)

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Last episode on morpheus (spoilers)

Post by RID Scourge » Fri Dec 14, 2001 11:07 pm

This relates to the last episode of Car Robots-Episode 39-Which is the final battle.

*****Spoiler Alert*****

The following passage contains spoilers. By reading any further than this, you agree to Article 10, Section 11, Clause 00, Word 69, which states: "camel."

I downloaded the last episode of Car Robots from morpheus the other day. It was pretty good. The whole episode is fighting. It starts in the middle of a fight, and the fight doesn't let up until about 5 minutes from the end, when they do the wrapup stuff. If you can't wait for the end, then download it. Its in japanese, but its not too hard to follow what's going on.

They were the dream--
--Mechanical beings able to transform
their bodies into vehicles, machinery
and weapons; a last line of defense
against the CHAOS-BRINGER,
That battle is done, the story told.
But life goes on, and the story of the
--Is far from told.

-Transformers: Issue 75-
"ON The Edge of Extinction!"

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Post by Osku » Fri Dec 14, 2001 11:13 pm

For God´s sake Image Topic header of yours makes one to think you mean "Lessons of the Past" which was aired recently. Everybody doesn´t speak English as their mother language. Last vs. latest isn´t that obvious when browsing topics quickly through.

Edit: My apologies. I overreacted. But could you put the usual spoiler space to your message? It´s been hard avoiding spoilers all these months.

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