[RID,UT] My brother saw RID...

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My brother saw RID...

Post by Sheba » Sat Dec 15, 2001 12:54 am

...and concluded that the Japanese ruined what could have been a perfectly good show.

He went "What the hell? BUBBLES over their heads?! And they're calling out their attacks? THAT'S MENTAL!!!"

He doesn't like japanimation especially since all the ones he's seen the characters sound like they're falling off a cliff when they yell or scream... Image

oh yeah and he's 19...

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Post by Jetfire » Sat Dec 15, 2001 3:17 am

To be homest I dont really like the dumbed down Japanese stuff.

Initally when I got into anime realted stuff I loved the maturty, character and action driven nature of most of it.Since Pokemon To many ripoff's are made simply to get kids top shout it out also.
Havent sen RiD so cant coment on it yet but I would be embarised if they shouted out attacks everytime.It does sound a little dum to me even if it appears fun.

One great website.
Thanks to Skywarp-again for the pic below.

I wonder....

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