09 May 05: Mayhem

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09 May 05: Mayhem

Post by Galvatron91 » Tue May 10, 2005 3:36 am

The show opens with a video montage of the winners from Archivemania.

Joey: With Archivemania officially on the books and a new champion crowned, we return back to the US of A from the Tweeter Center in Camden, New Jersey.

There are certain things in life that you can stop
And there are certain things in life that can’t be stopped
Let’s go

The arena goes black and the lights flash all over the stage, but Vin Ghostal does not come through the curtains.

Styles: “You think Vin Ghostal will actually be man enough to come out here and admit that he lost to Xille at ArchiveMania?”

Flec: “I hope he’s here to call out the crooked referee that let it happen!”

Styles: “Man, you never stop.”

After a few moments, the music stops, and the crowd seems confused until the sounds of a collegiate marching band begin to fill the arena! Slowly but surely, a black-and-gold-clad marching band marches through the curtains and lines the entrance ramp on both sides, playing a boisterous victory song similar to Jim Ross’ entrance theme. Once the entire marching band has taken their places, Vin Ghostal emerges through the curtains wearing a black suit with bright gold pinstripes, smiling broadly and waving to his hometown crowd.

Cliffjumper: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…from Camden, New Jersey…Vin Ghostal!!!”

Styles: “Not exactly a hero’s reception, I’d say.”

Millions of pieces of gold confetti pour from the rafters and cover the audience and ring area as Vin Ghostal struts to the ring, takes the microphone from CJ, and stares out over the audience, raising his hands in victory as the gold confetti rains down around him and the marching band stops playing.

V3: “Jersey’s favorite son has come home!!!!!”

The crowd’s deafening boos signify that the great fans of New Jersey aren’t extremely happy to see Ghostal.

V3: “V.3….the Lone Living Legend…the most decorated athlete in AWF history…has finally…finally…finally come home!!!!!”

Styles: “Vin’s Jersey brethren don’t seem too thrilled to see him.”

Flec: “Quiet, Styles! Vinny’s here to drop a bombshell, I know it!”

V3: “ArchiveMania has come and gone, but I didn’t come out here to bore you people with the story of how I stole the show. I didn’t come out here to remind you how I put on, once again, one of the greatest performances in AWF history.”

Crowd: “X….X….X….X…X…X…X…”

Ghostal looks out at the crowd, bemused. He raises the microphone to his mouth, but the chants for Xille become even louder. Ghostal smiles and shakes his head, then continues.

V3: “You people are just as disrespectful as ever. Now I remember why I moved to New York.”

The crowd boos violently.

V3: “I have an announcement that’s going to shock the world. An announcement that’s going to change the course of the AWF forever. An announcement regarding the AWF World Heavyweight Championship. This week, the AWF held a special 16-man tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Argentina, in order to determine a new #1 Contender for the AWF World Heavyweight Championship. The winner would have to go through four different men, all in one night, just for the chance to become World Heavyweight Champion. It was brutal…it was vile…it was one of the most grueling, taxing nights in my entire career.”

Styles: “I didn’t hear anything about a tournament…”

Flec: “Don’t get upset just because you weren’t invited, Styles!”

V3: “But I have good news. On that dark, smoky night in Rio de Janeiro, the greatest superstar any of you have seen or will ever see put together the most heroic performance in wrestling history, and when the dust settled and the smoke cleared…..the Lone Living Legend was left standing!!! That’s right…Vin Ghostal is, once again, the #1 Contender for the AWF World Heavyweight Championship!!!”

The crowd boos mercilessly once again.

V3: “And we all know what that means. I have never once failed when I’ve had the opportunity to regain what’s mine. Everyone in the audience, everyone watching at home, everyone in the back…and especially Viewfind…knows that it’s only a matter of time before the Lone Living Legend becomes the first 4-time world champion in AWF history!!! What do you think about that?!?”

Styles: “This is ridiculous!!! There wasn’t any tournament!!!”

Flec: “That’s not true! I saw it! I was there!”

Styles: “You’re just as much of a liar as he is, Flec, and you know it!”

Vin Ghostal smiles pompously as the crowd boos.

V3: “I know what you’re thinking. He looks much too pristine, much too flawless, much too handsome to have been through that kind of hell. And I will admit, it’s a small miracle that I look this good. You can thank modern medicine and the incredible genetics that made me what I am today. I can’t…”

Just then, “High Wire Escape Artist” hits and Xille comes through the curtains, holding a microphone. The crowd cheers the man who defeated Vin Ghostal by the narrowest of margins at ArchiveMania IV.

X: “I learned a long, long time ago that if there’s one person in the AWF that you shouldn’t trust, it’s Vin Ghostal. I know that your word is worth even less than those cheap suits you buy. And if there’s one thing I know, it’s that there was no tournament! If there was any tournament to find a #1 Contender, you know that the X would be a part of it, because if memory serves, it was just a few days ago that I put your shoulders to the mat for the 1-2-3.”

V3: “There was a tournament! There WAS!”


V3: “You don’t believe me? You don’t believe me? No one calls Vin Ghostal a liar! No one! I’ll prove to each and every one of you that I’m telling the truth. Next week, in this very ring, I will prove to each and every one of you skeptics that I am everything I say I am, that I am the Lone Living Legend, and that I am the next AWF World Heavyweight Champion. Next week, I will bring the proof. I will bring the evidence that will show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that V.3. deserves a chance to be the World Heavyweight Champion once again, and that V.3. has earned that chance.”

Vin Ghostal drops the microphone, and his music begins to play as he and Xille have a tense, distant staredown.
Redstreak vs OP2005

Welcome to my nightmare
I think you’re gonna like it
I think you’re gonna feel like you belong…

Flec: “Ack – I knew it was too much to hope that Cloud would kill this loon at ArchiveMania…”
Joey: “Now, that’s not fair. OP has been with this fed for a long time, and he’s never been less than a great competitor. He has the strength of an elephant, the speed of a jaguar…”
Flec: “And the mind of a five-year-old.”

Cliffy: “This squabble is set for one fall, and is for…absolutely no reason whatsoever. Why the hell am I here again? Urk - !” >adjusts pacemaker< “Better. Now, making his way down here, from somewhere up north, he’s really tall and heavy, and is ‘Thy Worst Nightmare’ – though quite why he’d be in your dreams is a subject I’d really rather not touch – OP2005!”

Welcome To My Nightmare plays away as the Highlander from Hell strides purposefully down to the ring. Multiple post-AM cuts and bruises are still visible on his form, and he steps through the ropes with a bit more care than usual.

Joey: “OP still showing the scars from his climactic battle with CloudStrifer at ArchiveMania, and you’ve got to wonder whether he’ll be 100% tonight.”
Flec: “He hasn’t been 100% in the brain for a long damn time, and it hasn’t knocked his game, so why would it make a difference now?”

Cliffy: “And the other guy…from Detroit, weighing considerably lighter than the fat-arse that’s currently sharing the ring with me…yeah, that’s right, I said you’re fat. What’re you gonna do about it? Oh, right, glare at me. I’m oh-so intimidated right now. And what’s this other guy called again? Oh, yeah, it’s him…Redstreak!”

Hands are shakin’, got your finger on the trigger
Jesus ain’t complainin’, gonna figure it out
Somebody r***d my tapeworm abortion
Come on motherf***ers and deliver the cow…

As Sucker Train Blues hits, The Streak hits the ramp to a warm ovation, making his typical ‘number-one’ gesture. He high-fives a couple of fans on his way down, before sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring.

Joey: “Redstreak was also a bit unlucky at ArchiveMania, having failed to capture the IC title from Divebomb…”
Flec: “Which just proves how much of a hack ‘Streak is. I mean, how crap must you be to lose to that traitor, that infidel…that jezebel!”
Joey: “Can that term actually be used for people who aren’t female?”
Flec: “Who said that Divebum had nuts?”
Joey: “…Moving along.”

Redstreak steps into the ring, and the bell is quickly rung as OP2005, with an unearthly shriek, comes a-running toward him. Red ducks an early try for The Shining, and similarly evades a follow-up clothesline, before tapping his skull and winking at the crowd in a smarmy manner. He turns back to face his opponent, grinning, and is caught in Doc Op’s arms, before being planted by a strong Spinebuster!

Joey: “Wow! I think the arena shook with that impact!”
Flec: “I think your brain shook, before it fell out your skull.”

OP follows up by trying to eat Red’s arm. The ref, naturally, puts a stop to this before anyone is unnecessarily amputated. Redstreak backs off into a corner, regarding OP as you would a rabid clown with a switchblade.

Joey: “What kind of ring strategy do you call that?”
Flec: “I call it rendering the opponent ‘armless. Ahahahaaa!”
Joey: “How do you get to sleep at night, after making jokes like that all day?”
Flec: “It’s difficult at times…”

After screaming again, OP charges Streak once more, but this time Red dodges out of the way, leaving OP to attempt a Spear on the turnbuckle. Speeding flesh meets stationary steel. Flesh comes off worse. OP grimaces in pain, cradling his left shoulder with his right hand. Red, hoping to capitalise, plants a Dropkick firmly in the Highlander’s back, jamming OP’s shoulder even tighter against the turnbuckle and gaining a sharp cry of agony from him.

Joey: “I can’t bear to watch…”
Flec: “’Cause you’re a sissy-boy. Maim ‘im!”
Joey: “I presume you’re calling to Redstreak?”
Flec: “I’m not especially bothered about which one suffers, really.”

Redstreak hooks up a Schoolboy roll-up on OP, but the big man kicks out after 2. He squirms on the mat afterward, though, still nursing his arm. Red grabs the injured limb and gives it a quick twist, keeping OP grounded, before locking in a Fujiwara Armbar. OP flails, but does eventually reach the ropes.

Joey: “Close one for OP; he’s got to try and keep that arm away from ‘Streak as much as possible…”
Flec: “Supplying aid for the blind, are you? Or just hoping that the dolt in the ring will hear you?”

Red pulls Doc Op up and whips him to the ropes; OP reverses and sends ‘Streak to the ropes instead, looking for a Back Toss on the return. Red counters by nailing OP with a DDT, and goes for a cover again; once more, OP kicks out after 2. Red punches the mat in disappointment, before deciding to head upstairs. He climbs to the top rope and waits for OP to get up…

Joey: “Red introducing some variety to his game with a touch of high-flying, here.”

Redstreak leaps at the standing OP, looking for a Diving Cross Body; OP catches him, though, and connects with a Fallaway Slam.

Flec: “Needless to say, he should’ve stuck with what he knew.”

Red stumbles up, leaning against the ropes for balance as OP rushes forward…and connects with The Shining! Redstreak tumbles over the top rope and out of the ring, as OP takes a moment to massage his shoulder before stepping over the ropes and following The Streak. Red pulls himself up onto all fours just as OP delivers a big hammer-like Axe Handle blow to his spine, driving ‘Streak back down to the floor again. OP pulls Red up and pops him over his left shoulder, before dropping ‘Streak neck-first onto the security barrier!

Joey: “Ouch!”
Flec: “He won’t be backing Pavarotti anytime soon.”

Red collapses, holding his throat, as OP looks around…and grins as he spots the ring stairs. He grabs ‘Streak and whips him toward them…only for Red to reverse it, yanking OP by his injured arm. OP spins around slightly as he barrels toward the stairs, and his shoulder absorbs most of the impact! He lets out a quick yell before falling. Back in the ring, the ref’s count has reached 5.

Joey: “After that hit, Red could get back in the ring and win by count-out, I reckon.”
Flec: “That’d be likely if he’s not a total idiot. Guess what I expect to be the case?”

Red, after stumbling up, pulls the reeling OP to his feet and rolls him into the ring again, before following in as the ref stops the count at 7.

Flec: “As I thought – he is a total idiot.”

Red pulls OP up and forces him into the corner with some right hands, before going to work with a few chops to the Highlander’s chest. With Doc Op seemingly stunned, Red props him up on top of the turnbuckle, before stepping up to the second rope and hooking up for a Superplex. OP recovers enough to nail ‘Streak in the gut a few times, though, and Red falls to the mat. As he clambers up, OP hoists himself onto the top rope, and as Red turns to face him, soars off with a Flying Lariat! Both men go down as a result, after OP accidentally rolls on his bad shoulder.

Joey: “Shades of old-school Kane there from OP, but can he maintain the advantage?”

After a few moments, OP drags himself over to ‘Streak and tries for a cover; 1, 2…and a kickout by ‘Streak! OP looks quite upset, understandably, before stepping up and grabbing both of Red’s legs…

Joey: “Sarcasm?!”
Flec: “I didn’t say anything…”
Joey: “You’ll never get it, will you?”

Indeed, OP tries to flip Red over into the Sarcasm? hold, but The Streak’s having none of it, and lands a few punches to OP’s head. This only seems to infuriate the Highlander from Hell, who then shifts his grip and lifts Redstreak up before slamming him down again with a Powerbomb!

Joey: “It’s GraveDigger time, I think – OP looks to have this one in the bag!”
Flec: “Ah, it’s finally over…”

But as OP brings ‘Streak up for the second Powerbomb, he pauses, before dropping Red entirely; his wounded shoulder gave out on him. Red, not willing to look a gift horse in the mouth, swiftly kicks OP in the midsection before springboarding from the second rope and grabbing Doc Op’s skull, and driving him down to the mat with the Moonraker! Red quickly hooks the leg, and gets the 1, 2…3! The bell is rung, and Redstreak climbs to his feet, letting the ref raise his hand.

Cliffy: “And here’s the luckier of the two gits – Redstreak!”

Joey: “A good showing by both men; OP2005 bravely battled on, but couldn’t quite ignore that shoulder. What’s this - ?”

As Redstreak leaves the ring, the ref checks on OP. The Highlander seems to shake his head, his face screwed up in agony. The ref makes several summoning gestures, and a medical team promptly arrives on the scene, helping to support OP on his way to the back. Much concerned mumbling can be heard from the crowd.

Joey: “Looks like something’s seriously wrong with OP’s arm, folks…”
Flec: “So sayeth Captain Obvious, the latest Obvious Graduate from Obvious University.”
Joey: “Ignoring that remark; we’ll inform you as soon as we get more details on OP’s condition, but from where I’m sat, things don’t look good right now…”

We see the AWF Commissioner, Mr Reilly, strolling down the corridor. He reaches a door that has had its name star torn down and the words “stay the f*** out” scrawled on in marker.

He pauses momentarily before confidently pushing the door open and strolling in.

HBK: “Come on… how many Stunners did you take? And he still couldn’t put you away?
Summers: “Oh… but man, that HDD off the second floor… and what the hell was with the stepover armbar?”
HBK: “I know… it’s… HEY, what the hell do you want?”

Reilly: “Hello, folks.”

The commissioner strides into the locker room, glancing around and beaming at Sean O’Con, Erik Summers and Atticus.

HBK: “You can’t just walk in here without an invitation...”
Summers: “No, man… that’s us, remember?”
HBK: “Oh yeah.”
Atticus: “Well, nobody sleeps here, so the rules don’t apply anyway.”
HBK: “Good point. Well made.”

The three collapse into a fit of laughter.

Reilly: “Anywho, I wanted a chat with you two boys. And you, of course, Miss. I wanted to congratulate you on your double victories at ArchiveMania, very impressive, I was tickled pink to see D-Generation Next on top of the world again, it’s good for ratings, you know.”

Atticus winces and casts a glance at Erik Summers as the former-Game’s face starts to contort.

Summers: “Do NOT call us that.”
HBK: “Bit slow on the uptake, aren’t you, Reilly? If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were an idiot. But as I do know better, I KNOW you’re an idiot.”

Reilly: “Hey, hey! No need to resort to name calling. Now, I recall that you have a problem with that name and as such a legitimate greivance, but you’re putting me in a very awkward position. It’s difficult to market you without a collective name… I mean young Mr Summers here has even gone and made it worse by foregoing the whole Game thing… it’s making my job very difficult.”

HBK: “This is what you’re here for? You want something to CALL US? You want a fancy tagline to stick on t-shirts?!”
Summers: “Wow. And here I were thinking that we were diabolical…”

Reilly: “Well, the people need something snappy. Something the kids can identify with. Catchphrases are hip and trendy, and so are names. The folks need something to call you… to know immediately who and what you are.”

Summers: “What we are? We’re the people who are gonna put our boss through a window if he doesn’t shut up soon.”
HBK: “Hey hey, calm it down, E. The idiot’s just looking out for the revenue. You want to know what we are? Well, let’s take a look… we’re the two most decorated men in AWF history.”
Summers: “And then some.”
HBK: “We’re the two best wrestlers in AWF history.”
Summers: “Though it’s not as if that’s difficult.”
HBK: “We’re the two best… three best lookers in the AWF.”
Atticus: “Thanks for remembering me.”
HBK (winks at her): “We’re the best… and the female interviewing staff can attest to this… we’re the best lovers in the AWF.”
Atticus: “Don’t even need to ask the interviewers…”
HBK: “What I’m saying, Mr R, is that we’re just the best. Be it lovers or fighters, talkers or dressers, dancers or singers, rockers or rollers, we’re the best going. No matter what you try to do, Summers and O’Con will be better than you. So if you want a snappy tagline to sell t-shirts, use that. Because the Heat and my boy E – we don’t care.”

Reilly: “… Better Than You? Better Than You. Erik Summers… Sean O’Con… they are… Better Than You. Yes, I think I can work that. You boys are geniuses!”

The three roll their eyes and go to move away.

Reilly: “Oh, there was another thing I wanted to talk to you about – matches!”
Summers: “What are you on about? We both won at ArchiveMania. We deserve the night off.”
Reilly: “Well, you could certainly make a case for that, but then if I gave everybody the night off just for winning then, hey, I’d have a roster comprised entirely of Cyberstrike and StarStorm.”
HBK: “And Siznitch.”

The group chuckles.

Reilly: “Funny you should mention him, Sean. Yes, I think you did a bang-up job in your match at ArchiveMania. Problem is that the bang-up was on the match officials... quite how you weren’t disqualified is a matter for the referees’ disciplinary tribunal, but anyway, I’m kinda interested to see how that match would have gone if you hadn’t taken it upon yourself to attack the referee.”

The HeartBrend Kid raises his eyebrow querillously.

Reilly: “So you’re going to do it all again next week. The HeartBrend Kid vs. Sixswitch! 2005 style! Take Two! Ah yes, that should go down well. And if you put your hands on any member of AWF staff, you’ll be suspended indefinitely.”
HBK: “Been there. Done that.”
Reilly: “Yes… I remember. Make that fired, then. How does that grab you?”
HBK: “I’ve been grabbed worse.”
Reilly: “But anyway, that’s next week. Back to the here and the now of it! You two… Better Than You, or whatever. Get warmed up, you’ve got a crowd of devoted merchandise-buyers to entertain! You’re taking on StarStorm. Cheerio!”

On that note, Mr Reilly beams a cheerful smile and strolls out of the locker room.

Summers: “We ask for the night off and he gives us StarStorm. What the hell’s the difference?”

Commerical break
Ravenous Justice v. Murder Inc.

Joey: Well its time for our next match and it should be a good one as Reilly’s boys take on Murder Inc.
Flec: You say they should all be good.
Joey: Not all but this one should be.
Flec: What…..

Suddenly “Comfort Eagle” by Cake begins to play.

Flec: What the heel is this?

After a moment D-Extreme and Ignavus come walking out of the back as the crowd gets to their feet and begins to cheer. The champs pose for the crowd with their belts then slowly make their way to the announce table.

Flec: What the hell are these two chumps doing out here?
Joey: Beats me but it is good to see them.

Joey gets up and welcomes the champs to the table and hands them a set of headphones as they sit down.

Joey: Hey champs, what brings you to ringside?
D-Ex: Damned if I know, we were told to come out here. Who’s fighting anyways?
Joey: It’s Ravenous Justice taking on Murder Inc. Oh and it’s good to see you to Igz.

Igz, now sitting in one of the chairs at the table just lifts his head and smiles then goes back to looking like he’s asleep.

D-Ex: Ravenous Justice? Who are they?
Joey: Oh that’s the new team name for Judge Death and Baxter.
D-Ex: Them crazy bastards. Damn, that’s a good name.
Joey: Sure is but I am being told that the match is ready to begin so lets send it down to Cliffjumper for the announcements. Take it away Cliff.

Cliffjumper: What? I’m on. Oh damn…Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall and is a tag team match….hurry give me my smoke, takes a puff….Ah that’s the stuff, the team of Judge Death and Baxter…..RAVENOUS JUSTICE!

Suddenly “Left Hand Suzuki Method” by the Gorillaz begins to play and JD emerges out from the back slowly followed by the lumbering Baxter. The two make their way down to the ring as the crowd gives them a mixed reaction. Finally they reach the ring and without one bit of hesitation Baxter throws JD into the ring then slowly climbs his way into the ring as Cliffjumper continues.

CJ: And their opponents. The team of The Wild One and Auros……MURDER INC!....Oh thank god that’s over, now give me my smoke.

The prior music fades and is replaced by Bruce Springsteen’s “Murder Inc” as TWO and Auros make their way out of the back. The crowd gets to its feet and begins booing the two faction members. They walk down to the ring not wasting any time. They climb in and the ref signals for the bell.

D-Ex: Oh great these monkeys again. Didn’t we beat them a couple of times?
Joey: Yes you did. But they still want what you got. So the outcome of this match very well could determine who your next opponents will be.
Flec: It better be Murder Inc. They deserve it.
Igz: Oh quite now you overgrown camera.
D-Ex: Hahaha! That a boy Igz.
Igz: Now I’m going to go to sleep.
D-Ex: And its time for a Miller Lite. Man I am getting tired of saying that.

The match begins as JD and TWO square off in the center of the ring. They tie up and quickly WO gets the upperhand and locks in a wrist lock. He reefs on the move for a few moments then gives JD a clubbing blow to the back of the neck that drops JD to the mat. WO drags him back up and throws him into the ropes and catches him with a stiff clothesline on the return. WO flexes for the crowd then picks JD up and heaves him into the Murder Inc. corner. He charges at Baxter causing the big man to try and get him. The rather small ref runs over to stop him as Auros unravels the tape on his wrist and begins to choke JD. WO runs back over and begins laying in the lefts and rights on JD as Auros chokes him.

Joey: Oh what cheap tactics by The Wild One and Auros.
D-Ex: What else would you expect from people like them?
Igz: …snore…Cheap Bastards….snore
Flec: Would you all stop calling them cheap. That is a great in ring tactic.
Joey: You would say that.

Suddenly Auros lets go and covers up the tape as the ref runs over to check on the situation. He starts counting as WO continues to punch away at JD. Finally WO stops punching at the count of four. He turns and taunts the crowd as the ref admonishes him for what he just did. With the refs back turned Auros takes the opportunity and nails JD one more time knocking him to the mat.

Joey: Another cheap shot.

WO quickly pushes past the ref and makes the cover. He gets a two count before JD kicks out and clutches his head. Without thinking about it WO gets to his feet and tags in Auros. Auros climbs in and the two men begins stomping away on the fallen JD. The refs begins to count again and again they stop at four and WO exits the ring.

Flec: Great teamwork. Just great.
Igz: …snore….Brown noser…snore….
D-Ex: Ah hahahaha. Even when he’s asleep he still makes me laugh and its time for another cool and refreshing Miller Lite.

Auros drags the battered JD to his feet and whips him into the corner. He taunts the crowd for a moment getting a rather less than kind reply from them then charges at the prone JD. At the last possible moment JD get his boot up and catches Auros in the jaw. Auros reels back then turn to face JD just as JD lunges out of the corner and drops Auros to the mat with a clothesline.

Flec: Desperation at its best.
Joey: Effective counter though.
D-Ex: Man I hope he can tag in Baxter. I want to see that fat man clean house.
Igz: …snore….
D-Ex: Entertained as always.

With Auros and JD both down on the mat the ref begins the standing ten count. After a few seconds Auros rolls onto his stomach as JD begins to drag himself, slowly, towards his corner. By the time the ref gets to 6 Auros is getting to a knee and the count is broken. A few moments later he’s up and sees JD almost to his corner. He charges to stop the tag but is too late as JD summons all his energy and darts forward and tags the team’s big man.

D-Ex: Oh now this calls for a Miller Lite.
Joey: Baxter entering the ring and it looks like Auros is backing away from the lumbering giant.
Flec: Wouldn’t you. Hell, if he falls it will register a 9.4 on the rictor scale.
Joey: Low, just low.

Baxter backs Auros into a corner and finally Auros lunges out at the big man but gets caught with a huge punch. Quickly WO jumps into the ring to help his partner but gets caught with a clothesline. Baxter turns and levels Auros with a clothesline then follows that up with a clothesline to the rebounding WO. He drags Auros to his feet and whips him into the corner then drags up WO and whips him into Auros. To two men are left slumped in the corner as Baxter poses for the crowd then charges.

D-Ex: Oh this is going to hurt.
Joey: I think your right.

Baxter runs in and crashes into the two men with a devastating butt thump. WO stumbles out of the corner and quickly gets tossed over the top ropes as Auros just simply drops to the mat. Baxter positions Auros and climbs to the second rope as the ref leans out of the ring to check on WO. Baxter begins to bounce on the ropes as the crowd gets to their feet and cheers. Finally Auros opens his eyes and sees the rear end of the big man moving just above his head and panics. With the ref still leaning out of the ring he throws his fist out and connects with Baxter’s groin. Looking quite comical, Baxter suddenly stops as the entire crowd can be heard gasping with sympathy pains, and a twisted look of pain comes over his face and he slowly starts to lean backwards. Like watching a tree fall he slowly but surely begins to fall when suddenly Auros realizes he going to be crushed. Like a flash he grabs the edge of the apron and hurls himself out of the ring and the to arena floor just in time to escape the toppling Baxter. Baxter crashes to the mat and the impact nearly causes the ref to fall head first out of the ring. Baxter hits the mat and clutches his groin as Auros gets to his feet on the outside and give the crowd a “I am so smart” taunt then rolls back into the ring.

Joey: I can’t believe that just happened.
D-Ex: I don’t think there is enough alcohol in the entire world to get rid of that kind of pain.

They both give Flec an “Are you crazy?” look.

Joey: I hope he is alright.
D-Ex: I don’t think that there is any way he could be. But I need a drink.

D-Ex has another drink as Auros struts around the ring for a moment then casually walks over and makes the cover. The ref drops to the mat and counts but somehow, maybe a freak time warp or something, Baxter manages to kick out at two.

Flec: How the hell did he do that?
Joey: I don’t know but I am sure that when Baxter manages to get to his feet that he will be very sorry.

Auros looks shocked as Baxter breaks the count and quickly he gets to his feet and begins arguing with the ref. He backs him into a corner and doesn’t notice that JD is finally back to his feet and climbing into the ring. After a few more moments of yelling at the ref and getting threatened about being DQ’d Auros turns around only to be met by a giant punch that sends him reeling into the ropes. JD, aggressively, continues with his onslaught as the delivers a few more punches to Auros then whips him into one of the corners. He follows in with a shoulder thrust. The crowd cheers for JD as he quickly whips Auros across the ring. About three quarters of the way across he suddenly trips as Baxter reaches out and grabs his foot. Auros falls, landing face first into the middle turnbuckle.

Joey: What the hell just happened? I thought Baxter was out of it.
Flec: I hoped he was.
D-Ex: Right on….drunkenly points at Baxter….Good move. Keep it up.
Flec: Oh damn it, now we have to deal with a drunken slacker.
D-Ex: Drunk? Who you calling drunk?...hic…
Joey: But I didn’t think he drank that much.
Flec: Are you kidding me? His last drink was half the bottle and I hope he pukes on you.
Joey: Oh no, that wouldn’t happen.

Baxter gets to his feet and cautiously and hesitantly stretches as both he and JD begin to stalk the slowly rousing Auros.

Joey: Here we go I think they are going to try and end it here.
Flec: Oh man what a crappy way to end it.
Joey: What are you talking about? This is a good way to end it. Clean.
Flec: No, it’s crappy. Murder Inc. is supposed to win.
Joey: Too bad. I don’t think its going to happen.

Just as Auros is about to get to his feet Baxter picks JD up and the moment Auros turns around he throws him through the air. JD’s head connects squarely with Auros and the Murder Inc. member crashes falls to the mat, but before JD can pin him WO, finally back to his feet and able to breath right, jumps back into the ring and nails Baxter in the back of the head knocking him to his knees and then levels JD with a clothesline.

Flec: Yes, he’s back in. Come on Wild One.

WO turns back to face Baxter, he throws a punch but is blocked by Baxter. Baxter connects with a punch of his own and gets to his feet. He blocks another and connects with another of his own. Finally with WO against the ropes Baxter kicks him in the gut and he doubles over. Baxter poses for a moment as he calls for the move. He heaves WO up as JD gets to his feet and quickly power bombs him into the mat with a little added force from JD. With out releasing his grip he picks him up again and slams him down. Again he holds on and heaves him back into the air.

Joey: I think this is it.
Flec: Man, this sucks.
D-Ex: I’ll tell you what sucks…..head falls to the table…
D-Ex: …head lifts suddenly…COBRAS! NOOOO!...D-Ex jumps to his feet and tries to run but quickly falls face first to the mat.….
Joey: Oh no.

Instead of another powerbomb Baxter shifts WO around into a side walk slam position and JD quickly moves around and grabs WO’s head.

Joey: Here it is.

They drop to the mat completely taking WO out and Baxter makes the cover and JD moves back over and covers Auros. The ref makes the count and JD and Baxter take the win. 1..2…3!

CJ: And here are your winners…..RAVENOUS JUSTICE!

JD and Baxter get to their feet and celebrate as “Left Hand Suzuki Method” by the Gorillaz begins again. Back at the announce table Igz finally wakes up.

Igz: What’s going on? Is the match over already? And what happened to D-Ex?
Joey: Yes the match is over and you don’t want to know what happened to him.
Igz: Fair enough. See you later, oh and drink Coke!
Flec: Thank god this nightmare is over.
Sixshot: I’m here with Tempest…Tempest…how can you explain your actions at Archivemania?
*Suddenly the lights backstage flicker and smoke billows around Tempest, Tempest’s eyes get large and he begins to back out, making his way out of the arena, before jumping in his car and leaving.*
Sixshot: Yeah…or not…back to you guys.
Blaster v. King

Styles: And its time for an Archivemania 4 rematch Flec.
Flec: Oh great, which one?
Styles: Blaster versus King.
Flec: What? Come on now. King won that match fair and square. Why does blaster get a rematch?
Styles: He deserves one. They put on a great match and he was cheated out of a win.
Flec: I say it was fair , you say he was cheated. It’s all the same in the end.
Styles: Yeah sure. Well here we go. Let’s send it down to Cliffjumper for the official announcements.
Flec: Cliffjumper….Official…..HAHAHAHA! I can’t believe those two words were said in the same sentence.
Styles: Anyways…

CJ: takes a puff of his smoke…What? I’m on, damn, you know you are supposed to give me more warning than that….puts the smoke down who’s fighting anyways….Uh huh…Oh great. Ladies and gentlemen. The next match is an Archivemania 4 rematch. Introducing first……KING!

Suddenly “More than Human” by Rob Zombie begins and fills the arena. King walks out of the back with a look of disgust on his face as the fans boo him. He makes his way down to the ring and doesn’t even bother taunting them as he just takes a place in the corner and waits for Blaster.

CJ: Oh, mister charisma there. Again, damn. I didn’t even get a puff that time…Introducing his opponent….BLASTER!

King’s music fades and the arena goes dark. The Y3B counter appears on the Archivetron.






The pyros explode as the lights come back on and we see Blaster standing at the top of the ramp with his back to the ring. He slowly turns and we see an angry look on his face as his eyes meet King’s. The two men glare at each other for a moment and then Blaster bolts down to the ring. King has just enough time to get out of the corner and swing as Blaster slides into the ring. Blaster ducks the attempted punch from King and quickly begins to lay into him. He rocks him back into the ropes and goes for the Irish whip but King reverses it and sends Blaster flying over the top rope. Blaster crashes down to the floor as King quickly exits after him.

Styles: Wow, what a tremendous start here and the bell hasn’t even rung to sound the beginning of the match.
Flec: Wrong, there it is.
Styles: Well I guess you are right. But back to the action.

King jumps out of the ring and makes his way over to Blaster only to be met with a punch to the gut and a drop toe hold sending King face first into the apron.

Styles: Oh a quick move by Blaster and it looks like King has been busted open.
Flec: Damn it.

Blaster gets to his feet and begins driving punches into Kings head. Blaster drags King back to his feet and bounces his head off the apron again then whips him into the security railing.

Styles: Vicious attack by Blaster here.
Flec: I think losing at AM4 made him a bit angry.

Blaster moves in again but this time King quickly reaches out and grabs hold of Blaster then throws him up and over the railing with an overhead toss.

Flec: Good move there by King.
Styles: Good or not, it was effective.
Flec: Now all he’s got to do is climb back into the ring and he’s got this match won.
Styles: Are you so sure?
Flec: Yeah, the refs count is up to eight.

King looks at the ref then down at Blaster. He contemplates his choice for a moment then jumps over the railing and drags Blaster back to his feet. He throws a punch but at the last second Blaster ducks it and lands one of his own sending King stumbling away from the ring and through the crowd. Blaster gives chase and the two men begin trading punches in the crowd as they fight their way to the back.

Styles: What? Someone get a camera back there. We need to see what’s going on.
Flec: It doesn’t matter anymore.
Styles: What? Why?
Flec: Because the match is over. Look.

The last image we see of King and Blaster before they disappear is Blaster nailing King with a huge haymaker that knocks King through the curtains and down to the floor. The ref signals for the bell.

CJ: Well that was a great match….Yeah, yeah I’ll tell them, just give me a cigarette. And since they were both retards the ref has ruled that this match is a double count out. So they both lose. Now where’s my cigarette…*Take a big puff*…Aw, that’s the stuff.

Styles: Double count out. No. We need to get a camera back there.
Flec: Oh don’t worry about it. I am sure security has got them separated already.
Styles: How can you be so sure?
Flec: I’m not. I just don’t care
* Alice Coopers ‘Dragontown’ starts to play, and Wolfang enters the arena wearing an ankle-length black leather trenchcoat. On each shoulder, nestled in some buckles, is one of his titles: the AWF Television Championship on the right shoulder, and the AWF Hardcore Championship on the right. The usual black mask has been replaced with a silver one of the same style. And, instead of his usual ring attire, Wolfang is wearing leather pants with biker-esque leather boots. E strolls down to the ring slapping high-fives and taking in the cheers. He stands on one of the middle turnbuckles as the second chorus of the song kicks in, singing along with it. Cliffjumper just stands with a Marlboro light in one hand, staring in disbelief at the double crown champion. *

Cliffjumper: “Please welcome to the ring… if you want to like, don’t take this as gospel… the AWF Hardcore And Television Champion… WOLFANG!”

* Wolfang raises his arms in the air when everybody cheers at the mention of his name. He jumps down from the turnbuckle, landing facing Cliffjumper. He salutes the new ring announcer and grabs a microphone from one of the techs at ringside. As he draws the mic up ready to speak, the crowd cheer again. *

Flec: “Why are they cheering for this loser?”
Styles: “That ‘loser’ is wearing two AWF titles. I think you might want to think of some other derogatory remark to insult him with and then hope he doesn’t here you… for the people who missed ArchiveMania IV last night, Wolfang and Zarak beat the hell out of each other in a Hardcore Rules match… with both the Television and Hardcore titles up for grabs. As you can see, Wolfang won…”

* Wolfang throws off the trenchcoat to reveal a number of scars, stitches and bruises from his bout against Zarak. He signals for silence from the crowd and, for the sake of dramatic tension, slowly draws the microphone back towards his mouth. *

W: “Good Evening, NEW JERSEY…”

* The crowd lap up the intro. *

Styles: “I’ll bet Robin Williams isn’t gonna be happy about that…”

W: “Alright. I’m gonna lay the cards on the table. As you can all see * picks up the trenchcoat, displaying the two belts for all the crowd to see * the Wolf-man walked out of ArchiveMania with two titles. Double the gold… double the trouble. You’ll all be aware that, as Television Champion, I am under a contractual obligation to defend this belt * points to the TV Title * at every televised event. * There is a murmur of understanding from the crowd. *

And the contractual obligations * Wolfang moves the jacket around in his hands to display the Hardcore Title * for this belt, state that I can be made to defend the title at a moment’s notice. * The crowd show some disdain for this idea. * Hey… I didn’t make the rules. We all know who did though * Wolfang makes a wrist action that solicits a good amount of cheering from the crowd, as he smirks in the ring. *”

Styles: “If the cameras didn’t show that… I believe Wolfang was casting aspersions on the sexual preferences of our not-so-beloved Commissioner, Mr. Reilly…”

W: “Well… newsflash… I don’t care who sets their sights on these belts. If CloudStrifer… the idiot who deemed fit to label me, as well as everybody else, a ‘pathetic fool’… comes wanting a shot at one of these belts; the shot he’s most likely to receive is a chair, right before he’s wrapped in the folds of the Crimson Twilight * Crowd cheers. * If Amarant Odinson or Xille want a shot at either of these belts, I’d be honoured to give them a match. * Wolfang grimaces and clutches at his lower back. * Sorry… it seems I keep forgetting about these damned Back problems… * There are a few cheers and some laughs from the crowd. *”

Styles: “For those of you unfamiliar with Wolfang’s brand of humour, he’s making fun of Christopher Back… the former Cyberstrike… who Wolfang caused to tap out a couple of weeks ago in a match for the TV Title…”

W: “I’d like to apologise… I’m not usually one to just yammer on… but I thought it was prudent to let you fans know… and to let everybody in the back know… Wolfang may be marked with a couple more bulls-eyes now… but it doesn’t change anything. I’m still gonna fight… titles or no… and, come hell or high water, I may not win them all… but when it comes right down to it there is one thing that non one is going to be able to prevent me from doing. That is walking out of an arena after a match. * The crowd cheers. *

So come one, come all… step right up… you want a shot at me? Come and take it. Before any of you decide to, however, let me give you some advice. * Wolfang slips the trenchcoat back on. * Say your prayers, guys…* the crowd applauds and prepares to join in * you might WELL BE NEEDING THEM!”

* Wolfang throws down the mic and lets out a howl as the audience applauds or- in some cases- joins in with the howl, as ‘Dragontown’ blares back into life over the arena sound system. Wolfang throws up his arms for some cheers, and gets another ovation before he makes his way backstage. *

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AWF Intercontinental Championship Match
Divebomb © Vs Scarecrow

Styles: Well we have the IC Championship fresh off his successful defense at Archivemania and Scarecrow fresh off his loss at Archivemania to Christopher … Black.
Flec: Dude that’s not cool.
Styles: I know, he lost to Christopher Black! And now he’s up against Divebomb who beat Redstreak …
Flec: Shut up and watch the match.

Cliffjumper: Hailing from Burnaby, BC, he is the AWF Intercontinental Champion --- DIVEBOMB!!

“My Last Serenade" by Killswitch Engage blasts the audience as Divebomb walks down the ramp with his IC belt over his shoulder as he gets to the ring. He walks up the stairs and goes through the ropes. He goes to the turnbuckles and poses for the crowd with the belt in his left arm.

Cliffjumper: And now, hailing from … um … er … this sheet can’t be right … the “Fields of Pain” --- SCARECROW!!

“Scarecrow” by Ministry plays as the AWF Rookie walks down the ramp to the ring. He climbs the ring ropes to get in.

Flec: Well, one of them coming off a title win, the other coming off a loss to … an AWF Wrestler. Well, the bell will ring and the match will start.

*Ring ring*

Styles: And both men are circling each other in the ring. The Rookie is making boxing jabs to try and strike Divebomb. Are you SURE he knows he’s a wrestler? Divebomb is starting to laugh now as the rookie tries to knock him out. Divebomb is ducking and dodging these punches but he just gets fed up and tackles Scarecrow to the mat.
Flec: Divebomb is laying down the lefts and rights now. The camp wants to pummel this little sucker into the ground. He gets up now, and goes straight back down with an elbow drop, connects to the face. The champs up again now and he points a finger at the ref. Scarecrow is on the ground holding his face.
Styles: Divebomb looks around and he goes to the turnbuckles now, Scarecrow is up now and he looks up at Divebomb and sees it coming, Missile Dropkick to the chest but Scarecrow dives out of the way.
Flec: Maybe there is some wrestling talent in this rookie yet. Divebomb hits that mat as Scarecrows looks at the champion. He gets up and picks up Divebomb as well; Scarecrow clotheslines him back down to the ground. He gets a knee in the neck and slaps in IC Champ in the face.
Styles: The rookie picks up Divebomb and sends him into the turnbuckle. He runs into Divebomb, and Divebomb falls down into the corner. The rookie runs back now, he’s getting pumped up, he runs to the champ and … Bronco Buster?! Scarecrow is going up and down, up and down, when he stops it’ll still be funny!
Flec: Scarecrow stops and gets off Divebomb now and punches the air. I think he had a bet riding backstage that’d he actually do it.
Styles: Divebomb is rubbing his head now, he gets back up from the turnbuckle and just smiles at Scarecrow, and the crow returns it. They go back to the centre of the square ring, collar and tie hold up, Divebomb getting the upper hand now, turns the rookie around, Scarecrow reserves this move, yet Divebomb is still holding in.
Flec: You can see the strain each of the wrestlers faces, whose going to crack? Divebomb or Scarecrow … Scarecrow’s knees go down, Divebomb shifts his weight, gets an arm free and Fisherman Suplex to Scarecrow, he gets up quickly now, he’s got the rookie on the mat he grabs the left leg holds it up, elbow drop to the knee. The champs up again, repeats, the pain on Scarecrows face is showing, Divebomb gets up again and quickly applies the Figure Four Leg Lock. And its locked in!!
Styles: I bet that was a mouth full. The champ is striking Scarecrows knee with his hands to try and make the pain worse. The rookie is down on the matt, shoulders down, the ref counts to two and he gets back up holding onto his knees, he falls back down trying to do something to loosen the grip, the ref counts again, but only makes it to two.
Flec: I would say that Divebomb has this in the bag.
Styles: The rookie is fighting hard here to stay in the match, but I don’t think he’s having much luck. He’s going to try and roll the champ now, he’s using his weight, Divebomb counters rolling the other way, trying to keep them both on he matt, Scarecrow almost around now, Divebomb is still keeping him their, Scarecrow looks at the champ and smiles, he rolls the same way as Divebomb and their combined momentum rolls both of them towards the ropes, the ref is forced to break the hold.
Flec: Smart thinking from the rookie. He’s getting up but his knees are a little bit more weaker. He goes to the ropes to pull himself up. Divebomb hits the mat in frustration. Both of these AWF Superstars are up now, eyes locked, Divebomb runs across the ring, Scarecrow charges as well, both men head on collision, both stumble back, Divebomb gets the elbow to Scarecrows head, Scarecrow falters, Divebomb with an Arm Bar.
Styles: That was of course Arm Bar 512 by my moves list, which is of course different from Arm Bar 248 which has more elevation of the wrist.
Flec: And which is far different from Arm Bar 941, the Arm bar of the Sleeping Yak.
Styles: … God damn it.
Flec: You’re just jealous of my knowledge in wrestling. Scarecrow recovers quickly. Scarecrow goes to the opposite end of the ring from Divebomb.
Styles: The rookie is recuperating now. Divebomb has an outstretched hand. He’s signalling “Bring It”. Scarecrow charges at the IC champ Divebomb goes for the head on tackle now, Scarecrow goes to his knees and a sucker punch to the lip with his left hand. The ref closes his eyes as Divebomb’s lip bursts …
Flec: Scarecrow has changed his game plan now, he went for the low blow as the same time as the sucker punch to the lip. Divebomb is stumbling now as blood protruding from his lip, Scarecrow now has a sick smile on his lip. DDT to the matt.
Styles: I have a feeling he isn’t going to stop here. Divebomb is down now, Scarecrow gets up runs to the ropes, rebounds, Leg drop to Divebomb’s knees. He gets back up and kicks Divebomb in the head, quickly and sharply. Goes back to the ropes, rebound and another leg drop. The challenger is now and on his knees now, hes saying something to Divebomb, he’s whispering something into Divebomb’s ear.
Flec: What the? He just lick Divebomb’s check, it had his blood all over it. This guy has snapped. Divebomb starts to focus again, he sees the rookie knelling over him and gets him with a straight right punch to the challengers face. Scarecrows on his back, he’s on the matt. Divebomb rolls onto the rookie. 1, 2, and no Scarecrow kicks out, it’s going to take more then a simple punch to the face to stop this nut job.
Styles: You said it Flec, but Divebomb is the champ for a reason.
Flec: Scarecrow is now starting to move into a new gear now. He’s up and away, Divebomb gets up as well, Scarecrow runs and goes from the grapple, both men wrestling each other, amateur style, their going to the matt. Divebomb gets the advantage, now Scarecrow, both men are using olden style moves here, trying to out wrestling each other. Divebomb gets the head lock, Scarecrow use his legs to push away, Scarecrow is free, he gets bot harms around Divebomb now, over the neck and under the arm pit, his get him in modified bear hub. He’s applying pressure to the neck and he’s using his knee in Divebombs back.
Styles: Scarecrow is really getting stuck into the champ now; Scarecrow reverts both me to the matt and changes his submission to a sleeper hold as Divebomb falters. That blood from Divebombs lip is protruding; I don’t know why the ref didn’t DQ Scarecrow.

Flec: It’s the AWF Baby, we like it that way.

Styles: Do you ever shut up?

Flec: No, cause the ladies love it. Divebomb’s arm is now falling, his strength is leaving him. Divebomb is now out of the game if you ask me. Ref is lying down, asking for a response now. He gets none. He lifts the arm. He drops once. It connects with the matt. The ref lifts it his arm up again, Scarecrow tightens his grip.
Styles: The ref drops it for the second time but Divebomb’s arm holds in mid air. He raises back up from the matt. The rookie is struggling to keep hold of the champ, he’s holding in though, Scarecrow tightens his grip but Divebomb just keeps getting up.
Flec: Divebomb is on his feet now, elbow into Scarecrows front, he lets go, Divebomb turns around, a quick fishermans suplex now. He holds the leg for the pin, ref gets to two. The champ gets back up now, he’s signaling for Doomsday now, Scarecrow is moving and grabs his ankle now he pulls the champ down now, but he’s still a little bit out of it from that Fisherman suplex. He’s on his knees now and both men and crawling to the turnbuckle now. Divebomb’s almost their, he turns around to see the rookie.
Styles: Divebomb just mule kicked Scarecrow in the face! Scarecrows head is now busted wide open. I guess that’s pay back for the busted lip. Divebomb gets ontop of the turnbuckles now, he’s going lining himself up, Ground Zero!!
Flec: The ref gets to the matt and gets to the two count!! The Scarecrow still has it in him. Divebomb is stunned!! He can’t believe it. Scarecrow is still stirring, he’s rolling across the the matt and out of the ring, he’s lying on the security padding now. Divebomb gets up and goes across to find the rookie, he puts his head between the ropes and sees nothing.
Styles: What the?! Scarecrows music just kicked in on the Archivetron the ref turns to see the commotion is and misses the Scarecrow punching Divebomb in the head and knocking him back into the ring. The ref sees the ill prone Divebomb but can do nothing is Scarecrow slowly crawls back into the ring. He slowly picks up the champion and gets him in a head lock. He raises one arm and Spinning DDT!!
Flec: The Rookie rolls onto the champion, looks like we’ll have a new one … NO!!
Styles: Divebomb kicks out on 2!! Now its Scarecrow’s turn to be stunned.

*Divebomb still on the mat, Scarecrow prepares to finish the match Chris Back makes his way out of the crowd, leaping up on the ring from behind Scarecrow, calling on him, whacking him with a kendo stick, before sliding out smiling manically.

Joey: WHAT?!? What is he doing?

*Divebomb staggers up to his feet, seeing Scarecrow staggering about.

Joey: Here it comes, The End! Cover by the champion…1…2…3!

Cliffjumper: The winner, and still AWF Intercontinental Champion --- DIVEBOMB!!

Joey: Divebomb with the win, but give a big assist to Chris Back.

Flec: What’s that? The world’s smallest violin playing for Scarecrow!



*The cameras cut to backstage and we are with Sixshot just as Divebomb approaches her*

SS: “Hey everyone. I am backstage with Divebomb here after a hard fought victory over Scarecrow. So Divebomb, how do you feel about the end of your match tonight?”

Divebomb smirks.

DB: “I won. In The End, that’s all that really matters isn’t it?”

Sixshot shrugs.

SS: “Yeah but it took help from Chris Back to get the job done. Has to hurt the ego a bit doesn’t it?”

Divebomb just shakes his head at the comment.

DB: “I’ll be the first to admit, it was an off night. But we both know that I would have walked out with the title, no matter what happened.”

SS: “Maybe…”

DB: “Come on Sixshot, did you really come back here to give me a hard time over that match?”

SS: “Seemed fun to me at the time.”

DB: “And I bet its still fun now, isn’t it?”

SS: “Yeah.”

DB: “Fine, make jokes. But I am still the champ. I have defended this title many times since I won it and will continue to defend it for awhile to come. It’s my title, not theirs.”

SS: “Ok, I am done teasing you about it. Well next week you are going to go one-on-one with Morpheus for your IC title. How do you feel about that?”

Divebomb chuckles.

DB: “Well I guess I should make sure I don’t have one of those off nights. But seriously, I am going to defeat him and retain this title. It’s just the way it’s got to be.”

SS: “And why is that?”

DB: “Because next week, after I win and retain my title. I am going to have a little surprise for both fans and wrestlers alike. It is going to be something that some will love, some will hate and something that some won’t care about either way. But I will only give this announcement if I win.”

SS: “Only if you win. So I guess we should hope you do?”

DB: “Don’t hope. Just know that next week I will have a surprise for the AWF and Murder Inc. will have another loss on their impressive record.”

With that Divebomb walks away grinning as Sixshot continues.

SS: “Well there you have it. Next week if he’s successful, Divebomb will have an announcement for the AWF. Back to you guys.”

Thundercracker vs. Xille

Cliffy: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall. Big flippin surprise, hunh? What does that even mean, anyway? One fall? Is there ever a match with more than one fall?

Disciple’s “Slayer” cuts Cliffy off, as TC starts to come down to the ring.

Cliffy: Oh, right. Well, first, we have the ex-AWF champion, the man that lost to Viewfind of all people, a man who should be hiding his head in shame… Thundercracker!

As TC enters the ring, he takes a moment to give Cliffy the finger.

Bleed out all empathy…
I have to believe them (lies) …
In order to attain fulfillment
I have to succumb to (lies)

Xille leaps out onto the ramp, charismatically playing to the crowd, but still obviously favoring his wounded knee.

Cliffy: And here we have the man that was so smart… he jumped into a wooden bat. Ladies and gentlemen, the cocaine of the masses, the AWF’s own candy man, the man that makes me wish I was high.. Zill!

Cliffy holds his ear, obviously listening to an earpiece.

Cliffy: Exile? Well why doesn’t he just spell it that way?

The X rolls into the ring, he also looks disgruntled with the new ring announcer. The ref waves his hands about, and the bell rings… starting the match.

Styles: This is gonna be one crazy match, Flec! It’s a great opportunity for X, here. Imagine if he could beat an ex-AWF Champ the match after he won the title. It’s a great way to raise eyebrows!
Flec: I raise eyebrows too, but I don’t have to go to all this bother. I just take my pants off…
Styles: What?
Flec: In public.
Styles: oh.

Both men stand staring at each other, thinking about the best way to go about this. After a moment, TC rushes and tries to hit X with a dropkick. X ducks it, and tries to hit a spinning heel kick as TC rolls back up, but when he puts pressure on the injured knee, he collapses back to the mat.

Styles: X paid a heavy price to defeat V3 last night.
Flec: Man… who’d a thunk it? Xille beating V3… man!

TC, finding this to his advantage, raises his foot to stomp down on the knee. X manages to roll out of the way and up on to his feet.

Styles: Dodgy dodge there by the X!
Flec: You’ve been in Europe too long.

The ex-champ rushes at X and grabs him to hit a Northern Lights suplex. He rolls on top of him and locks in a GSF.

Flec: Way to work that knee, TC! He’s showing why he was champ, here!
Styles: He’s showing why he didn’t deserve to be champ. A real champ wouldn’t have to capitalize on a weakness like that.

After a moment of clawing, however, Xille manages to get a hand on the ropes. The ref waves at TC, who lets go. TC gets to his feet to face his opponents, and finds him on his feet…

Styles: Machina Driver out of nowhere by Xille! That’s the move that brought down Ghostal!
Flec: It don’t matter. None of dis matters.

Xille hooks a leg for the pin…



Flec: TC kicks out! I knew he was tougher than V3!
Styles: To be fair, Ghostal had been through a devastating match first.
Flec: But… he’s Ghostal… and he’s TC. See the difference?
Styles: No.
Flec: I never liked you anyway.

Xille still manages to get to his feet first however, and still visibly favoring his knee, leans against the ropes and charges at TC. TC gets to his feet, and X takes him down with a hurricanrana.

Styles: Nice move by X!
Flec: Looks like it cost him though.
Styles: That knee has still gotta be pretty sore.

Both men stumble up to their feet…

Styles: Xille would be able to use his signature speed and energy to capitalize here, but that knee is really slowing him down.
Flec: How can anyone consider energy their signature? Everyone has energy.
Styles: Except the Serial Slackaz. They don’t.
Flec: They don’t count as people.

TC gains the advantage first and sets up for a T-Bone Suplex, but Xille manages to use the momentum to counter into a fall back DDT.

Styles: Xille manages to retain the momentum here!
Flec: Oi! I was hoping this was over… Hey, Styles. You know the worst part about the Jays retiring?
Styles: What?
Flec: We wouldn’t have to be announcing right now. We have to do the full work load now! Damn penny pinching Reilly!

Xille stumbles up and turns his back to TC. He signals to the crowd by pounding on his chest, and leaps back.

Styles: Standing moonsault! Xille has been showing his mastery of that move, as of late.
Flec: We’ll see if it’s useful.

The opium of the masses hooks a leg again and the ref counts…



Flec: TC kicks out again! See? I don’t care if it’s a flashy move! It didn’t work!
Styles: Don’t be so sure. It has given him the perfect set up for this…

Xille has started stumbling up to the turnbuckle.

Styles: I guess he realizes with his knee still sore like it is, he has to end this match quickly while he still has it under control.
Flec: Weird that TC is staying down on the mat though…
Styles: Well, he did just get flattened with that standing moonsault.
Flec: I still don’t buy it.

Xille finally gets to his feet, and winks to the crowd. They eat this up, and pop like the infamous weasel.

Styles: Looks like they’re ready to see the Lobotomy!

At the last second however, TC springs up and knocks the X from his position. He slips down and crashes into the turnbuckle, crotch first. It seems the whole stadium winces with him, as Xille’s eyes roll into the back of his head.

Flec: Looks like no one’s gonna be getting high on him for awhile, now.

TC grab under him, and uses a schoolboy roll over to scoop him off the turnbuckle and onto the mat. The ref counts the pin…




Styles: Damn! Xille had this one finished, even though his knee was still sore!
Flec: Guess not! ‘Cause I don’t hear Boysetsfire, do I? I hear Disciple.
Styles: Shawdup.

Commercial Break

Starstorm v ‘Better Than You’ The Heart Brend Kid: Sean O’Con and Erik Summers

End of Everything plays as Starstorm make their way out collectively to the ring.

Cliffy: You’ve got to be kidding me, these guys get on the card? Ugh…so on their way out to be slaughtered by Summers and O’Con, Starstorm, or something.

Flec: Not exactly a friendly reception, huh?

Superstar takes over as “Better Than You” makes their way out collectively. HBK, bounding ahead, clad in his leather jacket. Erik Summers trails further behind, methodically on his way out, arm in arm with Atticus, spinning a small daisy in his left hand between his pointer and thumb, an insidious smirk on his face.

Joey: What are those two egomaniacs so giddy about?

*Without even allowing Cliffy to introduce them, Summers enters the ring, rushes over to Raven Darkstorm and flattens him with a sledgehammer he had hidden in his coat. Meanwhile HBK charges Vanth Dreadstar, leveling him with a HeartBrend Kick, before taking the mic.

HBK: Look Reilly, you clearly don’t get it…we asked for tonight off and we always get what we want! So we’re out of here losers…
Summers: Oh and Reilly, just in case you’ve forgotten…let me remind you we are and always will be…’better than you!’
Joey: What a pair of egocentric asses…
Flec: Can you say that?
Joey: I just did…we’re out of time damnit…We’ll see you next week for Warzone!

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Post by Ignavus » Tue May 10, 2005 4:22 am

OOC: First rate show. Cliffy tickles me pink... which is weird. Normally I'm pinko-gray. I know JD is having internet problems for a bit, but never you fear! The Serial Slackaz will continue to carry the tag division until his triumphant return!

IC: We see a darkened arena... the Mayhem set being dissassembled and a cliche Janitor fellow sleeping. The announce table is still in place when suddenly... a thud echoes throughout the arena.

"What the!?" you might ask. Wait a second! The camera pivots down, and we see Ignavus under the announce table rubbing his forehead. He still looks groggy.

"What the!?" I guess he'd ask that too. Apparently, he didn't leave after commentating. Apparently he curled up under Flec and Joey's feet. Freakin weirdo.

"How'd I get here?" He starts to hyper ventilate.

"Ok Igz... calm down. Walk through the day slowly. First I woke up cause the sun way in my eyes... stupid sunset."

Hardy-Har-Har. Wait... when'd we get a laughtrack?

"Then I got dressed... wait... no. I already had yesterday's clothes on.. that was good enough. So then D-Ex and I had breakfast... we still had a pizza left from last week... and then I came to Mayhem."

He rubs his forehead again.

"Oh right! I had to commentate on that flippin match.... who was in that again? Aaaaahhhhhhhh.... Murder Inc! And ah.... Ravenous Justice! Right! Great name, I love it."

He holds his hands up, in a kinda "Stellllllllaaaaaaaaaah!" gesture, and starts talking in a deep voice...

"I'M SO HUNGRY....." he pauses, then speaks in a brassy, confident tone "FOR JUSTICE!"

Return to regular slacker voice.

"Good stuff. So then... oh right! Ravenous Justice won. Good. Shame that Murder Inc eliminated them at AM4, they're so much better. Not that we're complainin though... there were less people for us to tend to. I guess they got some satisfaction tonight. Wonder if that means we're gonna defend the titles against them next. I'm sure the fans will love it: A slacker, a drunk, an lard, and a comic book character. I know I can't wait as it is. It sounds like one of those reality shows... 'lets put a crazy combo of people together and see what happens!'"

Igz slowly shuffles out from under the table, continuing his rumination to himself.

"But then what happened after they won? I remember falling in and out of sleep.. and that leather chair was really slippery... and I kept sliding down... until I fell under the table! That's it! ...Oh yeah, and stupid Flec kept kicking me. Punk."

He yawns, and stretches.

"Now where the hell is D-Ex? He's my ride."

At this point in time, we hear an ambigous shouting in the distance. A blurry figure quickly races down the arena steps, and runs past us. It's D-Ex, and he's running about at full speed shouting, at the top of his lungs...


...over and over again. He starts to run off in a different direction.

Igz hears this, and starts running in a simmilar fashion, waving his hands about crazily as well...


They run around in circles, panicking, until eventually colliding headfirst. They both fall onto their backs, totally knocked out.

That cliche janitor fellow starts to sweep them into a corner.
"Trying is the first step towards failure" ~ H. Simpson

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Post by Shockmeister » Tue May 10, 2005 7:44 am

OOC: Neat show. And my web problems aren't so bad that I can't post, so never fear, dear readers, you'll still have to put up with me for the foreseeable future! And god, Cliffy rules.

JD: "Havve we won again? Sssurely not! Well, thhiss callss ffor a ccelebration..."

>Promptly, another fallen-from-grace band appears from thin air, and begins to play. I really don't know where we get these guys.<

Celebrate good times, COME ON!
It's a celebration, dee-dee-dee...

>They leave just as quickly, coerced by Baxter's almighty Bugg-er Off Stare (patent pending).<

JD: "...To be honesst, all I wass planning wass a big ol' 'BWAHAHA!' or ssimilar...but yeah, thhe band thhing workss too. Now let uss nevver usse thhat idea again; thhere iss only sso many timess we can avvoid thhosse evvil little attorneyss."

Bax: "Murder Inc. once more
Prove that there is only one
Thing that dies with them...

And this one thing would
Simply be their stupid bee-
Yotch asses. Uh-huh-huh.

JD: "Thhat 'Uh-huh-huh' did not sservve any purposse at all, did it?"

Bax: "I, uh, needed to,
Y'know...get the syllables
Right. As I do now.

JD: "...Fffair point. But sstill - curssing in a poem? Shhame on you, boy!"

Bax: "Boy? I think I am
Slightly above that noun, if
Only due to mass.

JD: "You remember I am, like, ssevveral hundred yearss old? Bassically, I can call anyone 'boy' and I am sstill right in doing sso."

Bax: "Well, if that is the
Case, can the rest of us call
You an old git, then?

JD: "...Eh...beatss 'Skinny Turd', I ssupposse. Sssure."

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Post by Extreme_Kup » Tue May 10, 2005 8:34 am

OOC: Man, that was a nice mayhem. I'm glad to see me and Igz pulled off a homer during that tag match. I just like that 'cobras' gig.


*We go back to see our very own Slackers waking up slowly from the ground. Both men slowly get to their vertical base and start dusting themselves due to the amount of dust on their clothes. The Janitor who swept them into the corner, he just had to drag them all the way back to the backstage area just outside their locker room.

D-Ex: *looks behind him* "Hey Igz....why are we outside our locker room?"
Igz: "...I have no idea dude. First of all, arent we supposed to be at ringside commentating on some match?"
D-Ex: "........arent we done with that match? All I remember was you said something about Cobras"
Igz: "cobras?!.....where?!"

* D-Extreme quickly takes a look around to check if there are some cobras, but he finds nothing.

D-Ex: "Coast is clear buddy. OH! Now I remember! I saw one recently and I ran like hell...then we bumped into each other and got floored. And...were up again...here."
Igz: "Oh.....can I eat now?"
D-Ex: *points at the locker room*"Be my guest"

*Both men enter their locker room to see their locker room trashed.

D-Ex: "Did we clean up before we had that announce gig earlier?"
Igz: "You ask me like I would DO that?"
D-Ex: "Guess not Igz. So Igz, how the hell did you pop out of nowhere? I was looking for you...until I saw a cobra from one of those arena seats."
Igz: "I slept under the announce table"
D-Ex: "Now why didnt I go there? Ah nevermind. Anyway, I have been thinkin buddy, why dont we have a segment of our own after we did that announce gig?"
Igz: "What do you mean?"
D-Ex: "You remember auntie slag? Like...a segment like he had before? How about we have a interview segment once a week and call it "slacker's world"?"
Igz: "Meh, beats me."

*D-Ex laughs and makes his way to the ref to grab a pack of beer.

D-Ex: "Well, I think it would be nice to do something like that one day. But right now....*tosses one can to Igz, that was marked 'coke'* Its MILLER TIME!" :D
Igz: *catches the coke can* "And for you caffien lovers like me....nothing beats a coke!" :cool:

*Both men show their respective cans at the screen before opening it. The footage ends with them drinking it down.

D-Ex and Igz, your AWF Tag Team Champs. You think you got what it takes to take The Serial Slackaz on? Then join the
AWF and show us what you got!

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Post by Halfshell » Tue May 10, 2005 9:07 am

So Vinny Ghostal's the number one contender? I'd ask who he slept with to arrange that, but I really don't want to sully my mind thinking about it.

But, no... no, I hear ya Vinny. You trekked down to Rio and went through four guys in one night. I really fail to see how that's earned you a title shot... I mean it's your usual Saturday night routine, isn't it?

And I for one really don't want to see video evidence...

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Post by Ravage » Tue May 10, 2005 12:19 pm

I find it amusing how we can have a tag team called Ravnous Justice. But we some how can forget to book Big Daddy Ravage.

Ahh well it's all good. Just next week when I flatten someone it will make much more sense.

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Post by Xille » Tue May 10, 2005 8:55 pm

ooc: Wooo... glad summer is here... let the posting madness begin! Great show!


Blasted knee... it's always something, isn't it? Always something holding me back. I mean, I beat Ghostal, and suddenly he's the number one contender? No. Not a chance. So Ghostal, shake of your mild case of amnesia and bring whatever you want next week. I put on that amazing show last night at Archivemania to show you that you're not better than me. No one is.

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Post by Sixswitch » Tue May 10, 2005 9:05 pm

So, the Double S gets another shot at HBK. People might point to the last match, and say that I've lost once, and I'm gonna lose again. But people will be forgetting that the Double S vs HBK went all the way. Double S is more than ready for his rematch.

So, DX, you might think you're the muts nuts. You might think you're better than me... Better than us, but you're wrong. Dead wrong, and the Double S knows it. So next week, you can get the Game to oil you up in the back. Have your little fun and frolics backstage that I know you enjoy so much, and then you can come down to the ring for a rehash of Archivemania. And lets get one thing straight. The Welsh Wonder is more than ready to go just as far as he went at 'Mania to win. The only thing that'll be different at Mayhem will be the outcome. And there is nothing you can do about that.
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Post by Random Sweep » Wed May 11, 2005 3:56 pm

ooc: Great show, top notch writing on my match :)

Well another title match and once again Chris Back gets involved.
I guess that means that he is going to try and keep his promise of stopping me from winning a title.

Well if that is the case then I say bring it on C-Back and we will see how you like the taste of your own a***

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Post by Tempest » Thu May 12, 2005 5:31 am

We see Tempest in his car going down the highway at top speed in his RX-8 when a police officer pulls him over. He pulls over to the side and head buts his steering wheel as his car comes to a stop. He waits for the officer to walk up to his window before getting his passport out.

"Step out of the car sir."

Tempest thought this was unusual. He got out of the car only to see the officer with his gun out and point it at him. The officer told him to get on his knees and his hands behind his back. Tempest did so but was annoyed. He looked around curiously to see one of those damn 'Gotcha Ya!' shows on the idiotic American Networks. He was hand cuffed, and taken away.

*Three hours later*

Tempest: "I didn't do anything! Honest, what do you mean 'I stole that car' I own that car! I'm an Australian Tourist working in the US! I have an active Visa and a Passport! I own that car!"

Police Officer: "According to our records they belong to Canadian Tourist; however we have no proper records except for the name 'Brave Maximus'."

Tempest: "You gotta be ****ing me ..."

*Several hours later and a missed flight*

Tempest arrives at the Airport getting a ticket back home when all of his cards bounce.

Tempest: "Come off it. These cards have a NO credit limit."

Airport Employee: "I'm sorry sir, but these cards are useless, they've all been cancelled, by a 'Mr. Brave Maximus'."

Tempest: "This isn't possible ..."

*After two hours of sorting things out with the AWF trust fund and some very angry complaints to the bank Tempest gets in his car with a ticket home, that leaves in 12 hours and drives to the nearest non-airport hotel. He gets to the hotel he stayed at the night before and goes up to the helpdesk*

Helpdesk: "Hello, how may I help you?"

Tempest: "Hello, I'm from the AWF, they called before saying that I'd be staying the night, yet again. My codename is Tempest."

Helpdesk: "I'm sorry sir, their is an AWF superstar staying here but it is a superstar by the name of 'Brave Maximus'."

At this point Tempest's eyes start to twitch.

Tempest: "But I rang here no more then an hour ago to make the reservation, I was here last night, my suite was 786, on the seventh floor."

Helpdesk: "Yes that is correct, and the room was booked by Brave Maximus just an hour ago.'

Tempest steps back from the Helpdesk and get his phone out and make some phone calls. He got through to the Hotel Manager and fixed everything up, after 2 hours. Tempest made his way up to his room, tired and exhausted. He got into the main bedroom and into the bathroom. He slowly steps back into the room backwards to see Fight Club playing on the DVD player.

"I am Jack's raging sense of ...."

And the DVD pauses...

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Post by Cyberstrike nTo » Thu May 12, 2005 6:18 pm

OOC: Good show glad to see the Scarecrow get a title shot.
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Post by Viewfind » Fri May 13, 2005 2:03 am

Vin G!

The only 16-man tournament held over da weekend was the train me and my boys ran on yo momma.

You want a shot at the bling? you want to be the first stepping stone on blingzilla's long walk to greatness?

As i struggle to keep my balance
and composure
i'm postin'
propose a toast to playa's
on every coast-a
that live on a roller coaster
mind bender.
in steada watching these sucka MC's and bitches
an how they lying to the general population.
dont be patient and now stand up for your life
come young, come dumb, come blind, unwind, confine
come situationwe facin' cause its time...
tick-tick BOOM, tick-tick BOOM.
tick-tick BOOM, tick-tick BOOM.

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Post by -Predaking- » Mon May 16, 2005 8:42 am


So Blaster.. you expected me to just lay down and give you the three pin just because you are out to avenge your loss at the ArchiveMania right? Well I got news for you kid... I am more than just another wrestler that you faced in the past. It's gonna take a lot more than what you've got to take me down and I can guarantee that you will feel more of the pain from me before it's over. So guess what kid... it ain't over between us. Not by a long shot.

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Post by Grimlock » Mon May 23, 2005 11:46 am

Now the Lock isn't one to point the finger and place blame on people, but The Lock thinks the he has to put some people in to line, because the credibility of Muder Inc. will be retained, cause whether you like us or ya don't, we're the best thing going today.
"Among those fans there's at least one guy for whom you're a hero. He saved money to see you! That's what I did. I played for that guy." - Bruce Springsteen (1987)

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Post by Baxter » Mon May 23, 2005 2:49 pm

Murder Inc has once
Again fallen to the might
Of Judge Death and I

If more powerful
Lock wishes to become then
New lackeys should seek

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Post by Cyberstrike nTo » Wed May 25, 2005 3:11 pm

We the beautiful Atticus (subbing for Lovelace who's sick or something) with Christopher Back.

Atticus: "Chris, why did you interfer in the IC title match tonight?"

CB: "Well, well if isn't the AWF's version of Lita asking me the dumbest question of all time."

Atticus: "Take that crack about me being the AWF's version of Lita or I'll..."

CB: "You'll what have BOTH of your boyfriends beat me up?"

Atticus: "Yeah!"

CB: "Lisa I fear nobody and nothing on this planet including you and your lovers and as far as why did I interfer in the IC title match it's real simple even a dumb bimbo like you should figure it
out. At Archivemania 4 I made Scarecrow tap out I had him screaming for mercy and what do I find out when I arrive for Mayhem that not only do I have the night off and unlike you, and
your wussy boyfriends I do want to work and not take a night off but that Scarecrow has an IC title shot! It's a rule a winner gets a title shot the loser gets nothing!"

Atticus: "Like you?"

Back bitches slap Atticus but before he they can do anything else to each other AWF security comes rushing in and seprates them.

JFA: "Good Lord he's asking for trouble!"
JHA: "How is that's a bad thing?"
JFA: "You got a point!"
JHA: "Damn straight!"
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Post by Wolfang » Wed May 25, 2005 10:17 pm

KK: "Good evening folks... this is a rare ocassion, indeed... our double champion, Wolfang, has actually asked for an interview slot after hearing some of the comments made by Christopher Back."

*Kincaid knocks on a dressing room door. Wolfang opens the door, sporting his shiny Kano-esque mask and the title-bearing trenchcoat he was wearing at Mayhem, to a nice ovation from the crowd.*

KK: "Wolfang... can I say it's an honour that you've asked to do this..."

W: "Hey... more often than not, I've been happy to let actions speak for me *performs one of those neck-twist/shrug combinations, bringing a litle more of each title belt into the picture* but you know... something annoyed me. Really... really annoyed me. *Crowd cheers.*

No prizes for guessing what- or rather who- it was."

KK: "I take it you're refering to Christopher Back."

W *looks puzzled*: "Who?"

KK: "Christopher Back?"

W: "Oh him? The Artist Formerly Known As Cyberstrike... The New F'in Game... WHO GIVES A RAT'S? *Crowd pops* You can dress it up with fancy gimmicks... flashy tights... flashing lights... dozens of pyrotechnics and you will still have the same thing [pauses] a loser.
*Crowd pops*

Yeah, Back, you heard me... you decided to interfere with a title match because you didn't have a match. I was here. With TWO titles. You didn't even THINK to challenge ME, a**hole. Then you decide to take out your frustrations on a woman? What is it? Were you to afraid to face a man in the ring? *Crowd pops* Were you scared that if you challenged me... I'd make you tap out like I did last time? *Crowd pops*

Listen pal, I'll lay it out for you: you and me. One-on-one. None of those crappy gimmick matches. TV Title. You can name your time and your place. I'll still wipe the floor with your worthless a**. I'm not hard to find. If you really must, you can go lick the muck off Reilly's boots in exchange for my mobile number. But don't for one minute think that that's a come-on. *Crowd pops* What you do is up to you... the Wolf does not run that way.

So- just in case you missed it- TV Title match. Anytime. Anywhere. You choose. I'll see you in the ring, Back. Oh... and just one little piece of advice... say your prayers... you WILL be needing them..." *Crowd pops*

KK: "Well... there you have it. The Television Champion has issued a challenge. Will Christopher Back have the intestinal fortitude to accept?"

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Post by Cyberstrike nTo » Thu May 26, 2005 1:42 pm

IC: "Oh, I want nothing more than to take BOTH the TV and Hardcore titles from you Wolfbitch but my unlike some of the fools
in this company I'm not going to let myself get screwed over again! Because you see I know what will happen to me if I accepted your challenge for the title. I'll be just about ready to nail you with the Overdrive and out of nowhere POW! Scarecrow runs-in and costs me the match and the title. Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

Flec,Styles, JHA and JFA: "YES!"

CB:"Sorry been there and done that. So until I destroy the Scarecrow once and for all my answer is NO! But after I take care
of him then and only then will I beat you!"
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Post by Wolfang » Thu May 26, 2005 9:23 pm

IC: You will not beat me Back... I already stated that this wolf does not swing that way. And as for defeating me, it'll be a long time before that happens....