It's Here: AWF Mayhem [01/08/05]

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It's Here: AWF Mayhem [01/08/05]

Post by Wolfang » Mon Aug 01, 2005 10:28 pm

* Red, white and blue pyro ignite as ‘Duality’ by Slipknot fills the airwaves and Mayhem comes to you from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta*

Flec: “Happy Thanksgiving folks!”
Styles: “What’re you, drunk?”
Flec: “I’m not gonna * hic * grace that with a response…”
Styles: “Welcome to Mayhem… live from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta… and man do we have a show for you…”
Flec [looking perplexed]: “Really?”
Styles: “Tonight’s main event puts ‘Better Than You’ HBK & Erik Summers against the team of… get this… Sixswitch and Y3B . Also tonight… Xille takes on The Lock , the leader of Murder Incorporated …”
Flec: “Woo! Go Flyers!”
Styles: “We’re in Georgia…”
Flec: “Just sayin’…”
Styles: “Also, a GPA reunion as Divebomb and Viewfind team up to take on the Slackaz in tag team action… V3 takes on King … and Wolfang defends both the TV title and Hardcore championship against ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ Amarant Odinson and Cloud Strifer respectively… speaking of the Hardcore Title, a battle royal to find the number one contender to the Hardcore Championship is gonna be under way any minute now…”

Hardcore Championship Number One Contenders Hardcore Battle Royal: Christopher Back Vs. Scarecrow Vs. P? Vs. Sir Auros Vs. Baxter Vs. Tempest

Cliffjumper: “For those of you who are interested… both of you… the following contest is a Hardcore Battle Royal * sighs * to determine the number contender to the AWF Hardcore Championship… and has a time limit of fifteen minutes… aw, crap….”

As Cliffjumper finishes his announcement, the participants are strolling down the ramp. Nobody seems to be getting a very positive response.

Flec: “Do you hear that?”
Styles: “Hear what?”
Flec: “The sound of one-hundred thousand couch potatoes changing channels…”

The bell rings, and the battle immediately starts, as P? clobbers Baxter with a right hook, Back spears Scarecrow to the mat and Auros and Tempest start attempting to strangle each other.

Styles: “As you may have gathered folks, this is a Hardcore Battle Royal with a difference. As Wolfang isn’t involved in these proceedings, the first man to get a pin fall or submission will be the marked individual who the others have to defeat. The man who scored the last decision at the end of the match will be the number one contender to the Hardcore title.”
Flec: “The way you say it makes it sound complicated…”

As Styles and Flec argue, the referee makes a three-count. Apparently, Auros had Tempests shoulders on the mat whilst attempting to wring his neck with a side headlock. As Auros gets to his feet to protest the decision, P? drops him with a bulldog for the second pin of the match. As P? gets up, he gets his head stomped on by Baxter, who follows up with a belly-to-belly suplex. The move isn’t quite as effective as Baxter hoped, but still manages a two-count before P? kicks out.

Styles: “P? may have a little bit of ring rust…”
Flec: “I didn’t realise P? did the Buns Of Steel workout…”
Styles [pausing for a moment]: “I meant that he hasn’t wrestled for a while…”
Flec: “Oh…”

As Baxter goes to continue his assault on P?, Auros and Tempest combine forces to deliver a double back suplex to the bulbous one. Meanwhile, Scarecrow and Back appear to be on their way out of the arena via the crowd. Scarecrow doubles up Back for a piledriver attempt. Back reverses the move, and the Scarecrow hits the floor with a wet thud that is not exactly reminiscent of his namesake. As Scarecrow recovers, Back makes his way towards the ring and the continuing conflict.

As Back enters the ring, Auros delivers a powerful slam to Baxter and Tempest is setting up for the Thunder Press on P? As Tempest drops P? with his finisher, Back sneaks up behind him and whacks him with a chair from the timekeeper’s table. Tempest rolls out of the ring, a trickle of blood from above his eye, as back sets up P? for the Skyboom on the chair. Back connects with the move, and manages a three-count before Auros starts pounding on him. The counter shows 12:57 as Auros whips Back into the nearest turnbuckles, following up with a hard clothesline. Auros plants Back on the top turnbuckle, and follows him up. He claps his thighs around Back’s head, and pulls Back into position for a piledriver. The crowd are cheering for this.

Styles: “He’s not going to…”
Flec: “I got this weird feeling, Joey, that he is…”

Auros comes spinning from the top rope and rams Back’s head into the canvas with the Atomic Piledriver. Back is pretty much out cold from the move, and Auros picks up an easy three-count as the crowd cheer vehemently for the damage done to Back. His celebration is short-lived, however, as Scarecrow spins him to a facing position and hits him with an incredibly fast super kick. Auros falls like a felled redwood, and Scarecrow picks up the three-count. Baxter charges into the back of Scarecrow, knocking him right out of the ring and onto a trashcan that has materialised outside at some point.

Styles: “What in…?”
Flec: “It’s a trash can Styles… this is a Hardcore match, they just get teleported in by aliens or something…”

Scarecrow is now outside the ring, Auros is down on the inside of the ring, Back is searching for a weapon under an adjacent side of the ring to where Scarecrow is, Baxter and P? are smashing each other with whatever extraneous hardcore items they can find, and Tempest has apparently vanished in the melee.

Styles: “Oh man! What a shot from P?”
Flec: “Baxter is gonna feel that for a few days…”
Styles: “For those of you who just missed that… P? ducked a chair swing by Baxter and nailed the big man with a flying cookie sheet… right in the face”
Flec: “The smell of cookies on it probably got Baxter confused…”

As the timer ticks over to 9:58, Tempest reappears from the crowd area. At some point, the Aussie destroyer has been busted open and left for dead out there. As he comes back over the guardrail, he is met with a kendo stick shot from Back. Back mercilessly continues to drive the kendo stick into the body of Tempest, until he gets blindsided with an airborne coffee urn and knocked into the crowd.

Styles: “This match is possibly one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen…”
Flec: “This coming from a man who worked in ECW and Vivid video…”
Styles: “Ssh! My mother might be watching this!”

Tempest and Back are now both lying outside the ring bleeding. Auros is finally starting to get back into the game, P? and Baxter are still wailing on each other, and Scarecrow… well, let’s call Scarecrow MIA for the time being. As nobody seems to have been paying much attention to their mark (that’s assassin-speak for ‘target’), the wiry wonder seems to have slipped away somewhere unnoticed. He reappears from under the ring and sprays the combatants in the squared circle with fire-retardant foam.

Flec: “Well… things were getting a little bit heated…”
Styles: “Any more of those Christmas cracker quality jokes and I’m having you reassigned to trash monitor…”

Scarecrow delivers a heavy dropkick to the back of Auros’ left knee, sending El Chingador to the canvas, before knocking P? over the top rope with a clothesline. Turning his attention to the still temporarily blinded Baxter, Scarecrow delivers a rough-looking dropkick to the heavy competitor to no effect. A second dropkick staggers Baxter, so Scarecrow merely shakes his head, grabs the nearest item to hand- a computer keyboard- and slams it across Baxter’s face. The keys- and perhaps one or two of Baxter’s teeth- erupt from the impact and scatter everywhere as Baxter flies over the top rope and the timer hits 7:57.

Styles: “The crowd cheering Scarecrow… a little prematurely it seems…”

As Scarecrow stands at the rope talking smack to Baxter, P? sneaks into the ring with a chair. He grabs Scarecrow and throws him with a release German suplex right onto the chair and a diving elbow drop from the top turnbuckle follows to allow him to grab a three-count. Now, ironically, P? is ‘The Mark’.

Styles: “Timer at 7:31, and P? is now the target…”
Flec: “I think Auros worked that out…”

Auros was biding his time after the dropkick from Scarecrow. He now re-enters the ring with a stop sign and slams the sign straight into P?s face. The impact echoes briefly through the Georgia Dome before Auros whips P? to a turnbuckle and follows with a running Atomic Clothesline. The impact sends P? spinning over the top rope, and Auros quickly hops out of the ring to pick up the three-count for himself.

Styles: “Now Auros is the number one contender… with less than 7 minutes remaining…”

As Auros gets up, a bloody Baxter clobbers him with a forearm smash, and throws him up the entrance ramp. Baxter swears a blue streak as he grabs Auros and smashes him into the steel ramp with a belly-to-belly suplex. The crowd wince, and Baxter attempts a pin for a two-count. He hauls up Auros again, and plants El Chingador with a DDT for another two-count. As Baxter pulls himself up, P? comes running up the ramp and knocks him into the crowd. With Auros getting up, P? seizes the opportunity to smash him across the back with a 30-limit sign. He then throws down the sign and hits a back suplex on Auros; with El Chingador’s head slamming into the sign. P? covers and, once again, gains the number one contendership.

Joey: “We’re down to 6:27 and P? has the bulls-eye on him once again…”

P? turns around and narrowly dodges an incoming hockey stick. He ducks under the object and spears Back, who has just attempted to remove his head with said object. P? slams Back’s head into the steel ramp a few times, as Auros lies pretty much cold on the same ramp, Baxter lies almost dead in the third row of the crowd, and Scarecrow and Tempest start to make their way up the ramp to rejoin the battle brandishing a few artefacts and smacking each other at random.

Joey: “Tempest just smashed a trash can over Scarecrow… Scarecrow now out cold at the bottom of the steel ramp, Auros colder than a platter of sushi at the top… and Tempest just got lamped!”

Incidentally, Tempest has just been hit by a rather art deco lighting implement, which connected directly with his nose after being thrown by P? As Tempest crumples onto the ramp, his nose a bloody mess, P? gets caught in the Breakdown from Back, and ends up with his face smashed into the ramp himself. Back makes the cover… and now, the artist known as Cyberstrike is the number one contender.

Joey: “Well… once again during this match, the number one contendership changes hands… and now, Christopher Back is the number one contender…”
Flec: “ * makes snoring sound *”

With 5:07 left on the clock, almost everybody is close to being out of the match. The only two standing at present are Back and Scarecrow, who grapple with each other and end up pushing their way backstage as the other others start to stir.

Joey: “Less than five minutes left now… and Back and Scarecrow are fighting in the backstage area…”

The Archivetron shows Back and Scarecrow slamming each other into a wall, as Erik Summers, Sean O’Con and King look on from different vantage points in the background. Scarecrow attempts to whip Back into a lighting support, but Back reverses the move and launches Scarecrow towards the buffet table with a release belly-to-belly suplex. As Back turns to follow, he’s hit in the back by a magazine rack from P? who has just rejoined the fray. After P? smashes the magazine rack on Back, he goes for a cover, only to be kicked off by Scarecrow.

Joey: “What the hell is Scarecrow doing?”
Flec: “At this moment, I’d be surprised if he knows…”

P? charges Scarecrow, and Scarecrow uses P?s momentum to throw him into the coffee urn… which overturns to pour hot coffee all over P? as the half-full urn smashes into his lower back with considerable force and pours the rest of it’s contents all over the Canadian.

Joey: “My God! Somebody get the EMTs!”
Flec: “Good lord… that had to hurt…”

Scarecrow turns to find Back charging at him with a chair. He ducks the chair, and thrusts his foot straight up into Back’s jaw, sending the number one contender flying through the air for a rather hard landing on the concrete. Back has taken a fall. Now Scarecrow covers him for another.

Joey: “And there’s 3! Scarecrow is the number one contender!”
Flec: “You forgot to add ‘for the moment’…”

With a mere 2:48 left on the clock, Scarecrow stands with his hands on his knees, breathing heavily. Auros, who has rejoined the tour de force, wastes no time in clocking Scarecrow with the nearest thing to hand: which just happens to be the camera! The screen goes black, and the feed cuts back to Joey and Flec at ringside.

Joey: “We have to apologise for this folks… we never expected the match to become this heated…”
Flec: “When you say ‘we’, you actually mean ‘you’. I knew something like this was gonna happen…”
Joey: “The hell you did. I’m surprised you know what day of the week it is.”
Flec: “Mayhem’s on. It’s Monday.”
Joey: “Yeah… you wish. It’s Thursday. How’s that alcohol-only diet going, by the way?”
Flec: “Great… I’ve lost three days somewhere…”

There’s some more brief darkness on the screen, and the Arhivetron clicks back to life, showing just 13 seconds remaining and Back holding Scarecrow in the Darklight: his version of the Sharpshooter. As the clock ticks down to zero, Scarecrow’s hand taps the concrete. The assembled referees- including Pete Zahut, Noah Ordak, Greg Land and Greg Garrett- all just look around at each other. Cliffjumper waits for any sort of information on his headset and receives nothing.

Cliffjumper: “Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of the match… and the number one contender to the AWF Hardcore Championship…”

The members of the audience who weren’t holding their breath in a suicide attempt now wait with baited breath for the decision. The referees still cannot decide whether the bell rang before or after Scarecrow tapped out. Cliffjumper just shrugs.

Joey: “There’s a good start to the night…”
Flec: “Some controversy to get the blood flowing…”
Joey: “Okay folks… after the break, we may have a decision on this, but we will definitely have the Hardcore Title up for grabs when Wolfang defends against CloudStrifer… see you in a moment…”

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* AWF: Edge of Survival 2005 DVD, complete with special features including the AWF superstars taking on pro-basketball players in a charity baseball game, a Sean O’Con and Erik Summers takeover of ‘Saturday Night Live’, and Wolfang and Divebomb invading a music video shoot
* The newThe Music volume 2 featuring Motõrhead, Alice Cooper, NWA, Dope, Incubus, Pantera, DMX, Comfort Eagle and many more

Joey: “Hey folks… we are broadcasting from the Georgia Dome and Mayhem is back with a bang. Before the break, the climax of the Hardcore Battle Royal… for the Number One Contendership to the Hardcore Title… ended somewhat cloudy. Scarecrow tapped out to Christopher Back… but the referees haven’t decided whether that was before or after the bell. The official verdict has been handed to Cliffjumper…”

Cliffjumper: “Ladies and gentlemen… the decision for the number one contendership to the AWF Hardcore Championship is as follows: as the referees cannot come to a unanimous decision; Mr. Reilly advocates that both Christopher Back and Scarecrow will receive a Hardcore Title shot at AWF: Overdrive.”

* The crowd cheers. *

Joey: “I bet Wolfang’s thrilled with that decision…”
Flec: “He’ll be out in a minute; why don’t you ask him then?”

Hardcore Championship: Cloud Strifer Vs. Wolfang [Champion]

The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Norway. Cloudstrifer!

Joey : Mixed reactions from the crowd here, for the Norse nutter from ... umm... Norway.

And his opponent, hailing from St Helens, England, he is the current AWF Hardcore Champion. Wolfang!

Joey : Crowd going wild here as the man with more bite that Flec's mom makes his way to the ring.
Flec : What I miss?
Joey : Nothin much, just tryin to help your family business

Wolfang hits the ring running as Cloud bolts out to the outside, sliding under the bottom rope. Wolfang uses his momentum to run full-barrel across the ring and suicide dive over the top rope, straight into a raised steel chair!

The crowd erupts into a mass frenzy as Cloud holds the chair aloft and slams it hard on the back of his opponent.

Joey : The crowd baying for blood here.
Flec : And for once, not yours!
Joey : It's well-known as a valuable commodity.

Cloudstrifer heads under the ring as Wolfang tries to compose himself.

Joey : Cloud heading under the ring here, maybe looking for a weapon?
Flec : Or a long lost relative!
Joey : Wolfang up to his feet now, disoriented after that vicious chair shot earlier!

Wolfang staggers over to the announcer's table, heavy on his feet as Cloud emerges from under the ring, dragging behind him a table and a kendo stick!

Joey : Anyone for Chinese?
Flec : Looks like Wolfang wants Cloud to see some action here, Joey!

Cloud walks confidently over to Wolfang, kendo stick raised high, just in time for Wolfang to spin 180 degrees and bust Cloud wide open with the monitor!

Joey : And we have our first profanity laden chant from the crowd tonight, so early in the evening.
Flec : Won't someone think of the children?!
Crowd : HOLY **** !! HOLY **** !! HOLY **** !!

Cloud drops the kendo stick and staggers backwards, blood pouring down his face as Wolfang charges and clotheslines him hard to the mat. Wolfang glances at the kendo stick, holds it aloft for a second then brings it down with great velocity into the exposed stomach of Cloudstrifer.

Joey : Crowd here counting the blows
Flec : My faith in the education system restored!

The last strike splinters the kendo stick, as the crowd scrambles for the shattered stick, Wolfang picks up his battered opponent and rolls him into the ring. Wolfang covers Cloud, but only gets a two count.

Joey : Wolfang visibly dismayed at the two count.
Flec : Cloud visibly beaten with a kendo stick!

Wolfang looks to the table and signals for Crimson Twilight, setting up the table at a 45 degree angle to the turn-buckle, Wolfang drags his battered opponent to the corner and props him across the top turnbuckle. Wolfang looks out to the crowd as the flash of a thousand cameras make his descent from the buckle appear in slow motion. The pair crash through the table, as the crowd go absolutely nuts!

Joey : And there's our second profanity laden chant of the evening.
Flec : Education system's not what it used to be. Wolfang's a sick man, the crowd are all sick, this match is an outrage!
Joey : He's a visionary of Hardcore entertainment.
Flec : He's sick and twisted!

Wolfang crawls over to the barely breathing Cloudstrifer and drapes his arm across him.

Joey : Wolfang here counting with the referee. 1...2...3 !!! Wolfang retains the Hardcore title in a short, but brutal match-up.
Flec : Can we see the Crimson Twilight again?
Joey : OH! The carnage in the ring. Someone call Cloud's Mom, her son's all manner of messed up!
Flec: Hey… what’s he doing out here?

As the heavy instrumental of ‘Dragontown’ plays to signal Wolfang’s victory, Wolfang looks up the entrance ramp to see Christopher Back giving him the cut throat sign- Wolfang just growls at the Indianapolis native before saluting the crowd. Back merely wanders backstage.

Joey: And the mind games start…
Flec: I’d agree if I thought Back wasn’t a mindless ‘tard…

Viewfind & Divebomb Vs. The Slackaz [D-Extreme & Ignavus, AWF Tag Team Champions]

Cliffjumper: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…”

‘Cake’ starts over the arena speaker system, and D-Extreme and Ignavus stroll down to the ring- with Ignavus stifling a yawn and D-Ex waving half-heartedly to the crowd.

Cliffjumper: “From… who the smeg wrote this? I can’t read it… oh, from Simsbury, Connecticut and somewhere else, respectively… the AWF Tag Team Champions… Ignavus… D-Extreme… THE SERIAL SLACKAZ!”

The Slackaz’s music is abruptly cut off and the arena darkens slightly as ‘My Last Serenade’ begins and Divebomb walks onto the Archivetron stage to a roaring ovation.

Cliffjumper: “And their opponents… first, from Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada… The AWF Intercontinental Champion… DIVEBOMB!”

As Divebomb climbs the apron and undoes the Intercontinental Championship, ‘Party Up’ begins to play over the Announce system. After a minute and a half of the song playing, Viewfind is still nowhere to be seen. Then, Vin Ghostal walks out to the ring and mutters something to the referee. The referee consults Cliffjumper.

Cliffjumper: “And his Tag team partner… from Camden, New Jersey… V3 VIN GHOSTAL!”

Joey: “What? Where the hell’s Viewfind?”
Flec: “Are you kidding? You’d rather have our doped-out, ho-flinging, smack-talking AWF Champion than the pure athlete that is Vin Ghostal?”
Joey: “Are you kidding? He’s stood behind Divebomb. I wouldn’t trust that man to be there.”

And indeed, Divebomb echoes the sentiment. He is trying to keep an eye on Ghostal as the bell rings, and falls victim to a running dropkick from Ignavus which throws him back into his corner, where Ghostal makes a blind tag. Just as Ghostal looks set to square up to Ignavus, he turns and smashes Divebomb in the face before levelling Igz with a clothesline and running to knock D-Ex out of the ring with a forearm smash.

Ghostal then rolls out of the ring and searches for something under the apron. He pulls out his trademark gold baseball bat and steps back into the ring and moves towards Divebomb. Pete Zahut tries to stand in his way and seems to talk Ghostal out of attacking the Intercontinental Champion. Instead, Ghostal turns and whacks Ignavus in the face with the bat before smashing D-Extreme in the mid-section and across the back. The bell rings as Ghostal starts to wail on Divebomb.

Cliffjumper: “Ladies and gentlemen… the winners of this match as a result of a disqualification… THE SLACKAZ!”

Joey: “And look at Ghostal now… what a sick son-of-a… wait a second… HERE’S VIEWFIND!”

Suddenly, Viewfind, covered in blood and sporting a chair, runs down to the ring and swings at Ghostal. He barely misses as Ghostal jumps out of the ring. The two exchange heated words and harsh looks as Ghostal flees up the entrance ramp. Viewfind goes to check on Divebomb as Ghostal makes good his escape and the EMTs arrive to treat the fallen Intercontinental and Tag Team Champions.

Joey: “That bastard Ghostal… and I notice you’ve said nothing in response to that, Flec…”
Flec: “I’m still in shock… Ghostal demolished those annoying Slackaz and Divebomb in one fell swoop. What a hero!”
Joey: “You really are a worthless human being <sigh>… stick with us folks… Xille takes on the Lock when we return…”

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* Phone number for AWF: Overdrive on PPV [0600 555 6826]

Xille v. Lock

Joey: Here we go. This has the potential of being one great match.
Flec: Yeah I hope Lock creams this little munchkin.
Joey: Well we’ll just see how it turns out. So let’s head to Cliffjumper for the official announcements.

Cliffjumper: Ladies and gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall. The first guy is from...What? Oh, he’s from Ohio……Xille!

The familiar sounds of Boysetsfire fill the arena as Xille emerges from the back full of energy. The crowd erupts in a chorus of cheers for the AWF spitfire. Xille runs down to the ring and begins posing as the music fades and changes into Bruce Springsteen’s “Murder Incorporated”

CJ: And his opponent. From Melbourne or something like that……Lock!

Lock walks out of the back looking as smug as ever and the crowd’s reaction changes to a hail of boos. He shrugs and gives them a quick smirk then casually walks down to the ring. He climbs in and taunts them as the bell rings.

Joey: And we are off. Two very different approaches to wrestling in this ring.
Flec: Yes they are and I think we both know who is going to win this battle of styles.
Joey: No, who?
Flec: Lock. Xille may be quick but he’s got nothing Lock.
Joey: Hey, don’t forget that Xille beat Vin Ghostal not too long ago when nobody thought that he could do it.
Flec: Yeah but Vinny is no Lock.
Joey: Whatever you say. Things are underway here as Xille and Lock tie up in the center of the ring.

The two competitors tie up in the center and quickly lock gets the upper hand and shoves Xille across the ring. Lock gives him a laugh as Xille gets back to his feet glaring at him. Quickly Lock goes for another tie up but Xille ducks under and takes him out with a quick drop kick. Xille does not slow down as he hits an elbow drop. Quickly Lock rolls out of the ring to gather himself.

Joey: Xille quickly gaining the advantage and Lock taking a breather.
Flec: It’s not a breather; he’s just taking this advantage to gets the fans into it.
Joey: Sure.

Lock rolls back into the ring and the two start to circle again. This time Xille goes for the tie up but Lock instead drives his boot into Xille's gut and whips him into the ropes. On the rebound Lock flip him into the air with a back body drop. Xille hits the mat hard as Lock quickly drags Xille back to his feet and whips him into the corner. Lock charges in and nails Xille with a clothesline then begins to stomp on his opponent.

Joey: Lock showing his strength here as he stomps away on Xille.
Flec: See that’s what I like to see. Showing him who’s boss.

The ref moves in and begins the count. At four Lock steps away and gestures to the crowd. Lock moves back in and drags Xille back up and slams him into the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Xille flinches in pain as Lock stalks around the ring then grabs hold of Xille. He drags him to his feet and hits him with a snap suplex then puts Xille in a sleeper hold.

Joey: Lock locking in the sleeper hold and it doesn’t look like Xille has much choice here.
Flec: I told you he couldn’t beat Lock. Look, Locks even standing over him applying more pressure. Xille is finished.
Joey: I would like to argue with you but with the way the hold is being applied I really can’t. It just looks like Xille is fading. He’s still struggling but I don’t think it will do much good.

Slowly a chant of “Xille” begins to rise in the crowd just as it looks like Xille has passed out.

Joey: It looks like Xille is out and the ref is moving in to check on him.
Flec: Hahaha, it’s all over.
Joey: Xille's arm has fallen once.
Flec: Two more to go.
Joey: Raising it again….
Flec: That’s two.
Joey: This might be it. He’s lifting the arm again….
Flec: It’s over. Lock has won…
Joey: NOOO! Xille stopped his arm.

The crowd erupts as Xille begins struggling.

Joey: Xille fighting here. Showing a lot of heart here. Fighting for everything he’s worth.
Flec: This sucks.
Joey: Xille up to a standing base here. Throwing and elbow. And another. Xille out now and off the ropes. Ducking under a clothesline attempt…..Oh! Xille with a flying clothesline taking out Lock.
Flec: Lucky.
Joey: And both men are down. It looks like that sleeper hold took more out of Xille than I thought.

The ref moves in for the count.


Both men begin to stir.


Both men get to a knee and the ref breaks the count. Lock with a little more energy is the first to get to his feet. He charges at Xille and out of pure instinct Xille falls out of the way and catches Lock with a leg sweep that sends lock falling face first into the turnbuckle. Xille jumps to his feet and charges. He hits Lock with a flying body press as Lock gets to his feet. Xille steps aide and Lock stumbles from the corner. Xille quickly hops up to the second turnbuckle. Lock turns to face him just as Xille flys from the ropes and takes him out with a flying clothesline.

Joey: Xille looks to be in control here after recovering from that sleep hold.
Flec: Lock is just sucking him in. Waiting for the opportune time to flatten him.
Joey: Sure.

Xille bounds to his feet and begins shouting to the crowd. The crowd returns his energy and Xille drags Lock to his feet and whips him into the corner. He moves in and climbs to the second ropes and begins punching. The crowd counts in unison with every punch thrown. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10! Xille dismounts and watches as Lock stumbles out from the corner. Lock manages to stop himself from falling but Xille manages to help him there as he hits a drop kick to the back. Xille makes the quick cover but Lock kicks out at 2. Xille grabs hold and locks in a camel clutch.

Joey: Oh Xille with the camel clutch and Lock is struggling.
Flec: He’s fine. He’s just luring him in.
Joey: Not from where I am sitting.

Lock continues to struggle but Xille sits back on the move and Lock lets out a scream. His struggles begin to slow as Xille slowly applies more pressure until finally his with all his strength he pushes himself forward and grabs the ropes. Xille breaks the hold and gets to his feet signalling to the crowd.

Joey: And it looks like Xille wants to finish him off here. He’s stalking the ring now waiting for Lock to get to his feet.
Flec: It won’t end yet. Lock won’t lose to him. He can’t.
Joey: Lock getting up, turning around. Xille going for the Machina Driver….
Flec: NO! Lock countered it.
Joey: You’re right. Lock countered the Machina Driver with a spine buster and Xille is down. Oh and a few quick stomps from Lock and now he’s dragging him up.
Flec: See I told you he was just suckering him in.

Lock drags him up and hits him with a German suplex then taunts the crowd.

Flec: And now I think its Locks turn to end it.
Joey: Maybe. He’s stalking Xille. I think he’s going to go for the Big Payback.
Flec: Damn straight.

Xille gets to his feet and in no time Lock moves in and grabs hold. He lifts him high into the air. Just as He reaches the top of the lift Xille struggles and spins out of the hold spinning Lock around and slamming him head first into the mat.

Joey: OH MY GOD! Xille just countered the Big Payback with The Last Mile. Lock is down and Xille is making the cover.
Flec: No! This can’t happen. Xille can’t beat the leader of Murder Inc.
Joey: Ref moving in. 1…2…3! Xille has done it. He beat Lock.
Flec: Lucky.

Xille slowly gets to his feet and gets his arm raised by the ref. The crowd erupts once more as Xille mounts the turnbuckle and begins posing for the crowd.

Joey: Xille taking the opportunity to pose for his fans here after a hard fought win.
Flec: Lucky little leprechaun.
Joey: Hey he earned that win…Hey what’s going on.

With Xille on the turnbuckle Lock gets to his feet and charges. He slams a forearm into the back of Xille then grabs hold and slams him to the mat from the turnbuckle. Quickly he gestures to the back and Scarecrow and Morpheus come running from the back. All three men begin to lay the boots to Xille. After a few long moments of stomps Lock signals the others to pick him up as Lock rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. He climbs back in and begins yelling at Xille as the other two hold him up.

Joey: This can’t be happening. Somebody get out here and stop this.
Flec: I think it’s too late.

With that Lock winds up and nails Xille with the chair causing him to go limp and crumple to the mat. All three men start to laugh as they leave Xille busted and bleeding in the ring.

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* AWF: Edge Of Survival 2005 2-Disc DVD
* Ford Focus
* AWF: Mayhem upcoming events
* Powerade

Vin Ghostal v. King

Joey: Well Flec, its time for, possibly, one of the biggest matches of the night.
Flec: Really? Who’s in it?
Joey: You mean you don’t know.
Flec: Not really.
Joey: Well then for your information, it’s King…
Flec: …Yawn…
Joey: Taking on Vin Ghostal.
Flec: Oh hell, why didn’t you say so. Ghostal should make things interesting if nothing else.
Joey: Well if you recall, the last time we saw Ghostal he was out here claiming to have won a tournament that made him number one contender for the AWF title. That is, of course, before he interfered in our earlier tag teamn attraction...
Flec: What do you mean…claiming?
Joey: Well we still haven’t seen any proof of…
Flec: Proof. We have his word. Isn’t that good enough.
Joey: Word? You would have to be a stone faced fool to believe much of what Ghostal says.
Flec: Whatever. He’s our champ to be.
Joey: Alright. Let’s send it down to Cliffjumper for the official announcements.

Cliffjumper: Alright fools, listen up cause I am only going to say this once. Our next match is for one fall. The first jobber in the match is….Who?....Oh….KING!

Suddenly “More Human Than Human” begins to blast through out the arena and King walks out from the back and continues down to the ring as the pyros explode behind him. He gets in the ring and taunts the crowd as Cliffy speaks up again.

CJ: Alright, alright. Enough with the music already. Now, his opponent from god knows where….That loser….Fine, VIN GHOSTAL! Now give me my damn smokes.

“The Saga Continues” takes over and Ghostal struts out from the back wearing his long golden coat and gold tights and carrying his trademark golden bat. With his chin raised in the air he arrogantly looks over the audience and frowns then continues down to the ring, walking as puffed up as he can. Casually he walks into the ring and drops his bat in one of the corners then grabs a mic before the ref can start the match. He waits for the crowd to quiet down then addresses King.

VG: Oh King. How good to see you. You must feel especially blessed to be in the ring with greatness tonight. As you know I am the number one contender to the title. So we both know you don’t stand a chance. So how about you just forget this whole thing and leave now.

Ghostal waits for a moment as King closes his mouth and regains his composure. But before King can give him an answer Ghostal lunges forward and slams the mic into King’s temple dropping him to the mat. Ghostal tosses the mic out of the ring as the bell sounds to begin the match and drops on the prone body. Referee McClintock drops to the mat and begins the count.

Joey: Ghostal with the cheap shot and One…Two…TH….NO, King kicked out.
Flec: What? That should have been it. Oh well, I am sure Ghostal isn’t about to give up.
Joey: I am sure of that. He’s dragging King to his feet and…Oh he throws him over the top rope and King crashes down to the floor.
Flec: That’s a way to do it.
Joey: Referee McClintock admonishing Ghostal for that move now but you know Ghostal just looks like he doesn’t care.
Flec: And why would he? He’s V3, rules don’t matter.
Joey: V3 following King outside now and quickly going back to the attack as he drives a few quick boots into King’s side. Dragging him back up and…OH! He just sent King flying into the steel ring post.
Flec: Did you see his head bounce off that post? Man that looked like it hurt.
Joey: Vicious move by the so called number one contender but it doesn’t look like he’s done yet.
Flec: I hope he isn’t.
Joey: Ghostal picking up King yet again and it looks like he’s setting him up for…A suplex on the outside and quickly tossing him back into the ring here. Going for the cover. 1….2….THR!...NO! King has kicked out again.
Flec: I don’t believe it.
Joey: And I don’t think Ghostal does either.

Ghostal quickly gets to his feet and gets into McClintock’s face saying it was a three count but McClintock doesn’t change his mind. Fuming a bit at the kick out Ghostal paces across the ring a few times then stops when he sees the turnbuckle. A devious grins comes across his face as he makes his way to the corner and rips the padding off the top turnbuckle.

Joey: Ghostal exposing the bare metal of the turnbuckle here and this does not spell good news for King.
Flec: Most certainly not. I have this strange feeling that the King is about to take along nap.
Joey: I would like to argue with you about it but I don’t think I can. Ghostal dragging King back up here backing him into the opposite corner. Going for an Irish whip…..NO! King reversed it and Ghostal was just sent chest first into the metal buckle.
Flec: What? How did king manage to do that. He couldn’t even stand up right.
Joey: I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter. Both men are down here after suffering some devastating collisions with steel and referee Mike McClintock doesn’t have much choice but to start the mandatory ten count.

McClintock quickly moves in and begins the count. 1…


3…King starts to stir while Ghostal lies in a ball clutching his chest.


5…King rolls onto his stomach and begins to push up and Ghostal takes a deep laboring breath and does the same.


7…Both men get to their hands and knees.

8….Ghostal pushes up hard and gets to a standing position but quickly stumbles back and into the ropes. But it breaks the ten count, he uses the momentum of falling into the ropes to propel himself at King and attempts to hit King with a clothesline but at the last second King ducks the arm and lunges to his feet. He quickly turns around and catches Ghostal on the rebound.

Joey: Ghostal missed the clothesline and coming back now…..RAMPAGE! King just caught Ghostal with the spinebuster.
Flec: Great.
Joey: King not letting up yet as he follows the move with a series of elbow drops.
Flec: It’s alright. Ghostal can come back.
Joey: King picking him back up and whipping him into the corner. He charges and…..Connects with a massive clothesline. But he’s not letting him out of the corner that easy. King lowering his head and delivering a series of shoulder thrust. Flec, I think Ghostal is having a rough time at the moment.
Flec: What? No way, this is nothing. I mean this is V3, he is flashy and the more he makes it look like King is winning the better he is going to look when he absolutely destroys King for the victory.
Joey: I don’t know about that, but what would happen if King did manage to beat Ghostal. I mean King beating the number one contender, that would cast serious doubts on Ghostal's claim to the title shot.
Flec: No it wouldn’t, we all know Ghostal is going to win anyways. So it doesn’t matter.
Joey: We’ll see. Anyways back in the ring, King hoisting V3 onto the top ropes and it looks like he might be going for a superplex.
Flec: V3 will get out of it.
Joey: Nope.

They crash down to the mat and King quickly gets to his feet full of energy as he poses for the crowd then climbs the turnbuckle.

Joey: King on the top ropes now and you know what that means.
Flec: Trash is about to fly.
Joey: Hey, that was uncalled for. But the message is the same. King is going to fly as soon as V3 can get up.

V3 slowly makes his way to a standing position and turns to find King flying off the turnbuckle. King crashes hard into Ghostal with a flying clothesline and they both crash down to the mat.

Joey: King with the Divebomb and I don’t know how much more V3 is going to be able to take. King going for the cover…No Ghostal kicks out at two.
Flec: Thank god.
Joey: King back to his feet here and he is backing into the corner. I think he is going for the spear.
Flec: Oh he had better miss.
Joey: Ghostal getting to his feet here and I don’t think he has nay clue as to what is about to happen. Referee McClintock checking on him as he gets up. Ghostal turning around, King charging…..OH MY GOD! Ghostal ducked out of the way and just pulled McClintock into King’s path.
Flec: AH HAHAHAHAHAHA! That was great. King just about ripped him in half.
Joey: Ghostal scrambling away as King gets back to his feet.

King looks down at the referee and shakes his head. He turns around and goes for Ghostal. Ghostal stops and begins begging on his knees.

Joey: What a cowardly display this is. Ghostal is on his knees begging King to stop. But I don’t think King is going to. King moving in, wait….
Joey: Ghostal just reached up and grabbed hold of King and sent him head first into the exposed turnbuckle. King staggering here and what’s this Ghostal has grabbed his damn bat.
Flec: Hit him. Come on, Hit him.
Joey: Oh he’s going to.

Ghostal drives the bat into King’s stomach causing him to double over then drives it into King’s back for good measure. Ghostal tosses the bat out of the ring and signals to the crowd that its time for The Cutting Edge.

Joey: Ghostal dragging King back up. Setting him up and…..
Flec: The Cutting Edge.
Joey: Ghostal with the cutting edge and we have another referee coming out here. It looks like Noah Ordak. Ghostal with the cover and its over.
Flec: I told you he would pull it out.
Joey: What? Ghostal cheated and used every dirty trick in the book to beat him. It was disgraceful.
Flec: Say what you want but it is still a win.

“The Saga Continues” comes back on as Ghostal exits the ring, picks up his bat and walks to the back laughing at his fallen opponent… and then running out of the arena when Viewfind appears brandishing a chair!

Joey: And that sycophantic spectre ran a mile when the AWF Champion came to give him some payback…
Flec: We don’t know Ghostal did that…
Joey: You mean you refuse to acknowledge that it was… stay with us folks, the TV Title on the line after the break when Amarant Odinson challenges Wolfang… stay tuned…

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* Rolling Rock
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* ‘Batman Begins’ [cinematic trailer]
* CSI: Miami Season 2 DVD collection
* AWF: Best Of 2004 DVD

AWF Television Championship: Amarant Odinson Vs. Wolfang [Champion]

Cliffjumper: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen-minute time limit… and is for the AWF Television Championship. Introducing first…”

Amarant’s theme music hits, and the Wolverine appears with his trademarked towel [which reads: ‘Designed for Blood & Sweat’] wrapped around his head, and smoke skimming around the rest of his body. He marches towards the ring, confidence exuding from every pore.

Cliffjumper: “The challenger… from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… ‘The Rabid Wolverine’… Chris Ben… AMARANT ODINSON!”

Cliffjumper shrugs as Amarant walks to the centre of the ring and pulls away the towel, holding his fists skyward as he removes the article. The cheers are in abundance as the former TV and IC champ stands ready to face off against the current Television Champion.

‘Dragontown’ suddenly kicks in, with mist and silver lights the only visible things in the near pitch-black arena. The crowd’s cheering only escalates, as a single spotlight shines towards Cliffjumper.

Cliffjumper: “And his opponent… from St. Helens, Merseyside, England… the AWF Hardcore and Television Champion… WOLFANG!”

Wolfang appears intensely focused as he walks toward the ring. He slaps a few high fives as he makes his way down, wearing the TV Title around his waist and an expression of weariness on his brow.

Styles: “We all saw Wolfang defend the Hardcore Title against Strifer earlier tonight… I’m not sure how much he’s recovered after that match…”
Flec: “He looks tired to me, Joey…”

Wolfang undoes the TV Title, and passes the strap to referee John Land. John Land holds up the title for the audience to inspect [there’s a close-up of it on the Archive-tron as he does so]. He passes the belt outside as ‘Dragontown’ is faded out and the bell rings. As Amarant and Wolfang stand face-to-face, the crowd expect some insult to be thrown between the two fiercely competitive grapplers. Instead, Wolfang makes the first move, and extends his hand towards the Wolverine. Amarant looks a little bit taken aback, but accepts the hand- much to the delight of the capacity crowd, who roar their approval as the two shake hands. The two separate, and shake their appendages a little to get the blood pumping.

Styles: “Good show of sportsmanship by the champion and the challenger…”
Flec: “Wolfang’s just trying to swing it so Amarant doesn’t kill him…”
Styles: “I doubt that Amarant could… and I disagree with your analysis anyway…”

Wolfang and Amarant lock-up in the middle of the ring. Amarant gets the early advantage, and breaks the grapple with an arm ringer, which flows nicely into a hammerlock. Wolfang wraps his arm around Amarant’s neck and falls forward- allowing the momentum top carry his opponent over and off him. Both men quickly get to the their feet, and Amarant charges. This time, Wolfang is able to capitalise: taking down Odinson with a drop toehold and rolling back with his legs still wrapped around Amarant’s shin. He tugs back on Amarant’s ankle, and manages to maintain the hold for a few seconds before Amarant grabs the bottom rope.

Styles: “Well… we know where both men are going to be focusing their attacks…”
Flec: “I wish they’d focus their attacks on Sixswitch… he deserves mutilating…”

Wolfang complies with Land’s instruction to break the hold, and backs away to give Amarant the opportunity to get up. Amarant shakes out some of the cobwebs and the two grapple again. This time, Wolfang gets the upper hand and throws Amarant with a t-bone suplex. He is quick to attempt to capitalise, but Amarant manages to roll out of the way of an elbow drop. Quickly getting to his feet, the Wolverine grabs Wolfang in a rear waistlock and hits him with a German suplex. After several more consecutive German suplexes, Amarant bridges for a cover and a two-count. As Wolfang rolls out of the pinning situation, he grabs Amarant with a Dragon sleeper.

Styles: “Wolfang going for the submission early on…”
Flec: “Defending two belts is taking its toll on him. He wants this over and done with.”

Wolfang tries to lock down the hold tighter on the Wolverine, but Amarant curls up and kicks a knee into Wolfang’s temple. The move doesn’t allow him a release. He delivers a couple more knees in swift succession. One makes contact with Wolfang’s nose, and a trickle of blood is visible from one nostril as he falls back. Amarant gets to his feet and immediately moves to start working on Wolfang again. As Wolfang gets to his feet, Amarant grabs his left arm in a standing painkiller before putting pressure on Wolfang’s shoulder and pushing him down to the mat.

Wolfang rolls forward and twists back round to break the hold from Amarant. Amarant seems pleased that he faces a challenge for once, and both men get back to a vertical position and grapple once again. The grapple is broken when Amarant grabs Wolfang in a top wristlock and applies the pressure, causing Wolfang to bridge back. Amarant keeps pushing back until Wolfang’s shoulders are against the canvas, at which point John Land gets a two-count. Wolfang bridges to keep his shoulders from the mat, and quickly falls back into a lying position to pull Amarant into his knees. Amarant continues to apply the pressure, but Wolfang shunts him off in a modified monkey flip and rolls over into a lateral press for a two-count of his own.

Styles: “Good solid mat wrestling from both competitors in this bout… you can clearly see the training of Ultimo Dragon is evident in Wolfang’s movements… whilst Amarant’s background at the Calgary Dungeon is pretty clear too…”
Flec: “I’m worried now… I was aroused by the word ‘Dungeon’…”
Styles: “It’s that specialist club you like a few miles from here…”
Flec: “Oh yeah! Panic over!”

Amarant wraps Wolfang’s arm around one knee, as if in preparation for another arm breaker variation. He rolls forward and switches his grip to a Mahistrol cradle for another two count before grabbing Wolfang’s wrist and falling forward to drive a knee into Wolfang’s elbow joint. Wolfang pulls his arm back into him as a reflex response, and rolls away and upright. He slaps his bicep to get the blood pumping back, and charges Amarant. As Amarant goes for a clothesline, Wolfang ducks and grabs Amarant’s other arm. As Amarant attempts a back elbow to get Wolfang to release the grip, Wolfang blocks it and wrap it in a similar fashion in preparation for a tiger suplex for another two-count.

Styles: “A picture perfect tiger suplex by the champ… I can see this match going to time…”
Flec: “Which is wrestling speak for a draw, for any of you morons who didn’t know…”

Wolfang, now back in control, grabs Amarant at one shoulder and delivers a European uppercut to keep the Wolverine off-balance before pulling him into a shin breaker and following up with a rolling leg whip. Wolfang slaps his left arm again as he goes back to Amarant. With the Wolverine lying face down, Wolfang grapevines both of Amarant’s legs and grabs Amarant’s arms before falling back into a Mexican surfboard. He elevates Amarant for a few seconds before pulling him back down to the mat and grabbing Amarant in a Dragon sleeper variation with his legs still in grapevines.

Styles: “Amarant’s going to have to suck it up on this one and grab the rope…”

Sure enough, Amarant rocks himself backwards and forwards a couple of times before rolling himself towards the ropes and grabbing the middle strand. Wolfang relinquishes his grip on the Wolverine, and gets an unnecessary caution from John Land. Wolfang protests the referee’s action, and fails to see Amarant run up and gather him up in a schoolboy pin for another two-count.

Styles: “Now that was unfair… referee John Land reprimanded Wolfang for something… and from my vantage point, folks, the Merseyside Marauder had done nothing wrong… and allowed Amarant the opportunity to get that cover you just saw.”

With both men now back up, Wolfang ducks below Amarant’s waistline and grabs one of the Wolverine’s legs and drops Amarant with a hard dragon screw. Amarant rolls out of the ring to get out of harm’s way. Wolfang follows him outside with a fast flipping Senton onto Amarant’s shoulders. The crowd go nuts for the brief high spot.

Styles: “It looks like Wolfang may be back in the driver’s seat…”

Wolfang rolls Amarant back into the ring, but Amarant drops an elbow on him as the TV champion slides back into the ring. Amarant sets up Wolfang for a suplex, and hits possibly one of the fastest- and most powerful- snap suplexes on record. He immediately grabs Wolfang’s left arm again, and wraps the arm around for a Buffalo sleeper before hooking Wolfang with a body scissors in an attempt to make the hold inescapable.

Styles: “We might be looking at a new Television Champion tonight…”
Flec: “Wait a minute… that statement from the guy who keeps telling me ‘don’t count your chickens’?”

Wolfang appears to be motionless as Amarant maintains the hold on the TV champion. John Land moves in to ask Wolfang if he wants to give up, and gets no response. He raises Wolfang’s right hand, and it drops back to the canvas- apparently lifeless. Land raises the hand again for a similar result. He raises the hand a third time, and the hand stops about six inches short of the canvas and climbs back towards the ceiling. The crowd start to cheer for the champion, and Wolfang tries to turn out of the hold, which the Wolverine has locked in with his trademark excellence. Wolfang manages to twist a few degrees about, and drives an elbow into the kidney and lower ribcage of Amarant Odinson. A couple more elbows finally free the tenacious TV title holder, and he slumps against the nearest set of ropes in order to pull himself up.

As Wolfang is getting to his feet, Amarant gets to his and makes his way to the TV champion. The Wolverine drags Wolfang up against the ropes, and hits him with a few knife edge chops across the chest before attempting an Irish whip across the ring. Wolfang reverses the whip, and catches the Wolverine with a kick to the gut on the rebound.

Styles: “CRIMSON TWILIGHT! OUT OF NOWHERE! 1… 2… 3! Wolfang retains! I don’t believe it!”
Flec: “Neither do I… but I’ll say he earned hi money tonight…”

Wolfang slumps to the mat as ‘Dragontown’ plays and the crowd roars their approval. Wolfang and Amarant get to their feet simultaneously, and Wolfang again offers an outstretched hand to the Ontario executioner. Amarant again accepts, and Wolfang holds up the Wolverine’s hand, before rolling out of the ring and rubbing his eyes. The dual champion is definitely showing signs of weariness as he heads backstage, with his TV championship and a few more bruises.

Styles: “That was one heck of a match… and we’ve got one more for you folks… Sixswitch & Y3B taking on ‘Better Than You’ Erik Summers and the HeartBrend Kid… that’s next…”

* A commercial for AWF Overdrive: live on pay-per-view airs *

Better Than You: “The Heart Brend Kid” Sean O’Con and Erik Summers, with Atticus vs “The Welsh Wonder” Sixswitch and “Y3B” Blaster

Joey: I have to believe that Sixswitch has been looking forward to this one…

Flec: Yeah, I’ve met lots of guys who really enjoy getting their testicles kicked in.

Bend me shape me misdirect me
It's all the same to me
Look at all this useless talk
You look at me but you don't see
Understand I'm a sinner
Don't corner me
Don't lecture me
Raise your hands you're a sinner

Flec: What a great new intro for the boys who are “Better than You” Styles…

Joey: What a fitting song for a couple of jerks like them…

In typical “Better than You” fashion, HBK bounds to the ring quickly, jumping in and taking up his residence in the corner, hoisted on the ropes. Summers follows more slowly, taking the time to bask in the complete hatred of the crowd, Atticus closely in tow, a sly, sadistic smirk on the face of Summers, who finally enters the ring and removes his coat.

Like This, Like That takes over and Sixswitch begins to make his way to the ring area.

Joey: And here comes a man who has been utterly tormented by Summers and O’Con for several months now.

Flec: Probably because he deserves it.

Sixswitch enters the ring and begins to talk, visible anger on his face. Summers returns almost no expression other than the same smirk, while O’Con begins to laugh heartily, only irking Six more.

Joey: I think it is safe to say that Sixswitch has reached his absolute breaking point.






A sudden explosion indicates that Y3B is on his way to the ring, but as Personal Jesus plays through the arena, the young superstar doesn’t appear, which prompts HBK to grab a mic.

HBK: Well mate…looks like you’ve got yourself a bit of a problem…seems you are lacking something…now what could it be…Summers?

Summers: Got me Sean…could it be…a personality?

HBK: Well, that’s a given…not one I’m thinking of though…

Summers: Hmmm…could it be…talent?

HBK: Again Captain Obvious…true, but not what I’m looking for.
Summers: It has to be looks or charisma then…

HBK: While you are again correct my sociopathic friend, not the answer I’m seeking.

*Summers acts confused for a bit before Atticus saunters up and takes the mic.*

Atticus: Dear boy, what Sean is saying is that our Welsh friend here seems to be lacking a partner.

HBK: Gorgeous and observant…quite the package there. Absolutely correct, as usual the vortex of charisma has sucked…well, we all know he sucks, but in this case, he has sucked the life out of this arena, and apparently even knocked his partner out cold!

*A camera cuts to the back, to find Y3B out cold, being tended to by paramedics, a large wound on the side of his head. The camera then pans over to show a sledge hammer still laying backstage, with Mr. Reilly looking furiously at it.*

Summers: Now, how did that happen?

HBK: I’m not really sure mate…my guess would be that our boy Tapedeck found out he had to team with Siznitch here and knocked himself out cold!

*The latest insults prove to be too much for Six, who loses his cool and attacks both members of “Better than You” sending Atticus and Cliffjumper quickly outside the ring.

Joey: Looks like Sixswitch wishes to proceed here, in spite of the fact that he lacks a partner.

Flec: I can’t really blame Tapedeck…I’d to the same thing if I had to team with Siznitch.

Joey: You really believe that lame story, don’t you? Spinning heel kick sends HBK to the outside, meanwhile Six working over Summers, several hard chops and kicks to send him back into the corner. Six offering no quarter here at all, laying into the former 3 Time AWF champion. Irish whip, now and a drop kick sends Summers down hard to the mat. Six bouncing off the ropes, but his foot gets caught by Atticus! That harlot! How is this fair?

Flec: Boo hoo…life’s not fair Styles, deal with it…HEY!

Joey: Six kicking Atticus off his foot, Summers meanwhile calling over the referee, which allows HBK to plaster Sixswitch with a chair to the side of the face! How is this in any way right? It is basically 3 on 1 here!

Flec: What a tragedy…

Joey: Six busted open, Summers now slides to the outside as well, grabbing his own chair and the two men make their way back into the ring. Now lining up Sixswitch…and DOUBLE CHAIR SHOT. Six’s skull sandwiched between those two chairs! The ref is calling for the bell, these two men are disgusting. Summers now setting his chair on the mat, hoisting Six up and Game Over down onto the chair. Sixswitch was baited and the trap was set…O’Con and Summers had no intention of going through with any type of match…they took out Y3B before hand to make sure, enticed Six into a fight and then proceeded to destroy him…these two should be heavily fined and suspended for this.

Flec: For what? Maybe they knocked a personality into Sixswitch!

Joey: If you believe that, you are even more disturbed than I thought possible…AWF security on their way to break this up…even Mr. Reilly on his way out. “Better than you” being forced from the ring, sick smiles on their faces, basking in the jeers of this sold out crowd…they are going to have to answer for this, DAMNIT!
What a night this has been… Viewfind and Ghostal psyching each other out… ‘Better Than You’ brutally assaulting Sixswitch…. We’ll see you next time folks!
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Post by Galvatron91 » Mon Aug 01, 2005 11:20 pm

Erik Summers is shown backstage, all smiles, Atticus in similar high spirits.

Summers: "Oh Sizzy...silly boy, seems you gone and got yourself hurt again. Consider that a warning, next'll find yourself crippled. When, oh WHEN will you get this into your thick skull? We are just that much better than you. Deal with it, accept it and GET OVER IT. Time to move on boy. You are out of your league here whelp, maybe it is time for you to take up a career more fitting of your talents....such as...hmmmm...crossing guard. would be too much, WAIT! I've got it! Fast Food Worker...even you could handle that without too many screw ups! I'll even give you some advice attention, this is gold for you. Keep your hands out of the hot oil!"

Summers chuckled as the camera fades off him.

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Post by Viewfind » Mon Aug 01, 2005 11:34 pm

OOC: welcome back.

IC: Yo VG i'm going to let you know now son.
you are playing a game you have no idea what the rules are so i guess its going to be my job to learn you some.

*Viewfind turns to one of his lady friends and say's*

Yo bitc........ i mean yo girl can't you see i got a big ass cut on mah head? give the Doc a call before all my pimp juice gets all over the dag floor.

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Post by DrEvil » Mon Aug 01, 2005 11:59 pm

OOC: Good job guys, gettin the show back on the road.

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Post by Random Sweep » Tue Aug 02, 2005 7:18 am

ooc: :up: Great to see thing up and running. Will post a response after work.

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Post by Ignavus » Tue Aug 02, 2005 5:47 pm

OOC: I say both huzzah and huttah! Also, hooray!


Before the Show

We see a nice green forest, with a blue sky and chirping birds. Some would call it idyllic; lets call it idyllic.

A forest ranger wanders into our view, with various tourists behind him. Many are wearing hawaiian shirts, and very ugly socks.

Forest Ranger: "And here, we have a prime hibernation hide out for some of the local wildlife."

The ranger points to a cave near by.

Forest Ranger: "It's where some of the bigger animals, particularly bears, go to sleep during long periods of inactivity!"

A little kid in a hawaiin shirt and bad socks (told you so) raises his hand.

Little Kid: "Can we see a bear?"

Forest Ranger: "Maybe... if we're reaaaalllly quiet...."

The whole group turns to the cave and stares intently.

After a few moments, Iganvus wanders out of it.

He has a long, scraggly beard, there's leaves and twigs in his hair, his clothes are wrinkled, and if you could smell him it probably wouldn't be a pleasent experience.

The tour group stares at him. He stares at the tour group.

Little Kid: "Mommy, hobos are icky"

Forest Ranger: "Ah... excuse me? Who are you?"

Ignavus: "Who are you?"

Forest Ranger: "I'm John Q. Treeguy, a forest ranger! What were you doing in that cave?"

Ignavus: "Sleeping."

Forest Ranger: "Why? For how long?"

Ignavus: "It seemed like a good idea at the time. What date is it?"

Forest Ranger: "July 31"

Ignavus: "2005, right?"

The ranger nods his head, looking a bit stunned.

Ignavus: "Few, it was only a few months then."

Forest Ranger: "You were asleep for a few months... in a cave? Don't you have a job, or something?"

Ignavus: "Holy crap! Mayhem! I've gotta get back!"

He clears his throat, and strikes up a Superman-esque flying position.

Ignavus: "Serial Slackaz.... assemble!"

He starts to run, still pretending to fly.

Little Kid: "Mommy, can I be a cerial slack man when I grow up?"

Mommy: "Absolutely Not!"

After the Show

Random Jobber Interviewer approaches Igz.

RJI: "Igz, how do you feel about getting whalopped today in the first AWF show for months?"

Ignavus: "I shoulda stayed in my damn cave."
"Trying is the first step towards failure" ~ H. Simpson

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Post by Thundercracker » Tue Aug 02, 2005 7:00 pm

Sixshot: TC any thoughts on the show tonight and your future?

TC: I cant really comment on anything right now, but next week the entire AWF is in for a surprise

Sixshot: Might I ask what it is?

TC: Well Sixy, if i told you what it was right now, that wouldnt leave much of a surprise now would it?

Sixshot: Guess not

TC: Exactly, so you and the rest of these jackmos are just gonna have to wait a lil bit longer
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Post by Cyberstrike nTo » Tue Aug 02, 2005 7:39 pm

IC as CB: "Wolfang, no matter what the officals say I won the battle royal and I'm the number one contender to the Hardcore title and soon it will be mine and I will take it count on it."
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Post by Xille » Tue Aug 02, 2005 8:43 pm

*Xille enters the medical area in the back, holding his forehead. An EMT on staff merely shakes his head ("Again?") and begins to apply the usual bandages*

EMT: Never ends, huh?

The X: What?

EMT: Your little crusade. I tell you, I was glad to see you finally finish with the GPA and Ghostal. You were really starting to crack there near the end of that fued.

The X: Crack?

EMT: Well, you didn't start out wanting nothing but to end the GPA, right? You started out having so much fun in the ring... hell, we all had fun watching you in the ring. I'll give you an example: how long has it been since you've hit the Lobotomy on someone?

The X: Certainly a while.

EMT: That's my point. You became obsessed with ending the GPA and things like it. You beat Ravage. You beat the NWA. You beat Ghostal. And where did it all get you? You're right back here with me, getting your forehead taped. Again.

The X: But the GPA is gone. I've done a great service for the whole AWF.

EMT: Sure, the GPA is "gone". But what happened? Another faction simply came along to take its place. Someone will always be there to fill that void. And, apparently, you'll always be there to challenge them. Tell me, when does it end, X?

The X: I...

EMT: Don't worry about it. At least, not right now. Here... these are some pain relievers, they should get you through until next week's Mayhem.

The X: Thanks...

EMT: X, think about what I've said.

The X: Yeah...

*Xille walks out of the medical area, a aura of worry and doubt plastered across his now-bandaged self*

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Post by Wolfang » Tue Aug 02, 2005 9:49 pm

* Wolfang appears- breathing in long slow breaths- and brandishing the Hardcore and Television titles.*

W: Amarant... I'll give you credit... we both know that it could have gone down either way tonight. It's rare that I've actually felt truly challenged during my reigns as Hardcore and Television Champion... but I'll happily take you on again any time you want and in any match you care to pick.

And Back? You don't dare speak to me unless I consider you competition. I'm sick of your arrogance, neophyte: and should it persist, you may find yourself watching Overdrive from a bed in the intensive care unit.

You whine, b*tch, moan and complain about being 'held back'. Well let me tell you something; at Overdrive, you'll wish I was being 'held back' because, in all likelihood, I'm going to take your boring, tired, arrogant, overconfident face and plaster it across the canvas before I slam you down for the three.

Say your prayers, bub... you'll be needing them.
"I hold to a simple philosophy: assume everyone's a piece of c*** and then be pleasantly surprised if you find people who ain't."

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Post by Cyberstrike nTo » Tue Aug 02, 2005 10:06 pm

Originally posted by Wolfang
* Wolfang appears- breathing in long slow breaths- and brandishing the Hardcore and Television titles.*

W: Amarant... I'll give you credit... we both know that it could have gone down either way tonight. It's rare that I've actually felt truly challenged during my reigns as Hardcore and Television Champion... but I'll happily take you on again any time you want and in any match you care to pick.

And Back? You don't dare speak to me unless I consider you competition. I'm sick of your arrogance, neophyte: and should it persist, you may find yourself watching Overdrive from a bed in the intensive care unit.

You whine, b*tch, moan and complain about being 'held back'. Well let me tell you something; at Overdrive, you'll wish I was being 'held back' because, in all likelihood, I'm going to take your boring, tired, arrogant, overconfident face and plaster it across the canvas before I slam you down for the three.

Say your prayers, bub... you'll be needing them.

IC as CB: "The only prayers that will be heard at Overdrive will be yours when you pray to me, God's Gift to Pro-Wrestling, to stop the beating that I will inflict on you and end your pathic excuse of a wrestling career!"
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Post by Wolfang » Tue Aug 02, 2005 10:15 pm

Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
"pathetic excuse of a wrestling career!"

W: Oh... now that there's good for a chuckle.

Alright, b*tchboy. I'm going to throw some real information at you now. I am a former European Champion. I am half of possibly the most innovative tag team to have ever held the AWF Tag team Championship. I am the reigning Televison and Hardcore Champion. Are you following so far? Not confused by any of the big words? Good.

You. What have YOU accomplished, Back? Apart from, say, being less popular than AIDS and more boring than a four-month marathon sitting of 'EastEnders'. Hmm? Nothing.

That's what you've accomplished... and that's what you are. I'll make sure of it at Overdrive.
"I hold to a simple philosophy: assume everyone's a piece of c*** and then be pleasantly surprised if you find people who ain't."

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Post by Amarant Odinson » Wed Aug 03, 2005 12:34 am

Originally posted by Wolfang

W: Amarant... I'll give you credit... we both know that it could have gone down either way tonight. It's rare that I've actually felt truly challenged during my reigns as Hardcore and Television Champion... but I'll happily take you on again any time you want and in any match you care to pick.

Wolfang, Tonight you did what very few have ever done. You proved me wrong. I'm not ashamed of it, a little dissappointed maybe but not ashamed. In all my time in the AWF you were the first opponent since D-Extreme that actually tested my skills in the ring and if you want to go another round, I don't have a problem with that at all. But since you have your hands full with Christopher Back at the moment, I'll wait. It doesn't even need to be for a title, just take of your business and I'll be waiting.

But until then, what am I supposed to do? Who can I make tap out? Who does that rat bastard, Reilly want to send after me? I guess all I can say to that is BRING IT!! If anyone thinks they have a shot against the Best Damn Technical Wrestler in this business today, then step up or shut up. I don't care who it is or what type of match it is. If you have the testicular fortitude to one on one with PERFECTION, then I'll see you at Overdrive.
In Canada, its a Tradition... in Mexico, its a Religion.... in Japan, its a Sport... in America.... Its a Joke.

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Post by Random Sweep » Wed Aug 03, 2005 9:43 am

Well well well, another show, another interesting turn of events.

It would seem , Back, that for the time being, our desinies are linked, for at every turn you seem to be standing in my way.

Well, at Overdrive, We once again both have an oportunity to pick up the Hardcore title and I for one intend to make the most of that oportunity to spray the canvas with both yours and wolfangs lifeblood.

I am not here to play games with you fools nor am I here to waste my time conversing on how unfortunate you have been Back, I am here to take what I want, and what I want now is Wolfangs Hardcore title

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Post by Extreme_Kup » Wed Aug 03, 2005 9:54 am

OOC: YEY! THIS WEEK KICKS ASS!!! MATT HARDY IS BACK...AND THE AWF IS BACK :D guys you dont know how happy you made one 17 year old kid who has been overfed with sugar recently.


*After RJI interviews Igz, we see him approach D-Extreme who has his mid-section bandage.

RJI: "So, how about you, D-Ex?"

*D-Ex downs a can of beer and burps. He grabs the mic and is about to speak, however, he gives it back. He turns around and pukes as he holds his stomach. He turns back to RJI and grabs the mic.

D-Ex: "I wish I also stayed on the, me and Igz had a great time there. I mean, we met Yogi and Booboo! Wanna meet them?"

RJI: "Uhm..sure."

*D-Ex whistles and two drifters.....two HAIRY drifters come onto scene and D-Ex pats them both.

D-Ex: "Say hello guys..."

'yogi and booboo': "Hey...."

*The two scurry out of the scene after they see a piece of donut roll off the floor.

D-Ex: "They are smarter than the average bears..hehehe...*turns around and barfs* ARGH!!! DAMN IT! *turns back and faces the camera* GHOSTAL! Thanks to you, you made my stomach reject something I love the most..BEER! You havent seen the last of me..or even Igz for that matter...right Igz?"

*He turns to Igz, who has fallen asleep. He looks back at RJI and whispers something.

D-Ex: "*whispering* have to leave now. I have to carry him back to our cave. Were having pizza and beer tonight....wanna join us? Just remember, its the cave where the forest rangers usually try to shoo us off ok?"

*the scene fades as D-ex scratches his butt before he grabs Igz by the leg and drags him off the focus of the camera.

D-Ex and Igz, your AWF Tag Team Champs. You think you got what it takes to take The Serial Slackaz on? Then join the
AWF and show us what you got!

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Post by Halfshell » Wed Aug 03, 2005 1:36 pm

Awh, poor Siznitch. So dull that the mere thought of teaming with him sends his partner into a coma.

You just can't buy a break, can you Gladys?

Don't worry, though. The E-Machine is giving them away for free. Leg, arm or neck? It doesn't really matter what your order is, because you've probably realised by now that you're in way over your head.

But me and E are the least of your worries... because, whilst we're a given, it's safe to say that Carnage in C-Minor is Better Than You.

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Post by Ravage » Wed Aug 03, 2005 4:02 pm

Ravage walks up behind TC and LL.

Rav- Oh oh I like surprises can you tell me please please please, pretty please with sugar on top!?

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Post by Wolfang » Wed Aug 03, 2005 11:47 pm

W: Scarecrow... you don't know who you're dealing with.

I have made people in this fed bleed, scream and tap out. I have been slammed, sliced, driven through cages and off cages, been the victim of everything from barbed wire to baseball bats and there is one thing that you need to remember about all this: I'm still standing.

You and Back can bring everything you've got to Overdrive, b*tchboy. It's still no guarantee that you'll win. So you can do exactly the same as Back- that is to say, you might want to say your prayers. I can tell you that you will be needing them.

Oh, and before I forget: I'll be happy to see you in the ring again soon, Amarant. I just hope Reilly gives you some decent opposition to keep you sharp until then.
"I hold to a simple philosophy: assume everyone's a piece of c*** and then be pleasantly surprised if you find people who ain't."

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Post by DrEvil » Thu Aug 04, 2005 2:31 pm

The Darkened Room

*A Camera peers in through the door bars to a shadowlike figure moving in the darkness, scuttering around. It motions towards a table and picks something from it and takes it to its head. The figure moves closer to the bars and the camera to reveal himself as OP2005*

OP2005: Tick tock says the clock. Marvellous a thing time is. It lets your heal and lets you, heh, regain whats left of your sanity. Come a little closer and I'll show you sane I am.

*The cameraman doesn't move*


*The camerman slowly moves forward*

OP2005: Thats it!

*OP's hand comes rushing through the opening in the bars onto the man's head, then it flies back through them knocking the man's head against the bars and leaving him unconscience. The camera falls and OP moves his own head closer to it*

OP2005: Just a little closer.... to your worst nightmare! And now, may the fun begin. Hahaha

*Laughter drowns the room as the camera cord is disconnected by OP2005*

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Post by Grimlock » Sun Aug 07, 2005 2:15 pm

See, The Lock just showed what the whole concept of the big payback is about. It's a message, should you happen to get one over on us, we'll do what it takes to level the scores. It's all about leading by example and dominance, and The Lock isn't going to stop until he's holding some gold, cause whether you like it or ya don't, The Lock is the best thing going today.
"Among those fans there's at least one guy for whom you're a hero. He saved money to see you! That's what I did. I played for that guy." - Bruce Springsteen (1987)