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Post Your Autobot Fan Character Profiles Here

Post by Sixswitch » Sat Apr 05, 2003 1:13 pm

Alright folks, this is a new thread for posting your Fan Character Autobot profiles in. Once you post your fan character, the staff will have a look and either approve it - or not. They will contact you by PM when they have made the decision.

Please do not try introducing the character into play until the staff has given consent.

Remember, you must have been playing an official tf for the game for at least a couple months before you ask for a fan character. :)

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Post by Aero Blade » Sun May 18, 2003 4:34 pm

Name: Aero Blade
Affiliation: Autobot
Primary Weapon: Pulse Lazer, Barrage Lazer
Alt Mode: Helecopter
Motto: "Just leave me alone"

Strength: 4
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 8
Endurance: 5
Rank: 4
Courage: 6
Firepower: 4
Skill: 9


Aero Blade is the kind of transformer that always seems to have something on his mind, and its usually something he doesn't want to talk about. Aero Blade isn't anti-social, he just has a hard time getting along with new people, and he won't say why. Once one gets to know him, though, he is very friendly. Aero Blade gives off the kind of impression that something had happened in his past, but will not tell anyone what this is.

Aero Blade, though capable of fighting, was not meant for battle. He is meant to work as a technitian in repairing and working with large machinery and computers. He will more often try to run from a fight, but when he does have to fight, he makes use of his speed and agility to try to dodge as much enemy fire as he can and tries to slowly wear down his oponents. He has very few weapons, among which are the Pulse Lazer (fires a powerful shot, but has a strong recoil and takes a while to charge up) and the Barrage Lazer (fires alot of shots, but are rather weak) which can both can be used in his robot and vehicle mode. Among the other devices that he has, he has vents for creating smoke screens (in both modes), and he has the capability to carry several sets of missles while in vehicle mode, but while doing so he cannot transform into robot mode until all the missles have been used or detached.

Where he can, he will use his intelegence to avoid confrontations with both enemies and allies. He has often been considered a excellent mid-battle tactician. Aero Blade may be hard to get along with sometimes, but he his very loyal to his allies and is someone that can always be trusted. He often uses his free time to build useful devices out of scrap, and when he has the proper parts, he can sometimes design weapons. 99% of the time, if you give him the right parts, he can build you anything you like. Aero Blade usually builds the missles he uses himself.

Aero Blade has a partner, a minicon by the name of Stratus. Stratus is often considered to be a runt, being slightly smaller than the average minicon, and he doesn't boost stats, not enough to be detected at least. But what Stratus lacks in size and power, he more than makes up for in courage. He's been known to on occasion attack full sized transformers. Stratus is a special type of minicon called a Searcher. He is able to sense other minicons, even inactive ones that Autobot scanners couldn't detect. There's a major catch, though: Stratus only has a range of about half a mile. That's very small considering that when Autobot scanners detect minicons, it's usually within an area of several miles, and also considering that we're dealing with 40 ft robots. This short range makes Stratus's ability of very little extra use. Aside from trying to pinpoint a minicon faster, Stratus finding a minicon is quite purely by accident and extremely rare.

Powerlinking - Aero Blade in vehicle mode is a helicopter, having four blades on his top propeller. When he and Stratus powerlink, though, two of the blade detach, one turning into a sword and one attatching to Aero Blade's arm, which when rototed at high speeds forms an energy sheild. Then energy sheild is strong and very hard to shatter, but it draws off all of his other excess weapons' energy, compromising the use of his long range guns. In order for him to be able to use his guns again, they must de-link. When in vehicle mode, Stratus allows Aero Blade to create a temporary energy field around his propellers that extends out a few inches (not too far). This energy does not cause damage, but paralyzes any Transformer that touches it for a few seconds (varying from size of unit, unit's shielding, time exposed to paralyzing energy, blah, blah, ect., ect.). Aero Blade can only create this energy field a few times, and he can hold it only for a few second. He typically saves this for whenever an enemy gets a little "too close for comfort".

9/15/03 - stats modified with mod permission

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Sunstreaker UPGRADED

Post by Sociopathic Autobot » Wed Jul 20, 2005 6:01 pm

Name: Sunstreaker
Allegiance: None (Yet)
Function: Binaltech Warrior/Rogue
Weapon(s): Arm mounted Missile Launchers, Electron Pulse Gun, Compressor-Air Gunand.
Alt Mode: Dodge Viper Compact Coupe

STR: 8
INT: 7
SPD: 8
END: 9
RNK: 0
CRG: 8
FRP: 8
SKL: 8

Profile: Sunstreaker is the complete egotist. He feels he is simply the most beautiful thing on Earth. He is constantly discussing his sleek lines, his aerodynamic styling and he is loudly and continually grateful to the Ark for giving him such a magnificent body. Sunstreaker is faintly contemptuous of the other sportscar Autobots, particularly his fraternal twin Sideswipe, whose design, he says, is spoiled by the rearmounted engine in his automobile mode. When he is in his robot mode, Sunstreaker is the most dangerous, most ruthless of the group; a calm, competent war machine. His biggest fault is his tendency to stop so that people can admire him when he ought to be tending to business. After the chaos matrix Sunstreaker stopped being an egotist so much as a war-machine. He lost any form of compassion and became a kin to Decepticons. Eventually he grew tired of the war, and the planet Earth. He wanted the war to end and the sides to merge and re-conquer their home planet, followed by others. When he realized neither side would do this he decided he would take it back him self, or at least attempt too. How ever he had become deranged and started killing humans if he felt they were doing him harm. He eventually got to a shuttle but was shot down by an Autobot team lead by Streetwise and his brother Sideswipe. His body was recovered and rebuilt in an upgraded binal-tech form by a Russian oligarch in a bid to turn Russia back into the Soviet Union, and make them the only country in the world on par with the transformers. Sunstreaker was not to be controlled and eventually broke free from this Tyrant’s grasp and went into hiding when it had dawned on him what he had done prior. With his logic circuits repaired, he has to find a way to get his paint back to yellow and to redeem himself.

Abilities: In Autobot mode, Sunstreaker’s arms are retractable and allow for a missile to be fired out of the socket. Each missile is the equivalent of 450 lbs. of TNT and can down a Decepticon jet fighter at a maximum distance of 37.5 miles. He also carries an electron-pulse gun capable of emitting at 300 bursts per second a beam of highly energized electrons (the high rate of emission makes it effectively a continuous stream of electrons). A sustained burst of 1.5 seconds will burn a 3 inch hole in a .5 inch-thick plate of titanium-alloy steel. It’s dual mode compressor-air gun, can let out a blast of air that packs a 40,000 psi punch, enough to splinter a grove of oak trees. His body construction incorporates a tough polymer-steel skin, making him particularly resistant to artillery fire, with the Binaltech upgrade it is also more resilient too small arms fire aswell. In car mode, Sunstreaker can now reach speeds of up to 220 mph.

Weaknesses: A potent arsenal and tough hide like Sunstreaker's would be sufficient to preclude any serious weaknesses, it it weren't for his ego and sociopathic tendencies. His inability to be a team player and overriding lust for battle often diminish his overall value to the Autobots, and the ease with which he can be baited by anyone, including adversaries, often puts his well-being in serious jeopardy. He also needs a hybrid fuel of human petroleum and energon. While he is more effecient on this fuel, it can be harder to aquire on short notice.

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Post by optimusskids » Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:08 am

Name: Detritus
Faction: Mercenary
Sub-group: Junkion
Primary Weapon: Phase Disrupter, Armour-piercing rocket ammunition, Beam machine-gun
Alternate Mode Jeep

According to the urban legend, Detritus would appear from nowhere at a big battle field, and the side that would enlist him as a supporter would win the battle without fail.

But the truth is, he just takes advantage of his own distinguished abilities to collect information and to analyze it, and just takes the side of the armed camp that he judges it will generate the most useful junk in the largest quantities.

He has excellent fighting skills and he can regenerate himself almost like immortal, mending his damaged body with detritus he finds at hand. Actually, his present body is made out of the parts of detritus he scrounged from a battle field on Earth.

He is a marverick outsider who abandoned his home planet "Junkion", and he is aiming at building his own junk empire some day.

Strength 6
Intelligence 9
Speed 5
Endurance 10
Courage 7
Firepower 6
Skill 10

Name: Tunnel Rat
A.K.A : Dragline
Faction: Rogue Neutral
Sub-group:Quintesson Mercenary
Function: Mining Engineer/ Guerrilla Warfare Specialist
Primary Weapon:
Alternate Mode: Tank / JCB

Motto: �I will not rest till my comrades have been avenged�

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 9
Endurance: 5
Speed: 5
Firepower: 8
Courage: 7
Skill: 9

Profile: Dragline was part of a neutral mining crew caught in the crossfire. A Decepticon raid on Yuss was met by fierce fire from Autobots stationed there. A Decepticon munition collapsed the mine they were working in. Dragline was trapped under a collapsed roof his arm pinned beneath the rock fall in complete darkness. The rest of the 25 bot crew were also severely injured. Dragline listened as one by one they ceased to function succumbing to their injuries. He was trapped powerless in pitch black unable to move. Dragline was forced to amputate his own arm bashing away with a shard of rock that his groping hands found in the darkness. Pounding time after time until finally through the pain he felt the last shred of metal part. Once free he found that he was trapped underground, the rock fall having cut off the access tunnel. It took him 4 months working in complete darkness to tunnel his way out single handed. Forced to crack open the bodies of his dead workmates in order to drain their energon supplies so he could survive.

Once through the rock he found that the lift to the surface had also been destroyed. It took him another 2 weeks of slowly inching up the lift cable using his legs and his one good arm to reach the surface. Only to discover that Yuss was devastated by the fiendish Megadeath and that the Autobots had fled leaving the neutrals to their fate.

The experience and the isolation had done something to Dragline. He was no longer the same bot who had entered the mine. His processor had been warped and twisted. He swore that he would avenge his colleague�s. Collateral damage in a war that was not of his making. He swore that he would kill 10 Autobots and Decepticons for every one of his murdered colleagues.

He was in no condition to achieve this however battered and broken and half crazed. He faded in and out of sanity. He was befriended by two �empties� Roterbolt and Telus who looked after him and found him a place in the Dead End. However one day they went out and they never came back.

Friendless alone, he drifted unaware of his surroundings and became easy prey for a decepticon harvester unit. He was taken before Straxus and was sentenced to death in the smelting pool. However he was saved from this fate by Shrapnel who recognises him as a mining unit and persuades Straxus that he would be more useful in this capacity. Forced to work as part of a chain gang mining essential resources. Continuing to work as his comrades collapsed around him. He grew to hate Decepticons more than Autobots but he still blamed both for his comrade�s deaths. Only his thirst for vengeance kept him going, it burned deep inside him and he forced himself to go on. He worked this way for many breems.

He was discovered by a rogue Decepticon scientist Aftershock looking for subjects to perfect his Mega Pretender process. It amused Aftershock to select one of the few survivors of Yuss as a test subject. The scene of overwhelming triumph for one of his greatest creations Thunderwing .

Aftershock planned to test Dragline to destruction in order to improve the process. However Aftershock underestimated what he perceived as a burn out near wreck, Dragline saw an opening and took it.

He bludgeoned Aftershock to death with a piece of lab equipment. He had received some minimal repairs and had a fully functional transformable pretender shell. He fled into the Cybertron underground. However the process was not fully completed. He is only ably to combine with his shell in vehicle mode for very short periods of time. Any longer and he experiences painful electric shocks. His remote control of the shell can be jammed by intense radio jamming on specific frequencies.

Aftershocks work was continued by his students however his untimely death meant that there would always be some bugs to be worked out. This is thought to explain the quirks of the only known Decepticon Mega Pretender unit. Aftershock was never able to retrospectively apply what he had found from further testing on Dragline to the original prototype. It also explains why there were never any other known Decepticon Mega Pretenders.

Dragline scrapes an existence underground and finds in order to survive attacks from the like of Jackhammer, Warhead, and Rotgut & Slayride and in order to have the necessary firepower to achieve his vengeance he needs to upgrade himself. Stumbling across an abandoned Decepticon development lab in no man�s land. He upgrades his frame. Aftershock having done just enough repairs to keep him alive.

The main upgrades are a spinning saw blade on 1 arm which he can retract and a missile launcher in the other which he mainly uses to fire a grappling hook. These were to ensure that he would never be trapped in a similar situation like he was in the mine and were also what he could adapt from the available tech. While there he notices specs for 2 new Decepticon units Roadblock & Dirtbag as yet unbuilt.

From this point until the Quintesson invasion he has killed a number of Autobots and Decepticons. He chose the nom de guerre Tunnel Rat

1 Aftershock � Decepticon scientist (think Flame type.) bludgeoned
2 Spincycle - Decepticon Duocon (motorcycle and sidecar / helicopter combination. Ambushed while on patrol
3, 4, 5 Vector, Delta Canard � (Decepticon seeker squadron) Ambushed while gunning down empties.
6,7,8,9 Dashboard, Roadstripe, Crashbarrier, Crossroads (Autobot micromaster car patrol) explosives planted under road.
10, 11, 13 Zoom, Flashcube, Focus (Decepticon reconnaissance unit) Booby trapped their quarters
14 Cabover (Autobot Minibot) Autobot Academy student ambushed in sewer
15 Braggart (Decepticon assault unit) Lured in a trap of monofilament wires that cut him in 2.
16 Gargoyle (Autobot Monsterbot) Dropped a building on him using explosives
17. Weathervane (Autobot meteorologist) gunned down while taking weather observations.
18. Seamount (Decepticon hovercraft) lured into a sewer when drunk and killed.
19, 20, 21 Grind, Whiphand & Thumbscrew (Decepticon interrogation unit) sabotaged their shuttle craft.
22, 23, 24 Tipper, Quarryman, Mudslide (Part of an Autobot micromaster combiner squad engineering unit) blew up bridge while they were crossing it.
25, 26 Static & Erase (Autobot tape gestalt) killed in open battle.
27 , 28 unknown but records indicate one Decepticon and one Autobot.

He also killed Rotgut and Warhead in a fight in the sewers but doesn�t count them towards his total as they were rogue not Decepticons or Autobots.

For every 10 Autobots and Decepticons he kills, he writes one of his dead comrades names on the side of his turret. Currently has Drill-bit & Pick-Axe stencilled on the left side.

He turned up one day at a Quintesson facility with a Decepticon head in one hand and an Autobot head in the other and asked where he could sign up.


His robot mode is similar to the Autobot Actionmaster Rollout except a bit chunkier. (Where Rollout is Orange Tunnel Rat is Midnight blue, Where Rollout is Blue, Tunnel Rat is Silver.

His Vehicle mode is a slimline version of G2 Roadblock but with 6 wheels. The transformation is similar. He also has a retractable spinning saw blade on one arm and a retractable hand on the other which can fire missiles and a grappling hook.

Pretender Shell Human form: human Squaddie in camouflage uniform. He has armoured shoulder pads and a pair of guns mounted on a backpack which point over each shoulder Crankcase style.

He has a standard helmet on his head covered in camouflage netting. On the left side of his face he has one of those microphones that hangs down over his mouth.

Pretender Shell Vehicle: a tank in green and black camouflage scheme. Looks a little like G2 Stalker The turret has a 50mm cannon on each side and a pair of smoke dischargers.

Transformation. Lower Legs hinge sideways and outwards to rest against his thighs they have tracks on the outside. Arms revolve at top to reveal front pair of tracks. Shoulder guns swivel back to point forward and backpack becomes turret. Shoulder pads swing across like on Vroom to cover head and form nose of the armoured vehicle

Strengths: Has excellent night vision, an expert with explosives, is at home underground. To compensate for his loneliness he talks a lot when in company but sometimes he can come up with something off beat or anon � sequitur which will disturb his companions. Tunnel Rat has a disconcerting habit of talking to himself and staring into space. His fellow mercenaries reckon there�s something not quite right about him. Has extensive knowledge of sewer and tunnel system. In digger mode his scoop contains sensors that can detect minerals , tunnels etc.
Pretender shell doesn�t register on standard transformer detection systems which explains why he has lasted so long. He is armed with a double-barrelled plasma-shell shotgun when in shell mode.

Weaknesses: Slow in vehicle mode. In digger mode he lacks armament. Unable to combine 2 vehicles without intense physical pain. Vulnerable to radio jamming. Lacks experience in open combat. Most of his experience has come when taking an enemy by surprise. Not a team player He doesn�t really care whether he lives or dies this gives him a tendency to get into difficult situations. Must remember to reduce rate of fire of backpack guns in shell mode as too rapid fire has a tendency to blow him off his feet. Has to restrain himself from taking out his mercenary comrades who were once part of the Decepticon army. He has to remind himself that they are now rogues like Rotgut and co and wouldn�t count towards his official total.

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Post by Heinrad » Thu Aug 04, 2005 3:10 am

Kick Off

Allegiance: Autobot/Cybertronian
Sub-Group: Action Master
Function: Security Expert
Weapons and Equipment: Sonic Blaster, Magnum Force cannons
Alt-Mode: 1971 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda

"Draw courage from defeat, and you gain more than you lose."

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 6
Endurance: 9
Rank: 6
Courage: 9
Firepower: 6
Skill: 7


Kick Off's skills as a security expert were learned the hard way. Captured during the Great War, he wound up fighting in the Decepticon grease pits beneath Polyhex, a plaything to be tormented for their amusement, his only thoughts those of getting away, his life boiled down to a simple precept: Kill or be killed.

Fortunately for Kick Off, his strength and power made him impossible to beat. At one point, he even attempted to rally the prisoners, to attack the guards en masse so they could escape from the grease pits and get away.

To say his plan failed miserably would be putting it mildly. The prisoner revolt was crushed mercilessly. For attempting to break out, the guards came up with a unique form of punishment. They burned out his transformation circuits, burned out his connectors to them, and finished it off by welding his seams. They removed his transformation ability, and wrecked any hope of getting it back.

Not wanting to lose their favorite fighter(while he was a troublemaker, he was pretty profitable), they gave him some of the manouverability back, and boosted his firepower slightly by fitting him with a turbo pack, giving him the ability to fly.

He did learn something from the failed revolt, however. The Decepticons hadn't suddenly shown up in response to the sounds of the revolt starting. They had picked out a point in the passageways where they could decimate the escaping prisoners, crushing the revolt before it could really start. They'd simply bugged the cells, used cameras, and long range monitoring. From that point on, he started to scrutinize his jailers that much more, learning all that he could about their procedures and equipment.

He managed to finally make his getaway, using what he'd learned against his captors, but the cost was high. His plan had hinged on the gap in the security immediately after the match, when the guards were distracted. He'd planned his escape with care, and knew that if he didn't escape then, he probably never would. Unfortunately, his final bout put him in the arena against his best friend. Only by killing his friend was he able to make his escape. This, above all else, has fueled his hatred of , and quest for vengence against, the Decepticons ever since. He managed a small measure of immediate revenge during his escape by stealing an experimental Turbo-Cycle(a prototype of what would eventually become Axer's Turbo-Cycle), which increases his speed greatly.


Kick Off is extremely strong. He is a skilled warrior and has an intimate knowledge of Decepticon security measures. His turbo-pack allows him to fly at speeds up to 450 mph, and provides him with a retractable, shoulder mounted heat-beam cannon. His rifle(and weapon of choice) is a Sonic Blaster. He has also kept the Turbo-Cycle, painting it in a color scheme similiar to his, as a tribute to his lost vehicle mode. He has made some modifications to it, adding a particle cannon to the weapon hardpoint next to the handlebars, while keeping the hi-ex missiles for the sidecar's launcher.


Kick Off lust for vengence against the Decepticons in general(and his jailers in particular) can interfere with his priorities. The Turbo-Cycle, being a prototype, lacks a true alt-mode(no battlestation/pom pom cannon), and breaks down more often than Kick Off would care to admit.

Following recent events.........

Following the disasterous(if successful), attack on the Quintession weapons research facility, Kick Off’s Turbo Cycle was a twisted, broken ruin. As was Kick Off. Among the items retrieved from the facility was a bodyshell prototype. Kick Off’s spark container and personality components were placed within it, and while he misses his old body(and the Turbo Cycle), he’s enjoying his new body immensely.

New Abilities:

The new vehicle mode is that of a 1971 Hemi ‘Cuda, able to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 250 mph with a range of 4000 miles. His “Magnum Force” laser targeted shoulder cannons fill the void left by the loss of the Turbo Cycle’s missile launcher, firing explosive shells as far as a quarter of a mile away, and are deployable in vehicle mode. His hand weapon is still his preferred Sonic Blaster. In robot mode, he has a built in jet pack.

New Weaknesses:

Kick Off’s lust for vengence against the Decepticons in general(and his jailers in particular) can interfere with his priorities. His new body is not without it’s drawbacks. The laser targeting system occasionally glitches, causing him to lose his target lock. The cannons themselves tend to jam if he doesn’t clean them often, and he’s having problems readjusting to having a vehicle mode. So far, he’s driven through three reinforced bulkheads, stripped his transmission gears twice, ruined his rims, and somehow managed to blow his carberator out through his hood while starting his engine. He hasn’t had this much fun since stealing his Turbo Cycle………
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Post by Heinrad » Fri Sep 02, 2005 4:09 am

Black Battle Convoy

Allegiance: Resistance/Himself
Function: Military Strategist, Troop commander
Alt Mode: Semi-rig w/tanker trailer
Primary Weapons: Dual barrel laser rifle, energo sword, 2x shoulder mounted micro-missile batteries

"All shall fall before my wrath!"

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 9(5 with trailer)
Endurance: 10
Rank: 9
Courage: 10
Firepower: 10
Skill: 10


For all the good that Optimus Prime represents, he has a literal mirror image. Black Battle Convoy. When the Quintessions attempted to use Prime as a catspaw to destroy the Autobots(see Dark Awakening), there were those who thought ahead, looking to a possible contingency plan. To this end, they copied Prime's laser core, and everything still contained in his memory circuits. After much time invested, not to mention money, the project bore fruit, and Black Battle Convoy was created. Emotionally, he's a mirror image of Optimus Prime, all hatred and anger, with a core of cunning that would make even the most cunning Decepticon green with envy. If he shares any emotional traits with Prime, he buries them beneath his hatred. His hatred of all life. His hatred of the weak-willed Autobots. His hatred of the incompetant Decepticons. His hatred of his pathetic Quintession masters....... and most of all, his hatred of himself.


Physically, he is Prime...... but Prime as the Quints would have designed him. Built purely for combat. He's extremely intelligent, and an excellent tactician and commander. His big advantage over his counterpart is his weapons loadout. He carries a dual barrelled laser rifle, and is an excellent marksman. He is extremely skilled with the energo-sword, and his willingness to fight dirty helps him alot. In robot mode, the box-like structures on his shoulders house micro missile batteries, each launcher with a range of over 5 miles, all missiles independantly targetable. His trailer, too, boasts a powerfull array of weaponry, the main piece of which is the heavy long range artillery cannon. Also included is an annihilation disc launcher and a ripple-fire missile pack.


Despite safeguards and precautions, the Quints don't trust him. Especially since the function that he was initially designed for proved to be moot, as there was no organized defense of Cybertron. Rumor has it that the Quints are contemplating breaking him down for parts. He knows of these rumors, and intends to make them pay dearly if they try.

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Post by Aero Blade » Wed Sep 07, 2005 3:49 am

Name: Wing Saber
Function: Aerial Warrior
Affiliation: Autobot
Subgroup: Ancient\First Transformers
Weapon: Anti-matter missiles (6 in total), Plasma Cannons, Chaff mechanism and Flares
Alt Mode: Aerospace Fighter
Motto: “Courage and Fortitude are the foundations of a true warrior.”

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 10
Endurance: 8
Rank: N/A
Courage: 9
Firepower: 10
Skill: 9

Wing Saber served as a first class transport for members of Cybertron's high council before he discovered his true calling as a warrior. He served for nearly 3 Eons as the personal transport of the other Ancients. And while he knew that what he did was important, he felt as if he was less than respected for his work. He was “just” the transport. This all ended with the betrayal of the 13th Transformer. Wing Saber was instrumental in his defeat, using is cloaking skills and fast attacks, he was able to keep the Fallen down.
When the Cybertronians began to leave the planet just before the First Great War, Wing Saber joined them, believing that other civilizations could be taught to fight Unicron. He believed that the more that stood against the coming darkness, the greater a chance of survival they had.

Weapons and Abilities:
Subject is incredibly fast in both robot and fighter mode. Capable of fighting at Mach speeds in Robot mode as well as a top sustainable speed of Mach 12 in fighter mode. This allows subject to reach escape velocity on most planets. He also has an internal mechanism that is similar to a Trans-warp drive - allowing him to fold space and traverse great distances in a matter of seconds. As it is an internal ability, it is also much more accurate and reliable than a Trans-warp drive.
Subject uses Anti-matter missiles (mounted at the front of his fighter mode and at his hips in Robot) as well as Plasma Cannons (outer wings in fighter mode and feet in Robot mode) as his primary weapons. He is also equipped with a variety of missile defence systems.

Subject has no known Physical weaknesses. He is, however, still worried about his worth to the Transformer race. He will go out of his way (and at times put himself in great danger) to prove his worth as more than just a transport.

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Post by mastasini » Fri Feb 09, 2007 2:44 pm

so this is my first fan character profile

Name: Loadrun
Function: Resource collector/terraformer
Motto: “a steel seed, well nurtured, can grow in a mighty steel empire”
Alt mode: identical as G1 throttlebot wideload but in White and blue colours

Tech Spec:
Strength 7
Intelligence 6
Speed 2
Endurance 6
Rank 5
Courage 6
Firepower 1
Skill 7

Profile: The robot that is now Loadrun was once a standard worker/process droid in a factory that was attacked by the throttlebots. He was badly damaged during the assault. After the capture of the throttlebots by Ratbat, Ratbat scanned all their bodies and abilities before giving them a disguise suited for earth.

But Ratbat also needed someone to secretly scout the galaxy for resources and the construction of small scale bases. He decided the body of wideload was most suited for this due to his great strength and his hands and tires' sensors that were able to find new sources of raw materials. Loadrun was rebuild as a copy of wideload but due to budget constraints and availability of materials his endurance and strength were greatly reduced. His intelligence, skill and determination however were not and he kept a serious hate against the autobots and the throttlebots in special.
Loadrun usually works alone or with a small team to set up decepticon outposts around the galaxy. he is a methodic, cold bot with no regards for organic life or a planet's ecosystem.

Abilities: Sensors in tyres and hands can find usable material and ores on any type of soil. Is able to single handed build a small decepticon outpost with minimal materials. Strongly believes in decepticon cause. Can be a good leader in a small group but enjoys solitude more then anything.

Weakness: Lacks speed and firepower to be a match for most battle oriented transformers. Is used to take decisions alone.

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I dunno how this never got posted.

Post by Reflector » Mon Mar 05, 2007 8:44 pm

Name: Gigatron
Function: Decepticon Commander
Primary Weapon: dual swords/missile launchers/laser cannons
Alt Mode: jet, car, bat, dragon, hand, many more
Motto: "Leadership is not simply a testament of power. It is genetic."

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 10
Endurance: 8
Rank: 10
Courage: 9
Firepower: 5
Skill: 10

Profile: A mercurial warrior from a distant future, Gigatron returned to 2015 to alter the Decepticons' grim fate. Confident, powerful, and refined. Sees himself as above many of his soldiers, but commands their respect through his strength and dedication to the cause. His only loyalty is to conquest - once Galvatron's most staunch supporter, Gigatron has now begun to believe he is the most effective Decepticon leader. His legacy of success lends credence to such claims. He is a lofty thinker, always keeping the future in mind without allowing the present to slip away.

Abilities: Gigatron is a sixchanger, having jet, bat, dragon, hand, and racecar alternate modes. He is an excellent soldier and a better commander, being both massively strong and intelligent. He has a powerful tactical mind and a vast (though fairly vague) knowledge of Transformers history, even into the future. In racer mode, he can reach speeds exceeding 300 mph. In jet mode, he can reach escape velocities and is equipped with hyperdrive engines. In dragon mode, his twin heads are equipped with mouth-mounted flamethrowers. In bat mode, his gaze can hyptonize weak-willed Transformers and his fangs can drain fuel. In robot mode, he can fire lasers from his forehead and is versed in Cybertronian martial arts. He is equipped with a pair of beam swords that double as missile launchers and can combine into a battle staff.

Weaknesses: Gigatron is often over-confident in his abilities. He can be seen as overly ambitious, and his disregard for those he considers beneath him can be a threat to his power.

TFA History: After successfully reviving Galvatron and spearheading the Decepticons' return to glory in 2015, Gigatron served temporarily as Metrotitan City Commander and Protector of Earth until he went to Cybertron to stop Jhiaxus from destroying the universe. After leading the main assault on and helping to destroy Unicron, he received the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership from the dying Galvatron and became Decepticon leader Teratron. His shaky tenure, including a period of extended peace with the Autobots and a civil war with upstart Thunderwing, was cut short by a revived Megatron (whom he later destroyed) kidnapping him and the Matrix.

Following Galvatron's revival, Gigatron vanished back into the future for some months, until he returned to 2018 to reclaim his title. With Galvatron's presumedly suicidal deep space recon mission lasting many months, Gigatron reclaimed de facto leadership of the Decepticons and resumed a campaign of aggression toward the Autobots. In 2021, the Warworld was completed, and Gigatron called a temporary ceasefire with the Autobots to reclaim Cybertron from its Quintesson occupiers.

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Post by tahukanuva » Thu Mar 08, 2007 8:13 pm

Name: Deathlok
Function: Field Commander
Motto: "Any cause worth fighting for is worth dying for."

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 8
Endurance: 8
Rank: 7.5
Courage: 10
Firepower: 6
Skill: 8

Very little is known about the warrior called Deathlok, who appeared on Cybertron shortly after its retaking. From what intelligence has gathered so far, he's incredibly powerful, and seems to be unwaveringly faithful to the Decepticon cause. While he appears to be no more than a brute savage, that apperance belies that he is, in fact, a military genius. Deathlok gets along well with his soldiers, treating them as friends, rather than fodder. Deathlok is also respectful of his superiors, a trait that's uncommon in the Decepticon army, and would fight to the death to defend even one of his comrades.

Weapons/Abilities: Deathlok carries a large battle axe and a broadsword. He appears to have considerable skill with the blade, almost on par with Bludgeon's mastery of metallikato.

Weaknesses: Deathlok appears to care deeply about his troops' well being, often causing him to abandon a fight to help a fallen ally. He's also lacks ranged weapons, so he's vulnerable to arms fire.

Appearance: Deathlok looks similar to Cryo Scourge, but without the extra dragon heads, and a headsculpt similar to Rebirth Megatron

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Post by Warit00 » Wed Apr 18, 2007 8:47 am


Function: Warrior

Alt Mode: Hover Combat Vehicle (Think about Hook alt mode but minus wheels and replace the hook with bazooka plus a slot below cockpit to put his blaster in)

Armanent: 1 Beam Bazooka , 1 Submachine Blaster (Size same as Uzi)

Strength 6
Intelligence 3
Speed 4 (7 when thruster activated)
Endurance 7
Courage 7
Firepower 9
Skill 8

Profile: Once he fought for money ,now for Quintesson believing that other with bring nothing to Cybertron but ruin .
His physical abilities like other ordinary Cybertronian. Although not a tactical genius but he does know what to do and not in battle
and prefer a surprise attack instead of face to face combat. Equipped with beam bazooka can make him even more dangerous in the battlefield.

Abilities: His beam bazooka are made for sabotage and disrupting advance but may take several shots to pierce strog armour such as gestalt. He also equip a
power storage that can supply his bazooka for 12 shots. A slot below cockpit can insert his blaster and fire it.
His alt mode max speed is 40 mph when he activated his thruster is speed will go up to 80 mph for 5 second to escape from the midst of battle can be used once per one recharge.

Weaknesses: In alt mode his bazooka are fixed in one place and can't rotate. His bazooka power storage are though but concentrate fires
can make it explode if unfortunate enough the explosion can kill Wardust himself. Everytime he pull his bazooka trigger it will take 2 more seconds to fire during that 2 second a it will also make a loud VEEEE sound.
Wardust is a fool and can easily be toy with or use as a tool. He is loyal but if persuasive enough and with enough money he might accept some little
dirty job as long as he know that the job won't harm his master.

Sorry about my grammar.
So what do you think?

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Post by miked23 » Sat May 19, 2007 7:42 pm

"I will leave nothing standing"
Name : Vindicator
Faction: Decepticon
Battle feild role : heavy gunner/ assault
Weapons:2 Twin Linked laser Cannons ,1 twinlinked machine gun, 1 Engery Blade built in the the left arm for close combat. 1 sheild.
Alt mode: Silver and black Battle tank. (the tank i had in mind for when was thinking of his design was similar to the Warhammer 40k landraider.)

Strength 10
Intelligence 7
Speed 3
Endurence 6
Courage 9
Fire power 9
skill 7

Profile: Vindicator is a though ruthless Warrior on the battle feild. He is loyal only to his leader and will follow there orders to his end and if anyone fails to follow the chain of commande he will enforce it at the word of his supireor. He believes that enough fire power and strength will win the battle and that Failure is Never an option. Because of his loyalty other decepticons think that he could be an autobot on the inside. Even thought they say that Vindicator would never be cought fighting with the autobots.
When the Decepticons went to earth in search of Energon. Vindicator was with the rest of the decepticon left on Cybertron fighting the Autobots and trying to win the war.

Abilities: Vindicator has the ability to fire both his shoulder mounted laser cannons at the same time to create one large blast with enormus power. This ability is very well suited for seige warfare.
Even thought his vehicle mode is less manuveralbe it is well armored and allows him to fire his lasers more but with less strenght.

Weakness: Vindicator is large and well armored. This is all good but becuase of this he is slow and in small areas were his enemy may have room to manuever he may not. Also becuase he can fire such a powerful blast to breach fortifcations it takes up alot of energy mean that once he uses it he will be very vunerable and will not be able to use engergy weapons for a short amount of time.

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Post by Warit00 » Thu Jul 12, 2007 1:29 pm

Changing Rosdos's profile.

Name: Rosdos
Allegiance: Autobot
Subgroup: Lightning Strike Coaliation
Function: Artillery
Primary Weapon: 4 artillery canons
Alt Mode: Military artiillery vehicle, Blaster pistol, Gladius
Motto: Words can kill everyone even yourself.

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 1
Endurance: 8
Rank: 6
Courage: 8
Firepower: 9
Skill: 8

Appearance: Cyan, taller than ordinary Transformer, In robot mode artrillery guns are on his back and can adjust the angle.

Profile: After living and hiding alone for several years on Cybertron and barely got out of the planet. He finally found a place to live ,with the Autobots. By wiping his memory, Rosdos became more friendly to his comrades and he believes that these are people who will stick with him through tick and thin.
After many years of fighting he became a skilled warrior
and more ruthless to his enemy. Although not a warmonger
but in the battle the thrill of fighting consumes him and eager to kill his enemy. He also better at using his artillery canons
and has developed some basic melee fighting make him less nervous in close combat even less because he always carries a blaster pistol and a gladius. In normal ,peaceful stuation he somewhat quite but friendly with fellow Autobot.

Abilities: Cybertron means a chance to improved his guns. His canons are automically heating themselves with small piece of energon make his canons always ready for a day. His guns can also fire various type of shell those are smoke, EMP, flash, position locator, cluster shell ,net. He was trained in melee combat
but uncomparable to the skilled melee fighter.

Weaknesses: Rosdos is slow his max speed is only 35 km/h
His energies consuming rate are twice as normal it is possible that
excessive using of his canons and empty all of his energy also overheating the canon can make it explode. In stressed and pressured combat situation he might blindly charge the enemy with his galdius. As result from self modifying mechanic problem may occur even rendered his part motionless for a short peroid.

And another one.

Name: Spearhead (OC1)
Allegiance: Quintesson
Subgroup: -
Function: Assualt warrior
Primary Weapon: Main tank gun, Missles ,Heat rifle, Null gladius
Alt Mode: Tank/Fighter Jet
Motto: When you lose hope you also lose a chance to win.

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 6
Endurance: 9
Rank: 4
Courage: 7
Firepower: 7
Skill: 8

Appearance: Like Overcharge but painted in dark blue with ruby red optic.

Profile: Expendable, Canon fodder, Stupid, Only handy in numbers
that what people think of drone. But OC1 came across that limit
and consideres more "useful". Most drone won't survive in this hiding and running state. With the help of Wardust he finally developed his intellegent. Drone always need leader to tell them what to do but OC1 can fight on his own and even lead other drones. OC1 then reinforced his armour making him tougher on the battlefield also able to be leading the assualt formation and earning him a new name Spearhead. He later sported dark blue colour and bright redish optic made him looked more aggresive and different from other Overcharge.

Abilities: His favourite tactic is keep charging and firing toward the enemy a thougher armour are made for this assualt tactic. More intelligent than before ,he know order is to issue to other drone and what to do in battle.

Weaknesses: Some drone personality are remain such as clumsiness and careless. Better armour came with price it also lower his maneuverbility in some situation slow speed may lead to capture or kill. Over these years OC1 seldomly uses his jet mode reducing his flying skill also heavier armour are not for fighter jet.

So what do you think?

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My fan character

Post by Bartmanhomer » Thu Aug 09, 2007 4:35 pm

Name: Mauler
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Warrior
Primary Weapons: Energy Guns, Energo Sword, Missile Launchers.
Alt. Mode: Saleen S281E Car
Motto: "Destroy Everything!"

Str: 7
Int: 3
Spd: 7
End: 7
Rnk: 2
Cou: 7
Fpw: 7
Ski: 3

Profile: Mauler is a powerful autobot warrior from cybertron. He likes to destory his enemies in battle! Now he send in earth to destroyed the deception. Mauler is very abrasive and violent he could face any challenge and think about fighting for victory rather than saving other races. Mauler believe that violence will bring good to the universe. Not peace. He have a very miltartistical code of violence and destruction in the autobots. Not only he despies the deceptions he very prejudices about all the race, including the other sub-group of the faction. If one of his own teammates disrespect him. That team mates is his own enemy.

personalities: He very aggressive and very dumbfounded also he very violent and destructive. What makes Mauler tick being allies with humans, others beings. Sometimes he's very strict and moody when he socialize with other humans and a few autobots.

abilities: He possessed two energo swords, two energy guns in and missile launch on the back of his shoulder on robot mode. He could drive about by 250 miles per an hour. He possessed tremedous strength,endurance and firepower. In vechine mode, Mauler possess laser cannon and missile launch on the hood of the vechine and both side of the door.

Weakness: He very dumb, lack of judgment and very over-aggressive. Most likely Mauler could overly attack everyone even his own teammates, humans and etc. He also doesn't follow orders very well during the fight! He could cause total rampage during the fights.

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Disposable Space Mafia staff NPCs

Post by Warcry » Fri Aug 24, 2007 4:17 am

[[Kept for Heinrad]]

Name: Quickshot
Allegiance: Space Mafia
Function: Gunman
Alt-mode: F1 Race car (red and black Classics Mirage repaint)
Primary Weapons: Laser blaster
Motto: "Shoot fast, or you'll shoot last."

Strength: 4
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 9
Endurance: 5
Rank: 6
Courage: 3
Firepower: 7
Skill: 9

Profile: A vicious sociopath with no respect for life, Quickshot would just as soon murder someone than talk to them. He has a hard time following orders that involve stealth or subtlety, so Turnpike will only bring him along on jobs that require an infusion of senseless, widespread violence. Even then, Quickshot will often go above and beyond his assigned task, slaying anyone he comes across for the simple pleasure he gets from murder. His hair-trigger temper often prompts him to kill people who shouldn't be killed, such as business partners or even fellow Mafioso. Turnpike is often forced to brutally knock him back into line, and probably would have eliminated him ages ago if he wasn't so fantastically skilled when it comes to killing.

Abilities: Quickshot is an elite marksman with almost any sort of firearm. He has lightning-fast reflexes which sometimes make him seem prescient. He carries a laser pistol that he obsessively keeps zeroed to within a tenth of a degree of arc accuracy at on kilometre. In vehicle mode, he is faster than almost any land-based Transformer.

Weaknesses: Quickshot's wild, uncontrollable killing sprees tend to leave behind a lot of evidence for authorities to follow. Despite his renowned skills with firearms, he is physically weak, and despite his speed, he is a poor driver.

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Post by Skidmark » Fri Sep 14, 2007 11:21 pm

Name: Skidmark
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Aerospace Fighter/Weapons Specialist
Primary Weapon: Duel long range rifles
Secondary Weapon: duel rifles combine to form super laser
Alternate mode: Modified Solid-colored black ADF-01 Falken*
Motto: “Loneliness and depression combined,is the ultimate weakness”

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 8.5
Endurance: 6
Rank: 3
Courage: 9
Firepower: 7
Skill: 5

Skidmark is new to the Autobot forces, but that still doesn’t make him afraid to take on a challenge. Most of the time he’s a shy guy; just minding his own business. He doesn’t have any friends, due to the fact they were all killed in battle. Nor does He have any possessions, because they were destroyed when his apartment was bombed. Skidmark gets very lonely and depressed sometimes, but other times he can be happy. He recently started studying Earth history and became very fascinated. He appreciated the fact that they might be small, but they are very inventive and clever. That’s why He chose one of their aircraft prototypes as his alternate mode. He also studied Cybertronian weaponry and aerospace tactics.

Skidmark is slightly skilled at dog fighting and is increasingly learning. He is also slightly skilled at making weaponry and is increasingly learning. In Falken mode, Skidmark’s top speed is mach 8 with a cruising speed of mach 2. Falken mode is highly maneuverable at low speeds but decreases as he gains speed.
Duel rifles are semi-auto that can shoot most types of rounds. When combined, the super laser can pierce most armor.

What Skidmark has in knowledge, he lacks in experience. Most of his weapons haven’t been battlefield tested. If he fires the super laser to long, it could drain his power reserves and temporarily shut him down. His Depression can effect his battlefield effectiveness.

*Here's some info on the Falken
Here's Some

(I changed the function,rank, and speed, and motto)
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Post by Clogs » Tue Sep 18, 2007 10:15 pm

NPCs: with thanks to the mods for indulgence

Name: Catady
Function: Reporter, insertion specialist
Allegiance: Cybertronian Broadcasting Corporation
Alt Mode: Similar to large Earth cat, pale blue and cream

Profile: Catady’s cat form is slinky and quick, with hydraulics in all limbs, enabling her to leap fairly large distances and pack a punch in robot form, and she has an extendable grappling device tail. Originally a member of the Autobot Resistance during Decepticon occupation, she spent a lot of time in reconnaissance work, which she enjoyed until severely injured. Shaken up by her brush with mortality, she retired herself from service, but could never resist the temptation to watch the action. Naturally, during the peace, this led to her latterly chosen profession. A bit self-centred, she is still a go-getter and hates boring assignments. Catady does not carry any weapons except her claws.

Name: Cattermaul
Function: Construction
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alt Mode: Dark green Caterpiller 973C Track Loader

Profile: Decepticon mech with an evil sense of humour and an addiction to Syk. Not bright, but nowhere as dumb as others think he is, considering how long he has survived. Cattermaul is a basic construction unit designed to build and fortify structures along battle lines, which role he performed until there were no obvious battle lines any more. Cut adrift, he ended up in the Dead End, where he settled to happily extort what he could from his neighbours and get agreeably stoned, until some old friends got in touch... Weapons include an array of demolition bombs and a mean left hook; his right arm carries his bucket, which he employs as a shield. However, he prefers to crush his foes beneath his tracks. Has a tendency to be overbearing even when trying to be friendly.

Name: Drone
Function: Seeker/Spy
Allegiance: Decepticon (lapsed)
Alt Mode: Dark purple, yellow and blue F-15

Profile: Drone is so named because his engines make a low, throbbing, single-note sound which unsettles everyone around him. He served during the war, spent some time in Thundercracker’s Wing and stole anything not fixed down to sell on the black market. An expert in espionage, he used his skills to avoid trouble rather than against the enemy. A sneaky character, he is always on the look out for small and unconsidered trifles, and always up for annoying the superior officers he regards as there to stop his fun. He carries two hyper-calibre machine guns capable of firing both tracer and standard incendiary rounds.

Name: Interceptor
Function: Seeker/Warrior
Allegiance: Decepticon (lapsed)
Alt Mode: Gold and white F-15

Profile: Well, Interceptor looks good, flies beautifully and is an excellent shot with his arm-mounted twin-laser blasters. If anyone should be on the fast-track to senior rank, this is the mech – but that is his own personal opinion. Frankly, he has such a shallow personality, if he were a puddle you would barely wet your toes. Likes inane fun and is not afraid of anyone, probably because he does not take anything – except himself - seriously. However, he can be utterly devious and enjoys nothing more than setting someone up for a fall, providing it gratifies him in some way. Due to his constant disobedience, Interceptor spent much of the war in Decepticon detention units where he acquired some questionable links and skills.

Name: Cyane
Function: Medical Chemist
Allegiance: Neutral
Alt Mode: Pale green and orange microscope minibot (think fem Perceptor)

Profile: Cyane fled Cybertron with fellow Neutrals before the war started and joined the small Autobot colony of Vocan. Inevitably, Vocan was destroyed by Decepticons, who took many prisoners to Polyhex as slave labour; Cyane, however, managed to escape into the Dead End and hid there, making a living out of her chemistry skills, which had a medical grounding. This led to her falling in with narcotics dealers and she has led a shadowy life on the edge of criminality since. Too afraid to leave, Cyane is bitter about her lot and might well be responsible for more than one fatal poisoning among underworld figures.

Name: Spikard
Function: Gangster
Allegiance: Neutral
Alt mode: White Ford Transit
Motto: You want - you get

Profile: An ex con-artist who has joined up with the Space Mafia and developed a thriving drug supply trade. If you want a particular form of self-destruction, he can be guaranteed to source and supply. He is gradually introducing Polyhex to some newly developed narcotics that make Syk look like sherbet. Graces the 'Most Wanted' list on five planets.

Names: Thud and Thunk
Function: Personal protection services
Allegiance: Neutral
Alt mode: Red road rollers. The big ones, with spiked drums...

Profile: Here we have Thud and Thunk - or maybe Thunk and Thud. Neither has been heard to speak, although they do grunt a bit, usually when their studded fists are in motion. Thugs for hire and not much else. WARNING: Don't annoy them, whoever you are!

Name: Lorsyx
Function: Battle Leader
Allegiance: Quintesson
Form: Remember Ghyrik? Same, but black (going grey) with red crest.

A highly-trained elder warrior of equivalent rank to General who earned his promotion the practical way. Served in the Chambers of the Judges until he erred on an instance of protocol. An expert in guerilla tactics who has not been in the field for a number of years. Hates Scientists in general and Hypotheon in specific.

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Post by optimusskids » Tue Sep 18, 2007 10:23 pm

NPC's Thanks to the mods for allowing us to introduce members of the press.

Name: Transmission
Function : Photographer and Camera operator
Allegiance: Cybertronian Broadcasting Corporation
Alt Mode: Sea King style helicopter in Dark Blue and Silver with plenty of camera mounts and utility buggy

Profile :

A veteran of the many wars between the Autobots and Decepticons , this vet decided to give up the soldiers life and put his scouting skills to work in the civilian field. Haunted by the almost total destruction of his unit he still gets the occasional flashback. Following this he was retired from field work and retrained as a photographic interpreter. This was the start of his love affair with photography in all is guises. He is a bit gadget mad and a bit of a pack rat hauling round various attachments lenses, filters, cameras, light meters and other photographic paraphenalia. He is a gruff but good natured mech . He is a bit of a shade tree mechanic having picked up basic mechanics through necessity even if his favourite tool is gaffer tape. Transmission carries a pair of double barrelled shot guns in hidden leg holsters just in case. His past history has left him loathe to be without some kind of weapon just in case. He has a cynical view of the world and often thinks the worst of others and can be a shade pessimistic.

Name: Static
Function: Recording Engineer and Sound Man
Allegiance: Cybertronian Broadcasting Corporation
Alt Mode light blue and bronze repaint of Hoist with equipment replacing the towing assembly and a camera and sat dish replacing the orange. Both mounted on swivels so they can face forward when transformed.


A fast talking former sonar and radar operator. Strangers often assume that too long listening to pings has left Static a little strange in the head and otherwordly either that or on some kind of drugs . This is far from the truth his friends know that his distracted expression is often down to him tuning into the nearest radio broadcast, while also having a conversation with you. In fact he comes across as the innocent abroad to Transmissions hardened cynic. He is unashamedly curious and scans the airwaves picking up transmissions and useful and useless information. A fount of general knowledge, which he will share, whether his listener wants to or not. He is always one of the first picked at the CBC's annual Quiz night. He keeps tuned up running after Catady , keeping her in shot as she reports live and often on the move. He is also equipped with a Tailbreaker style forcefield generator that allows him to generate a forcefield around himself for short durations. This is one of the reasons he has survived so long with Catady and the dangerous situations she loves.

His wrist socket can be fitted with an extendable boom microphone and he also has a head mounted scanner for picking up sounds and for surfing the airwaves. He is trained in tape and digital editing and carries a portable transmission and editing facility in his load bed. Static has a tendency to open his mouth first and engage his processors second. This has led to the occasional bar fight from which he has had to be rescued by Transmission.

Name: Transcan * (owned and operated by Clogs)
Function: Communications and Research
Allegiance: Mostly the Cybertronian Broadcasting Corporation
Alt Mode: Silver Dictaphone

Transcan is a Micromaster with big ideas. He has a big opinion of himself and his role not always shared by his team mates. He believes his role in finding leads for a story is the most important and isn't shy in sharing this opinion. To give him his due his sneakiness and small size coupled with his detachable wire guided camera and microphone digits mean that he can gather information inacessible to most others. He can magnetise himself to allow himself to attach himself unobserved wherever he can dig the most dirt. He is a skilled computer operator and hacker able to follow leads through the wilds of cyberspace and dig dirt however well it's buried
Whenever he gets too obnoxious or full of himself his team mates threaten him with the Locker. A metal box where they keep the rest of their equipment which normally shuts him up in a hurry.

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Post by Clogs » Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:49 pm

There are a number of petty gangsters moving across Polyhex right now and I thought that you might like an intro to the main players:

Does just that to his enemies. On Earth, he would be reffered to as a 'monster truck' and he doesn't look that much better on Cybertron. Not very bright, but has held his position in the Mobs through never knowing when he should give up and a certain brutality that has made other mechs afraid of him. Primary colours are purple and silver; weapons... well, anything he takes a fancy to at the time.

Predacon bird-changer with a bright red, blue, black and yellow paintjob, and razor-edged wings skimming along his long, clawed arms. A clever mech, but nowhere as near dangerous as he would like to be thought of; he cannot fly far or high, and is a coward at Spark. Goes along in Rollover's shadow. Main weapons are his claws, but he likes rifles to snipe with.

The thug. Not as big a thug as his boss, who he treats with blunt admiration. Created to be a simple Decepticon army grunt, he quickly got himself out of the war and into one of the black-market gangs. His nearest equivalent Earth vehicle would be a dark blue MPV. Likes any weapon that makes a loud noise.

Rather rotund grey minibot running on the sublime need to shoot things, preferably up close with as much flak as possible. May be suicidally insane. Transforms into a spacecraft much like Cosmos.

Let the assault begin...

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Post by redman prime » Wed Feb 20, 2008 5:51 pm

with the petty gangsta theme...

Faction: unaffiliated recovering addict

An olive green bot, he took up the rallying cry from the druggie atop the wall and is forging towards a revolution. It doesn't matter to him or the rest of the mob whether it's space mafia or Decepticons,the oppression is coming to an end.

He's pretty nondescript, a bot with similar stature to Ironhide but nothing of the hard-assed-ness. Picked up an Ion-beam rifle, so that's his weapon, and turns into a fan boat, like you see in the Everglades, but can be used on land, also. Except rough terrain, which means he's walking.
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