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Post by Warcry » Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:04 pm

Wheelceptor wrote:Name: HighWire

Someone will get back to you in a couple days' time.

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Post by Wheelceptor » Tue Aug 17, 2010 6:59 pm

Thanks! I would have edited my original post with this as an attachment, but I have no idea how to do that. So I thought I'd just post it. http://www.majhost.com/gallery/N00bSlay ... ghwire.png
Its what I envision HighWire to look like. Enjoy!

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Post by Lambert » Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:58 am

hello guys..
thanks for sharing information..

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Post by Lambert » Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:01 am

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Post by seven-ZR » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:35 am

Where can I have my character? Where can I get a review in every character I'm going to choose. Help please...

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Post by Blackjack » Wed Feb 29, 2012 5:21 pm

On the subject of the generic Predators... they aren't just names, you know. I actually made short-ish profiles about each one of the goons that are not part of the 'big six'. Although, to be fair, due to circumstances Darkjet now is more a character than Skyquake, which isn't exactly part of the plan. Here are their profiles, which, in the case of Darkjet and Moonjet, have been changed a bit to reflect how I eventually played them in the RPG.

Don't mind the parent-child thing, Imperials are like that.

The Predator Jet Corps

The Jet Corps are a group of fighters selected from the best of the Predators' offspring and groomed by Skyquake to replace them should they die. They are still relatively young for Transformers.

Darkjet is the leader of the Jet Corps, and a spawn of Skydive. He is no mad scientist, but rather a very lucid and competent leader who cares for the three Predators assigned under him. Darkjet's loyalty lies on Skyquake and the Predators, and he is not sure that Thunderwing wants the best for the Cybertronian Empire. However, it is not a soldier's place to ask questions, no matter how much Darkjet wants to.

Flarejet is the oldest of the Jet Corps. A spawn of Snare, Flarejet works undercover among the Autobots, infiltrating their forces. When the Cybertronian Empire arrives, Flarejet will show his true colours. He's a bored thrill-seeker, who has no qualms about using his flamethrowers and 'Flare Missile Launchers' to burn the hell out of anybody. Flarejet is also able to set himself on fire without harming himself.

Moonjet is Talon's offspring. Unlike Talon, Moonjet is not really that much of a violent thug, and he is actually able to form coherent thoughts. Moonjet really doesn't want to be in the front line, preferring to snipe enemies from above. He carries a 'Moon Missile Launcher' which draws power from lunar energy (it's magic alien robot science, do not argue with). In reality, Moonjet is a scared child who is forced into a world of battle immediately after being created, a weakness that he strives to keep hidden for fear that his creators will dispose of him if his commitment issues are found out.

Shadowjet is Falcon's offspring, and like Falcon, he desires to be the leader of the Predators, starting from the Jet Corps. Unlike Falcon, Shadowjet respects Darkjet enough not to openly challenge him. Shadowjet, contrary to what his name might imply, carries a freeze-ray. He is convinced that he will distinguish himself from others with his unique weapon, and it prompts him to keep quipping bad ice-related puns.

'Junior Predators'

Some more of the Predators' children. Yes, they bud quite a lot. Five million years of boredom will do that to you.

This spawn of Skyquake is not as economically evil as his progenitor. Instead, Scrash has delusions of grandeur, thinking that he is next in line as leader of the Predators, even though really Skyquake would sooner promote Talon than his failure of a child. Scrash insists that others call him 'Fuhrer', a rank stolen from Earthen history books. He is as powerful as Skyquake, but without the skills or determination to back it up.

Python, or Pyton, is a spawn of Skydive. He does not share much of his parent's penchant of maniacal experimentation (in fact, none of Skydive's offsprings do). Python is just a loud-mouthed bully who is content to do whatever others tell him to do.

Unlike his parent, Falcon, Bomber does not have much in lieu of ambition, instead happily works as Scrash's second, something which disgusts Falcon. Bomber, as his name implies, is skilled with bombs.

Buzzard is Stalker's favourite offspring. Literally a chip of the old block in all sense of the word, Buzzard might as well be a second Stalker. Sharing his progenitor's penchant for violence and torture, Buzzard is also skilled with communications and tough to boot.

Trap is one of Snare's spawn. Trap is a very depressive soul, thinking that everything around him is a trap. He is convinced that one of these days the Empire will meet a trap or a force too big to overcome, in which case, well, Trap doesn't really care much. If he lives, good. If he dies, who cares anyway?

Another of Skydive's offspring. Hyena is not at all intelligent, but rather a cackling, triggerhappy maniac that shoots anything that moves. He seldom speaks, happy to creep out whoever is assigned with him.

Demon and Griffe
Twin spawns of Talon. If Talon was already a dumb yes-man thug, Demon and Griffe are even more distilled than their parent. The twins are literally meat shields that are sent into battle, surviving only because they're hard to kill.

The Predator Dreads

The Dreads were the result of the insane Predator Skydive's mad schemes, as an attempt to create the perfect assassin-hunters, similar to the Predacons or Seacons that the first-generation Decepticons have. Skydive experimented on three newly-budded Predators, altering their protoformic structure to focus more on their primal instincts. While the eventual result eventually produced an army of rabid, wild beasts that are no more than attack dogs, Skyquake finds use in them as disposable, savage attack troops in battle. Every Dread trooper other than the three leaders are equipped with sensoric receptors that resemble dreadlocks near their heads, although since they run on instinct, they rarely use them anyway. The Dreads, speaking in their own garbled language, are more of a pack than an army, and generally do not differentiate from friend or foe, and would attack whomever Skyquake or Skydive directed them to.

While the other Dreads all have dreadlock-like sensoric projections that extended to their shoulders, Crowbar instead has a series of long, tentacle-like whips that run down his spine. While unconventional, Crowbar is a savage, fast hunter, and is deadly, both with firearms or with his preferred weapons of collapsible spear-staves that extend spikes upon contact with the prey. Unlike the stealth-oriented Crankcase, Crowbar prefers to charge at his prey, and tear it apart bit by bit. Crowbar's whips are perhaps his deadliest asset, able to be used both offensively and defensively. He's the leader of the Dreads, and more often than not he has to exert violence so that his underlings would obey... something he does very gladly.

Crankcase is the most intelligent among the Dreads, although that is not saying much. He is equipped with stealth systems, which allows him to disappear for limited amounts of time. Unlike the rabid Hatchet or the savage Crowbar, Crankcase prefers to snipe enemies with his shoulder-mounted tri-barrel cannon, or to sneak up close and tear at the enemy with the twin blades mounted on his wrists. Crankcase is a very agile fighter, able to leap from perch to perch with ease, and, like Crowbar, is well-versed with their preferred weapon of spear-staves. Crankcase's body is filled with weapons. Every corner possible is adorned with curved spikes, and he can deploy a set of massive pincers in both robot and alternate mode. Probably a better hunter than those around him, Crankcase prefers to take orders from Crowbar, only wanting to immerse himself in the hunt.

Hatchet is the third of the Dread leaders, and really, there is nothing much to differentiate him from the normal Dread troops. Hatchet is just a beast, pure and simple. He walks on all four limbs like a beast. The reason he's still counted among the leaders of the Dread Horde is only because Hatchet still keeps the jet mode from his Predator days, and is able to fly with all the skills of a Predator, something that Crowbar and Crankcase could not claim pride to. Hatchet is a savage beast that cannot be reasoned with, and will not stop until he had torn his prey to shreds.

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Post by Warcry » Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:40 pm

How many of these are still alive, even?

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Post by Blackjack » Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:36 am

Right now? Darkjet and Moonjet. And that's only because you did the unthinkable and spared them, you party-pooper. I swear, Darkjet was not supposed to survive that first skirmish with Cyclonus, which left me at a loss on what to do with him.

Plus the newly-introduced Trap, Buzzard, Hyena and the Talon Twins, but I doubt they'd last more the three, four posts myself.

None of them actually have personalities, this was just my rough characterisation sheet (which I ignore right after writing, come to think of it) done in actual sentence form.

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Post by Bartmanhomer » Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:28 pm

Name: Legion
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Lieutenant Commander
Primary Weapons: Missiles, Photon rays
Alt. Mode: F-16 Fighter Jet
Motto: "Never Forgive, Never Forget!"

Str: 7
Int: 7
Spd: 7
End: 7
Rnk: 7
Cou: 7
Fpw: 7
Ski: 7

Profile: Legion is a cruel, vicious and malevolent Lieutent Commander of the Decepticons. She willing to do anything to lead in the Decepticon for victory. She highly intelligent and extremely dangerous. She'll lead the Deceptions with an iron fist.

Abilities: Legion possesses missiles and photons rays. She has a built-in Photon energy rays in robot mode. She could fly about 175 miles per an hour. And she has the ability to fly in robot mode.

Weakness: Legion weakness is her arrogance and her post traumatic stress disorder. When she witness an event she attacks her teammates.