[Original RPG] Eye of the Storm: Enterprise of Great Pitch and Moment (Crystal City)

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Post by Blackjack » Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:38 pm

Hangar Bay, Fearless

"We have the forces to meet the Imperials head-on right here." Sixshot rumbled at Submarauder's comment, jabbing a thumb at his chest.

"Ooh, scary." Repugnus quipped, but it was cut short as the barrel of Sixshot's hypersonic concussion cannon was shoved roughly into his open maw, breaking several of his razor-sharp teeth. Repugnus squealed, but Sixshot pinned the Monsterbot down with the cannon.

"Autobot deserter." Sixshot rumbled, his purple optics narrowing. "You will find my patience is much shorter than that of Scorponok's, and Bludgeon's even shorter still. You would be wise to keep your wide maw shut if you value that head."

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Hangar Bay , Fearless

Crankcase sighed and shook his head

"Behave Sixshot , I'm supposed to look after this Autobot. And it would make more sense for the Imperials to have the first crack at killing him a certain economy of resources. plus if you kill him I have to answer to Gigatron if they kill him I'll probably be dead as well."

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