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Nearing Prison

Post by Chip1123 » Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:34 pm

"Slag 'em if they get in the way." Thrust replied back to Brick. "Otherwise, leave 'em and let the Autobots deal with them. If they don't want to join us, doesn't mean they can't still be a thorn in the Autobots side - resources spent tracking 'em down and what not." As Thrust finished the last part, the prison came into site. "Head's up everyone. It's show time."
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Post by Ulcrain » Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:07 pm

Nearing prison

"Lets do this one" Mindwipe said with a grin, Thundercracker following sullening behind.

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Post by TLB80 » Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:43 pm

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Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker was sitting in his cell, its walls covered with seemingly random mathematical equations. They seemed random because that was what they in fact were, chains of numbers intended only to keep his mind occupied.

And in this cage, his mind desperately needed occupying.

He picked up his pen again, stood up and started scrawling numbers again. "Carry the one, divide by the reciprocal....." he muttered as he wrote.

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Post by Heinrad » Fri Mar 09, 2012 4:46 pm

Prime's Shuttle:

Ironhide, focused on the controls, started to respond as he heard a slight but muffled gasp from Orion. "Yeah, Zeta. We're rea-" The slight creak of Orion's chair starting to turn made him look up and over. "-dy?" Then his optics narrowed. "Get us airborne, kid. Yer at th' helm." The old Autobot stood and headed for the hatch as Orion brought the engines to full power, ready to lift the shuttle as soon as everyone was on board, and whether or not the doors were closed yet. "Let me get ya settled in, Zeta. Kid's got th' landin' nailed. Take offs're still a l'il rough, though."
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Post by Warcry » Fri Mar 09, 2012 8:13 pm

Orbital Prison

Stungun walked by the cells, glaring at each of the prisoners in turn as he passed them. They were scum, the lot of them, and he did his best to never show weakness while he was on duty. If he did...well, there's no telling what these animals were capable of when they smelled blood.

When he reached Sparkstalker's cell, though, he stopped. Scum though the prisoner may be, he was a fair bit more interesting than most of the criminals that Stungun kept locked up.

"So what's it today?" he asked gamely. "Calculating the redshifts on outer-system outposts?"

Governor's Palace

Zeta Prime smiled weakly as he recognized both Ironhide's attempt to shield him from Orion's concern, and to shield the youth from seeing his Prime in bad shape.

"Thanks," he said to his long-time bodyguard and friend. "Can y-you help me strap in?"

Altihex Prison

"You're no fun," Brick whined to Thrust.

"Quiet, you," Hammer told his partner. "We're here to work, remember?"

Hammer scanned the prison, then sent the results of his scan to the rest of the team.

"I've flagged all the guard positions I can see," he told them.

"Can we take 'em out?" Brick asked eagerly.

Hammer groaned.

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Post by TLB80 » Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:02 pm

Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker continued scrawling on the walls, at first seemingly oblivious to Stungun's presence, let alone his silly question. It took about a klik before he turned around.

"Huh." he said. "Even if I told you what it was, you wouldn't understand it anyway, you primitive scoundrel. Why don't you go read something that would be a bit easier on your laggy processor?"

With that, the Firecon turned his back to Stungun and continued writing equations while pretending the guard wasn't there.

Sparkstalker hated everything about this place, but he reserved a special kind of hatred for the guards. They were primitives, every single one of them, yet you could sense they looked down on him. They looked down on everyone.

Sparkstalker was going to leave this place eventually. Every waking moment, he waited for a suitable opportunity, a chink in the armour, so to speak, to present itself. And then the fools would see.

Oh yes, they would see.....

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Post by Blackjack » Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:24 pm

Prison Shuttle

"No, wait-" the captain said, but Lugnut had already killed his copilot. The other officers in the shuttle stiffened at their comrade's grisly fate.

Obsidian's red optics were devoid of pity. Millions of years of war had done that to him. He saw these people as the enemy. The enemy soldiers. He had conditioned, trained himself to do so. He was indifferent to Lugnut's reluctance. He'll learn. He is loyal to Megatron, and thus he must learn. But Obsidian placed that in mind. Do not let Lugnut kill civilians next time.

"Now, captain," Obsidian said, his voice lower and less pleasant. "Will we be cooperating?"

"Yes." The captain said, subdued, as he slunk onto his chair. "Yes, yes, just... just spare my men. Please."

Obsidian nodded, and raised his finger to he side of his head. "Skywarp, Grimlock, Springer, stand down. I repeat, stand down. Captain, please gather all the crew in... in the cargo bay that we first appeared."

The captain nodded, and hastened to make the announcement.

Obsidian turned to Lugnut, and shook his head as he hovered closer to his fellow Decepticon. In a low voice that would not carry over, Obsidian said, "A regrettable death, I know. But necessary. The others would not stand for our taking over this ship if we did not make an example of him. Do not falter. We are doing our Master's work."

Obsidian raised his finger again. "Grimlock, Springer, guard the prisoners, make sure they behave. Skywarp, teleport to the main cockpit."

Skywarp appeared in a swirl of blacks on Obsidian's side, taking into account the room's layout. His optics settled on Lugnut's handiwork, and he nodded approvingly. "What d'ya want me to do, boss?"


"Waiting, yes sir." Skywarp said, making a show of straightening his arms and standing rigid, chin thrust out.

Grimlock snorted. He had been going on his duties without the same enthusiasm as before. These soldiers were scared. Whenever he could, he clubbed them with the hilt of his sword. He probably only murdered two or three.

This was not how he had wanted to fight. This did not fuel his bloodlust. He needed proper enemies, not these pencil-pushers that did not want him dead! They're children, weaklings, little soldiers not worth killing.

Grimlock was almost glad when Obsidian's pronouncement came along, and lumbered over to the cargo hold. He growled. "All guns down. Me, Grimlock, not want trouble!"

Altihex Prison

Galestorm leant against his chair in the main control room, barely paying attention to the monitors showing the numerous prisoners in the Detention Facility.

The black-coloured Seeker flexed his wings. Oh, the boredom. He wished something exciting would happen...



For War.

Sixshot liked the sound of that. He listened to Megatron's orders. So, he was to stay with his Creators. Good. They were not enemies. Sixshot did not have to choose.

The Autobot is broken?

See what makes them tick?

He needed the understanding. To be a more effective weapon, perhaps? Good. Perhaps there was something else he was missing other than just simple mindless destruction.

Sixshot nodded, and moved to glower near Scorponok, Predacon, Tarantulas and Thunderiwng.

Scorponok ignored Predacon as Megatron walked away.

He nodded approvingly, ignoring Predacon's earlier comment. "Your brother is... something, Predacon. Yes, I believe allying myself with you and him may be the best move I've ever done."

The former Senator picked himself up, sent glares at anyone around the room who would dare look at him reprovingly, then scanned the room again. Ratbat, Clench, Skullgrin, all the rest... hopefully they will learn who the true power is.

The Decepticons.

"Let us go dissect the Autobots' most powerful soldier." Scorponok declared.

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Post by Warcry » Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:16 am

Orbital Prison

Stungun grunted. "Right," he said to Sparkstalker. "Because you're soooo much smarter than us idiot guards, right?"

The guard idly tapped his baton against the palm of his hand.

"Sorry, not buying it. Because if that was true, you wouldn't be locked on that side of the bars, would you?"

Lugnut looked down at the fresh corpse, his jaw set in a stern expression. When Skywarp appeared, the dimwitted seeker seemed...pleased with the death that had been wrought. Of course, that only increased Lugnut's unease.

Your approval fills me with shame, he thought in the seeker's direction, although of course it wasn't something he was willing to vocalize aloud.

"Yes, sir," he rumbled in answer to Obsidian's little pep talk. "For the glory of Megatron."

Governor's Palace

Megatron watched as the party-goers dispersed, satisfied that the display had made clear to them just which side they needed to be on if they wanted to survive the coming storm.

And Zeta Prime himself put in an appearance to underscore our superiority for all to see! A fiction writer couldn't have choreographed a better outcome for us. We'll have new recruits flocking to the cause for months over his death alone.

With a satisfied smile on his face, Megatron left the reception hall and retreated to his personal sanctum...where, if his suspicions were correct, a visitor still awaited him.

(OOC: Brave, that's Hunter's cue if you're still planning to put them together. :) )

Predacon smiled. "I told you he was something else, Scorpy, I told you."

As their quintet of evil moved off toward the cell where Magnus was kept, he tossed his head back and let loose a burst of diabolical laughter. If ever there was a time for such indulgences, this was it. After all, the Decepticons were on the rise.

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