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RPG thread index organized chronologically and according to story arc.

For the much more abridged version of RPG history, read here: http://tfarchive.com/rpg/site/rpg_history


In The Beginning (2015)

(for all intents and purposes)

On Charr
Nemesis - Earth


Part 1: The Conquest
Part 1: The Conquest - Earth
Part 1: The Conquest - Cybertron
Part 2: Hostile Intentions
Part 3: Change of Possession
Part 4: In the Darkest Hour...

End of Days

Chapter 1: Out of Time - Earth
Chapter 1: Out of Time - Cybertron
Chapter 2: Exodus
Chapter 2: Shift of Power - Earth
Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home - Cybertron
Chapter 3: Deals with the Devil - Earth
Chapter 3: New Dawn Rising - Decepticon Shuttle
Chapter 3: Cybertron
Chapter 3: New Dawn Rising - Earth
Chapter 4: Gigatron's Master Plan - Earth
Chapter 5: Reconciliation - Cybertron
Chapter 6: Doorway to the Past - Timerift Thread
Chapter 6: Days of the Future's Past
Time Collapes: End of Days Final Chapter
Recovery - Earth

The Second Unicron War (2015-2016)

Return to Chaos

Last Stand
Return to Chaos: Cybertron
Return to Chaos: Earth
Reunions: The Hub
Reunions: Cybertron
Reunions: Earth

Extinction Agenda

Phase 1 - Hub/Unicron
Phase 1 - Cybertron
Phase 1 - Earth
Phase 2: Return Home
Phase 2 - Cybertron and Unicron
Phase 3: The Awakening
Extinction Agenda: The Epic Conclusion

The Chaos Matrix Saga (2016-2017)

The Chaos Effect Prologue

Picking Up the Pieces - Decepticons
Picking Up the Pieces - Autobots
Race Against Time - Autobots (Picking up... Part II)
Break Out! - Metrotitan
Back to the Lab (Break Out! Part II)
Karandras Strikes
A call to arms...

The Chaos Effect

Thunderwing's Quest
Civil War - Autobots
The Cultural Resurrection - Polyhex
Civil War: Chaos Reigns - Thunderwing & Autobots
Civil War: Till all are one...
Peace at Last? - Metrotitan
Chaos Effect: Earth

Chaos Effect: Divided Loyalties

Chapter ?: Optimus Prime
Chapter ?: Optimus Prime, Part II
Chapter ?: Teratron
Chapter ?: Rodimus Convoy
Chapter ?: The Emperor Returns
Chapter ?: Twisted Ambition - Thunderwing
Chapter 3: Entering the fray - Teratron
Chapter 3: Peaceful Intentions - Optimus Prime
Chapter 3: The First Strike - Rodimus Convoy
Chapter 3: Reclaiming the Planet - Earth
Chapter 4: Divine Right - Thunderwing
Chapter 4: Resurrection - Teratron
Chapter 4: Clash of the Titans
Chapter 5: The End Game - Cybertron

The Quintesson Invasion (2017)

New Quintessa (side story)

Transitions: Cybertron
Returns: The Homecoming
Returns: The Homecoming, Part II

The Return to Earth (2017-2019)

Broken Peace

Chapter 1: Autobots
Chapter 1: Decepticons
Chapter 2: War Dawn - Autobots
Chapter 2: War Dawn - Decepticons
Chapter 2: War Dawn - Metroplex
Chapter 2: War Dawn - Fort Max
Chapter 3: Battle Scars - Autobots
Chapter 3: Battle Scars - Autobots, Part II
Chapter 3: Battle Scars - Decepticons
Chapter 4: Boiling Point - Autobots
Chapter 4: Boiling Point - Autobots, Part II
Chapter 4: Boiling Point - Decepticons
Chapter 4: Boiling Point - Decepticons, Part II
Chapter 4: Japan
Chapter 4: Egypt

Aero Blade's Secret (side story)

The Edge of the Abyss

Combiner Strike - Persian Gulf
A Night on the Town - Ramjet & Co.
Autobots, Part II
Decepticons, Part II
Wrecking the Store
Homeward Bound - Trypticon
Bringing Down the House - Autobase
Bringing Down the House - Autobase, Part II
WRECKED! - The Ark
Image in the Sand - Carbombya
Part 4: Depths of Deception - Carbombya
Part 4: A Tale of Two Houses - The Ark
Part 4: Rising From the Ashes - Autobase
Part 4: Rising From the Ashes - Autobase, Part II
Part 4: Rising From the Ashes - Autobase, Part III
Watery Grave - Nemesis
Rising Tide - Nemesis
Part 4: ...And Everywhere Else

Behind Enemy Lines: What lies ahead...

The Nebulan Campaign (2019)

Path of Dreams: Nebulan Voices
Path of Dreams: Nebulan Tears

The Long Road Home (2019-2020)

End of the Line

Renaissance - Autobot
Renaissance, Part II - Autobot
Battlegrounds - Other
Battlegrounds, Part II - Other
Invasion - San Francisco
Dark Waters - Nemesis
Riptide - Nemesis
Undertow - Nemesis
Balance Point - Other
Turnabout - Autobase
Subterfuge - Tokoyo
Cybertron: Homefront
Cybertron: Dark Designs
Cybertron: Insurrection
Breakout - Autobase
Breakout, Part II - Autobase
Battlefronts - Other
Battlefronts, Part II - Other
Turns and Returns - Outer Space

Moon Pact - The Faction Truce
Moon Pact - The Faction Truce, Part II

Battle For Cybertron (2021)


Cybertron Orbit: The Hammer Falls
Polyhex: The Hammer Strikes
Iacon: The Hammer Strikes
Tarn: The Hammer Hammer Strikes
Vector Sigma: The Hammer Hammer Strikes
Crystal City: The Hammer Hammer Strikes
Kalis: The Hammer Hammer Strikes

Post-Reclamation (2025-2027)

Shadow War

Iacon: Heaven is Falling
Iacon: Heaven is Falling, Part II
Tygun Span: How Much Is Enough?
Valvolux: All Good Soldiers
Polyhex: Time and Disregard
Protihex: The Gray Race
Crystal City: Victims of the Revolution


Polyhex: To Reign In Hell
Crystal City: The Congregation of the Dead
Iacon: City Upon a Hill
Altihex: A War Without Fronts
Kaon: Expensive Mistakes
Protihex: Swallowed by History


Crystal City: The Rage to Overcome
Kaon: Devil with the King's Card
Iacon: Nation on Fire
Polyhex: Imperium
Stanix: Descend the Shades of Night
Protihex: In the Presence of my Enemies
Tarn: None But My Own
Altihex: Struck a Nerve

Eye of the Storm

Crystal City: Enterprise of Great Pitch and Moment
Protihex: The Law's Delay
Polyhex: Take Arms Against a Sea of Troubles
Iacon: The Insolence of Office
Altihex: Those Ills We Have
Tarn: Cry Havok
Kaon: The Whips and Scorns of Time
Stanix: Be All My Sins Remembered

The Finale (2028)


Protihex: The Tempest
Protihex: The Tempest, Part II
Crystal City: The Dark Messiah
Iacon: The Chessmaster
Polyhex: The King Is Dead