[G1 RPG] Terminus: The Tempest (Protihex)

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Mauler got slashed by Cutthroat claws. Mauler transformed into robot mode and slashed Cutthroat arm with his sword.

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Constructicon Hospital

“Thanks. You… that means a lot to me.” Moonjet replied to Scrapper. “You’re… you’re Scrapper, right? You’re not as bad as what the history lessons put you out to be.”

A jubilant Long Haul bounded over, very nearly knocking over a crate of medical supplies in the process. Scrapper was letting him help! Scrapper was letting him actually help! “Would I? Would I want to participate in a complex medical surgery? Oh, yes, oh yes yes yes!”

“Him, on the other hand, is exactly like what the history books put him out to be.” Moonjet said, raising a green optic ridge.

“Do I cackle in the history books?” Mixmaster asked Moonjet, cutting into a Combaticon’s wound with a laser scalpel, causing the Combaticon to wince in pain. Mixmaster looked at Hook, and shook his head.


Hook, oblivious to the disdainful looks given to him by the other three Constructicons, examined the quarantine chamber with a critical eye, and, finally, nodded. He turned to Scrapper, and said, “The quarantine chamber’s specifications is not quite up to my standards, but it will do, I suppose, in our pressing situation.”

“When has anything been up to your standards, doctor crane?” Mixmaster piped up. “Except anything you do yourself, of course, you’re infallible.”

“That-” Hook said, pointing a finger at Mixmaster as he strode haughtily into the hospital compound and began to lean over another patient, “I’m taking as a compliment.”

Road Hugger leant against a crate, happy to be resting for a moment. Detour, Hyperdrive, Brawl and a couple of the Combaticons that weren’t unsuited to helping out in the medical bay (Grimstone, for one, is a massive liability to be anywhere near explosive materials). The Combaticon looked up at Fortress Maximus. So large, so distant… surely Fortress Maximus viewed the world a little differently compared to someone who was four feet tall for the most part of his life.

Road Hugger pulled the Scrapmaker minigun from its mount on his shoulder. The battles in Protihex had not been kind to it, and with a sigh Road Hugger tossed it aside onto the ground.

“You want me to get another gun?” Brawl asked. Road Hugger nodded numbly, and Brawl strode off with Grimstone and Undertow behind him, to restock on their own weaponry as well.

Road Hugger sighed again. His city is dying, and once again it was the Autobots that had to rescue the world. Always the Autobots, while the neutrals, little people like the Combaticons, get half of their fighting force murdered within two hours of the battle. Not that the Decepticons were any less to blame, considering that technically this entire mess could be traced back to them.

The de facto Combaticon leader almost wished that the infected or the Scraplets or, heck, Thunderwing would just attack. This philosophical debacle was not something he was accustomed to.

Skies, Hate Plague Danger Zone

Tinker snorted as he transformed into robot mode, flying with the aid of his jet engine ‘boots’, glancing at the Aerialbots and Seekers making an attacking run on Tidal Wave. “Dealing with emotions? Really, we don’t really… there isn’t a rule on what you do with emotions, not like mathematics or cybermedicine. There isn’t anyone out there who knows what to deal with emotions.”

Darkjet chuckled as he pulled up next to Shuttle Gunner. “And I thought cannon fodder was bad enough. How did you end up with the name ‘Shuttle Gunner’ anyway? Was that something that came later, or was it, like ‘Darkjet’, something that your creators gave you?”

Tinker laughed. “Soundwave and Shockwave… well, in Soundwave’s case, he’s so full of manipulations and machinations, that I don’t think he’s even got any emotions left. You know, he’s even worse than Starscream, when you think of it. Starscream wants power, pure and simple. Soundwave… you just don’t know what he wants. Shockwave, on the other hand, well, Battletrap told me he tore out his emotion circuits to make more room for logic. No one’s going to argue with someone who can blow up Omega Sentinels with a blast, I guarantee you. But seeing that ol’ Shockers is actually running with a peace project… who knows? Maybe the one yellow eye has some feelings left inside him too.”

“Me, transform into a griffin? And distract you from shooting at my Combaticon comrades? Primus forbid.” Blast Off replied to Fireflight gamely. Then, in a deadbeat tone, he asked, “Your team still all in one piece, Fireflight?”

Blast Off moved in a sweeping range. “I don’t know. The Thunderwing shells attacked right around there, where we fought the giant Thunderwing shells. What took you guys so long anyway – you guys stop for drive-through? I mean, not that we don’t appreciate the backup and everything, but, all things considered…”

Waiting for Scrapper’s reply, Sixshot watched the various groups of fliers around the battlefield. Skydive’s squadrons of Aerialbots, a group of Seekers and miscellaneous Combaticons… a trio of jets (was that the Predator he saved before?)… Blast Off and an Aerialbot…


Odd, to see such… harmony? Was it the word? Harmony? Within old, bitter enemies, in the face of a much larger threat.

Sixshot folded his arms, observing as Skydive’s team opened fire.

Skyburst and Darkstream opened fire on Skydive’s mark. The Minicon Razorbeam hopped out of Darkstream’s cockpit and latched onto his underside, opening fire.

Ground, Hate Plague Danger Zone

Jackpot laughed. Oh, how he wanted to murder Ultra Magnus then and there, but he knew better. Then Magnus brought the building crashing around him, and he had to force himself out as concrete and metal rained down on him, very nearly burying him alive. “Ah!” Jackpot grunted as the shockwave of the collapsing building sent him tumbling through Stunticon corpses and landing next to Target Hawk.

“Hello, ‘Con.” Jackpot sneered. “Must be my lucky day.”

Breakdown looked at Hun-Grrr expectantly, listening to his words. The vibrations he made… yes. He’ll kill the Scraplets and Morphobots, whatever they are. Yes. So they needed him alive for the moment. And they treated him nice, not like Motormaster. Too nice, maybe? Drag Strip always said-

Mauler attacked just then, and for a moment the terrified Breakdown thought that it came from the Terrorcons, double-crossing him…

Breakdown darted aside. He may be neurotic, but as a Stunticon he had reflexes, the same reflexes that had served him well for the past forty, fifty years or so. He glared at the Terrorcons, ready to turn his vibrating powers and sonic cannons at them, when his optics found Mauler.

Was he looking at him? HE WAS

Cutthroat and Blot began to attack the Autobot, though, and Cutthroat said something about tearing out his optics. Cutthroat was smart.

“Yes.” He replied to the Terrorcon leader, hunched over, rubbing his hands over each other. Clearly, he was more neurotic and paranoid than usual (which was bad enough) due to the forced separation from Menasor. But, for the moment, he was keeping his cool. “Kill the Autobot. Yes. I can- I can keep going. Yes. Clear a path.”

Imperial Landing Zone

Searchlight transformed into robot mode – one of the advantages of a Throttlebot meant that in robot mode he was still moving at full speed, thanks to the mechanisms on his feet, and grabbed hold of Sideswipe’s spoiler.

“Both of you hold on!” Windcharger yelled. “I may not be Blurr, but I can give him a ride for his money. Fastest Autobot in this side of the galaxy, wa hoo!”

Transforming into vehicle mode, Windcharger made good his name and soon caught up with Sideswipe, moving in front of him… and then using his magnetic powers to give Sideswipe a boost, to increase their collective speed. A little trick Tailgate taught him.

Searchlight, however, was not faring that well. One of the Demons’ claws slammed onto his left shoulder, tearing onto his circuits. Searchlight managed to kick the Demon away, but he was wounded nonetheless.

Tidal Wave was dimly aware as Sandstorm fell out of the sky, but it was not really high in his priority. Not when there was an Omega Sentinel fighting him, or an entire armada of Aerialbots, Seekers and other assorted fliers opening fire with missiles at him.

Of course, Tidal Wave was built to withstand exactly just those kind of airborne missiles, all of which slammed harmlessly onto Tidal Wave’s massive form, blackening his hull and chipping off the outermost layer of armour (and in the case of Air Raid’s torque rifle, twisting a chunk of it).

“Tidal Wave.”

Tidal Wave’s impressive array of anti-aircraft turrets began to track individual Aerialbots and Seekers, and began to fire at will.

Panels within Tidal Wave slid open. Panels that, had Tidal Wave been in vehicular forms, would have housed aircraft. And that was exactly what it stored. Swarms of identical purple jets – Ramjet-class Predators, named after the throwback Seeker in that they had the exact same purpose – shot out and flew towards the enemy. Having the same reinforced nosecones as their Seeker namesake, they opened fire while attempting to ram their adversaries out of the sky.

Broadside looked up as Sarcoss assaulted Sandstorm, and raised his concsussion missile launcher and fired at the Predator. “Sandy, fall onto me! I’ll catch you!” The Wrecker yelled.

Arcee fell, fell, fell down, and she saw time almost slowing down to a halt.

She was aware of the Wreckers dogfighting the Imperial jets. She was aware of the giant Tidal Wave. She was aware of Artfire transforming and firing at Falcon. She was aware of Falcon transforming into jet mode and flying off, flying away. She was aware of a screaming Springer, flying down, knowing that he won’t make it in time.

Springer was fighting again, though. Fighting as the leader of the Wreckers, as one of the Autobots’ brightest warriors.

And, in that blissful moment, Springer shone so brightly in Arcee’s optics.

And then she slammed onto the ground with a sickening crunch.


Springer yelled, horror in his optics as he saw Falcon opening fire at Arcee. Any thought of battling the Predator was vanquished by the thought to help his friend. Springer shot down, shot waaaay down, transforming into his robot mode to speed his fall.

But he knew he couldn’t make it, and as he fell he saw Arcee’s body impacting onto the ground.

“No.” Springer said, more quietly, as he landed next to the female Autobot, the springs on his legs absorbing the impact, as he approached Arcee and cradled her head. “Arcee. No.”

“Don’t you have... something… better to do?” Arcee smirked, optics dizzy. Springer’s optics widened in horror as Energon began to trickle out of Arcee’s mouth.

"No- no. MEDIC!" Springer yelled, optics wild. He had lost Kup, Whirl, the Dinobots, Blurr... by Primus, not Arcee as well... "Damn it- MEDIC!" Springer yelled, his normally hard and cocky voice breaking.

Arcee's blue optics widened, and abruptly she moved. Springer was alarmed, thinking it was some sort of convulsion, some sort of death throes... when Arcee suddenly pushed him on the chest, slamming him down onto the ground...

Just in time, for a missile, meant to strike Springer in the back, slammed onto Arcee's chest instead.

"Ahhh, boo." Falcon muttered. He had the Wrecker leader in his sights, not moving, not doing anything, cradling his silly pink girlfriend. And that little femme just refused to die...

Ah well, more opportunities for later. Tidal Wave's going crazy, sending those purple jets and stuff... Artfire's blasts shot up, too close for comfort, and Falcon shot into the night sky, and re-engaged his stealth systems.

Pyro roared in rage as the Demons tore chunks out of his chest, as claws dug onto him, as teeth and jaws tore onto him. He felt his flamethrower wrestled away by a particularly ravenous Demon, and he resorted to his pulse rifles, opening fire, and when that failed, began to use them to bludgeon the Demons.

Pyro’s trailer, nearby, was opening fire, launching missiles and laser blasts, before a group of Demons tore onto it and completely tore it apart.

“Come on, you monsters!” Pyro roared. “I’ll take you all on!”

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Wasteland-Protihexian Border

Prowl frowned. "Macabre?" He dryly answered Mindset. "We have not the time, nor the interest in settling your petty rivalry. Certainly not in exchange for the information you offer. It is only a matter of time until Thunderwing, through his own arrogance and incompetence, reveals himself. If you, however, wish to discuss the terms of you and your "fleet's" unconditional surrender, I might be willing to accommodate you..."

The General leaned forward in the captain's chair and narrowed his eyes. "You profess yourself to be a "General", after all," said Prowl. "So, by all means, order your troops to lay down their arms and surrender."

Constructicon Field Hospital

Fortress Maximus' gaze was still fixed to the horizon when, finally, from a short distance away, came several forms, both on land and in the air.

The Autobot Commander recognized Siren first, who led the small group. Countdown's ATV followed, looking worse for wear. He noted that the armored vehicle's large x-ray cannon had been torn away and that none of its passengers - those that had rode topside - were present.

Overhead, flying closely to the ground came Shockwave, who was flanked by Doubleheader, Hot House and Groundshaker. The purple cyclopean held two forms in each of his arms; one blue, the other green.

Fortress Maximus gasped when he realized that it was Freeway and Turbofire that the former-Decepticon held.


Siren skidded sideways and transformed in front of the taller Autobot. The ATV soon followed, grinding to a halt.

"Siren, Countdown! Thank goodness," said Fortress Maximus.

The grey and blue Autobot looked back up at the large headmaster, but said nothing.

Siren's silence spoke volumes, however, and when the rear hatch of the ATV dropped, the Steelhaven Captain was made all too clear of the situation.

Full Barrel and Countdown came out first, carrying the deceased Barricade between them. Overflow trailed closely behind.

Then came Shockwave, who slowly lowered to the ground near the all-terrain vehicle and gently placed Freeway and Turbofire down. Both laid motionless. Seeing the state of the two Autobots was almost too much for Fortress Maximus to bear.

The casing along Freeway's chest and left shoulder had been ripped clear off, his inner-workings and fuel-lines exposed, punctured and spilling out from the massive wound. The remnants of his blue armor were peeled back in jagged tangles along his side.

The twisted light green form next to Freeway was Turbofire. Barely recognizable, the Axelerator had been in truck-mode when the Morphobot wrapped it's spiked tendril around him. Turbofire had be reduced to a long, twisted hunk of metal. He had been crushed like an aluminum canister.

Shockwave brought his mono-optic gaze to Fortress Maximus and stated flatly, "You have my condolences."


Perceptor nodded. "Quite possibly, yes," he answered Highbrow. "I was about to have Hoist plug into his shuttle's communication array, but you will better serve our purposes. We'll simply use the vessel to bolster our range. Now..."

The science officer gestured at the dissected Thunderwing shell. "As you can see, this is the construct's built-in transceiver. It is how the real Thunderwing was able to communicate and - what we assume - control his creations. I am currently interfaced with it." Perceptor nudged his head at the cord extending from the control panel in his arm, leading to the Imperial's receiver. "This shell will serve as one point for measuring the radial distance of the received signal...and Thunderwing. I intend to either locate our elusive quarry, or at very least jam the signal he is using to communicate with his constructs, hopefully rendering them useless."

He looked intently at Highbrow. "And you are equipped with an advanced jamming suite, yes?" Perceptor said, rather than asked. "Of course you are. If you would, plug yourself in -- And do not worry. I will stream you the coordinates to one of our remaining relay satellites or stations -- our second measuring point. Once I isolate the signal, you, Highbrow, will assist me in jamming it."

Imperial Landing Zone

(OOC: Mind if I hack up some Demons? Everyone else is doing it :))

Optimus Prime was peripherally aware that Pyro had joined fray and that the Demons had come from him.

"Pyro, no! Stay back! It's too dangerous!" The Autobot Leader shouted.

Prime swung his arm out in a wide vertical arc, driving his energo-axe into the head of one hapless Demon. And yet, for all his efforts, the golden creatures persisted and continued to climb onto him, clamoring for the Matrix stored within Optimus' chest compartment.

Even as he attempted to wrest himself free, the famed Autobot was eventually dragged down, until he was lost beneath the frenzied beasts.

He could sense their desperation, sense their hunger.

He could hear the Demons' nails scrape against his armor, feel them tear at his face, at his arms, at his chest....

Optimus roared. His voice reverberated throughout the landing site.

He stood up, in spite of the weight on top of him, and tossed his arms out, flinging the Demons that had dog-piled over him away.

Prime then thrust his leg behind him, kicking several more back. He lunged forward, and with his right arm - energon axe still deployed - he decapitated a beast with one precise swipe. With his left, Optimus impaled another through the midsection, quickly spun around and hurled it at the nearby crowd --then spun around again to roundhouse kick an encroaching Demon across the face...

(OOC: ....What? It's Optimus. He can do that, can't he? :o)


"Yeah, his name's Thunderclash," said Boss. "But, you were right the first time," he told Electro. "Blizzard is my other name, but I'm more accustomed to Boss."

The Turbomaster took hold of the hilt of his beam-saber with both hands and plunged the 'blade' into the optic of a nearby Demon.


Rotorstorm's attention was effectively diverted away from Bad Boy when the Imperial launched two "energy probes" at him. Not wanting to stick around and be ensnared by his opponent's trap, the Turbomaster was forced to do the unthinkable...

He retreated.

The Autobot propelled himself backwards with his turbines just as the probes locked on him.

"Aw, no fair!"

As he flew in reverse, Rotorstorm fired a heat-seeking missile at one of the tailing devices.


Tidal Wave's cannonade exploded along the Omega Sentinel's shoulders and head, searing chunks of its now-exposed face away and once more causing it to falter, pushing it back three more gigantic paces.

Nevertheless, the massive robot refused to topple over, despite the damage it had sustained. Had not the continued assaults of the Seekers and Aerialbots partially diverted Tidal Wave's attention, the Imperial might have succeeded.

The Guardian Robot took advantage of this brief distraction by charging at its equally giant opponent. As it drew upon Tidal Wave, the Omega Sentinel lashed its claw out, intent on crushing the Imperial's remaining 'Tsunami" cannon.

Southeast Border

Just as all other corners of Protihex, the Autobots perimeter stretched along the southeast corner of the city-state.

Among the troops standing vigil here, was the towering form of Omega Sentinel 02...

Once unmoving, was now stirring from its watch to shift its gaze to the north -- toward the Imperial Landing Zone.

(OOC: :devil:)

Manganese Mountains, Underground Base

Ratchet shrugged. "Not that I know of. Cog didn't mention anything either," he told Brainstorm. "But, who knows, it is a large base -- I suppose it's possible something was left behind. And Fortress Maximus has been by since the Reclamation. That's how we knew that the ol' hideout would be of use to us."

(OOC: @ Blackjack -- You mentioned Springer had holed up here? If there's somewhere you think the team needs to look, by all means point Groove and Ratchet in the right direction :))

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Constructicon Field Hospital

"Incoming, Huggie." Hyperdrive snarled as he pulled out the bazooka slung on his back, and aimed it towards the incoming forms.

"Hold your fire!" Road Hugger snapped, raising up to push Hyperdrive's weapon away, and, when Shockwave, Siren and the others were revealed, shot Hyperdrive a stern glare.

"Wasn't going to fire." Hyperdrive replied, a genuine slighted expression on his face. "What if they had Hate Plague or something?"

"Come on." Road Hugger said, as he, Hyperdrive, Detour and a few milling Combaticons moved towards Shockwave's group, but did nothing while the Autobots conversed with Fortress Maximus.

"Is that-" Hyperdrive began, spitting out a thankfully soft curse.

"Yes, that's Barricade. Hush..." Detour said, shaking his head. All the death they've felt that day, and still Barricade's death hit the Micromasters (and ex-Micromasters) hard. They've been competitors, rivals, even friends with the Race Track Patrol.

Despite all the others lost that day, losing a friend never felt any less heavier.

Even for a psychopath like Hyperdrive, who lived surrounded by death.

"Damn it!" Hyperdrive snarled, slamming his fist onto a nearby chunk of debris. Detour fell onto a sitting position on Road Hugger's shoulder, silent.

Road Hugger, on the other hand, were more composed. He suspected it was probably because he had seen so many of his Combaticons, so many others die that day...

"Shockwave." He addressed the former Decepticon. "Do we have any luck locating Thunderwing's position, or deciphering any of his plans?"

Because when they moved out, Road Hugger wanted to be on the forefront of the fight. Not that he said that out loud.

Hook neatly amputated a Combaticon's Scraplet-infested lower arm and cut off the bleeding, before turning and dropping the offending appendage into a vat specially prepared by Mixmaster to deal with Scraplets.

He turned to Perceptor and Highbrow, listening to the former's explanations, nodding as he needed to, but more interested in seeing what would happen.

In the meantime, his hands moved mechanically, with swift precision, as he attached a new prothestic arm to the wounded Combaticon.

Imperial Landing Zone

Pyro was slammed onto the ground, and a Demon snarled in Pyro's face, and he was, for a split second, frozen in primal fear. The Demon's grotesque visage, his unnatural snarlings, that smell, the clawings and tearings as his form was torn apart...

He was sure he going to die, to go out with a whimper like an idiot...

Until a voice called him to attention, and with a renewed surge of strength Pyro snapped his arm, backhanding the Demon, and jabbing the taser on his wrist onto the Demon's neck, shocking it long enough for Pyro to grab its neck and forcibly snap it off.

Pyro glanced at Optimus Prime, equally blue optics looking at his leader, so selfless even in the face of all this horror.

Always telling others to stay back...

This was not, of course, the first or the second time Optimus Prime had saved his life. All the while he had seen Prime battling against such impossible odds, while he was at the familiar position of near-death.

The Decepticon attacks on the Autobot City... Unicron... the Quintesson Invasion... the Civil War...

When had Optimus Prime ever faltered? When had Optimus Prime ever asked anyone to die in his stead? No. Never.

Not now, certainly, as Optimus Prime seemed to have gained a second wind and was hacking and tearing Demons apart. He was, as always, such an inspiration, such a shining beacon of hope.

Just like when he saved a nameless Autobot that would later call himself Pyro, a young, silly idiot who wanted to be just like Optimus Prime.

Oh, how that silly idiot wanted to run away from all the horror. But Optimus Prime's words, aimed directly to him, filled him with new determination.

There is nothing that was 'too dangerous' for Pyro, not if it was not too dangerous for Optimus Prime. No matter the risks... he will prove to Optimus Prime, prove to the world, that he could be, for at least one moment, be as bright and shining as his vaunted leader.

"I'm here, Optimus." Pyro said softly, raising up from where he had fallen, wiping the trickle of energon from one of the cuts on his face. "I'm with you until the end. Until all are one."

With a roaring charge, Pyro bullrushed the Demons around Optimus Prime, catching a surprised Demon on the face with the force of his charge. Where the Demons had torn chunks out of his chest and back it hurt, but Pyro ignored the pain, as he lashed out with nothing but his fists and a wrist-mounted taser, taking out the Demons trying to reach Optimus Prime.

He ignored the pain, the claw that dug onto his back, trying to tear out his shoulder, trying to rip out his spark.

For freedom.

He can bear a little bit more. For freedom.

Electro shrugged as he stabbed his own lightsaber onto the exposed 'ribcage' of the Demon Boss was fighting. "Just a nickname, huh? Normally people with two names have, you know, histor- ah, crap. Me and my motor mouth. No offense to present company intended."

"None taken." Drift-a.k.a.-Deadlock replied, though his hard expression told Electro that his words had indeed hurt Drift.

Drift, of course, knew that Electro did not mean it, and merely responded by increasing the savagery of his attacks, beheading and bisecting a Demon in the hip in one smooth move.

"Uh, yeah. You know I'm sorry, right?" Electro muttered.

"I know who my allies are, Electro." Drift said, smiling a little. "Boss, Electro- we've got to help Optimus!"

Tidal Wave roared his own name again as the Omega Sentinel charged him again, bracing himself once the Ramjet interceptor Predators were out.

Tidal Wave lashed out with his arms, trying to prevent the Sentinel from crushing his remaining Tsunami Blaster cannon.

The behemoth decided it was better to lose a limb than a weapon, and if the Sentinel crushed it, it was better than losing his cannon.

Indeed, the Sentinel's claw tore through Tidal Wave's outstretched arm, causing Tidal Wave to roar in pain.

Meanwhile, the Tsunami Blaster whined up for another charge at the Sentinel's head.

"Another Sentinel, huh?" Falcon muttered as he saw the Sentinel on the Southern Border turning its attention their way. "Oh well. If Skyquake had led in with this next time, he might not have died..."

The remaining ships around the battlefield all shuddered, shuddered in the same manner the ships that comprised Tidal Wave did before...

(OOC: I was saving this for if/when Fortress Maximus joins the rumble, but oh well... ;) And, before you ask, this was, naturally, Warcry's brainchild. :glance: On the topside, more guys for us to kill.)

Manganese Mountains, Underground Base

Brainstorm shrugged, as he walked around the base, and tilted his head. Due to his small stature, he found himself following the footprints on the dusty floor, and as he moved along it his optics widened
"Ratch- Ratchet... Groove... I think we're not the first ones here."

Brainstorm pointed at a secluded part of the base, where it was stacked up with everything an Autobot (or a squad of Autobots) would need to hole through an invasion.

Energon, weaponry, traps, repair kits, sky-spies, weaponry, more weaponry...

(OOC: I'll have to confirm with Springer85 what else Springs has in his base ;))

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Constructicon Field Hospital

Post by Chip1123 » Tue May 08, 2012 3:47 pm

Highbrow walked over and began interfacing with the controls and strapping himself in as Perceptor had ordered him to do. "Hopefully this thing has significant safety precautions. I would rather not have my processor get fried due to some sort of backlash in the system." He looked over to Perceptor. "But even if it does not, we must give this attempt the possibility of success."


Topspin roared over the battlefield, jumped debris and fallen soldiers alike. he made it to Springer's coordinates just in time to watch Arcee take a missile meant for Springer. Topspin turned, trying to track the jet who had shot hs friends, firing a few rounds before the jet cloaked. "Springer! Arcee! Are you two alright?"
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Hate Plague Danger Zone

Mauler stab Cutthroat with his energo sword.

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Imperial Landing Zone

Springer was dimly aware of Topspin talking to him, but his attention was on his wounded friend. Springer's face was contorted with panic.

Not Arcee too, not Arcee too...

He tried to staunch the bleeding with his hand, pressing them against the cracks on Arcee's stomach and chest, but Arcee's precious Energon, her precious life force, were leaking out. Arcee tried to speak, and Energon trickled out of her mouth.

"Shh, shh- don't try to speak." Springer said, trying to sound comforting, but unable to hide the fear, unable to hide the pain in his voice. He's gone alone, left the Wreckers, left Arcee, left Hot Rod and all the others... why had he never made contact with them after he was revived?


And now it's too late. It's too late. He can't be too late. Not again.

"Bubble's broken." Arcee said, and chuckled... but didn't quite manage, and more Energon trickled out. "Bubble's broken."

"What? What-" Springer asked, for a second thinking that Arcee was spouting gibberish.

Arcee choked, and dislodged the Energon blocking her mouth, and spoke. "Bubble. Always thought there was- there was some kind of mystical bubble around all of us. Protecting us. That we- you- me- Hot Rod- Magnus- Kup- Blurr- Percy- the Dinobots- Blaster- Danny and Spike... heck, even Wheelie- we'll never die. Whatever- 'Cons... Unicron- we'll be in danger but we'll never die. I'm stupid like that." Arcee babbled, her blue optics glazed, mouth turning into a weak, delirious smile. "But you died. You had to pop the bubble."

"I-" Springer said, rendered speechless.

"You came back, though." Arcee said, still smiling, even as Energon gushed out of more wounds. "But the bubble's still broken. You never came back to us. To me. You changed. You turned... cold."

"I'm- I'm so sorry. Believe me, I am. Stay with me, Arcee." Springer stammered. No. Even in death, even in death, Arcee still blamed him for everything...

"Hush..." Arcee moved her hand and clenched it around Springer's. "But you returned. Just now. I saw you. Leading the Wreckers... you were beautiful. You were like what you were before, when you fought alongside us, alongside your Wreckers. Kup... Kup and Impactor... they would be proud of you."

Springer said nothing, looking into Arcee's optics, knowing that he is losing her, losing her quick... and there is not a single damn thing that he could do, not until the medics get there... and there isn't a medic worth a damn anywhere nearby. "I'm not." He told Arcee, the words coming out of his mouth. "I'm a failure. I let down everyone. I'm here just to make amends. I'm a has-been. Someone who should have died."

Arcee shook her head, sending a fresh burst of Energon spewing out of her mouth. Springer moved his other hand to cradle it. "No. Cybertron needs a hero. A hero like you, Springer... we've needed you. Fearless, brave, and- save our world, Springer. Look at how we've turned out, look at how the Autobots turned out without its heroes. We need you, Springer. I need you..."

Arcee trailed off, and Springer's voice broke into a whisper. "Don't go. Hang on. The medics will be here-"

"Not in time." Arcee said, more peacefully than she thought she would be when she died. "It's nice to see you back, Springer. Promise me- promise me- don't worry about redemption. You're going to be- you are a hero. You have to, my hero..."

Arcee's bright blue optics went dark, and her head lolled to one side, still smiling peacefully. Springer sat there, crouched over Arcee, head cradled in one hand, the other clutching her hand as her pink body started to change into the gray of a dead Cybertronian.

Springer's optics watched as Arcee's ever-familiar form faded into gray.

Her words replayed in his head.

He was silent.

Then, he let out a loud, loud roar of anguish, crying out Arcee's name to the heavens, in rage, in anger at himself and fate.

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Post by Warcry » Sun May 13, 2012 1:36 am

Constructicon Hospital

Scrapper chuckled. "History? I don't know what I've done to get in the history books," he told Moonjet. "I'm just a humble engineer."

To Long Haul he said, "I need you to clamp off the energon lines, here and here." He marked a pair of tubes inside his patient's chest with a marker. "Once the power flow is cut off from his brain module, I can start my work."

He completely ignored Hook, who wasn't telling him anything he didn't already know.

"Sixshot, we're ready for you now. It goes without saying, but don't touch anyone on your way in."


"Uh...no, Broadside. You're metal, remember? Landing on you isn't any better than landing on the ground."

Sandstorm was so busy flailing into a semi-controlled crash that Sacross's slashing attack didn't even register. The blade missed the spiralling Triplechanger converted to dune buggy mode as he hit the ground. His tires popped, exploding but absorbing enough energy in the process that the Autobot wasn't completely trashed.

He transformed to robot mode next, groaning as he pushed himself up to a sitting position.

"OK, note to self: never do that again."

A woozy Twin Twist looked up at Phopys, a confused expression on his face.

"Whhr yuu?" he slurred, unable to see exactly who he was dealing with. In fact, he barely even noticed the sword that struck forward, burning through his armour and penetrating his brain before the Jumpstarter even thought of moving. His corpse fell to the ground, limp, his optics dark.

Hate Plague Danger zone

Shuttle Gunner answered plainly. "They didn't give me a name," he told Darkjet. "'Shuttle Gunner' is what I did, so that's what everyone called me. When they bothered to call me anything other than 'stupid construct', anyway." His voice was impassive and thoughtful, showing no sign of pain or shame at the revelation.

He wasn't sure how to even start understanding Tinker's discussion of Shockwave and Soundwave. "Emotions can be...removed? I'm not sure I see how that would be possible. Or more than that, what would motivate someone to do that. Removing an integral part of yourself would have to be an emotional choice, but how could you make an emotional choice to remove emotion? It makes no sense."

Fireflight had to think a bit before he answered Blast Off. "Well...maybe. I guess it depends what you consider the team. Silverbolt and Slingshot are gone, somewhere. I don't think anyone really told me why. But the guys we brought here with us? They're all OK. Even the new guys. Don't think I really expected them all to pull through, you know?"

He swung in the direction that the Combaticon had indicated. "I'm not sure exactly. There was some...unpleasantness, I know that. Something to do with that old crazypants security guy we used to have. Quickchange? Something like that. Don't really remember him, other than the stories everyone tells about how much of a hardass he was."

Target Hawk turned and glared at Jackpot.

"You're ruining my moment," he growled at the Autobot. "Why are you ruining my moment?"

Imperial Landing Zone

When he saw the anti-air turrets turn toward him, Skydive didn't hesitate.

"Aerialbots, hug the ground," he told them. "Stay below the building line, and pop up when you've got the chance to take another shot at that giant...thing."

He did exactly as he suggested, dropping toward the ground and putting the skyline between himself and Tidal Wave.

"Whoa!" Sideswipe crowed. "Good idea, Windy," he said as Windcharger gave him a speed boost. "Hold on tight, Roller Skates for feet," he said to Searchlight. "We're going to have to find you some cover. "Windcharger, steer us toward those derelict buildings to the east, would you?"

Artfire was hit by Sacross's shots, but he didn't stumble. He fired again at Falcon, estimating where the Predator was going to be after he cloaked, before running toward Springer and Arcee.

The Demons (well, those that Prime hadn't already eviscerated) quailed in the face of the Autobot leader's wrath, cringing and putting a little bit of space between them and him. They still leered at him hungrily, but were too spooked to approach.

The Lunatic Fringe

Starscream watched, confused, as Cyclonus transformed to robot mode and landed atop a surprisingly-undamaged roof in Protihex's old artistic district. "What are we stopping here for?"

"Thunderwing," Cyclonus said gravely, "is here."

"Where?" Starscream demanded shrilly. "Because I sure don't see him!"

"He's here."

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Post by Ulcrain » Sun May 13, 2012 8:35 pm


Mindset listned to Prowls response. He thought to himself for a bit, considering his optains before speaking.

"Very well, I will have my flagship assist yours as a wingmen" Mindset flipped out his Com-Cord and spoke into it.

"Mindset to Xal-9. Mindset to Xal-9. Do you hear me? I want you to come down to coordanites D825 south of the Landing Zone. Over."


Imperial Landing Zone

Roterstorms attempt to sink the probe was futile. It released an eletrical field that destroyed the missile instantly. Bad Boy knew what was inevitble. Fools like Roterstorm were to always lose.

Bad Boy dashed right up to the Turbomaster, generateing a trident made out of plasma from his wrist. "This ends now" he snarled, before ramming the trident into Roterstorms cheast.


Treds watched as Optimus Prime tore his way through the Demons. "Oh hell yeah." He said as he fired at the little gremlins running away along with the ones still clinging to Pyro.


Tidel Wave Battle

Phopys picked himself up from Twin Twists corpse, looking for his next target. He then threw at Broadside, blade outstreched.

He was ready to fight anyone.


Sacross continued to twirl in the air, free as a bird. That was, until Artfires blasts blew him out of the sky.

"Dammit, the hurt..." He grumbled as he picked himself out of the rubble.


Barcia lept at Artfire, prepearing to stab him in the face even as a blast from Omega sent him flying.

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Post by TLB80 » Thu May 17, 2012 5:27 pm

Tidal Wave Battle

Somewhere far away, three bots were watching the battle.

"Yep, it's just like they said." Runabout said, to which Archforce responded: "You doubted?"

"Well, we don't know ab-bout him, but we certainly d-did." Battletrap replied.

"I am surrounded by idiots." Archforce muttered, then added in a voice that could easily be mistaken for Megatron's : "Attack!"

With that, the three Decepticons transformed (Battletrap split in half first) and rolled towards the battle, firing at the largest target they saw: Tidal Wave.

(OOC: so there we are. My entry into the Old RPG. Hope I didn't screw up anywhere.)

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Post by Blackjack » Sat May 19, 2012 4:34 am

Constructicon Hospital

“You were the first Gestalt Combiner.” Moonjet told Scrapper. “And one of the most effective construction teams. You are in the history books. Just, well, the good got placed in there along with the bad.”

Long Haul nodded eagerly. “I can do that, yeah.” Long Haul said, pulling out a clamp and clamping the tubes where and when Scrapper told him to. “Yeah, I can repair things.”

In the background, Hook harrumphed as he got to work on setting up the quarantine chamber, while Mixmaster made a face as he forcibly jammed Breacher’s arm back onto his socket.

“Very good, Scrapper.” Sixshot said, as he shot away from where he was, flying above Snarl, shooting towards the Constructicon Hospital, making sure not to get anywhere near Fortress Maximus as he landed a good distance away from the hospital. “Wait!” Sixshot shouted, as Brawl and Hyperdrive approached him. “I’m infected! Get back!”

The Combaticon and Decepticon looked at each other, shrugged and decided it’s best not to piss Sixshot off, Hate Plague or otherwise, and stepped aside.

Sixshot watched the gathered people nearby, giving Shockwave a nod as he strode towards the hospital. “Scrapper, here I am.”

“Ah, good. Honestly I have no idea how a supposedly mystical art that involves fictional mythical powers could suppress the effects of a neuronal emotion altering spore, but then we do not really understand how said spore works. Now, if you would please get in here.” Hook said, opening the quarantine chamber.

Sixshot got in, and Hook sealed the chamber. “We are… ready to begin, Scrapper.”

Sky, Hate Plague Danger Zone

“It’s a nice name. You could’ve been stuck with ‘Window Cleaner’ or ‘Ammo Stocker’… or ‘Waste Dumper’. but Shuttle Gunner sounds quite, well… good.” Tinker told Shuttle Gunner. “Heck, you could say my own name is something similar to how you called yourself, hmm? Although it was a name assigned to me by whoever made me from Vector Sigma.”

Darkjet snorted. “As for me, Stalker was bored when he named us and said ‘to Pit with it’. And I’m stuck with ‘Darkjet’. For Xal’s sake, I’m not even dark. I’m pink!”

Tinker laughed. “The emotional cortex in your brain? Yes. Although honestly I’m not privy to poking around Shockwave and Soundwave’s heads, so I don’t know whether theirs are removed or they are just good at ignoring their emotions. In their case, though, I doubt it was by their own choice. Doesn’t make a damn sense to me too.”

“Eh, you’re good people. You guys actually had training. Our… Combaticon Army, well, there’s less than half of us left now.” Blast Off said bitterly. “All they wanted, Fireflight, was to protect this city. Autobots, Decepticons, everything in between… like me…”

Blast Off sighed. “Quickswitch, you mean? The crazy fanatic who wants things done his way? Didn’t like him. When we defected over to your side, the way he looks at us is as if he wants to murder us just for… for not being an Autobot when we were created.”

Jackpot tilted his head as he looked at Target Hawk, confused. Why is this strange Decepticon asking him a question? What is this moment he was talking about?

“What moment?”

Imperial Landing Zone/Battlefield

Broadside walked up towards Sandstorm, shaking his head. “Catching you means I can flex my arms and kill the momentum, which isn’t any worse than your stupid little stunt. But-”

Broadside’s intended joke fell flat as Springer’s anguished cry rang out, and Broadside turned to see Springer holding the limp body of Arcee, and as Phopys murdered Twin Twist.

“TWIST!” Broadside yelled, pulling out his Vibro-Axe, and charging Phopys, out for blood. “Sandstorm, Topspin, kill that son of a glitch!” Broadside blocked the blade thrown at him, and swung his Vibro-Axe, intending to slice Phopys into two through the stomach.

Springer looked at Artfire and Topspin with eyes full of grief, eyes that are… hollow… as he sat there cradling Arcee’s limp form…

Her words echoed in his head. About being a hero and everything… about mistakes made… Springer watched as Twin Twist fell, in slow motion. No, not Twin Twist too. Impactor, Kup, Arcee, Whirl, Twin Twist…

All of them dying.

Because he was too busy trying to sulk around instead of going out there and doing what’s right, what he was supposed to do.

Springer’s blue optics narrowed. “I’m going to end this.” He said quietly, touching the spot where his faded Autobot insignia was. Looking at Artfire, Springer was again reminded of another mistake he made while he was arrogant. Springer said again, “I’m going to end this. For what it’s worth, kid… since this might be the only chance… tell your Neo-Wrecker friends I’m sorry about the whole mess back then. I was wrong.”

Springer laid Arcee on the ground gently, closed his optics…

Then literally shot into the sky, the powerful springs on his legs sending him springing up.

Falcon easily dodged Artfire’s blast, banking around so the fire shot harmlessly into the sky. Between his cloaking and his own flying skills… Falcon aimed down at… where was Springer then?

He aimed for Artfire instead, the idiot firetruck who had the gall to open fire on him… and fired.

A green streak shot towards him, and deflected the laser bolt, sending it slamming harmlessly onto a building. “What the f-”

Springer yelled, swinging his word and sliced Falcon’s Megavisor missile launcher into two halfway through the barrel. Surprised but not intimidated, Falcon snorted as he barrel-rolled to one side to avoid being pierced by Springer as he shot through the space he had just been flying at. “Aww, is somebody pissed? This is my territory, you little throwback. I am master of the skies, Liege Praetorate, Leader of the Predators!”

“No.” Springer said as his momentum died off, and his jet boots activated, and he hovered there, holding his sword. His blue optics blazed brightly, full of purpose and vengeance. “What you are… is dead.”

Falcon transformed into robot mode. “Big words, throwback.” He said, smirking as several of the Ramjet-model Predators shot towards Springer. “I have an army! What do you have?”

Springer moved faster than Falcon thought possible, transforming into his helicopter mode and tearing thorugh one of the Ramjet Predator with his rotor blades, then transforming and slamming his fist through the second and sending it falling down towards the ground. “I have a purpose.” Springer replied, then lunged towards Falcon. "To defeat you. All of you."

“Idiot.” Falcon opened fire with the missile racks Skydive built into his body, pulling out his own sword, blocking as he rolled his eyes… "Do you honestly think you can beat me- let alone Thunderwing- with this level of power? I am Falcon, leader of the Preda-"

Springer ignored the missiles that exploded against his frame, striking down again with his sword, clashing with Falcon’s… “For Arcee.” Springer whispered, and he pushed.

And Falcon’s blade snapped.

Springer thrust his blade, and it pierced straight through Falcon’s chest. The surprised Predator looked at the blade coming out of his chest, but Springer pulled it out quickly and with a third strike cleanly cut Falcon’s head off his shoulders.

The Ramjet drones shot after Skydive’s Aerialbots and the Decepticon-Combaticon contigent led by Acid Storm, attempting to ram onto them head-on.

“Got it.” Windcharger said, as he shot towards the derelict buildings Sideswipe directed. Searchlight, his wheels indeed in something that resembled a roller-skate formation, grabbed onto Sideswipe’s rear, grunting as the pain from his wounds shot through his body.

Pyro gasped as the Demons seemed to quail before Optimus Prime. Are they scared of the Matrix? They seemed to be. “Back!” Pyro yelled, hoping to make use of the small lease in time they had. “Back to the shadows where you belong!”

“Wave.” Tidal Wave said, as Archforce’s team opened fire on him. The three Decepticons’ fire, like the Wreckers, merely scorched his thick hull armour, but he had to handle the Omega Sentinel. There was no time to deal with insects, and his Ramjet troops had already been deployed to deal with the fliers.

Fortunately, there was more.

The first to stand was Shockfleet, a yellow and purple Imperial, who, while nowhere as tall as Tidal Wave or the Sentinel, was large in his own right. Shockfleet turned towards Archforce, Runabout and Battletrap, and two cannons clicked into position and fired at them. “Shockshockshockshock!”

The second was Mirage, who looked identical to Shockfleet for all intends and purposes. He was silent, and simply stood still. A closer inspection would reveal that he was already damaged, from the stray fire flying all around the battlefield The third was Dreadwing, similar to Shockfleet and Mirage except that he was light blue in colour.

The fourth and fifth, however, were combined out of three shuttles, and stood as tall as Tidal Wave. The first of his doppelgangers, a purple-and-black one named Shock-Wave, roared out, “Shock, shock shock waaaaave.” As he strode slowly, moving towards the other Omega Sentinel in the distance.

The other Tidal Wave look alike was called Dark Fleet, and was decked in a rather offensive shade of green. He strode away from the battlefield, optics scanning through the horizon... and spotting Fortress Maximus in the distance, near the Constructicon Hospital, and began to move there.

There was a seventh of these behemoths, but it had fallen due to the meteorite attacks from Jury Rig, and lay unmoving, untransformed int he battlefield.

(OOC: fret not, I shall not powerplay with these... but hey, we need something for Omegas to rumble with.)

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Archforce quickly realized his, Runabout's and Battletrap's fire wasn't actually damaging Tidal Wave at all.....just as Shockfleet opened fire on them.

He was about to order Runabout and Battletrap to scatter, but they had already done so. Idiots they may be, but they're not stupid enough to not move when a gigantic Imperial is shooting at them.

"This is crazy!" Runabout shouted, as he turned his fire on Shockfleet's legs. Battletrap's car half stopped behind Shockfleet and also fired at his legs, while his helicopter half and Archforce fired at Shockfleet's head.

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Post by Blackjack » Sat May 19, 2012 1:18 pm


"Shockshockshock!" Shockfleet growled in protest.

He was not made with the same grade of hull that Tidal Wave and his two doppelgangers were, and the Decepticons' fire actually did hurt him, if it didn't actually do any serious damage. Shockfleet grunted as he raised his arms, so that the fire from Archforce and Battletrap's helicopter half slammed onto his arms instead of his head.

He ignored Runabout and Battletrap's jeep half at the moment, judging Archforce to be the greater threat at the moment. Growling, Shockfleet's cannons whined and opened fire in the general direction of Archforce.

Dreadwing merely sighed, waving his hands exasperatedly into the air. "Honestly. You'd think they would have made these idiots with actual personalities. How have I suffered." Dreadwing turned around and began opening fire undiscriminately at Imperials and Autobots alike, not really caring at all what would happen.

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Post by TLB80 » Sun May 20, 2012 9:37 am


Archforce transformed into robot mode and succeeded in evading the actual shots, though he was still hit by shrapnel. He groaned in pain as it stabbed through his armour-plating.

"No." he thought. "I will not fall to this Imperial."

With that, he signalled Battletrap and Runabout to stop firing until he did so, charged his shoulder-mounted fusion cannon, and fired it at Shockfleet's knee. Runabout and Battletrap followed his lead, and also opened fire on Shockfleet's knee.

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Post by Blackjack » Mon May 21, 2012 1:03 pm

Imperial Landing Zone


Shockfleet's knee was not exactly broken by the attack, but it did force the massive Imperial to move in order to dodge the brunt of the attack. Unfortunately, he was not quite as maneuvreable (nor as quick) as the Decepticons, and Archforce's fusion blast slammed onto the knee, the blast powerful enough to send him stumbling backwards to the still-unmoving Mirage.

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Imperial Landing Zone/Battlefield

Post by Chip1123 » Wed May 23, 2012 7:45 pm

Topspin watched as Arcee was laid gently on the ground by Springer, knowing that the way Springer treated her body meant she was gone. Springer launched himself to the skies as Broadside called out to him. He looked over and saw Twin Twist's body on the ground. He fell to his knees, shocked at the carnage that was going on, losing so many friends and comrades today.

He looked over at Phopys, barely controlling the rage that was building within. "This ends now." He said, transforming into his vehicle mode and rushing strait at the Imperial, blasters firing as he charged.
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Post by zigzagger » Wed May 23, 2012 9:58 pm

Constructicon Field Hospital

Shockwave moved toward the entrance of the field hospital, giving Fortress Maximus a moment with his fallen comrades.

But, as he neared the archway, he was brought abruptly to a halt.

The former-Decepticon spun around and magnified his mono-optic gaze to the city-state center.

Something was approaching. Something big.


Fortress Maximus loomed over Hoist as the Autobot mechanic tended to Freeway and Turbofire. The large headmaster said nothing, but considering the state the two Autobots had arrived, he feared the worst.

Hoist slowly waved a diagnostic scanner over the crumbled heap that was Turbofire, before switching it off with his thumb.

He shook his head.

The Autobot Commander pinched the bridge of his nose. "Damn it. And -- and Freeway?"

Hoist stood up. "Not good," he stated flatly. "We might be able to keep him on life support, but, I don't know. To be blunt, it's hardly what I'd classify as living. The best we can...do...is..."

The green Autobot trailed off when Shockwave approached.

"Shockwave? What is it?"

"Our period of respite has ended," the purple cyclopean stated. "A large, unidentified mechanoid advances to our position. ETA: 0.2 breems."

The Fortress Maximus' optics widened. "What?! But, the wounded?! They wouldn't dare."

"The Imperial's current modus operandi would suggest otherwise. Nevertheless, we must prevent the enemy's approach to the encampment."

Fortress Maximus nodded. "Right. Hoist..." He shifted his focus downward. "Quickly, take Freeway and Turbofire inside."

"Y-Yes, of course."

The Headmaster retrieved his photon rifle from subspace. He checked its charge.

"Care to join me one last time, Shockwave?"


(OOC: Err, umm...just make sure we're clear, how big do you think Fortress Maximus is, Blackjack? He's based on the Marvel version. A standard sized Cybertronian probably comes up just past his knee. True, he's large, but not as large as, say, Tidal Wave or an Omega Sentinel.)


"That's the spirit, Highbrow," said Perceptor. "While I conduct a transpectral analysis, let's see if I can once again access the subspace relay network, yes?"

The science officer flipped open his chest compartment door, revealing a small screen on its opposite end. Several com waves were displayed on the small screen, each zigzagging in their own unique patterns.

"Mm-hm, simple enough. Next, I need to locate a -- heh, well then, there we are. That wasn't too terribly difficult. Hardly thorough, these Imperials. Sigh," He shook his head. "They continue to disappoint..."

Pointblank, who was still looking on, cocked his brow. "I think you'll live, Perceptor."

The science officer snorted. "Mm, funny. Cog said the same thing to me before I solved our earlier communications problem," he said dryly. "At any rate, I have secured a relay beacon, near the former-Luna 1 orbit. Our 'Point C'. I am streaming you the coordinates now," he then told Highbrow. "Patch yourself in and prepare a jamming code. Implement on my mark...

"Now -- to put our friend here, who for all intents and purposes is Point A, to work," Perceptor added, patting the offline Thunderwing shell on the head.

He went quiet once more as he continued skim over the band frequencies on his in-built screen -- looking on as the received signal found its way back its sender...

A mischievous grin slowly stretched across Perceptor's face. "Highbrow," he then said. "Lock onto that channel and transmit the jamming code. I believe we just found Thunderwing."

Imperial Landing Zone

Optimus Prime took a defensive stance, but did not attack. The Demons, while continuing to leer hungrily at the Autobot Leader, had fallen back to a safer distance.

The golden creatures were clearly frightened of him, and yet the Matrix housed within Prime's chest compartment compelled them to remain.

He made a sudden, jerking movement to test this theory.

(OOC: I don't really see Optimus attacking a cowering enemy. Do you? ;))


Boss looked to where Drift had indicated. "I don't know," he said with a shrug. "From here, it looks like Prime has everything covered on his end."

The Turbomaster, rather nonchalantly, jammed his beam-saber through the chest of one nearby Demon. "Ngh, besides," He added while yanking the blade out. "He'd probably tell us it's 'too dangerous' and to stay back."


Rotorstorm attempted to twist away from Bad Boy, who had somehow managed to catch up with him.

But, despite his efforts, the Imperial's 'plasma' trident pierced clean through his side, puncturing a fuel reserve in the process. The Turbomaster, struggling to conceal his pain, cringed. He would not scream -- not in front of the Imperial.

Miraculously, Rotorstorm managed to keep himself in the air, the energy weapon and the white and blue Imperial connected to it with him.

Instead of kicking himself free, however, the Autobot grabbed Badboy's arm, which was now conveniently well within reaching distance, and yanked the Imperial closer.

Naturally, this act forced the spear in deeper. For sake of his pride, the Turbomaster clinched his teeth through it.

"That - that feels pretty." Rotorstorm coughed up a small amount of neon fluid, then continued. "Y-you gotta a whole lotta tricks tucked away, don't ya? Makes me wonder what else you're gonna randomly pull out your exhaust port..."

With his free hand, the Autobot raised his arm and deployed a small battery from a compartment near his wrist. "That's okay, I got a few 'hidden' tricks, too."

Rotorstorm fired - at pointblank range - directly at Badboy's face.


As Tidal Wave's "Tsunami" cannons whined up for another charge, the Omega Sentinel once more stomped forward and thrust its claw out -- this time at the giant Imperial's head.


Southeast Border

Meanwhile, on the southeast border, Omega Sentinel 02 - along with the several dozen Autobot soliders forming part of the perimeter wall - kept vigil and looked on at the conflict transpiring in the city-state center.

As it analyzed the battle being waged at the Imperial Landing Zone, in particular 03's opponent, several new threats appeared, one of which, "Shock-Wave", who was of similar make to Tidal Wave, was closing in the Guardian Robot's position.

Guzzle, who was among the company stationed along the perimeter, noticed that the giant robot had begun to stir.

"What's up, big guy? Is someone coming?"

The Omega Sentinel, of course, did not answer the relatively tiny Autobot.

Instead, it raised both it arms and without warning, proceeded to unleash plasma charges into the city-state -- it's target; Shock-Wave, who was still some distance away.

Manganese Mountains, Underground Base

Groove and Ratchet looked to each other, panicked.

They ran to where Brainstorm had called out, but, to their relief, they found the Headmaster in a secluded area of the base. The smaller Autobot was pointing at a rather impressive stockpile of supplies and weaponry.

Groove slowly moved his head around the room, wide-eyed. "By the ancients..."

"I know, right?" said Ratchet. He moved over to one the nearby crates and selected a canister of energon. "I know a ship full of exhausted refugees who could put some of this stuff to good use, though. I wonder whose stash this is? Cog, and ideas?"

"None what so ever," Cog commed back. "I'm not aware of Fortress Maximus storing supplies here during his visits, though I suppose it's possible."

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Post by zigzagger » Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:29 am

Thread closed.

Continued in Part II: http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?t=51141