[New RPG] World at War: The Siege of Iacon

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Post by Heinrad » Fri Aug 19, 2016 12:59 am

Engine Room, Grounded Shuttle:

Tracks scowled at the sensor in his hand, then looked at the main board.

"Well? Are we done?"

Tracks gave a confused shrug. "According to the sensor, we are. According to the main board here......" He waved his hand at the status board and all of it's blinking red malfunction lights.

Hot Rod leaned in to look at the panel. "I might be able to fix this."

"You? How?"

Hot Rod raised his fist, then slammed it down on the panel, hard. The lights blinked, then switched to green, the smirk as evident on his face as in his voice. "All systems are go."

"I'm not even going to ask how you knew to do that."

Autobot Evacuation Point 1124:

Optimus soared through the air, reveling in the feeling of flight. And as he neared the riot, his faceplate slid out, covering the lower half of his face.

Are you sure there's no way the plate can stay deployed?

For now, yes. How's this. At the next redesign, we can try to incorporate it.

Next...... What?

Look, Optimus, I've made you as powerful as I think you need to be, but let's be practical. I haven't been in a combat Prime for a long time. I wasn't with Sentinel, so I have no idea what this Megatron is like. And Zeta was far more a politician than a fighter. Maybe I've overpowered you, and one shot from your built in cannons will reduce Megatron to so much molten scrap. Or......

My shots will warm his armor less than a weak moonbeam?

Aren't you the pessimist. A strong moonbeam, certainly. Depending on what comes, the occasional redesign will likely be necessary.

I wonder if I can interest Ironhide in a slightly used Matrix.....
. Prime smiled behind his battle mask as he soared up, hovering above the rioting crowd, racking his shotgun, aiming it into the air, and firing it with a thunderous KRA-KOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!. "What's going on here?"
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Post by Warcry » Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:20 pm

Hi all,

Sorry for going so long without any communication on the RPG front. Things have been busy but that's no excuse.

This game is, as they say, dead as a doornail. That's been pretty obvious for the last year or so, I think. I appreciate all the effort that the bunch of you have put in, but unfortunately we just don't have enough players with enough free time anymore to sustain a game this expansive. But while it lasted, this was a ton of fun, and I enjoyed playing it with a lot of you.

But I've talked to a few people, and we're not ready to give up the ghost on RPGing entirely just yet! Right now, we're putting in some legwork trying to organize a smaller-scale game that can survive (and thrive) without a handful of us having to run an overwhelming number of NPCs to keep things moving. We'll have more details in the next couple weeks if it all works out, but for now I can tell you that what we're talking about is a game based around the current Titans Return line. If that sounds like fun to you, you can either drop a line to Heinrad or myself or wait until we put up the official announcement.

In the meantime, I'll probably be doing some reorganizing to the RPG subforums, so don't panic if stuff seems to disappear or suddenly be in a different place than it used to be.