Remembering that our old toys actually exist!

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Re: Remembering that our old toys actually exist!

Post by Tantrum » Sun Feb 24, 2019 4:33 am

I never got a TF: Prime Bee, so I decided to use one from the movie-verse garage 3-pack. This means I brought out my TF: Prime Autobots to see which Bee goes best with them. Turns out it was the TLK wave 3. While determining this, I also played with my TF: Prime Autobots for the first time in quite a while. Part of this includes replacing the mainline Cliffjumper with First Edition in the group, since FE is larger than Bee.

When I first got FE Cliff, I worried about transfroming him. He seemed delicate, like I was going to break something. I haven't played with him since the first month after I got him. This time, I transformed him from car to bot easily. Everything was pretty intuitive. This contrasts with the 3 Bees, especially the TLK Bee, since I already bought him as a stand alone figure a year ago, but still had to refer to instructions for.

I also transformed Bulkhead for the first time in years. It couldn't figure out how to do things in the right order to not snap off the rear fenders, but they snap on easily enough. Getting mainline Cliff into car mode, I appreciated how the exhaust pipes become foot deco.

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Re: Remembering that our old toys actually exist!

Post by Clay » Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:24 pm

FE Cliffjumper gave me fits for the longest while until I noticed the double hinges in his legs (hips? knees? can't recall). After that, I was quite impressed with him.

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