TFC Ares Fix Advice

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TFC Ares Fix Advice

Post by Quadpredacus » Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:50 am

Predaking is my favorite combiner. After looking through all the third party sets and the upcoming hasbro release for POTP, Ares is the nicest looking version out of the bunch. I keep seeing review mention an issue with his stability in combined mode though. Does anyone on here have any experience with the Ares set or know of a fix for tightening the joints or something? Cuz he's one sexy beast of a bot.
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Post by Clay » Sat Jul 07, 2018 8:07 pm

I don't have Ares and haven't really read much about it, but I do have three other TFC sets: Devastator, Superion, and Liokaiser. Assuming that it's not a problem particular to Ares, the unsteadiness usually commented about them is that they use the same kind of connectors that the Energon/Superlink combiners did. Those connectors work fine for that size of a combiner, but a roughly Unicron-sized figure with components made out of voyagers needs a system that's less wobbly. That said, I've always thought the complaints were greatly overstated. The combiner joints aren't perfectly stable by any means, but they don't fail in a light breeze, either. For example, here's Liokaiser withstanding a mauling from my cat Charlie (who is now full grown, by the way):

I believe they finally switched to a new port system for their Piranhacon, though.

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