G1 and G2 Transformers For Sale/Trade

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G1 and G2 Transformers For Sale/Trade

Post by Arminius » Fri Feb 27, 2009 2:25 am

Hello. I have several G1 and G2 Transformers available. My want list is posted below. While I have never done business on this board before I do have a 100% positive feedback on ebay under prowl07 and positive feedback on the yojoe.com forum under Frequency. Will ship to U.S. and International. Thanks.

G1 Transformers
$20 C8 Mirage: with rifle
$20 C7 Prowl: with rifle, two launchers, two missiles
$20 C7Skids: two rifles, launcher, missile
$30 C8 Jazz: complete with rifle, launcher, three missiles
$10 C8 Fireflight: complete with rifle
$10 C8 Slingshot: complete with rifle
$5 C9 Wheelie
$2 C8 First Aid
$25 C9 Ramjet: complete with two fists, two missiles, landing gear
$30 C9 Blitzwing: complete with rifle, sword
$25 C8 Astrotrain: complete with rifle
$10 C7 Blast Off: complete with rifle, two cannons
$10 C7 Swindle: complete with rifle

G2 Transformers
$2 C9 Double Clutch: complete with rifle
$50 C9 Constructicons: six figures, six pistols, two vehicle weapons, chest piece, waist piece, two forearms, two fists, rifle, Devastator head

Want List

Transformers Animated (MOC)
Bulkhead (Voyager)
Optimus Prime (Voyager)
Bliztwing (Voyager)
Skywarp (Voyager)

Hot Rod Patrol
Construction Patrol
Monster Truck Patrol
Battle Patrol (Decepticon)
Metro Squad
Astro Squad

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