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Warcry's obscenely long sale/trade list

Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 4:46 am
by Warcry
So it turns out that I've got a basement full of toys that I never look at, and I'd really like to send some of them off to people who'll appreciate them more! There are pics down at the bottom of the "for sale" list, and a (thankfully shorter) list of figures I'm looking for in trade as well.

Please note: the prices I've listed don't include shipping. If you let me know what you're interested in, I can get an estimate from Canada Post. Prices are negotiable, especially if you're looking to take a few different things off of my hands in one go. Paypal is preferred if you're buying. Or if you're looking to get rid of something that's on my want list, let me know and we can make a swap. :)

If you're interested in anything, let me know either here or via PM. And don't take it personally if I take a few days to get back to you. With a two month old around, free time is kind of at a premium (case in point: it took me nearly three months to post this after I took the pictures).

Thanks for looking!

For Sale:

Generations, etc. Figures

Universe Ultra Powerglide: Includes missile and launcher. Electronics work. $20.

Generations Voyager Blitzwing: Includes sword, gun and missile. Face-changing gimmick works. This figure has been modified -- excess plastic was removed to allow the shoulders to lock in properly in robot mode (per this how-to). $15.

Fall of Cybertron Starscream: Includes both cannons. $12.

Fall of Cybertron Kickback: Includes both wing-swords. Disc launcher is MIA. $12.

Generations Sky Shadow: Includes both missiles and launchers. $12.

Universe Tankor: Includes shield and both guns. $15.

Universe Dinobot: Includes missile and launcher. $25.

Universe Galvatron: Includes missile. $15.

Fall of Cybertron Brawl: Includes gun. I got him from Denyer for free, so I don't really feel comfortable charging for him. If you want him and you're buying something else, he's all yours.

Classics Grimlock: Includes tail, missile and launcher. The small peg that holds his lower jaw together is broken, so the two halves move seperately in beast mode. $15.

Classics Rodimus: Includes missile and launchers. A reproduction Autobot symbol has been added to his chest. $20.

Classics Mirage: Includes gun/nosecone. Some paint/tampo wear on his chest. $15.

Generations Hoist: Includes gun/towing rig. $12.

War for Cybertron Optimus Prime: Includes rifle. $20.

Reveal the Shield Tracks: Includes gun and missiles. $12.

Reveal the Shield Perceptor: $20.

Reveal the Shield Laser Optimus Prime: Includes sword. $15.

Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar: Includes axe. Handlebar nubs have been filed down for easier transformation. $18.

Universe Sunstreaker: Includes gun and backpack. $20.

Universe Sideswipe: Includes gun and rocket pack. $20.

Generations Kup: Includes rifle. $15.

Generations Blurr: Includes all three guns. $20.

Universe Smokescreen: Includes gun. Reprolabels upgrades have been applied. $15.

Universe Prowl: Includes gun. Reprolabels upgrades have been applied, but can't quite hide the paint decay on the clear plastic parts. $8.

Universe Silverstreak: Includes gun. $15.

Universe Legends Cosmos: A few paint chips. $15.

Movie Figures

Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Starscream: Includes missiles. Noticeable scuffing on his "tattoo" paint apps. $15.

Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Bludgeon: Includes large sword, but missing small sword. Minor paint wear. $20.

Hunt for the Decepticons Deluxe Ironhide: Includes cannon drone. $20.

Dark of the Moon Ratchet: Includes MechTech weapon. $15

Dark of the Moon Sideswipe: No MechTech weapon. $10.

Revenge of the Fallen Scout Dead End: Paint wear on chest and windshield. $5.

Revenge of the Fallen Ransack: $10.

Hunt for the Decepticons Insecticon: $10.

Hunt for the Decepticons Legends Ravage: $10.

Revenge of the Fallen Red Rampage: $25.

Revenge of the Fallen Dirge: Includes both launchers, but no missiles. $8.

Revenge of the Fallen Stalker Scorponok: $10.

Revenge of the Fallen Deep Desert Brawl: $15.

Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave: Includes missile. $10.

Revenge of the Fallen Skystalker: Includes both hook weapons. $20.

Dark of the Moon Barricade: Includes MechTech weapon. $15.

Unicron Trilogy Molds

Energon Rodimus: Includes missile and launcher. $10.

Energon Barricade: $15.

Energon Kickback: Includes combiner hand/foot. $10.

Energon Sledge: Includes combiner hand/foot. $10.

Energon Storm Cloud: Includes combiner hand/foot. $10.

Energon Sky Shadow: Includes combiner hand/foot. $10.

Cybertron Voyager Vector Prime: Two-pack version. Includes sword, missile, Minicon and Cyber Key (which I forgot to photograph). Electronics seem to work. $20.

Cybertron Voyager Starscream: Two-pack version. Includes missile and launcher. Cyber Key currently MIA, but it's probably around somewhere. Minor scratching on his fuselage (visible in picture) and wear to rubber nosecone. $20.

Cybertron Deluxe Unicron: Includes missile and blades. One horn is cracked, but not broken. $10.

Movie Breakaway: Includes Cyber Key, but no missile or launcher. $10.

Movie Crankcase: Includes Cyber Key, claw arm and hammer. $12.

2010 Dead End: The version that came with the Amazon/TRU exclusive Unicron. $10.

Hasbro Generation 1 Reissues (All figures are complete and come with their boxes and instructions, but they've been opened and stickers applied.)

Starscream: I've cut down his ridiculously long cluster missiles so they'll actually fit in his launcher (see pics). Box has seen better days but figure is in great shape. $30.

Jazz: The three-inch rod Hasbro added to his missile launcher for the reissue has been pruned off. Otherwise mint. $35.

Tracks: Minor yellowing on launchers. $35.

Grapple: $30.

Rodimus Prime: Minor paint wear on face. $40.


Alternators Hound: Missing gun. $20.

Robots in Disguise X-Brawn: Includes both missiles and blade. $10.

Robots in Disguise Side Burn: Includes missile, launcher and pistol. $10.

Universe Nemesis Strika: Includes both missiles. $15.

TF:Prime First Edition Arcee: Includes both blade weapons. $20.

TF:Prime Kup: Includes both cannons. $10.

Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Rhinox: Includes tail-blade and all chain gun parts. $10.

Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Waspinator: Includes launcher and missiles. Predacon symbol tampograph is mostly worn off. $15.

Titanium 6-Inch G1 Ultra Magnus: Includes gun, shoulder cannons, stand and nameplate. $30.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

And my want list...

Right now I'm mainly interested in trading for these rather than buying them outright, because the point of this exercise is to reduce the number of toys I've got rather than add another fifty to the pile. :)

Beast Wars
Claw Jaw (European blue redeco)
Spittor (European red redeco)
VHS Razorclaw (that is, the one in Rockbuster colours)


Depth Charge
Fox Kids Cheetor (red/green/gold)
Fox Kids Tarantulas (white/black)

Transmetal IIs
Tripredacus Agent

Dead End
Sharp Edge

Beast Machines
Night Viper

Robots in Disguse (2001)
Megatron Megabolt
"Super" Prowl (blue)

Other stuff
Generation 1 Cindersaur and Flamefeather -- I don't mind if the flame gimmicks don't work, but if they do, even better!
Generation 2 Hooligan, Space Case and Skyjack
Universe (2003) Snarl
Universe (2003) Nemesis Prime
Universe (2003) Overbite & Repugnus
Armada Airazor
Dinobots Swoop/Terranotron (that there BW Terrorsaur redeco that Walmart had in ought-three...)
Botcon Dirge/Buzzclaw/Virulent Clone from the 2005 set
Robot Masters Optimus Primal
Robot Masters LioConvoy
Classics Skywarp
Generations Brainstorm
KO Masterpiece Ratbat
Age of Extinction Strafe -- not the regular one, but the one that was a redeco of BW Terrorsaur.

DC Universe Classics Red Tornado
DC Universe Classics Batman (all black 80s movie style)
DC Universe Classics Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle
DC Universe Classics Doctor Fate
DC Universe Classics Wonder Woman
DC Universe Classics Ares
Star Wars Black 6-inch Darth Vader
Any Star Wars Black 6-inch Stormtroopers or Clonetroopers

Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 7:07 pm
by Knightdramon
Got some of the older stuff you are looking for back in Athens...B'Boom, Bonecrusher, Inferno, Razorbeast, Universe Nemesis Prime.

All loose, all except Nemesis Prime were my childhood toys so a bit playwear.

If you're still looking for them in a few months [when I go back home for holidays] I'll shoot you a pm.

Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 8:20 pm
by Clay
You seem to want a lot of Beast Wars toys. Could I interest you in buying the Randy, from youtube fame? I still have most of the pieces!

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2015 4:13 am
by Warcry
Knightdramon wrote:If you're still looking for them in a few months [when I go back home for holidays] I'll shoot you a pm.
Just let me know. :up:
Clay wrote:You seem to want a lot of Beast Wars toys. Could I interest you in buying the Randy, from youtube fame? I still have most of the pieces!
:lol: Thank you, no. I just swept up and threw away what was left of G2 Slingshot and 10th Anniversary Dinobot not that long ago. I don't need another reminder of what's inevitably going to happen to my beloved Torca...

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:04 pm
by Dead Man Wade
PMed about some stuff.

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 10:31 pm
by Clay
I've got an RID Skybite I can trade to you.

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:14 pm
by Warcry
Clay wrote:I've got an RID Skybite I can trade to you.
Anything in particular from my list that you're looking to trade it for?

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 1:04 am
by Clay
Oh, most of the list. I look at them and think, "I could make this, I could make that." And then I think, "NO, finish the projects you've already got."

So, I need to pick something that I want just for its own sake.

These are the immediate contenders, although I'm not sure that Skybite on his own is worth three figures to you. I can be flexible if not. :)

Energon Rodimus: Includes missile and launcher. $10.
Movie Crankcase: Includes Cyber Key, claw arm and hammer. $12.
2010 Dead End: The version that came with the Amazon/TRU exclusive Unicron. $10.

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 6:42 pm
by Warcry
Well, I don't even consider tiny little Dead End a toy and only saved him from the garbage in my last cleanout because I figured someone else might want him, so I'm not really going to count him. So you can definitely have Rodimus, Crankcase and Spherical Accessory I Don't Care About. :)