I hate punk

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Galvatron SUCKS

I hate punk

Post by Galvatron SUCKS » Thu Dec 20, 2001 8:17 am

What kind of music does everyone like????
If you say punk i'll probably vomit.
Metal is for guys that like it loud
Punk is for rebelious teens.

Tell me what you all think...

NO PUNK FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes thats right galvatron sucks!

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Post by Starscreamsghost » Thu Dec 20, 2001 8:24 am

Gripping name.

Lessee...here's a sampling of what's in my 300-disc changer...

Bob Marley
Nelly/St. Lunatics
Pearl Jam
Jurassic 5
Dr. Dre
Snoop Dogg
Boyz II Men
Wu-Tang Clan
Dru Hill
Ray J
Brian McKnight
Earth, Wind & Fire
Kool & the Gang
Mariah Carey

eh, that's some of it...

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Post by nmathew » Thu Dec 20, 2001 9:03 am

Well, I'm going to attempt to look past your somewhat caustic handling of the tread I started, and issue you a welcome to the board. At least we agree about Galvatron...

Music? I like classic rock, hard rock, some metal (does Megadeth count? Much past that, it looses the quality of whatever makes something music and becomes noise). A little bit of pop, some country, classical music, and it's late here and my mind is beginning to not work. I'll just leave that mess up.

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Post by Denyer » Thu Dec 20, 2001 1:34 pm

Well, firstly I am a frickin' punk fan... Image

I don't do these stupid genre classifications; if it's good music I'll listen to it. More often than not, my idea of good music involves guitars/bass/drums...

"Metal"-wise I like stuff like Cradle of Filth, oldskool such as Testament, Maiden etc, have a soft spot for Machine Head, and love System Of A Down. But most of the stuff I listen to would be considered a wide mixture of rock/metal/punk...



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Post by Blaster_86 » Thu Dec 20, 2001 4:15 pm

Yeah man Punk music is okay where I live Rap is rather over played and I have too many white people thinking they're black

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Post by General Roadbuster » Thu Dec 20, 2001 4:47 pm

Boy do i hate that. When rich kids go out and buy baggy jeans and try to look poor. All they end up doing is looking like retards.
*sounding like old man on street corner*

Ya anyways, i like all different kinds of music. The only kind of music i dont like is country. Bah Image

Oh and polka. ew.


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Post by Sixswitch » Thu Dec 20, 2001 4:48 pm

My favorite type of music without a doubt is dance of the house/trance variety. My favorite artist at the moment is Mauro Picotto.

However, I also like the Stereophonics, Oasis, James, Rage Against the Machine, and a wide range of other stuff.

I generally dislike R&B, Rap, and Garage, but there are good songs from these genres just like every other - I don't hate any particular type of music - if a song is good, I'll like it. Apart from teenypop... Which I loathe with a passion.

- SS

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Post by The Green Knight » Thu Dec 20, 2001 5:29 pm

Real punk has been dead for years.

And I hate rap. Most of the time it's just a bunch of stolen music mixed in with rhymes about being an ignorant criminal.

That being said, old heavy metal/hard rock is my fav.

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Post by Mirage » Thu Dec 20, 2001 6:31 pm

My fave music is a mixture of punk/metal/rock/psychobilly/rap/hip hop

Punk bands such as Dead Kennedys, The Misfits, The Offspring, The Ramones

Rock bands such as Hanoi Rocks, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Kiss

Metal bands such as Judas Priest, Motley Crue, W.A.S.P.

Psychobilly bands such as The Cramps

and Hip Hop/Rap bands such as Beastie Boys, Dre, Public Enemy

Image Image

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Post by Halfshell » Thu Dec 20, 2001 6:52 pm

I lay odds of 10-11 that our friend Chron has rejoined us... anywho...

Depeche Mode, theanimalhouse, Air, Daft Punk, MSP, U2, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Reef, Terrorvision, Muse, Oasis, Radiohead, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Garbage, Black Grape, Blur, the Clash, the Sex Pistols, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, The Verve, the Jam, the Charlatans, Embrace, Fun Lovin Crims, INXS, James, the Levellers, Stone Roses, Mansun, Portishead, Primal Scream, Suede, Travis, Supergrass, Starsailor, Placebo, Kent, Soulwax, Matchbox 20, the Sh-sh-shirehorses, Lightning Seeds, Coldplay, Black Crowes, Led Zep, Feeder, Bluetones, Five, Robbie Williams, Cast, Graham Coxon, Gorillaz, Ocean Colour Scene, JJ72, Queen, Semisonic, Divine Comedy, New Order...

and my singles collection is faaaaar more incriminating... Image

Now, you tell ME what style of music I prefer Image

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Post by Cliffjumper » Thu Dec 20, 2001 6:56 pm

Now, it depends what sort of punk we're talking about. There are two types: decent Punk, Pistols, Damned, Banshess, Clash, Slits, XRaySpex etc., and there's anything made since about '82 which claims to be punk, whihc is known as "sh*t punk", is played by idiotic american children who think that stupid trousers are an adequate substitute for musical talent and that swearing is the single greatest thing ever. How anyone can shoehorn crap like Blink182 into the same genre that gave humanity Machine Gun Etiquette disgusts me, as do the amount of kids who claim to like punk music and have never heard New Rose...


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Post by Halfshell » Thu Dec 20, 2001 6:59 pm

Offspring = rich Californians making music to relieve the boredom and make more money.

Not quite the textbook definition, methinks...


Post by ThunderCracker84 » Thu Dec 20, 2001 8:26 pm

Ya, punk rock all the way WOOOOOOO!!!!.
Punk is some of the greatest music

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Post by Getaway » Thu Dec 20, 2001 8:41 pm

My tastes are much like Brends except that with virtually all he's got and a few more I also have a lot of Dance and House for when I'm getting ready for a night out. Despite that my favourite is the excellent band known as Ocean Colour Scene.


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Post by dai-atlas2000 » Thu Dec 20, 2001 9:18 pm

Music is a funny thing - I find that my taste in music changes depending what mood I'm in - and changes to suit my mood - like if I'm feeling really good, like on one of those really good days where everything goes well - I could listen to anything uplifting -Bonnie Tyler, James Brown, Madonna, ABC, Billy Joel, A-Ha, or quite a lot of other 80s tunes

But on the other hand - if i feel depressed or unhappy I listen to stuff like Eurythmics.

Then again, I also love rock bands like Guns 'N' Roses, some metallica, etc.

The only music i really can't stand is heavy metal or thump-thump dance music...

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Post by RID Scourge » Thu Dec 20, 2001 9:27 pm

As far as music goes, I like almost all kinds. As far as country is concerned, there are only a few songs I can stand. Just so you do puke, I like punk.

*hands GS an air sickness bag.*

EDIT: Almost forgot to mention my absolute hatred of Boy Bands and Teenie Boppers. They can all die and burn in the eternal flames of the slag pits of cybertron, where decepticon souls are sent.

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Post by Galvatron91 » Thu Dec 20, 2001 9:43 pm

Originally posted by Brendocon:
I lay odds of 10-11 that our friend Chron has rejoined us... anywho...

whatever makes you say that?

*begins checking his watch*

and punk is pretty damn cool! i guess i don't really have a favorite type of music...its all rock to me...

bands would be Metallica, Staind, No Doubt, U2, Linkin Park, Cold, Live, Counting Crows, Queensryche, Bare Naked Ladies...

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Post by RCOSD » Thu Dec 20, 2001 9:58 pm

Originally posted by Galvatron91:

Finally i find another Cold fan on this board.So your a fan Galvy??
What's your favoutive song by them?

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Post by Galvatron91 » Thu Dec 20, 2001 9:59 pm

Originally posted by RCOSD:
Finally i find another Cold fan on this board.So your a fan Galvy??
What's your favoutive song by them?

the entire 13 ways to bleed on stage cd man! it so rocks!

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Post by Addl » Fri Dec 21, 2001 10:14 am

German military marches

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