What Should NASBOT (Inspired By IGPX) Stand For?

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What Should NASBOT (Inspired By IGPX) Stand For?

Post by Mr_Hi_n_Mitey » Fri May 10, 2019 9:02 pm

Hello Folks:

Perhaps in the distant future, we might have some racetracks that might actually be used by giant super robots - or mechs, like in the anime series IGPX. If so, it would be an interesting take on F1 and/or NASCAR. Say, down the road (no pun intended), if we did have something like NASBOT, for example, what do you think the very acronym NASBOT should stand for? Personally, I'm thinking that the N and the A would stand for National Association, but the as for the rest - the S, the B, the O and the T - I really have no idea right now. What would any of you reading this suggest?

Me :wtf: :confused:

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