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Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:35 am
by Heinrad
Autobot Convoy:

Nightbeat, seeing what Optimus was doing, shrugged and activated the dual laser cannons mounted on the sides of Ginrai’s trailer. The targeting crosshairs activated, popping up on Ginrai’s H.U.D. “We’ll be in the open area in a few seconds.”


Hot Rod grunted at Optimus’ warning. “Looks like we may get to test our new way of doing thing faster than I would have liked.” His canopy hissed open.

Maxx, more philosophical, shrugged. “We’ll be fine.” She moved past Firedrive and transformed, locking into place on Hot Rod’s turbocharger assembly.


“It ain’t a brainless drone. They should’ve just used th’ one outta mah old drone, not give me a new one. An’ hostile’s why Ah’m here.” The missile launcher whirred up into place on his roof, and he sped up, heading for Optimus.

Posted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 7:12 pm
by optimusskids
Autobot Convoy:

Pincher scuttled along the ceiling above Ironhide's head. tiny ports in his legs secreting a chemical adhesive to allow him to defy gravity

"I am detecting faint chemical traces , too faint at the current time to determine a precise nature , extensive analysis may reveal more information . However I would recommend proceeding with caution in view of this unknown threat. I will take a sample , combination with other chemicals may aha prove enlightening."

Vex sat in his cockpit on Pincher's back and closed his eyes very tightly . His hands tracing his safety harness for the fortieth or fiftieth time .

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 10:45 am
by Blackjack
Skies Above Crater

Astrotrain hovered just beneath the Insecticon Swarm, feeling the mental strain that Darkmoon has in keeping their invisibility cloak. That was part of the advantages of having a Titan Master partner -- the ability to delegate concentration between two minds. Darkmoon can fully focus his efforts in masking their presence -- both visually and from the crude sensors that the Insecticons had -- while Astrotrain would be able to deal with flying and abducting the Insecticon.

He swooped low, below the loud, all-encompassing buzzing that the Swarm emitted.

All he needed now was a straggler -- and in a swarm such as this, it was not hard to locate one. Several, in fact.

A group of four Insecticons, trailing below the gigantic cloud.

Primus' boots, the noise. Astrotrain thought to himself. Even without the threat of being devoured and torn limb to limb, the noise was enough to make a lesser soldier go mad.

"I'm punching it, Darkmoon. Get the bay door and a stun weapon ready." Astrotrain told his younger partner.

Without waiting for confirmation, Astrotrain shot towards the group of four Insecticons, still invisible, and when he was close enough, he transformed into his robot mode, grabbed one of the Insecticons in a hug, then transformed back into his jet mode.

All while still invisible.

As far as the other three Insecticons could perceive, one of their comrades simply vanished from sight.

Within Astrotrain's cargo bay, Darkmoon was ready with a pair of ionic displacer rifles. With a grunt, Darkmoon let loose a barrage of stun blasts and disabled the Insecticon. As the Insecticon fell numb and convulsing onto the floor of Astrotrain's cargo bay, an Inhibitor Claw slid out from one of the panels and clamped itself upon the Insecticon's back.

Darkmoon gritted his teeth, then sat back onto a seat. The combined efforts of having to move around and maintain the invisibility field was taxing on the smaller Decepticon, but Astrotrain honestly didn't care that much -- Darkmoon always whined about not having action, and it was good for him to deal with some.

Next up -- fishing time.

Autobot Convoy:

"Be ready for anything, Autobots." Optimus Prime said in response to Nightbeat's words, his own weapons independently tracking anything that moves as the Autobot Convoy finally emerged from the tunnel into the open space.

As Ironhide moved up closer to him, Optimus Prime felt a sense of... security, he supposed? He trusted all his Autobots equally. In theory, anyway -- as much as he attempted to embody the ideals of freedom and justice, Optimus Prime was still only a mortal being, after all, and mortals have stronger attachments to friends. "It is good to see you unharmed by the recent battles, Ironhide." Optimus Prime told his comrade.


Diac grunted as he sat straighter in the driver's seat. No time for headaches. Lock away the pain. Optimus Prime had been doing leader duty throughout their little ride, but in combat, both Titan and Headmaster needed to work together. He was a soldier first and foremost.

Diac's optics blazed a bright blue as he plugged in his fingers into the consoles on Optimus' dashboard, taking command of the weapon systems of their shared body.

Perceptor nearly shot Doublecross in reflex as the two-headed dragon emerged. "More firepower. Excellent." Perceptor said, transforming into his robot mode as they approached the end of the tunnel. "I would like to acquire a belt of grenades, if you would please -- we are expecting conflict, are we not?"

He paused, and shrugged. "I suppose the lack of standardization amongst the forces of the Autobot war-machine is simply due to the lack of a singular, all-encompassing weapons factory to provide for all our troops, and thus we had to outsource so many of our weapons to third-party factories. "

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:54 pm
by optimusskids
Autobot Convoy

Double chatted to Perceptor as Cross twisted his head back into the transport. His sinuous neck flexing.

""Ssssome sissssmple ssssssstandardissssation would sssssimplify thingsssss sssssomewhat."

Double tapped on a computer pad one handed .

"Yessss we could face an ambusssh at any time . "

The pad' s screen flashed.

" Think we have sssssome nice grenadesssss . Fragmentation grenadesss, a little old but diecasssst conssssstruction . It's a losssssst art you know. I think I can alsssso sssssssupply sssssssome flassssssh bangssssss. Very good for ssssssstunning and ssssssubduing."

Cross' head reappeared a couple of belts of grenades in his jaws.

Above the Crater

As Astrotrain manoeuvred a tablet slipped of a table located just behind the cockpit and transformed into a white Jaguar.

Grit stood up unsteadily.

"Ow, ow where am I , what's going on ."

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Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:00 am
by Warcry
Insecticon Hive

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" Aimless vaulted into the cockpit with a plasteel container filled with purple nectar under one arm and dozens of glowing-red sting marks all over his body. "This is the last time I let you convince me to do something!"

"Oh, shut up," Misfire told Aimless. The pink jet rocketed off before his parther had even finished dogging the hatch shut. "If you'd done like I asked, you'd only have been stung, like, three or four times. And besides, if you'd said no Megatron would have, like, squashed you or something."

"Oh, you can bet I'll have some words for our dear leader when we get back!"

"Please don't. I like having a head."


"As much as I hate to say this," Vorath told Monzo, "it might be best to trust Weirdwolf to dole out the medication. The connection you share means that he can feel your pain, but he'll be less-influenced by the symptoms of withdrawal that these sorts of drugs can bring. Considering that we're talking about experimental blends that I've invented on the spot, and that eventually I'm going to run out of ideas, you want to stretch out the period before you become immune for as long as you can."

Mindwipe scoffed. "Bah, a mere band-aid solution!" He glanced over at Weirdwolf and said, "The problem is not physical. I bewiewe Monzo has had joint replacements, nerwous line replacements, nano-therapy...ewerything that our doctors could do to fix a physical problem? So the only possible cause is up here."

He tapped one claw to the side of his head.

"What Mindwipe is getting at," Vorath sighed, "is that he thinks he can magically hypnotize the pain away."

Mindwipe corrected him with a long-suffering sigh. "If the problem is in his brain module, then the solution is there too. I'we seen his charts through your eyes, Worath. I understand almost as vell as you do. The only vay that he could still be suffering after all the verk he's had done is if the pain receptors in his brain module are burnt out. His brain is so used to the pain that it continues to feel it ewen vhen it is no longer there. And since cutting apart his brain is no solution...vhy not try conwincing it to ignore the problem instead?"

"Aside from the fact that you could very well make it impossible for him to feel any pain?" Vorath shook his head. "Monzo isn't some Autobot prisoner. He's one of our own, and we care about whether or not he survives. The risk of serious side-effects from your occult fantasy is too great."

"Vith all due respect," Mindwipe said in an angry hiss, "that ees not your decision to make."

Autobot Convoy

"I'm sure Maxx told you this," Furos reminded Ironhide, "but you can't just swap the computer from one machine into another. The operating systems wouldn't be at all similar, and unlike you or I, they don't have the ability to get used to a new body."

Hardhead's turret tracked from side to side as they continued to drive. He chuckled as he heard Doublecross in the distance, complaining about the bizarre collection of weapons that the different Autobots carried. Of course, the supply officer was right -- if they'd built up the Autobot army from scratch, they would have by necessity standardized their equipment -- one calibre of bullet for the standard projectile arms, one type of power cell for every energy weapon, the same type of ion cartridges for every particle beam, the same energon grade for every energo-sword...but of course, that wasn't the case. Half the Autobot army's equipment came from an assortment of dozens of nation-states' separate armies, each of which had their own unique standards. Another huge chunk had come from the Senate guards, and yet more from the pan-Cybertronian expeditionary forces that had established and defended off-world colonies. And then on top of that, private citizens who'd brought their own gear. In a perfect world they would have all been issued the same gear, but the world was far from perfect and there was always something better to spend the Autobots' limited manufacturing resources on.

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:45 am
by optimusskids

Monzo shuffled from foot to foot , his hands fidgeting .

"You want Weirdwolf to r-r-ration the painkillers. I don't know, I mean ,I'm s'ure it's a good idea but I think I need more pain killers as know just in case , don't want to run out ."

Monzo looked at Mindwipe

"H-h-hypnotherapy, I'm sure it might work, but I think I probably need more drugs , just in case , as a back up, definitely you know can't be too careful ."

He looked cunning .

"I have had many procedures , the Doctor's have tried a lot of different solutions and nothing has worked , so I think you should definitely make more drugs and give them to Weirdwolf...."

Weirdwolf leaned in and grabbed Monzo in his jaws and deposited him in front of Mindwipe

"Try it we will, an addict become he has . Procedure carefully watch will I."

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:19 am
by Heinrad
Autobot Convoy:

The advantage, though he was loathe to admit it, to Ironhide's downsizing was that he was now small enough to be able to weave through smaller spaces. He squeezed between Optimus and Ginrai, taking point as they roared into the open space. His targeting sensors locked onto the mass of moving forms at the other end of the vast chamber. "Aw, slag....."

As one, the hulking Centurion drones turned to face the oncoming Autobots. They started towards the Autobots, razor sharp pincers clacking as they broke into a run.

Ginrai's dual laser cannons pivoted and locked on, firing blazing beams of incandescent destructive energy, blasting against the front line of Centurions.... Which didn't slow them down any.

The missile launcher retracted into Ironhide's roof, replaced by the Particle Projection Cannon. It fired, sending a crackling beam of lightning at one of the Centurions. It staggered a little.


Hot Rod and Chromedome roared out from behind Optimus and Ginrai, Maxx pivoting on her mount atop Hot Rod's turbocharger to track the Centurions. "What are they?"

"Centurion drones. They're guard units, practically indestructible, " Hot Rod replied.

Firedrive groaned. "Can't we go up against something that isn't going to try to destroy us?"

Chromedome, roaring along next to Hot Rod, chuckled. "Come on, it's a challenge!"

Skies approaching Crater the Decepticons are approaching:

He thundered through the air, occasionally picking up the drones that he'd deployed, the Bat drone fluttering up and locking onto him last.

Liokaiser's optics blazed as he flew, for once in full agreement with the six minds buried in his subconscious.

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:23 pm
by Warcry

Vorath let out a deeply frustrated sigh. "Is this really the time, you two?" he asked Weirdwolf and Mindwipe. "We are, after all, in the middle of a hostile location surrounded by dangerous animals."

"Ve do not appear to be under fire," Mindwipe shrugged. "This vill be quivk, anyvay."

"Whatever." Vorath shook his head in annoyance. "You three do what you want. But Monzo, you need to lab and all my equipment were on the ship. I don't have what I'd need to synthesize any new drug cocktails at the moment, and we don't know when we'll be back. So if you run out, you'll be going through withdrawal without any medical help. And that's going to be the case whether or not Mindwipe's laughable magic powers can help alleviate the pain that started you using these treatments in the first place."

"My powers are far from laughable, Worath, as you vell know. You have seen them in action often enough. But werry vell." He looked over at Monzo and said, "If you vish to proceed, then looook into my eyes..." As an afterthought he said, "Weirdwold, you may vant to avert yours."

Autobot Convoy

As the Centurion Drones put in an appearance, Furos wondered if they were going to see an example of every single one of the various factions' increasingly foolish attempted superweapons before the day was done. These ones, at least, were fairly tame when compared to what had followed: merely extremely large, heavily armed and ridiculously well armoured, rather than outright mad science fodder.

Of course, the smaller, faster Autobots charged to the front instead of letting their more durable comrades crash the enemy line first and take the brunt of their assaults. Always looking for adventure or trying to prove themselves, it would seem. In spite of their drifting opinions, one thing that Furos and Hardhead always agreed on was that the Autobots needed to be more disciplined in battle. But what could someone like him do to affect that sort of change when Optimus Prime himself loved to charge in half-cocked, screaming oaths and battle cries while he theatrically carved Decepticons up? It was hard to lead by example when the big leader was the biggest showboat of them all.

With a sigh, he started firing his shatterblaster at the nearest Centurions' optic sensors, trying to at least distract and dismay them. Without asking, he knew that Hardhead was already flipping through the list of various different shells that they were carrying to find something that he could safely fire over their comrades' heads.

As if he was reading Furos's mind, Hardhead grumbled, "Surely this would have been easier if they'd let me lob in a tactical nuke or two first?"

"I know, I know..."

(OOC: Are we in a bigger chamber underground now, or out in the open? It'll make a big difference in what weapons Hardhead is able to use without accidentally killing everyone.)

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:09 pm
by Blackjack
Autobot Convoy

Ironhide.” Optimus Prime greeted his old friend. He truly preferred to say more – but he knew that this wasn’t the place or time. Not when they are about to battle a literal army of Centurion drones. He allowed Ironhide to take point, and Optimus Prime joined Ginrai in having his own ion cannons target the Centurion drone that was staggered by Ironhide’s blast. “Autobots! Fire at will!”

Optimus Prime then transformed into robot mode, Diac locking into Optimus Prime’s head, and the Autobot leader pulled out his energon sword with his right hand, while the ion cannon slid into Optimus Prime’s left hand. Optimus took a couple of steps forwards, and with a roar as his faceplate slid shut, Optimus swung the energon blade towards the nearest Centurion drone, hoping to dissect it clean in half, more intent on judging just how well-maintained these Centurion drones really are.

At least, that was what the part of him/them that was Optimus Prime was meaning to do. The part of him/them that was Diac just wanted to vent out his headaches and frustration.

“Standardization would be optimal, indeed. It is testament to our chaotic organization that we are still even operational as a standing army at all. In fact, I-” Perceptor stopped his conversation with Doublecross, as he focused his mind towards the incoming threat. His monocle began targeting the moving figures in the suddenly large space, and then glanced towards Doublecross. “I believe our discussion upon ammunition must wait until we have dealt with this threat. If you will, you can disable their visual sensors with the flashbangs, and while they are disoriented, I will take them out.”

That said, Perceptor dropped on one knee, and pulled his sniper rifle up. While it would be child’s play to take down multiple Centurion drones for a sniper of his caliber, Perceptor instead moved his sniper rifle, using the combined magnification of his monocle and his sniper scope to find any sort of ‘master’ Centurion or control panel that would be controlling these automated drones. It is a far shot, but at the same time if Perceptor took the brief time to locate any master control pad, it would be a risk worth taking to sacrifice the few seconds needed to scan the room.

Cerebros hopped off Ginrai’s trailer, and lifted his sidearm and opened fire.

These aren’t alive. These aren’t alive, and it’s okay to fire at them. They’re not living, they don’t have souls, they aren’t alive, shooting them is self-defense and it’s okay, Primus won’t see it as a sin, they’re not alive, it’s okay

The shot that Cerebros pumped out went wide, not even hitting a single Centurion drone before the laser blast dissipated into the air.

Above the Crater

“Unicron’s beard!” Darkmoon cursed in surprise when Grit transformed from a tiny little tablet. “Grit? What… what are you doing here?” Darkmoon asked the senior medic, a baffled expression on his face. “You’re inside Astrotrain, and we’re-”

“We are descending upon the Sharkticon horde.” Astrotrain cut Darkmoon off sternly. “Long story short… Megatron has ordered us to capture a Sharkticon and an Insecticon – don’t touch the stunned specimen, please. Darkmoon, engage stealth sensors. Grit… hang on.”

Astrotrain rippled and disappeared from visual sight, and swooped down towards a Sharkticon with a bum leg that lagged behind the herd. Unseen, Astrotrain transformed into his train mode, the moving panels swallowing up the surprised, yelping Sharkticon, before transforming back into his shuttle mode. The entire process took less than ten seconds.

It took another two seconds for Darkmoon – well accustomed to Astrotrain’s transformation speed, launched a stun blast at the Sharkticon, and the same restrains clamped down on the dazed beast’s limbs.

Darkmoon looked at Grit, and grinned as Astrotrain course corrected and headed towards the main Decepticon group. “A bit of an unconventional mission this time around, doc.”


Sixshot, standing a distance away from Weirdwolf and Mindwipe, paid some attention to the quasi-paranormal hypnotism going on, frowning silently and mulling about the process. Subconsciously, the part of Sixshot that was Revolver was ordered to survey the skies for Misfire and Astrotrain’s return… and whatever other threats that may arrive.

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:56 am
by Heinrad
Underground Chamber:

The staggered Centurion lurched as Optimus' ion bolts slammed into it, breaking it out of lock-step with it's brethren. But it still kept coming.

Ironhide skidded to a stop and transformed, his battle deck deploying, missiles and particle cannon streams flying at the drones as he stood, a gun in each hand, firing at the advancing drones. "Just lahke ol' tahmes, ain't it Optimus."


Ginrai transformed to robot mode, Nightbeat locking into place, the armored helm slamming down over Nightbeat. Ginrai raised both ion rifles and opened fire on the Centurion drones.


Chromedome transformed to robot mode, Stylor locking into place on his shoulders. He narrowed his optic band. The drones clearly had them outnumbered. But they weren't pressing the attack, just walking forward with an almost remorseless stride. He could just make out some kind of massive door on the other side of the massed drones.

Maybe that's what we're looking for?

Could be, Stylor, could be. Only one way to find out.

Oh, scrap, we're not-

Chromedome charged towards the drones, blazing away with his carbines.


Hot Rod slid to a stop, engine rumbling, as Maxx opened fire, the twin beams of her photonic eliminator cannon mode slamming into a Centurion and knocking it down. The recoil of the blast pushed the sleek vehicle back a few feet.

Maxx chuckled. "I thought you said these....things....." Her voice trailed off as the Centurion got up, it's torso armor scored from the twin beams, but little else.

Firedrive's optics widened behind his visor. "We're in trouble, aren't we."

(O.O.C.: The chamber is pretty big. There's more than enough headroom for Ginrai, and plenty of room to manouver.)

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:43 pm
by optimusskids

Weirdwolf shifted his gaze scanning the surroundings before settling on Vorath

Monzo shuffled from one foot to another .

"I don't think I have any choice the pain , is just too much. Whenever you are ready Mindwipe"

Autobot Convoy

Doublecross eased the pin from a couple of flashbangs before hurling them towards the threat.

He called into the transports interior.

"Haywire , time to get on your roof mount , We've incoming , remeber that time on SSSSiriussss , like then but with lessssss rabid Turbofoxesss."

Haywire grumbled .

"I was just about to get to level 42." He pressed save and hurrying up a ladder in the cab's interior he hopped on a roof mounted pintel and transformed.

He opened fire on the incoming Drones

Above the Crater

Grit engaged electromasgnetic clamps to keep himself stable

"After so many millions of years of fighting there is little that is truly unconventional but I think this qualifies."

Acting on instinct Grit started forward

"it is injured I must tend to it's wounds ."

Various instruments whirred out of Grit's saddlebags

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:53 am
by Warcry

"Clear your mind, blah, and listen wery carefully to the sound of my woice." Mindwipe addressed Monzo. "You feel yourself growing veary. Do not fight eet."

Vorath let out another frustrated sigh and jumped down from his partner's shoulder, wandering off towards Weirdwolf. "Bunk or not, I do hope that it works," he told the lupine Decepticon.

Mindwipe continued. "The sensation, it is alien," he said. "You vill vant to push back. Do not. Open your thoughts. Calm yourself as vell as you can."

His eyes narrowed. Vorath would have said that he was sending hypno-beams or psycho-waves or somesuch out at Monzo, though Mindwipe cared not for the details. All he knew is that he felt his mind reaching out for the small Titan Master, ready to shape the putty of the other Decepticon's his request, for once.

Megatron nodded with satisfaction as he saw Astrotrain disappear, followed shortly by a mind-boggling ripple that seemed to eat up one of the many Sharkticons in the pit below.

Ah, perhaps he is up to the task he has set for himself after all...

Moments later, he saw Misfire rocket in, not slowing down as he would if he'd planned to make a landing. Indeed, as he crossed close to the Decepticon leader he upended, opened his cockpit hatch and dumped Aimless on the ground.

Is he finally starting to figure out what is holding him back? Megatron smiled slightly. He'd known for a long time that Misfire's friendship with his utterly useless Titan Master was hampering the other Decepticon's effectiveness, but how do you explain that to someone when his eyes and ears are literally what's holding him back?

"Sorry boss," Misfire said as he started to circle. "Aimless here got stung, and, uh...he didn't want to wait for me to slow down. Apparently the air in my cabin is too, uh...humid? Or something."

"Ahh! Ahh!" Aimless clawed at the Insecticon bites that ran across his chest, seemingly ignorant of the Decepticon leader looming above him. That is, until Megatron spoke.

"Do you have my nectar?"

"AHHH!" Aimless practically took to the skies himself, he jumped so badly when he heard Megatron's voice. "I, uh, yes. Sir. Right here." The Titan Master rifled through his internal compartments for a second, then held out a vial filled with a gooey purple substance. He handed it to Megatron, then went right back to whining and moaning.

"Oh, be quiet or I'll have Mindwipe hypnotize you into thinking you're a turbofox."

"Ow! I mean, yes sir! Please don't hurt me."

Underground Chamber

"Depleted uranium shells," Hardhead finally announced.

Furos frowned. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. Concussion shells and sonic shells would have too great a chance of collapsing the chamber."

"I agree with that," Furos said, "but won't kinetic impactors also pose a risk?"

"A manageable one," Hardhead grumbled.

"But why not use ion shells? We could disable the drones in a single hit."

"Because I said so." Hardhead stopped talking and started shooting, aiming a volley of three depleted uranium slugs at the nearest Centurion's knee joints.

Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 5:10 pm
by Heinrad
Underground Chamber:

The Centurion drone staggered as Hardhead’s shells slammed into it’s knees. Other than developing a limp, it was largely unaffected.

Chromedome’s blasts slammed into a couple of drones, doing little more than leaving scorings of carbon and soot. As he reached them, he leapt, diving over the line of drones and rolling to land behind them.

Ginrai strode forward, both of his ion rifles and the dual shoulder cannons kept up their punishing fire, pushing a couple of drones back.

One of the drones reached Ironhide, swinging a savage claw, knocking the old Autobot back, flinging him towards Optimus.

Firedrive just watched the unfolding chaos. “So what do we do?”

Hot Rod’s response was short and to the point. “Fight them. Stop them.”

Maxx transformed, standing on Hot Rod’s hood. “How?. We just hit one of them with a blast powerful enough to push us back, and it barely reacted to it!”

“Because we can.” Hot Rod transformed, Maxx backflipping off of his hood and landing on the ground as Firedrive transformed and locked into position on Hot Rod’s shoulders, a savage, almost feral grin on his face. Maxx leapt again, transforming into gun mode, the grip slapping into Hot Rod’s open hand.


With a powerful booming roar of engines, Liokaiser soared towards the crater.

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:07 am
by Blackjack
Underground Chamber

"Indeed. We haven't fought these model of Centurions since... since the earliest days of the war."

Has it been that long? Optimus Prime thought to himself. The Autobot leader aimed his ion cannon and fired another couple of shots at the Centurion that he fired at. They seem strangely well-maintained for such old machinery.

As Ironhide was knocked backwards, Optimus Prime retracted his sword and reached out, hoping to slow his friend's fall. "These seem unstoppable. Any ideas?" Optimus Prime took aim at the Centurion and opened fire again, hoping to hit the drone in its head. "Beyond shooting them sevreal dozen more times, that is."

Perceptor watched as Doublecross lobbed a bunch of flashbangs, watching if they affected the Centurions. "Less rabid, perhaps, my two-headed comrade... but far, far harder to bring down." Perceptor said. "Say, do you by any chance have some sort of electro-magnetic pulse grenades? It's worth a shot if these Centurions are automated and working off of some sort of centralized control signal."

Perceptor took aim at the knee joint of the Centurion that Hardhead had abused, and fired a blast from his sniper rifle, hoping to shatter the joint and permanently cripple it.

Above the Crater

Darkmoon raised an eyebrow at Grit's insistence of healing the Sharkticon, but ended up shrugging it off. After all, whatever Megatron would want these things for, he'll probably want them in mint condition. "Just watch your hands, doc. I'll keep it sedated."

Darkmoon's not a surgeon like Grit, but he knew enough to help in these sort of matters. As he walked towards the slightly stunned Sharkticon, Darkmoon pulled out an syringe and stabbed the Sharkticon on the side, sending a stream of anesthetics into the Sharkticon's energon stream.

Astrotrain, for his part, rippled back to visual sight as he neared the Decepticon army. "Lord Megatron. I have acquired what you requested. The Insecticon and Sharkticon remain sedated within my cargo bay."

The Triple-changer landed next to the Decepticon leader, and opened his cargo bay, showing the two lesser creatures magno-clamped onto the cargo bay floor, with Darkmoon and presumably Grit working on fixing the Sharkticon's injuries.

Sixshot took at look at Aimless's unprofessional behaviour and let out a disgusted harrumph, before turning back to watch Mindwipe's hypnotism of Monzo, clearly interested at the mystic's purported abilities of 'fixing' the smaller Decepticon's addiction. However, the arrival of Liokaiser got him perked up immediately.

"Combiner!" Sixshot announced, pulling out his two hypersonic cannons and taking aim, but not firing, waiting for Megatron to give the order.

Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 6:53 pm
by Warcry

Megatron saw a large shadow cast down into the crater before he saw the source of it. But the shadow was enough.

By the time that Sixshot called out "Combiner!" the Decepticon leader's mind was already whirling. Astrotrain was indisposed, Mindwipe and Weirdwolf were trying to treat Monzo's addition and would take some time to get into fighting shape. Misfire was Misfire, Full-Tilt was only marginally useful in a fight and the rest of his troops were spread out patrolling the area, making for easy targets. That left himself and Sixshot as the only two warriors immediately capable of facing the oncoming monster head on. He did not like those odds, not at all.

And yet...

It's not attacking, he noted. Either it doesn't see us -- which is unlikely -- or it has more control of its faculties than the last one we encountered.

The Decepticon leader frowned slightly for a moment, then came to a decision.

"Hold fire," he told his men. "Find cover, but take no aggressive action...yet."

Underground Chamber

Hardhead growled. "That should have blown the leg clean off!"

"Perhaps kinetic attacks aren't the best way to deal with such heavily armoured foes!" Furos told him. "If you switch to--"

"No! It just means I need to shoot them more!"

Four cannon blasts in succession shook the ground under Hardhead's treads as he sent four more depleted uranium slugs at the same Centurion's knee.

Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:01 am
by Heinrad

Six sets of optics looked down at the Decepticons in the crater. Seven minds strained to keep the powerful behemoth that was Liokaiser in check.

"Leozak," Drillhorn hissed. "It's the core personality of Liokaiser. He's trying to help."

Leozak smiled. "And here I was worried that the core had melted down...."

"Nnnnnvvvvrrrrr mmmmltdddd....." The voice rumbled around them. "Nnnnnnndddddddddd hhhhllllllpp..."

"Did he sound like that before?"

"Yes, Hellbat. A bit more muffled, but yes," said Leozak.

Liokaiser hovered, hands twitching. "Hhhheeeelllllllllllppppppp uussssssssssssss..........."


Ironhide shook his head. "This used ta be easier. Thanks, Optimus." He got back to his feet, trying to ignore the spiderweb of cracks across his chest. "Only thing Ah c'n think of is ta aim fer joints an' optics. Blind 'em, slow 'em down." He moved over to his battle platform, spun both blaster pistols and plugged them into the front of the platform, then hit a release and pulled the particle projection cannon off the platform. He brought it up, aimed at the head of one of the Centurions, and fired, the particle beam slamming into the drone's dome-like head.

The drone staggered, stumbling into another drone, the two falling to the ground.

The drone that Hardhead and Perceptor fired at staggered, the knee joints cut out from under it, sending it crashing to the ground.

Hot Rod raised the photonic eliminator rifle, aiming at the head of another drone, the photon blast opaquing the drone's dome.

Two of the drones turned to face Chromedome, striding towards him, one bringing it's clawed arm up, backhanding the Autobot.

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:57 am
by optimusskids

Monzo swayed on his feet , feeling a strange sensation in his mind as if fingers were massaging his brain .

"qu'est qui passe , que fais tu?"

Weirdwolf blinked

"happening to him what is ?"

Underground Chamber

Doublecross stuck a neck into the logistics transport and emerged with 2 belts of grenades

Double tossed one belt to Perceptor

Cross pulled a grenade loose form the other belt and tossed it towards a Centurion drone

Above the Crater

Glit moved in quickly as the Sharkticon slumped into unconscious and started work on the Sharkticon

"Paws will be safe , most of my work is using remote control probes and mouth operated manipulators , can't let function limit you but alt modes do mean you have to think outside box."

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:43 pm
by Warcry

"Help you?" Megatron's voice was a tad incredulous. Firstly, to see a combiner lucid enough to even communicate was practically unheard of. But this...?

"I recognize you," he said, almost as much to himself as to the combiner. "Liokaiser, is it? A fellow Decepticon." He nodded. "Obviously we'll do what we can to help a fellow Decepticon. Or several."

"Mindwipe is not as good a hypnotist as he likes to think," Vorath told Weirdwolf. "That is what's happening."

"Bah!" Mindwipe's eyes narrowed. "Monzo has a subconscious mental block in place. It is causing unforeseen complications. I vill deal vith it presently."

To his patient, he said, "Je sais que c'est désagréable. Juste un moment de plus, s'il vous plaît."

"Sure, he speaks French without the accent..." Vorath grumbled.

The light in Mindwipe's eyes began to flicker, first in sequence with one another, then independently, finally beginning to strobe faster and faster until even a Cybertronian eye would have trouble tracking it. "Monzo, the pain is not real. La douleur est imaginaire. Now say it vith me. Répétez avec moi. Say it!"

(OOC: Mon français est très mauvais maintenant. Needed Google's help for some of this. :) )

Underground Chamber

"Victory!" Hardhead crowed as the drone he'd been targeting fell to the ground.

"Not hardly! There's how many of them left?" Furos steered his partner towards what he knew would be his next target, holding tight to the wheel as Hardhead's cannon fired another volley of heavy slugs at one of the Centurions that were attacking Chromedome.

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:35 am
by Heinrad
Underground Chamber:

Chromedome staggered as the clawed club at the end of the Centurion's arm slammed into the side of his head, the claws ripping furrows in the armor plating. He spun with the hit, hands splaying out and dropping, landing on the floor and taking his weight as he snapped his legs up, both feet slamming into the head of the Centurion that had hit him as Hardhead's shots slammed into it's back, sending it lurching away. He flipped back to his feet, optic band narrowing, bringing his hands up to face the second Centurion....

Which found itself picked up bodily, spun upside down, and pile driven head first into the ground by Ginrai.

ooc: So, so sorry. Real life got in the way.

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:47 pm
by Blackjack

Sixshot lifted his hypersonic concussive cannons at the incoming Combiner, but at Megatron's orders, he lowered them and nodded, transforming into his more agile beast mode, and in a huge bound, leaped to the side, under the cover of a chunk of debris. Sixshot remained quiet, tense, his body a coiled spring, ready to jump into action the moment Megatron orders him to -- or the moment Liokaiser proves to be a threat.

Astrotrain, meanwhile, transformed into his train mode, enveloping Darkmoon, Grit and the two captured lesser beings. For a while, Astrotrain's body rippled, and he disappeared from view. It's not cowardice -- it's protecting the precious assets of the only medics they have at their disposal, as well as the Sharkticon and Insecticon they went through all this trouble for.

When Liokaiser spoke, though, Astrotrain was surprised. He had no facial faculties to emote with, but he let out a light harrumph in surprise. Within Astrotain, as he looked on, amazed at Glit's ingenuity, Darkmoon frowned at the things happening outside. "Didn't know combiners could talk. Did you, Doctor Glit?"

Underground Chamber

"It used to just be normal Cybertronians fighting each other. None of... none of this." Optimus replied to Ironhide. He glanced at the cracks on his friend's chest, thought about saying something, but decided against it. Ironhide's too proud and saying something about his much-vaunted endurance and strength at this moment wouldn't be proper.

Optimus followed his friend's lead, taking aim at another Centurion, raising his ion rifles and letting out a couple of blasts towards the drones.

"Shoot them more indeed." Perceptor remarked dryly to himself in response to Hardhead's line. His monocle narrowing in response as it scanned the Centurion drones, attempting to figure out the configurations of these primitive drones. How are they failing to deal with these creatures so much? Clearly, though, 'shooting more' did manage to garner results.

Perceptor transformed into his own tank mode, charged a wide-spread light beam towards the incoming Centurion Drones, aiming to blind a group of them with the blast.

Convex, now separated from being part of Perceptor's mind, yelled out: "This is the height of boorish short-sightedness, Perceptor! We should not spend our time attempting to stymie these clearly highly-durable non-sentient drones, lest of all by disabling their optical input receptors! We should be attempting to deactivate their central core which is still issuing them commands!"

Convex's advice, however, went unheard as Perceptor transformed back into robot mode, Convex fusing into his head, as he grabbed the belt of grenade Doublecross tossed him. "Much obliged." Perceptor pulled a grenade off, and lobbed it at one of the incoming Centurions.

Cerebros yelped, having been hugging the side of the tunnel when the Centurion attacked Chromedome, and is subsequently brutally sent crashing down into the ground by Ginrai. The combined shock of the violence as well as the actual shockwave caused Cerebros to stumble backwards and drop his pistol -- not that he's fired more than a couple stray shots from the thing.