Rage Against the Machine (he's leaving) [rant]

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Rage Against the Machine

Post by Redstreak » Sun Jul 24, 2005 4:19 am

I've a parting shot for you all on my way to the door...and this especially goes out to certain mods on this board. Not admins, mods. The admins are fair people who are very personable and I've no issue with any of them.

They treat people well generally, but it doesn't always filter down...

Several of the mods, and many posters not just on this board but all over, are other stories. All of you, look, you need to learn how to treat each other better. It's not even funny how bad transfans treat one another. Proof? Check around, there's examples a plenty around here. For instance, I was flamed unnecessarily and without provocation by a mod because he didn't get to ban me like he wanted to, as the reason was deemed insufficient. Then I was flamed again by another mod in the same thread, and said mod threw away three years of friendship in the name of getting the last word, and not really paying attention to what I said.

Deny it if you want, you know who you are, but it's true. What you judged me to be doing could not have been more wrong.

Those mods, and others as well, you throw your weight around far too much. Yeah, you can call someone a dick and whatnot when they're acting up, but do you ever stop to think if you should? Just because you can doesn't give you carte blanche; you're supposed to uphold the rules, not abide by whichever ones you choose to as the situation dictates. And there's never an excuse to be cruel to a poster. You're a peacemaker, not a bully. You weren't promoted to push ppl around.

And ppl in general, there's a lot of sucking up that goes around. The tenor of the board is obvious, and this also spans the fandom. Posters wanna become mods, and they'll act in whatever way they feel will get them consideration, cuz the mods are the 'cool kids'. And everyone wants to be a cool kid, cuz chances are, many of you were not a cool kid in school. Do yourselves a favor, leave the discipline and whatnot to the mods, and just try to relax and be yourself. Being yourself won't get you in trouble (unless you're UW) and will ultimately be better for you than tailoring what you say so it jibes with mod or admin thought processes. We can all get along without having to be one big long line of yes men.

It would also be wise to reign Cliffy in. Personally, I'm ok with Cliffy, he and I are on decent terms. So I do not say this to offend him, this is about how he is treated, now who he is; but it's a bad example to have someone who is an exception to the rule, a guy who can do pretty much what he wants with little reprecussion at best. And I'd say that even if it were me in Cliffy's place.

I've learned a lot recently, mainly about how ppl treat each other in this world. The Golden rule is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This place would do well to remember that. I am at another board that has nearly 1200 members and none of the problems this place does. I've seen one locked thread and one feud since the board was founded. Far cry from here.

This is another case where certain people won't like what I say, but ultimately know that I'm right. There are far too many fights here, and not nearly enough hospitality. What we like about the fandom shouldn't drive us apart, it should bring us together, regardless of whether we agree, for instance, which G1 timeline to follow.

To conclude, I hereby officially renounce my Transfandom. This is a decision I made some time ago, hence the merchandise sale. I'm out of love with Transformers. No more 'cons, no more toys, I've moved on. To my friends, I will catch you on messengers and e-mail, to those who dislike me, I'm sorry you feel that way, but whatever. That's your business if you wanna hate, but I'll say this: Get over it. All of you. Especially those drama queens who hold multi-year grudges, and you know who you are...

I'm going now, of my own free will, and this time I'm not returning ever again, regardless of whether I would be able to after this (probly not because another problem is ppl here not liking it if they're told they're wrong and the like) or not.

Farewell, and peace.

--The Streak

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Almighty Galvatron
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Post by Almighty Galvatron » Sun Jul 24, 2005 4:53 am

Someone want to add the word '[rant]' to the title or something? I thought this thread was actually about RATM.

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Post by Sociopathic Autobot » Sun Jul 24, 2005 5:42 am

Well it wasn't as brutal as I'd expected.

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Post by Sades » Sun Jul 24, 2005 5:52 am

Red, you take the internet waaaaaaaaay too seriously.


[edit] Hound-Sadie mindlink. Now, that's scary...
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Post by Hound » Sun Jul 24, 2005 6:06 am

I was about to do that but edited the title first.

Oh well...

*breathes a sigh of relief*

That's one less problem I have to deal with now.
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Sir Auros
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Post by Sir Auros » Thu Jul 28, 2005 2:43 am

Note the coward waits until I've been absent a while for him to make his move.

Red's a paranoid, psychotic tool and I find this passage well worth quoting...
Especially those drama queens who hold multi-year grudges, and you know who you are...
I'll consider linking to several threads where he brings up ancient history and dragging up his old grudges...might be interesting for the newbies to see just how many times old Jason's left us of his own melodramatic accord.

Guess I should expect a random instant message full of vitriol next time I'm signed on and idle for a couple of hours straight.

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Post by Denyer » Mon Aug 01, 2005 9:01 pm

Someone remind me how many of these threads there've been for when I get back? Oh, and hi—Poland warm, students lovely (although about four years younger than expected...)