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Character Summary
Name: Ramjet
Allegiance: Megatron's Decepticons
Rank: 5.0 - Warrant Officer
Motto: “If it flies, crash it!”
Status: Alive
Body Design: Classics
Current Player: Warcry
Former Player: lordseeker
Former Player: MaximusPrime3
Former Player: Stark
Former Player: Quick Switch
Former Player: Bombshell

Your run of the mill Decepticon thug, Ramjet has little interest in anything but violence. A sadist and a masochist, he enjoys the painful give-and-take of battle. He'll gladly fight with his own comrades in times of peace, although he'll be the first to tell you afterwards that it was nothing personal – he just likes fighting. Despite all of this he somehow maintains a very close friendship with Astrotrain, the Decepticons' chief administrator.

Character History

Old Continuity

(See Old Continuity)

Shortly after Galvatron and Gigatron revitalized the Decepticon army, Ramjet worked with the Insecticons in an independent power play on Earth. It didn't end well, and Decepticon High Command was none too pleased. He fought with his fellow Decepticons against the reborn Unicron and gave his life to protect his home world. After the battle, his severed head was taken as a trophy by Astrotrain, who isn't what you would call the forgiving type.

Ramjet was revived by the renegade Thunderwing shortly afterwards and took part in the search for the Chaos Matrix. He had no real interest in trying to subvert the Decepticon leadership for a second time, though, and rejoined the main Decepticon force at the earliest opportunity. Despite his questionable behaviour in the past, Ramjet was assigned to serve as a bodyguard and aide to Astrotrain. Although there was a shared dislike between the two of them, over the course of the war with Thunderwing the two Decepticons slowly grew to respect and even to like each other. Although he was bored with the lack of action that came with his new role, Ramjet truly enjoyed the power that guarding his master's door brought him. He continued to serve in that role for several years, through the Quintesson invasion of Cybertron and the retreat of all Decepticon forces to Earth.

Ramjet was eventually released from his assignment, returning to his old role as a Decepticon soldier. It was a change he relished – in an attack on Autobase shortly after returning to active duty, he crashed through Fortress Maximus' main viewport, tore out the citybot's helm console and got into a fistfight with Fortress. He continued to serve with distinction on Earth for several years until he finally got the chance to return to Cybertron with his fellow Decepticons. Serving under the command of General Hatemonger, he fought valiantly in the Battle of the Sonic Canyons, destroying numerous low-ranking soldiers and savagely beating a Quintesson officer.

After the invasion he was placed under the command of newly-minted Air Commander Spinister as part of a new Decepticon air wing. However, his loyalties are demonstrably still tied to Astrotrain and he frequently moonlights as the admiral's bodyguard.

New Continuity

Physical Abilities

Ramjet is quite strong and extremely durable. Not only is he capable of surviving a head-on collision in mid-air, he has been known to deliberately cause them to take enemies out of the fight. He has an alarmingly high pain threshold due to a hardware glitch in his pain receptors. He can all but ignore massive physical damage, shrugging off artillery fire, laser blasts and blunt force trauma with equal ease. It's not uncommon to see Ramjet still beating his opponents to death with his bare hands even when his own body has been reduced to a battered and broken husk.

Personal Relationships

Ramjet is on friendly terms will all of his fellow seekers save for Starscream, whom he loathes. He was especially close with Dirge whom Ramjet still considers a friend even though he now wears an Autobrand. In fact, if the two of them were to meet on the battlefield Ramjet would be just as likely to give his fellow seeker a hug as he would be to attack him.

Although Astrotrain once went so far as to use his head as a paperweight, he and Ramjet have become close friends in recent years. As the admiral's bodyguard, Ramjet saw him both at his best and at his worst. The opposite is also true, and that mutual understanding forged a bond between the two despite their vastly different personalities and social status.

Ramjet and the female Decepticon assassin StarBlade were openly antagonistic when they first met. Ramjet didn't trust an assassin anywhere near his commander, and she resented his attempts to keep her away from Astrotrain. However, as time went on they grew to respect each other's skills and slowly came to understand that their respective duties were both equally important to the Decepticon cause. Although never really friends, they were frequently seen in each other's company during Ramjet's later days as Astrotrain's bodyguard.

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