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21th October 2006 - posted by Clay
Toys: Hello people!
Just wrapping up my first uploading marathon with about two dozen toy reviews added. First of all, there are now pictures for: Cybertron Downshift, Thunderblast, Crumplezone, Defense Scattorshot, Recon Minicons, Robot Masters Black Beast Megatron, and Binaltech Skids. There are also new reviews for:
Cybertron Brakedown and Brakedown GTS and Scrapmetal.
G1 Flamefeather, Sparkstalker, Cliffjumper, Flash, Huffer, Skids, Sludge, and Tracks.
Beast Wars Torca, Spittor, TM2 Spittor, TM2 Nightglider, Iguanus , TM2 Iguanus, Transquito, Razorclaw, Skyshadow, Jawbreaker, TM2 Prowl (black version), and the Japanese Killerpunch.

There are also three new reviews of the fancy cars so near to my heart: Alternators Nemesis Prime, Binaltech Hound, and Kiss Convoy.

Finally, there's an exhaustive review of the reissue Star Convoy. Enjoy!

18th October 2006 - posted by Denyer
Quick stuff...
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews the Shockwave Spotlight and concluding issue of Joe/TF, Art of War #5. More character spotlight issues are coming soon, and you can check out previews for them here and what all else is upcoming here. The Nightbeat spotlight and Stormbringer #4 should be at your local comic book store today.
Cartoons: DrSpengler gets stuck into guides for more of season two. If you're enjoying his writing style, you can check out more at, which includes reviews of other 80s classics.
Toys: Clay has recklessly stepped up to the plate and started helping out in a greater capacity with toy reviews, so thanks to him the following reviews have been added...