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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Wildfire's review- Terrorsaur

Name: Terrorsaur
Function: Aerial Combat
Striking from the sky like a demonic dragon, this organically enhanced robot warrior is seldom seen...until it's too late! Megatron personally supervised his genetically engineered creation, ensuring his devastating aerial combat efficiency. Truly a terror, he is known to ingest entire flocks of birds by flying opened mouthed through their flight pattern.
Allegiance: Predacon
First cartoon appearance: Beast Wars: Part One

The Starscream-esque character of Beast Wars, Terrorsaur was always looking for opportunities to overthrow Megatron. This is his first (and cartoon wise, only) form of a pterodactyl.

Beast mode
Terrorsaur has chosen the form of a red pterodactyl. The red is offset by green mottling running down the back, over the head, and across the wings. His beast eyes are bright yellow and his teeth are white. The robot kibble is rather obvious in this mode, but seeing as this was one of the first series figures, I’ll let it slide. Terrorsaur doesn’t have a lot of poseability in this mode, he can kinda wiggle his feet and his mouth can open and close.

Robot Mode
Terrorsaur is one of the Beast Wars flip changers, pushing a lever pretty much transforms him for you. Push up on his beast head and he will flip automatically to robot mode, now you just have to fold his feet up and his fists down, remove his gun from the space behind his robot head, unfold it and put it in his hand. In robot mode, Terrorsaur is still mainly red but has purple added (fists, shins, and head) and black (upper arms, upper legs and waist, shoulders.) His head is mainly purple with a red crest atop it, his face is whiter and he has bright green eyes. What his beast mode lacks in articulation, his robot mode makes up for quite well. Terrorsaur has thirteen points of articulation, all of which minus his ankles and wrists are ball joints. Robot wise, this is a very nice mold and I can see why Hasbro and Takara have re-used it so many times (To be exact BW Laserbeak, Botcon Fractyl, BW Neo Hydra, Dinobots Terranotron.)

Transformation: 1 - Ridiculously easy, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
Durability: 6 - Solid enough, but a lot of ball joints that can pop off.
Fun: 9 - Great fun. Makes a wonderful addition to the Predacon aerial forces.
Price: 7 - This might be tough. For Terrorsaur himself, expect to pay a bit since he was a series one figure and a main character on the show. But if you like the mold and don’t want Terrorsaur specifically, all his other variations (except Fractyl) aren’t terribly expensive.
Overall: 9 - Fun, poseable, main tier character.

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