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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Dedicon's review of: Galaxy Force Flame Convoy

Name: Flame Convoy
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Animatros champion/leader/overlord
Planet: Animatros

The third Convoy, Flame, is also the only evil convoy in the Galaxy force universe. I canít say much about the character without spoiling the show for those who follow Cybertron, so Iíll just start and review the last Convoy of the first batch I got.

Beast Mode:
Call me hyperfocusing, but itís still hard for me to call this a dragon if it has no wings. Still, this is the most proportionate dragon-like Transformer Iíve ever seen. No more small hands or chicken legs and big thighs, this mode is all around perfect in the proportions division. The colors work very well too. Black mixed with silver makes a very nice color, orange is the second dominant color and there's mustard yellow and purple/silver for detailing. He has some nice tribal symbols along with wires to make him more ďTransmetalĒ. The head sculpt is incredible, one of the main details that makes Flame look like a dragon.

Also, the spikes and tail add some great character to the toy. The only bad point of this toy goes to the robot head hiding. It seems to be a problem with most of the Galaxy force toys. Shame really.

This mode has the normal beast articulation. Hands and legs can move up or down, also bend the elbows and knees. He can "sit". His head can move down almost fully, but he can't look straight up. His mouth can open and close and his tail has one point of articulation in the middle.

Robot Mode:
Again, the proportions of this toy rock. The hands, legs, middle body all make FC look like a giant overlord. The black is more dominant. The spikes as shoulder decorations and the dragon head as a middle chest now gives him a more tribal look. The tribal symbols he had in beast mode are even more apparent in robot mode. The head of the robot mode has a Convoy-like mask, and (as Brave Maximus showed me) a BW Alligator Megatron style, all wrapped up into one toy. The fact the face are in a very dark shade of purple also makes him look a bit like BW Dinobot for most... though to me itís more simply an evil, beastly Convoy.

So... I already told you about the good, now for the bad. The articulation on this toy isnít as good as it should have been. He has knees and can move the legs forward and backward, and you can move the feet and ankles, but thatís it. The hands have elbows and can move up and down or 360 degrees, but not both. The cause of this is a mix of ratchet joints and ball joints.

I wouldnít personally mind if FC dinít come with a huge weapon. His tail in beast mode becomes the axe, but he can only hold it straight and needs to lift the entire arm to move it up and down -- or he can hold it horizontally. Again, a real shame, because the weapon is one of the coolest I have ever seen.

Gimmicks / Force chip:
Flame Convoy is the leader of Animatros, so he has a green Animatros force chip, with the claw in the middle and a rock with smaller claws surrounding it. As with other leader Force chips, the color of the symbols is gold, and like the rest of the force chips so far this one is also highly detailed.

The force chip gimmick is two dragon heads popping out off his shoulders in both modes,which in beast mode gives him three heads. In robot mode, they add to his tribal look. As an extra, when they pop out a 'G1'-style transformation sound will be activated.

Lights and sounds: There is an orange button on his back in both modes. Press it without the Force chip and a roar sound will be heard, with lights coming out of his head. If you insert the force chip and the heads are out, the button will make laser shooting sound. I like the roaring better, but there is no place to store the Force chip other than the Ignition spot.

Transformation: 8- Again, it's simple yet elegant, and to the point.
Durability: 7- The toy itself is solid as a rock, but I have been having some chipping problems on the neck area.
Fun: 10- An evil leader with a big axe and a great beast mode. Plus cool gimmicks. Gotta love him.
Price: 6- I donít know the differences between him and Cybertron Scourge yet. Assuming there are none, why would you pay 10-30 dollars more?
Overall: 8.5- He has his faults, but FC is still very recommended.

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